Monday, February 4, 2013

   "The War In Medicine"


In other words, from the right side of the fence you have heard
the pro-evolution arguments and also from the right side of the
fence you have heard all of the anti-creationist arguments. But
note that you have not heard the pro-creationist arguments, from
a creationist, nor have you heard the anti-evolution arguments,
from a creationist. You have only heard two of the four categories
because you have only heard from one person who is on one side
of the fence.

Do you really know both sides of the issue? No you don't! You
only know one side of the issue and two of the four categories.
Until you go to the left side of the fence and hear about the
pro-creationist views, from a creationist, and you hear the
anti-evolution views, from a creationist, you don't have a basis
for making an objective decision.

The Way We Have Been Taught

At this point we need to stop and think for a moment. We have
been conditioned all of our lives not to listen to the "renegades."
In physics, you hear how wonderful Einstein was, but you are told
never to talk to anyone who challenges Einstein (someone like Roland
De Witte, for example). In science class you were taught that
evolution has been proven to be true, and you have been taught
that the creationists are all a bunch of religious nuts.

This same kind of bias has been drilled into you for every
conceivable type of issue. You have graduated from school
thinking you have all the answers and that there are no open
issues that need to be debated. In other words, you think
the establishment is all-knowing.


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