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Now compare that with a study published at about the same time,

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Now compare that with a study published at about the same time,

of the newly approved drug Gemcitabine. Of 126 patients with pancreatic
cancer not a single patient lived longer than 19 months and yet that was
considered a “successful” drug. It’s being sold today as the “proper”
treatment for pancreatic cancer.

Well, if faced with disaster, I wouldn’t take Gemcitabine. I’d want 

the 45-81%  option, not the 0% option, wouldn’t you?

I hope you are getting the picture here! Do not listen to the propaganda
about conventional treatment. It comes nowhere near the success rate of
certain properly run alternative therapies. Yet they call their methods
science. They claim alternatives are “not scientific” or “not proven” or

PullQuote_4b.gif 12080x12849Ha! What could be more dangerous than
chemo and radiation? The whole reason it works (if ever it does) is they
stop JUSTSHORT of killing you, while killing the tumor. We call that the
toxicitymargin or “therapeutic index” and it really is as crude as I just
explained it (it’s meaured by the dose it takes to kill exactly 50% of the study

If you are involved with cancer, or concerned in any way through family or
friends, you need to act. As I said, we are ALL facing this issue at some
time or other, so you had better be concerned.

You need this life-saving information. Everyone around you needs it. Cancer
Research Secrets is your easy-to-read, informative guide. If I do say so
myself, I just happen to be one of the most knowledgeable individuals on.

Earth about alternative medicine.

Is chemotherapy EVER the right choice?

Let me address that vexed question of whether it’s ever a good idea to opt
for chemo or radiation. I understand this dilemma that patients sometimes
face. At times it can be frightening, with the feeling that if you make a
wrong choice, it could be the end…CRSCover-click-here.png 300x402

Well, you’ll be pleased to know that I don’t tell you not to go the orthodox
route. That’s just irresponsible. You get that from amateur fools on the
Internet who just go “Oh, I can’t believe it! You’re doing chemo?” as if it
were a dirty vice.

People do survive who have chemo. Some live the rest of their natural lives.

But it is RISKY; there is no getting round that. If it doesn’t work, it
screws up your other options, by poisoning the immune system and other
defences you vitally need to beat off cancer naturally.

So to help you with this awful dilemma, I spend a lot of time in Cancer
Research Secrets telling you what you can do to protect yourself against
chemo and radiation.

My own patients who opted for chemo didn’t even lose their hair! But they did
beat the disease.

And no, vitamins and other alternatives won’t affect conventional cancer
treatments. That’s just a scare story put about by oncologists who don’t like
competition. I will tell you the truth on that claim too—direct from the most
up-to-date scientific studies (page 14).

And that brings me to another point.

You’re not buying into a bunch of opinions, fluffy pink thoughts or the
“wish” that it would all come out right. I’m not into fairy stories.
Everything I write is based on direct experience and years of studying
scientific papers.

As I said, I’ve done the grunt work. Now all you have to do is get this
manual and read it. You can get a fast education in cancer and how to survive
it from right there in your armchair (better switch the TV off, though).

Now it is my duty to point out that people recover using conventional
therapies too. Survival stories abound of those who have been through the
horrors of chemotherapy and radiation, feeling sick, vomiting, losing their
hair... but they lived! It’s not nice but it does sometimes work.

So my book is NOT about persuading you that you shouldn’t do chemo. It is
about telling you what your choices are. Because nobody is going to tell you,
if you don’t find out for yourself. I have assembled masses of information
about the many options you have. But it’s not overwhelming. I haven’t gone
into the nitpicky detail, like what doses of vitamins you should take, and
that sort of thing.

I give you the overall picture, the business plan instead of the detailed
invoice, if you like to think of it that way.

Your Safety Guarantee

You’ll be completely satisfied with your purchase. Otherwise just ask for
your money back — anytime within 12 months of your purchase. I’ll send you a
refund at once, with no quibbles.

