Tuesday, February 5, 2013

   "The War In Medicine"


Truth Versus Benefits

But aside from all of these issues, did it ever occur to you
that the people in the establishment have a conflict of interest?
Let us go back to the point where you were standing at the end
of the fence and had not yet moved. You had a choice to make.
Before you ever decided to look into the issues you could have
made your decision based on which side offered you the most

Did it ever occur to you that what you hear in the news media,
for example, is being told to you by people who chose the
"establishment" side for the sole reason the establishment
had more benefits than the renegades? Did it ever occur to
you that you have not been taught by "truth-seekers," but
rather you have been taught by "benefit-seekers?"

The deciding issue for many people is not which side is right
or wrong, but which side offers the most benefits. It is not
a debate between truth and error, it is a debate between
benefits. And many, many of the people you have listened to
throughout your life have been people who have chosen benefits
over truth!

We have been conditioned to believe that an "open-minded" person
is someone who absorbs the propaganda of why the establishment
is always right, and defends the storyline propaganda of why the
renegades are always wrong.

So in reality "you" (the hypothetical person who is trying to
find the truth about evolution) probably have absolutely no
desire to talk to anyone on the left side of the fence. You
have heard everything you think you need to hear. Thus,
you are a member of the establishment and a certified "defender
of the faith" of the evolutionists.

End of story - time to go home.


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