Tuesday, February 5, 2013

   "The War In Medicine"


Hermann then starts talking about new genomes and macroevolution.
You then learn about the improbability of irreducibly complex
protein systems forming large numbers of complex inter-related
proteins in the same random mutation event in macroevolution.

You learn about the mathematical absurdities caused by the
issue of viable permutations of nucleotides from random
mutations needed to create any new gene in any new genome.
You hear that this is another case of absurd probabilities
caused by permutations.

You then hear about the "morphing of the embryo." A new
creature starts out as one type of cell, but when the "baby"
is born it has many different kinds of cells. This means
that some cells, when they divide, must divide into two
different kinds of cells. The timing of these strange
divisions has to be with pinpoint accuracy. You learn that
the instructions for this pinpoint accuracy must be built
into the DNA, thus making random mutations even less likely
to be advantageous (i.e. requiring more precise chains of
nucleotides). When Hermann started taking about the morphing
"timing" issues and base-2 trees, you started thinking
that Hermann might even be smart.

Then Hermann starts to talk about the evolutionists (this is
the anti-evolution part, heard from a creationist viewpoint).

He tells you that the first argument the evolutionists use is
that "we exist," thus our existence is proof of evolution.
Hermann then likens this logic to the theory that all of
Shakespeare's plays were written by six monkeys locked in
the basement of a building. He states: is it logical that
because Shakespeare's plays "exist," that the monkey theory
is true?

You then hear how "punctuated equilibrium" is really a super
irreducibly complex protein system, and how absurd it is to
claim that it  was not necessary for irreducibly complex protein
systems to have mutated all at once, but at the same time to
believe in punctuated equilibrium. You hear why the phylogenetic
tree is really a cover-up for the gaps in transitional species.
You also learn about the massive assumptions evolutionists make
with regards to carbon dating bones. You also hear the totally
unproven assumptions and very shallow logic evolutionists make
with respect to mitochondrial DNA and nuclear DNA. And so on.


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