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Life-Changing Success...


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Articl #4

People from all over the world have had life-changing success with his program.
Many of them leave inspiring testimonials and thank you notes on thedoctor’s

Like Mandy Rodrigues from North Wales. She said,

    "How does one begin to thank someone for saving their life? I was
diagnosed with Type II Diabetes in January 2002... following your regime my
blood glucose levels have dropped to 6.4 - 7.1... I fully expect my BG levels
to fall further over the coming weeks (after all, I have only been on the
regime for 11 days)!"

And Pamela Nordick, who wrote,

    "I've never been in such tight control of my blood sugars. I haven't been
this thin since before being diagnosed. Thank you... for sharing your wisdom
with us. I honestly think I might not be here today, if I hadn't found such

 Cure Diabetes in 3 Weeks

 We've prepared a report with the most essential information about this break
through plan for reversing diabetes.

In this report  called Cure Diabetes in 3 Weeks: What the ADA Won’t Tell
You, you'll discover:

    Why listening to the advice of the American Diabetes Association
guarantees that you never totally manage your diabetes. This "conventional
wisdom" among diabetics likely leads to more drug use and complications than
any other mainstream advice.

    Why following the "6-12-12" rule could completely eliminate the insulin
roller coaster and keep your blood sugar in a healthy range. Even after meals
or when you don't have time for a snack.

    How following a few simple guidelines could prevent eye problems, frozen
shoulders, inflamed legs, kidney problems, and other diabetes-related

And again, I’d like to send this report to you absolutely free.

It's this type of in-depth, behind-the-scenes reporting we bring to each
monthly issue of Natural Health Dossier.

If you aren't a full member of The Institute for Natural Healing community,
you may be wondering where we came from.

It all started with Mr. Mark Ford, our multi-millionaire sponsor. Mark was no
novice to the health world. He had worked as a business consultant to the
industry for over 20 years.

But despite his many contacts, he wasn't happy. There wasn't enough good
health advice for the public. "The mainstream health industry is filled with
myths and bad science," he told me at our first meeting." The alternative
press is better.  But just barely. It’s still plagued by bias and personal

So he decided to create his own independent, science-based research group.

At first his reasons were personal. He’d had some health scares himself. But
more important, he'd seen too many friends and family members die needlessly.
It wasn't just disease that killed them either... They were misdiagnosed or
mistreated by conventional medicine.

So Mark decided that his group would focus only on natural cures for every
sort of health challenge.

His researchers would cover the most pressing and dangerous problems like
diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. But they would also report onimprovements
for the more routine health concerns like pain relief,eliminating allergies, and
improving eyesight...

The team started with just one researcher. From there it quickly expanded to
include three PhDs, three MDs, two nutritionists, three best-selling medical
authors, and the publisher of one of the world's largest natural health
information services.

How was Mr. Ford able to assemble all these amazing healers?

Simple: Lots of money and loads of high-level industry contacts.

He found that many medical practices in Europe and America had no proven basis
in scientific research.

And I'm not talking about obscure therapies. I'm talking about the most common
practices in mainstream medicine today... Including most heart bypass operations,
stents, mastectomies, and a ton of other common treatments.

The more research he read, the more obvious it became... Big business and
government agencies were in cahoots to promote drugs and surgery. Even where
no evidence was available to support it. And they were ignoring or degrading
proven natural cures.

But he did find a few brave doctors willing to tell the truth. So Mr. Ford
ended his early retirement to help those doctors get their ideas and research
out to the public. And he created The Institute for Natural Healing.

His team prepared a monthly report  a dossier, he called it. It had to cover
the most relevant, most important, and most recent medical and health
information. Not just from American universities and hospitals... but from any
reliable and proven research published anywhere in the world.

While he didn't know it at the time, this became the basis for Natural Health

Today our monthly publication quietly circulates among a small circle of about
25,000 people.

The mainstream media simply can't cover the latest medical stories as
thoroughly and unbiased as we do. They would lose hundreds of millions of
dollars in pharmaceutical advertising every year. They just aren’t willing to
part with that kind of money.

