Sunday, February 3, 2013

   "The War In Medicine"

Introduction to the Reader's Digest

I have been reading the Reader's Digest, that bastion of
American values, for several decades now. I love the jokes.
But over the years I have noticed a very consistent pattern.
It seems that every issue has gobs of pharmaceutical ads,
every issue has at least one article glorifying some doctor,
or at least the medical profession, and they never talk
about alternative medicine, except about the most basic
nutrition, which is pretty harmless to the pharmaceutical

Just for example, in the June, 2003 issue, the following
pharmaceutical ads appear:

Lipitor (Pfizer) - 4 pages (these types of ads generally
include 1 or 2 pages of information and warnings - but
they have to pay for these pages!)

Prostate (Real Health Laboratories) - 1 page

Advair (GlaxoSmithKline) - 3 pages

Diabet Aid (Del Pharmaceuticals) - 1 page

Zrytec (Pfizer) - 2 pages

Plavix (Bristol-Myers Squibb Company) - 3 pages

Nexium (AstraZeneca) - 2 pages

Effexor XR (Wyeth) - 3 pages

Clarinex (Schering) - 3 pages

Synvisc (Wyeth) - 2 pages plus another 1/2 page

Aventis (Aventis Pharmaceuticals) - 1 page

That is 25 1/2 pages of space paid for by the pharmaceutical
industry. Do you think that would buy some bias in the
Reader's Digest? It seems that the pattern I have observed
over the years proves that it does.


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