Monday, February 4, 2013

   "The War In Medicine"


After this conversation, you start to walk away, but the person
stops you. Then this same evolutionist starts telling you all of
the things that are wrong with the creationists. He tells you
one theory after another of the creationists and why each theory
cannot be true and what a bunch of goons they are.

After this conversation, you now feel that you understand both
the evolutionist's and the creationist's theories of evolution.
You decide it is not necessary to go to the left side of the
fence and talk to a creationist because you already think you
understand their views and why their views are wrong.

A Common Mistake

If you made such a decision, you would be making a common mistake:
you have heard both sides of the issue, but from only one person
on one side of the fence. You have really only heard how the people
on one side of the fence feel about the issues. But you haven't
heard the arguments of the creationists, from a creationist, nor
have you heard why the creationists think that the evolutionists
are wrong.

There are actually four categories of the two sides (these are
the four things you need to hear to make an informed decision):

1) pro-evolution (from the evolutionist side),
2) anti-creation (from the evolutionist side),
3) pro-creation (from the creationist side),
4) anti-evolution (from the creationist side).


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