You can be in no doubt what my guide is about, what it covers and what value
it has to you. It’s one of the VERY FEW written by a recognized,
authoritative MD with direct experience of treating cancers with alternative

I no longer run an office but you can benefit from my vast experience, now,

So it’s time to buy Cancer Research Secrets, your ultimate Special Report on
state-of-the-art, up-to-date cures for cancer...

With kindest regards,

Keith Scott-Mumby, MD, MB, ChB, PhD


A word from the publisher, Lee Euler: “Cancer Research Secrets” is a good
friendly read.

Your author is an internationally-acclaimed MD professor, who has been a
leader in alternative medicine since the late 1970s.

He’s used a great many of the therapies he writes about with over 10,000
patients and spent time with other cancer MD colleagues observing their

It’s a living, breathing work that will grow through time. You can have
lifetime updates; no need to pay again, just download the latest version!

So don’t delay! Order your personal copy now.

You will find the good doctors book, "Cancer Research Secrets"... 

World's #1 Publisher of Information About Alternative Cancer Treatments...


God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

Larry Nelson
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The Alternative Cancer Field is also Seething with Bogus Cures and Claims

You will find the good doctors book, "Cancer Research Secrets"... 

World's #1 Publisher of Information About Alternative Cancer Treatments...


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But beware of the alternatives too!

Unfortunately, the alternative cancer field is also seething with bogus cures and claims, especially if viewed from the Internet. It is clear to anyone who’s well-informed that a great many people, totally unqualified, are indeed “cashing in” on alternative cancer treatments, exactly the way that orthodox critics claim. If there is one thing worse than a dangerous doctor who’s had 7 years of training, then it’s a dangerous amateur with NO training.

That’s where my book Cancer Research Secrets comes in. It’s been a massive project for me to assemble the facts about numerous aspects of cancer alternatives, the clinics and the people involved and — MOST IMPORTANT — to review them myself and decide which ones are credible and effective. I’ve sifted the wheat from the chaff and offer it to you in this book as good nourishing information!

As I told you, I’m a regular MD (trained at a medical school in the UK); I’ve been professor at two universities; I’ve treated patients — including cancer patients — for just shy of 40 years, using only alternative and holistic methods. Many of them are still alive and well. Some eventually died of natural causes — we all have to go sometime.

So I consider myself to be a person well qualified to walk you through the cancer cure minefield without getting your legs blown off.

Cancer Research Secrets is a major contribution to knowledge in this field and I hope you will find it helpful. It’s jam-packed with information never before assembled all in one place. Not only that, but I’ve also included a resources supplement that allows you to link with numerous centers for treatment, so you’ll be sure to find the therapies and remedies you’re looking for.

I’ve done all the heavy lifting, you just need to read it and take action!

Not a death knell, it’s a wake up call

It’s one of my sayings that cancer is not a death knell. It’s a wake-up call. It’s nature’s way of telling you your health is in bad shape. You need to do something or you may well perish.

But your choices are many and varied. There are SCORES of approaches that have all had successful outcomes for those who have gone before you. In Cancer Research Secrets I’ll tell you all about them.

You know what? Cancer isn’t that hard to conquer. But you can only do so by taking the right action and plucking out the underlying cause of the problem. Experts can argue all day about chemo and radiation therapy and about the doubtful value of these toxic therapies.

I have a slightly different take: the most deadly thing wrong with orthodox medicine is not what it DOES, but what it does not do. My conventional colleagues never seem interested in getting to the bottom of WHY a person gets cancer and fixing that (they don’t really know why, for one thing).

PullQuote_2b.gif 12080x12849Yet there IS always a cause. Cancer is not a case of bad luck. Cancer happens for reasons, the same as anything else on God’s Earth. You just have to find the real reason and fix it.

“Cancer Research Secrets” is your user-friendly map and visitor’s guide to find your way around and get to the cure you or a loved one so desperately need.

You need to move out of the “battlefield mentality”. By that I mean you need to stop thinking that cancer is the enemy and has to be smashed, burnt and destroyed at all costs. In open warfare like that it’s always the battlefield (in this case, your body) that comes off worst. Think of the pictures of mud and blasted trees in the World War I trenches!

You don’t want to end up looking like no-man’s land, do you? There is a better, less confrontational way.

