Thursday, February 7, 2013

       "The War In Medicine"

           Continued from last post.

Glorifying the Team Players:

It is hard to pick up an issue of Reader's Digest (in fact it
is probably impossible) without finding at least one article
that glorifies orthodox medicine. Frequently, they have an article
glorifying a doctor. Other times they have an article about how
a patient was saved by one or more wondrous orthodox doctors.
Other times they have an article about a disease and how orthodox
medicine is "closing in" on this disease. Etc. They are constantly
glorifying orthodox medicine.

We Must Save The Public:

Enter the corrupt FDA, FTC, ad nauseum. As I write this, the
FTC is trying to get more control over the internet. It totally
irks them to know that there is a medium that they cannot control.
Their job is to shut down, by force if necessary, all truth about
cancer. They do a great job. They, of course, focus on the abuses
that are done on the internet, as an excuse to gain more control
over the internet. They want this control to suppress the vast
amount of truth that can be found on the internet and the potential
for distributing truth on the internet. In other words, they focus
on people who are less than 1% as corrupt as they are, and use the
abuses of these people "to save the public by giving them (the far
more corrupt group) more power."

This is by far the most common tactic used by power hungry
governments. Almost all power the government gains (e.g. a new
government agency or new powers) is by finding some "event" they
can leverage to argue for more power so they can presumably protect
the public. As example, the Patriot Bill, which is supposedly a
reaction to terrorism, is in fact nothing but trashing the constitutional
protections we have. Virtually the entire Bill of Rights has been
destroyed by using this technique. The media are masters at blowing up
the significance of a single event in order to promote an ever growing and
ever more powerful government. Hitler used this technique all the time.

    "The welfare of humanity is always the alibi of tyrants."
    Albert Camus, author


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