Friday, February 8, 2013

       "The War In Medicine"

           Continued from last post.

Step By Step:

This is not so much a misinformation technique as it is a way
to get what you want in spite of overwhelming public concern.
As an example, suppose a company wants its product approved by
the FDA. But suppose that the overwhelming public scientific
evidence is that the product is toxic and causes brain damage,
death and a host of other problems. It is not enough to simply
have the pharmaceutical company produce false "scientific"
studies. Even overt political corruption cannot get you what
you want. What do you do?

No problem, you introduce the product in stages, step by step,
such that no single step causes too much of an outcry, but
taken together, the steps get you the profits that you want.
Of course, I am talking about Aspartame. Here is a very, very
shortened summary of how J.D. Searle got Aspartame approved,
even though it was known to cause over 90 different illnesses:

    "[Aspartame] is essentially a chemical weapon designed to
impact populations en masse. It is an rDNA derivative made from
two amino acids, L-phenylalanine, L-aspartic acid and methanol.
Originally discovered during a search for an ulcer drug in 1966,
it was "approved" by the FDA in 1974 as a "food additive".
Approval was followed by a retraction based on demonstrated
public concern over the fact that the substance produced brain
tumors in rats. According to the 1974 FDA task force set up to
examine aspartame and G.D. Searle, "we have uncovered serious
deficiencies in Searles operations and practices, which
undermine the basis for reliance on Searle’s integrity in
conducting high quality animal research to accurately determine
the toxic potential of its products." The task force report
concluded with the recommendation that G.D. Searle should face
a Grand Jury "to identify more particularly the nature of the
violations, and to identify all those responsible."

    In 1976, an FDA "task force" brought into question all of
G.D. Searle’s aspartame testing procedures conducted between
1967 and 1975. The final FDA report noted faulty and fraudulent
product testing, knowingly misrepresented product testing,
knowingly misrepresented findings, and instances of irrelevant
animal research. In other word, illegal criminal activity.
Understandably scared, Searle officials sought to suppress the
FDA findings and obstruct justice. They turned to Nixon and
Ford administration operative Donald Rumsfeld and elected him
"chairman of the Searle organization." In 1977, the Wall Street
Journal detailed the fact that Rumsfeld made efforts to "mend
fences" by asking "what Searle could do" in the face of the
changes. Also in 1977, Dr. Adrian Gross, a pathologist working
for the FDA, uncovered evidence that G.D. Searle might have
committed criminal fraud in withholding adverse data on aspartame.


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