Friday, February 8, 2013

     "The War In Medicine"

        Continued from last post.

As another example, the anti-gun people do not want private
citizens to own guns. As the bumper sticker says: "When guns are
outlawed only outlaws will have guns." Thus, step-by-step, laws
are passed in cities, states and nationally to increase the
number of people who have to register guns, and the number of
types of guns that are outlawed. The newest step is H.R. 2038.
This step-by-step process will not end until all non-criminals
have their guns confiscated.

Hidden Agendas and Deceptive Titles:
This is another common technique used by corrupt governments
to get what they want. And, as always, the media is at the front
of the massive deception. In this case the "titles" and "issues"
presented to the public are vastly different from the intended
purpose of the organization or issue.

For example, there is an organization called:
"Office of Cancer Complementary and Alternative Medicine
(OCCAM)," a noble sounding organization,which is part of
the "National Cancer Institute (NCI)," another noble sounding
organization, which is part of the "National Institutes of Health
(NIH)," another noble sounding group, which is part of the "U.S.
Department of Health and Human Services," certainly an
organization of complete integrity.

Wow, with all of these high sounding names, OCCAM must have
a fabulous web site supporting and helping alternative health
research. It is all a lie. OCCAM exists to suppress the truth
about alternative medicine. It exists to lure people who contact
the NCI away from the truth about alternative medicine. Its name
implies it is pro-alternative medicine, but its actions are
totally anti-alternative medicine.


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