I have to keep reminding patients that cancer isn’t some alien object dropped by a UFO from outer space. The cancer is YOU. It’s part of your body that has gone off the rails and is behaving differently.

CRSCover-click-here.png 300x402If you correct the reasons why this happened, the cancer tissues will go back to normal. It happens a lot. In fact it happens far more than doctors realize and a very powerful recent paper in a peer-reviewed top scientific journal [The Archives of Internal Medicine, Dec 2008] showed conclusively that if doctors left well enough alone many cancers would resolve on their own.

I’ll tell you the whole story. In fact, my book is a feast of amazing and scientifically valid secrets that nobody has been telling you. You’ve been denied the real story... till now!

As you can see, I speak from science, not whimsy and wishful thinking. Cancer Research Secrets is a crystal clear stream of real, workable knowledge. Not an ounce of fluff in it. I urge you to get your own personal copy NOW!

I promised a few pages back to tell you the final update of the Scottish doctor’s story.

A cancer research doctor was allowed a short list of 11 terminal hospital patients with pancreatic cancer (at the time it’s diagnosed, this type of tumor has an average survival time of just 6 weeks). Yet using the Scottish doctor’s PullQuote_3b.gif 12080x12849therapy, which I explain in detail in Cancer Research Secrets (page 75), nine patients (81%) lived one year, 5 lived two years (45%), 4 lived three years (36%) and two have lived longer than four years.

Now compare that with a study published at about the same time, of the newly approved drug Gemcitabine. Of 126 patients with pancreatic cancer not a single patient lived longer than 19 months and yet that was considered a “successful” drug. It’s being sold today as the “proper” treatment for pancreatic cancer.


 You will find the good doctors book, "Cancer Research Secrets"...  

World's #1 Publisher of Information About Alternative Cancer Treatments...


God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

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The Cancer Mafia

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You will find the good doctors book, "Cancer Research Secrets"... 

World's #1 Publisher of Information About Alternative Cancer Treatments...

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The Cancer Mafia


Unfortunately, the medical profession is often the last place you’d get the
truth about effective cures. The pharmaceutical industry and greedy,
unethical doctors seeking their own gain have conspired to become what has
appropriately been called the “Cancer Mafia”. They have long since left
behind any thought of putting patient care first. Their agenda is to protect
their profits and destroy anyone who wants to offer alternatives to their
ghastly, unsuccessful and expensive methods.

In spite of the fact that it’s easy to pick holes in their so-called science,
they go on cutting, poisoning and burning patients in the name of a “cure”.
Yet when it comes to gentle, cheap holistic treatments, they attack them with
a frenzy amounting to blind fury, claiming such treatments are “unproven”,
“bogus” and even “dangerous”.

In fact the “War ON Cancer”, vaunted by the cancer establishment, should be
renamed the “War ABOUT cancer”. There is literally a life and death struggle
going on for the right to tell patients the truth and let each person decide
for himself or herself what to do.

According to the AMA, FDA and other institutional bureaucracies, no one
should have the right to speak freely except doctors entrenched in the dogma
of the day. The so-called cancer charities, like the American Cancer Society
are phony. They’re clearly on the side of the Cancer Mafia, not the truth.

So I know it’s difficult for the patient or family to know what to think. If
you or someone you love has cancer, you face a blizzard of conflicting
“facts.” CRSCover-click-here.png 300x402The cancer establishment showers
alternative therapies with abusive language and criticism, most of it wrapped
up in scientific jargon most people don’t understand.

That’s why I wrote Cancer Research Secrets: to help you 

make  the right decisions:

It’s proven time and time again that many of these alternative treatments are
at least as effective as chemotherapy and radiation, with hardly any side
effects. Consider these facts:

There’s a simple piece of electronic equipment that’s been around for 80
years, and any handyman can make one. It has a terrific cure rate against
cancer without side effects. I’m not talking about the famous Rife machine.
The one I mean was developed by a Russian genius in the 1930s, back when
there were literally hundreds of clinics all over Europe providing safe,
effective cancer treatment and curing many people. Today you never hear of
this treatment, unless you go researching. You’ll find it on page 158 of my
book, Cancer Research Secrets.