Because we're outside the influence of the medical establishment, no one can
control what we tell you.

Whether we’re blowing the lid off cancer cures you won’t discover anywhere
else... overlooked treatments for diabetes… or the true story behind heart

For example, you may be shocked to learn that:

75% of heart attack patients have normal cholesterol!

That’s right. Cholesterol isn’t the problem.

A national study by UCLA medical school showed that only 25% of hospitalized
heart attack patients had high risk cholesterol levels!

So if cholesterol isn’t the problem, why hasn’t anyone told you that?

Perhaps it’s because the U.S. pharmaceutical industry makes $25 billion
dollars every year selling cholesterol-lowering drugs.

That in itself is bad enough. But what is worse is that most popular
cholesterol-lowering drugs are dangerous. Recent studies suggest that many of
them may lead to diabetes which increases your risk for heart disease--the
very disease they are supposed to prevent!

It’s outrageous.

But it’s not all bad news


God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

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The Teflon Secret to Defeating Cancer


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Hi Folks, This is just a reminder to the new people that have
discovered my blog...The first 2 article to this huge article
are archived to the right...The last 2 postings. I hope
everyone is gaining some insight into their future health.


               Continued from last posting.

Article #3

The Teflon Secret to Defeating Cancer

Here’s the thing

These natural cures don’t just mask the symptoms of cancer they address the
cause and help your body overcome and eliminate it at the source.

Ever wonder how cancer cells spread like they do? Well, it's partly because
they are very "sticky." That's how they manage to clump together and grow into

So what if you could make them "un-sticky"? What if they were more like Teflon
and couldn't cling to each other?

That's exactly what researchers have studied. Because when cancer cells can't
stick together they have nowhere to go. And without new blood vessels to bind
to, they can't survive, let alone spread. Soon they die from lack of

But there’s something most people—heck, most DOCTORS don’t even realize
You can help make this happen!

There is a natural compound that actually interrupts the binding process of
cancer cells. The early results are promising. Very promising. One mouse study
published by the Journal of Natural Cancer Institute showed that this
substance reduced the spread of melanoma by 90 percent! And scientists have
already tested it on humans.

That’s huge.

You’ll find all the details in Extreme Healing: Seven Weapons to Wipe Out
Cancer Naturally. We even tell you where to purchase this safe and highly
effective substance for yourself.

But remember, this is just one of the natural cures you’ll discover.

Your Body’s #1 Defense Against Cancer Is

There's a smart way to fight cancer and it is not by cutting it out, burning
it out, or poisoning yourself hoping that the cancer dies before you do.
No, the smart way to fight cancer is to separate the good cells from the bad.

No chemo drug can do that.

But your own immune system can. It’s always your first line of defense. So
anything you can do to strengthen it will guard against invaders like rogue
cancer cells.

That’s why we’ve included a treatment that could not be simpler. Hundreds of
cancer clinics throughout Asia already use it. In fact, it is one of the top
alternative cancer therapies in Japan.

You'll be amazed at how this powerful substance ramps up your body's army of
immune cells. It has been shown to increase natural killer cell activity by as
much as 900 percent!

In our report, we'll not only tell you the name of this supplement we'll tell
you what the recommended therapeutic dose is and how you need to take it.
Because it’s important that you take a specific type of this product and even
more important that you take the right dose. That’s why our research team has
recommended the only brand that met our high standards. At one time it was not
widely available in the U.S. But we found an American distributor. So we tell
you the exact name of the company and the brand name of the product. That’s on
page 11.  We get no compensation for recommending it.  It’s simply the best
product we’ve uncovered.  And it would be irresponsible not to report on it.

And still there’s more

The Food Every Man Needs to Eat for Ultimate Protection

This therapy specifically fights and prevents prostate cancer. And as everyone
knows by now, if a man lives long enough, he will probably develop it. Almost
all men over the age of 90 have cancerous cells in the prostate. Autopsy
studies prove it.

The good news? Most men who have prostate cancer don't die from it, especially
if they get it later in life. But if you get it when you’re younger, it’s far
more serious. And it leads to truly terrifying treatment options. They can
leave you incontinent or impotent No man wants to face that.

