Saturday, February 9, 2013

    "The War In Medicine"

      The FDA Versus Freedom of Speech

FDA Court Losses

In spite of the dictatorial powers given the FDA by Congress
to crush alternative medicine (technically the FDA works for
Congress), in recent years the FDA has lost some critical
court cases. It seems there are still a few tough judges
willing to stand up to Big Brother.

There are two key problems the FDA has run into.

First, is the issue of scientific evidence. There are a growing
number of long-term studies which yield high quality, published
scientific evidence linking natural substances to health benefits.

Natural health vendors have begun to put this information on their
labels, literature and web sites. The FDA does not like that.

Linking truth to products is not acceptable to the FDA. They want
the product and the truth to be on separate galaxies and they
prefer that the truth be totally suppressed.

Second, is that problematic document that Congress routinely
ignores called the Constitution. It seems our founding fathers
were not paid-off by Big Pharma and they put a clause in the
Constitution regarding "Freedom of Speech." In fact, it is the
first amendment, so they must have worried that government
would abuse freedom of speech once government got big and
corrupt. They were right.

It is truly unfortunately that our founding fathers did not anticipate
the corruption in medicine that would eventually dominate medicine
and that they did not put "Freedom of Choice in Medicine" in the

For years the FDA has gotten around the "freedom of speech" issue by
pretending to be concerned about the health of the American people.
But with the new studies, it seems that there is now significant, high-
quality scientific evidence that favors natural substances and some
courts have noticed.


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