A whole new theory of cancer was evolved by a Scottish doctor that led to a
simple, safe nutritional treatment. It was wildly effective and by 1911, in
London alone, there were over 40 clinics offering this treatment (page 75).

But it simply vanished. Marie Curie’s radium “cure” was invented and simple
natural remedies were swept aside. Ironically Marie Curie’s radiation method
is now known to be one of the main CAUSES of cancer, yet doctors go on using
it. They hope to kill the tumor just before they kill the patient (and they
don’t always get it right).

You might think the Scottish doctor’s treatment must have vanished altogether
and you would be nearly right. But in 1967 a US dentist repeated the same
success and showed the world a whole safe new approach to cancer. He cured
himself of one of the most deadly cancers and went on to live over 30 years
beyond his “sell by” date. His method helped thousands to fully recover from

But this brilliant dentist was attacked violently for daring to go up against
the Cancer Mafia and finally quit. Even that’s not the end of the story. A
young researcher took up this discovery in the 1980s. I’ll tell you that
story in detail in just a moment.

So what is the matter with my conventional colleagues?

Why can’t they see  the truth staring them down?

The answer, of course, is money. The Scottish doctor’s treatment cost just a
few dollars, compared to hundreds of thousands for the “correct” conventional
treatment. What self-respecting oncologist would give up all that income,
just because it was in the patient’s best interest? I’m sorry to sound
cynical but that’s the profession today.

CRSCover-click-here.png 300x402It’s such a greedy, voracious, money-gobbling
machine I know of cases where the patients have even been diagnosed
fraudulently as having cancer so the hospital can make money by treating them
(since the treatment unquestionably kills some patients, this is tantamount
to murder in any other profession).

Oncologists don’t have your interests at heart. In one case I know a doctor
who had cured a cancer patient. Instead of being happy about it, the
patient’s oncologist made an official complaint, because it lost him over
$300,000 in fees. The doctor who’d actually cured the patient was run out of
town; in fact he was run out of the country. He can no longer practice
medicine safely in the USA.

You couldn’t make this up; you’d be laughed at! It’s worse than the lurid

tales in tabloid papers, like the National Enquirer or the Globe.


You will find the good doctors book, "Cancer Research Secrets"... 

World's #1 Publisher of Information About Alternative Cancer Treatments...


God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

Larry Nelson
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"You can laugh at cancer, if you follow my scientifically proven secrets"..."Cancer Research Secrets"

Did you know that one in two men and almost that many women will get cancer
at some time in their lifetime?  Those odds are 50:50! Not good. It means,
statistically speaking, either you or someone very close to you will get this

That’s why I have a saying: “We are all battling cancer.”

Cancer will come into your life.  The Big C movie is coming, some day, to a
movie theater near you. Even if you don’t have the starring role, I assure
you it’s no fun watching someone you love slowly wither away with this

What’s ironic is that cancer is fairly easy to prevent, and in its early
stages it’s easy to treat successfully.

Cancer really doesn’t deserve its dread reputation!

I can tell you about a doctor, a “recovering oncologist” you might say, who’s
discovered that all cancer cases share one simple cause and if you do
something about it, you’re almost certain to recover. He has over 40,000
cases, a success rate of more than 90%, and many people alive today were sick
almost to death before he found and rescued them.

Qualified, ethical doctors in good standing, all around the world, practice a
variety of alternative cancer therapies. The fact that these therapies are
outlawed in the USA, does not mean they are not perfectly legal anywhere else
— and it certainly doesn’t mean they’re ineffective.

Many of them work really well. I would use them instead of conventional
therapy for myself or my family. For example, the most common oncology drug
prescribed in Germany is an herbal homoeopathic preparation. I bet you’ve
never heard of it! And I’ve got more...

That’s why I’m prepared to send you a comprehensive consumer report called
Cancer Research Secrets.  It will give you details of scores of these
alternative remedies and explain how they work.