But Dr. Alan Pantuck, director of cancer research at UCLA, uses a natural food
to slow down increases in PSA levels. He recently did a study on 50 men who
had prostate cancer and who had gotten surgery or radiation—but PSA tests
showed  these men still had active cancer.

All of the men took Dr. Pantuck's natural remedy which they were able to buy
at their local grocery store. And the results were amazing...

Normally, if a man has prostate cancer, it only takes just over a year for a
man’s PSA score to double. But for 82 percent of the men in this study, their
PSA score didn't double for more than FOUR years.

You'll find out what this easily available and delicious food is on page 15 of
our breakthrough report. Here’s another one

The Cancer Fighter You Might be Throwing Away

And this one’s important. Because you need to know about it before you
potentially throw it in the garbage.

There’s one food item—a known cancer fighter that you most likely always throw
away. It contains a compound that can destroy cancer cells from within.

The human and laboratory study results on this compound are astonishing. It...

    Reduced tumor development by 500 percent.

    Cut risk of skin cancer by up to 30 percent.

    And when combined with another natural food that is probably already in
your pantry (which we’ll also tell you about)—reduced the risk of a certain
type of skin cancer by a whopping 70 percent!

But there are two things you need to know to use this natural kitchen
ingredient to fight cancer: how to buy it...and the simple kitchen tool (less
than $10) you'll need to use it.

And you’ll find the answers to these questions, and so many more, in our
Extreme Healing report.

The Most Extensive, Effective Research Available Today

Listen. I get it. Cancer is a scary thing. But as frightening as it is, it’s a
part of our reality. That’s why it is absolutely critical that we use these
natural cures and preventives in our everyday lives.

There’s no way you can afford to miss out on Extreme Healing: Seven Weapons
to Wipe Out Cancer Naturally. It is by far the most extensive report we’ve made
available today on natural methods to fight or prevent cancer.

Find out what no traditional oncologist will tell you or your family if you or
a loved one is diagnosed with cancer. Discover the simple, but effective,
natural methods that could be the answer to eliminating cancer from your life
for good.

Information that Could Literally Save Your Life or a Loved One

Do you want to do everything in your power to stay healthy? Do you have a
frightening family history of cancer? Do you have cancer yourself or maybe a
friend or family member who has received the dreaded diagnosis?

What would it be worth to those friends, family, and yourself if you had
information that could help?

It would be priceless, of course.

And yet that is exactly what you'll find in this report.

Best of all? You don't have to pay a fortune for this cutting-edge research
and advice.  Like I said, this report  normally sells for $24.95.  Even at
that low price it’s a steal.  But if you respond to this special offer today,
it can be yours free.  And let me be clear This is the only way to get it
free.  Everyone else pays.

All I ask is that in return you try a subscription to Natural Health Dossier.
Natural Health Dossier is unique among health publications. We are private,
so we don't have to bow to government interference. We are subscription based,
so advertisers don't influence us. And we are unbiased.

We don't care whether a therapy fits a preconceived theory about medicine. If
it comes from a respected source and is backed by serious, scientific proof If
we can find personal evidence that it works, then we bring its details to our

Let’s face it Doctors, the FDA, and big drug companies are practicing voodoo
medicine in every possible area of health.

It is almost as if their goal is to keep you dependent on drugs and doctors
for the rest of your life!

Take diabetes, for example.

I mean, how many diabetics are completely dependent on insulin injections
every day, sometimes several times a day, just to survive? And it’s only
getting worse.

Even the New York Times agrees...

    "Within a generation or so, doctors fear, a huge wave of new cases could
overwhelm the public health system and engulf growing numbers of the young,
creating a city where hospitals are swamped by the disease's handiwork,
schools scramble for resources as they accommodate diabetic children, and the
work force abounds with the blind..."

But don’t worry. That does not have to include you.

I'd like to show you a way to gain total control over diabetes and never fear
a blood sugar spike or crash again.

Fact is, the American Diabetes Association is operating on highly questionable
information. Too many of the therapies these organizations recommend are
based on flawed or outdated science. And too many doctors force-feed these
recommendations to their patients.

But you don't need to scour medical journals (as we have) to know that. Ask
any doctor who knows better and he’ll tell you. Insulin doesn't cure diabetes.
In fact, one doctor has made a convincing case that the ADA protocol is making
diabetes worse.

Certainly their bad advice about nutrition has at least in part led to an
unnecessary and widespread plague of Type II diabetes  the type of diabetes
that many healthy people get in middle age.

But our research team has discovered a safe and natural cure for diabetes. It
comes from a doctor who has studied this condition for over 40 years. As a
Type I diabetic, he was his own, first test subject.

It’s thanks to his pioneering work that the practice of self-monitoring blood
sugar is used by diabetics around the world.

To date he's published six books on the subject and numerous articles.

He says if you're a Type I diabetic, you could drastically reduce your
dependence on insulin (like he did for himself). And some Type II diabetics
can get off medication for good.


Thank You Angela Salerno


 God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

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What Other Life-Saving Secrets are They Keeping from You?


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    Cancer Treatments Cancer Defeated

These articles are extremely informative so please read them
closely and pass this blog on to everyone you can so we can
get the information to as many people as

Thanks & God Bless.

Larry Nelson

Article #2

What Other Life-Saving Secrets are They Keeping from You?

So far I’ve mentioned just a few natural cures for cancer that can help wipe
it out naturally. But there are plenty more.

On top of that, all of these cures and treatments are secrets that are hiding
in plain sight. You have probably never heard of them, but they’re readily
available. Every single one of them is backed by science. But Big Pharma would
like to keep them quiet.

Well, it’s time for that to change.

My name is Angela Salerno. I’m the President of The Institute for Natural

Extreme HealingOur investigation into hundreds of little-known cures led to a
realization that the most effective health solutions like this cancer
treatment are intentionally and systematically hidden from public view.
So we pulled the most successful studies and consulted with researchers
connected to the most prominent doctors and scientists. And we produced our
own special report.

We called it Extreme Healing: Seven Weapons to Wipe Out Cancer—Naturally.

It normally sells for $24.95. But in a moment, I’ll show you how to get it for

This eye-opening report will tell you everything you need to know about the
treatment I mentioned that cured a man from Stage 4 lung cancer. Another from
pneumonia and leukemia.  And a woman from breast cancer. We’ll even give you
the contact information to consult with one of the world’s leading experts in
this protocol. And that’s just one part of what you’ll discover.

This report dispels all of the common and dangerous myths about cancer. More
important, it gives you effective ways to fight or preventit by addressing the
cause, not just the symptoms.

 We’ve uncovered everything you need to know right now:

    Simple ways to reduce your risk of getting cancer.

    Seven breakthrough, natural treatments that allow your body to fight
cancer at its source.

Plus you’ll discover how to simply incorporate these methods into your life.

It’s easier and cheaper than you think.

5 Things You MUST Know About Cancer Right Away

The American Cancer Society has made their yearly prediction: more than 1.6
million new diagnosed cancer cases. That makes cancer the second most common
cause of death in the U.S.

It’s scary. But you don’t have to be one of the statistics.

In the Extreme Healing report, you will find five vital ways to help protect
yourself. You’ll discover:

    What our ancestors never had to worry about—but you do. Find out how
making different choices on your next shopping trip can help you dodge cancer
like cavemen did.

    The surprising "cancer-preventer" and the simple way (that most doctors
say is bad for you) to get more of it. You may not get enough of this
nutrient, depending on where you live. And that’s very bad news. If your
levels are low, you’re at risk. One study found that those with the lowest
levels on this nutrient increased their risk for a certain type of aggressive
cancer by 594 percent. Discover what you can do about it.

    A dietary ratio that when balanced, helps keep you healthy. But when it’s
off, it promotes inflammation, which may stimulate cancer to grow. It’s easy
to tip this ratio back in your favor. We show you how.

    The one thing in your diet that research suggests fuels cancer like
throwing gasoline on a flame. Learn how to tame that fire to extinguish one of
cancer’s main energy sources.

    How to create an environment in your body that some experts say makes it
difficult for cancer to exist and the one must-have device you need to make it

You won’t hear this kind of stuff from your doctor or oncologist. But don’t
blame him. His hands are tied. He could even lose his license for recommending
these safe, inexpensive alternatives to toxic cancer drugs!

But here’s the thing

We have no financial interests in any of the cures or preventive methods we
discovered. We don’t get any kind of compensation for recommending them to
you. However, we give you all the research, all the results, and all the
details on how to use them yourself.

The Shocking Truth About Chemotherapy

Now let me ask

When it comes to treatment choices, where do you turn for the real truth about
cancer therapies chemo and radiation side effects and secondary outcomes?

For instance

Ralph Moss, a well-known researcher of natural cancer cures, reports that a
prominent oncologist at the Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center in New York told his
colleagues, Do anything you want but no chemotherapy! when he discovered he
had advanced stage cancer.

And why would Dr. Otis Brawley, Chief Medical Officer for the American Cancer
Society, call chemotherapy a double-edged sword? Can it be that the cure is
worse than the disease? You’ll find out on page six of Extreme Healing: "Seven
Weapons to Wipe Out Cancer Naturally".

And just how effective are these mainstream treatments? Are you being deceived
by numbers that have been rigged to be more hopeful than they really are? Get
the answer on page five.

Also, did you know that most tumors are not deadly in themselves? It’s true,
even when they expand and grow. But we tell you on page seven just when cancer
actually becomes dangerous and natural ways to combat it before it does.

And that’s not all. The cures we have uncovered don’t even necessarily have to
be alternatives. If you have cancer and have decided on chemo or radiation,
these treatments can be used along with conventional methods. They can even
help reduce some of the side effects.

The Teflon Secret to Defeating Cancer


Thank You Angela Salerno


 God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

Larry Nelson
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A few doctors have just rediscovered...


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         Prevent Alzheimer's With Natural Remedies!

    World's #1 Publisher of Information About Alternative
    Cancer Treatments Cancer Defeated

Hi Folks, I hope your life is Blessed as much as mine is.
Life is great at age 69...For Me.

I have a really good article that is quite long. I'm going to
break it up into a few smaller articles and make each a single
article. Too much of a good thing can be overloading. These
articles are extremely informative so please read every word.

Thanks & God Bless.
Larry Nelson 

Dismissed for 37 years, a few doctors have just rediscovered

Better-than-Chemo...Miracle...Kills Cancer DEAD, Naturally

Expert declares it borders on medical malpractice to recommend against this natural cancer treatment! Just be prepared for the potential side effects...healthier skin, eyes, and bonesto
name a few.

In 1976, when a two-time Nobel Prize winner shared evidence of a natural cure for cancer, the mainstream laughed him off.

Never mind the fact that the terminal patients on this treatment lived over five times longer on average than those who didn’t get it. Or that some of those patients were completely cancer-free a few years later.

Instead, the Mayo Clinic set out to prove him wrong. And they did. They proved this therapy didn’t work any better than the placebo. Only problem? They didn’t actually replicate the original study. They didn’t even use the same treatment or for the same amount of time. Which means the Mayo Clinic’s proof doesn’t actually prove anything.

Nevertheless, people forgot about the treatment. And one of the greatest discoveries in cancer research was written off as quackery.

That is, until recently

Eventually news of this therapy trickled down to a Tulane University-educated physician.  It uses one specific natural compound to fight a whole host of common infections and cancer.

Unlike the so-called cures you’ve probably heard of, we think this method could be better. You see, chemo destroys both cancerous and healthy cells. But in laboratory studies this natural compound destroys cancer cells and leaves healthy ones unharmed. And after over a decade of research and study, this doctor has concluded

This regimen is very safe for cancer patients.  And it works. He says it so effective, that doctors who recommend against it are bordering on “medical malpractice!

Now word of this practice is quietly spreading

In fact, even though the FDA has yet to stamp its approval, chances are you’re within driving distance of a facility that offers it.

A well-respected Florida oncologist recently made his findings public at the University of Puerto Rico. He presented case studies of 40 patients with Stage 4 cancer who received this therapy. In 75 percent of the patients, tumors shrank by 50 percent or more.

In Australia, one study noted that in people who received this nutrient for cancer and several other ailments, the results have been spectacular, the only side effect is ‘chronic good health.’

Chronic good health.

And this isn’t the only evidence to back it up. Not by a long shot.

Yet you won’t hear a peep about it from the mainstream. This natural cancer treatment makes sense…but it makes no profit.

So how is it possible that a natural compoundone so common you might not even believe it—could destroy cancer so efficiently? And, unlike chemotherapy, without hurting any healthy cells?

I’ll explain in a moment.

But let me start by sharing with you several success stories we’ve stumbled upon while researching this therapy...

Controversial Treatment Bringing People Back from the Brink of Death

Arlindo Olivera had Stage 4 lung cancer. He was just 59 years old. And not much time left, if his doctors were to be believed.

It’s a good thing he didn’t listen. After completing his course of treatment, he was cancer-free.

But it wasn’t chemo or radiation that saved him. Instead, he turned to this natural treatment. It costs a fraction of conventional therapies It’s been confirmed by numerous scientists and experts. People who have received this therapy report that it has no toxic or unusual side effects. But the mainstream still refuses to embrace it.

Carol R, a retired schoolteacher, is probably glad she did choose to embrace it. She was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009. Conventional treatments scared her. So she went to a specialized health facility in Wichita, Kansas for this therapy.

Now she says, not only is the cancer gone from the inside, everything has improved...head to, nails, hair, teeth, eyes...everything. I feel stronger than I did 20 years ago which is amazing because I thought I was healthy then!

I’m sure Dennis Vaughan of the UK would agree.

He too was wary of mainstream methods after his PSA score leapt from 13 to 18.5. But luckily his regular doctor was one of the few to offer this protocol. So Dennis went every week and as he explained, It’s a very easy treatment There’s no discomfort and afterwards you feel fine.

Even better?

In less than 2 months, his PSA dropped back to 13. At the time his story was reported, his oncologist said he didn’t need to come back until next year.

And then there’s the man in Auckland, NZAllan Smith who slipped into a coma, suffering from both pneumonia and leukemia.  His family had to fight the hospital to get him this treatment.  And thank goodness they did.  Just eleven weeks after receiving it, he walked out of the hospital both pneumonia and leukemia-free.  Locally he’s known as a miracle man.  But the Tulane University physician I mentioned earlier explains, It’s no miracle.  It’s hard science.

But how does it work?

The latest research suggests that this compound destroys a unique pro­tein in cancer cells. It’s the protein that helps cancer cells survive. It lets those cells build new blood vessels so they can keep growing. And it is activated by energy from free radicals.

But when antioxidants neutralize the free radicals, this cancer protein no longer works. This stops the tumor in its tracks. Researchers found that the protein was abundant in untreated cancer cells. But it completely disappeared in cancer cells treated with this nutrient.

You’d think a breakthrough like this would make its way to the front page of The New York Times or be a huge story on ABC News. Unfortunately, that just isn’t the case.

What’s worse, this isn’t the only promising, natural cancer treatment they’re keeping from you

For instance, there is a compound in one common fruit that seeks out cancer and destroys it. Dozens of studies have shown that when this substance is turned loose, it results in massive cancer cell death! One animal study reported that it prevented the spread of colon cancer cells to the liver by 100%.

Then there’s an immune stimulator that can supercharge your body’s own defenses. You can easily find it in hundreds of clinics throughout Asia. It is highly effective for ramping up the immune system against cancer. In fact, it works so well that it is one of the leading complementary and alternative cancer therapies in Japan.

And it might be hard to believe from what you know about traditional cancer treatments, but there is one natural cure that is not only deadly to cancer it is safer than a piece of bread. It’s already been used in over 100 laboratory studies and human trials and may enhance the effectiveness of chemo drugs.

And that’s just for starters.

What Other Life-Saving Secrets are They Keeping from You?

Please see the next article coming in 2 days.


Thank You Angela Salerno


God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

Larry Nelson
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