These are remedies that orthodox medicine would prefer you never hear about.

Their profits will suffer if this information becomes widespread. They don’t
want you to know about these remedies because they’re cheap and effective.
But you don’t care if cancer doctors — oncologists — and big drug companies
make less money.  What you care about is that you and your family will be
able to survive cancer and live a normal life span.

And this news might surprise you...

This report will still help you even if you opt for chemo or radiation at the
same time you try certain alternative therapies. My report will show you how
to reduce the side effects and make chemotherapy more likely to succeed.

We know so much about cancer today, nobody should die of this disease.
There are many alternative therapies to help you conquer cancer naturally,
safely and surely.

And I don’t want you to think I mean wacky folk cures when I say
“alternative” therapies! I’m talking about different — but totally scientific
— alternatives to the deadly game of surgical mutilation, chemotherapy and
radiation. These holistic methods work AT LEAST as well as accepted
conventional treatment.

So why don’t doctors offer these alternatives?

Doctors today are taught to view anything outside the drug industry’s choke-
hold on medical thinking as very suspect, or even fraudulent. They have an
exclusive monopoly on what they CLAIM is the “proper” treatment for cancer.
Yet the results of orthodox medicine are deplorably bad. I know. I am a fully
qualified MD (MB ChB in Britain, which is bachelor of medicine, bachelor of
surgery). Yes, I’ve had my hands in people’s guts and chests. But long ago, I
chose the gentler and safer route of natural medicine.

Cancer-Research-Secrets-Cover.png 350x469That doesn’t mean I abandoned
science. I’m BIG on science, logic, reason and empirical testing. In fact I’m
the scourge of both the orthodox lies and the “holistic” humbug that
professes a superior attitude to that of doctors.

I tell it like it is. I shoot straight. After all, I’m not trying to sell you
treatment or supplements. I have no motivation to tell you anything but the

So, if you don’t want to EVER die from cancer, make sure my fabulous new
comprehensive resource Cancer Research Secrets is on your desk.

What do four Nobel Prize winners know that doctors don’t?

Would it surprise you to know that at least four Nobel Prize winners have
made breakthroughs towards the safe, scientific treatment of cancer, without
deadly chemo and radiation treatment?

Their discoveries go back over 80 years, yet their pioneer work is being
ignored by modern doctors. It could be saving lives — YOUR life, or the life
of someone you love. Yet it is being suppressed. Ironically, what I rate the
biggest cancer treatment discovery of all was re-affirmed with a completely
up-to-date scientific study that took place in Boston College and was
published in a reputable scientific journal in 2008 [Journal of Lipid
Research.2008; 49: 2545-2556].

Another scientist, seven times nominated for the Nobel Prize, discovered a
glorious food substance which literally traps the healing power of sunlight
and delivers it to your body in the form of active, restorative electron
energy (this is not New Age pseudo-science babble but real cutting edge
knowledge, as you will see when you read the explanation in full).

I can (and will) show you three different diet regimes that have each proven
capable of bringing patients back right from the very edge of death with
terminal cancer, and putting them on the road to recovery. Not just that: the
patients attained better health than they ever had before — they get so
healthy that many of them have said they had cause to BLESS the fact that
they got cancer.

You see, alternatives work — at least as well as some forms of chemotherapy
and often better. The payoff is that you learn how to achieve true health,
not just how to suppress the disease.

Let me repeat, you don’t necessarily have to abandon orthodox treatment.

Nearly all the super healing alternative strategies I describe for you are
quite compatible with other methods and will help you undergo chemotherapy or
radiation treatment without the dreaded side effects.


You will find the good doctors book, "Cancer Research Secrets"... 

World's #1 Publisher of Information About Alternative Cancer



God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

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Can ‘Mindfulness’ Help You Focus?


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    Practicing “mindfulness”

means that you’re actively paying attention to the moment you’re in right now.

    Rather than letting your mind wander, when you’re mindful you’re living
in the moment and letting distracting thoughts pass through your mind without
getting caught up in their emotional implications.

    Though it sounds simple, it often takes a concerted effort to remain in
a mindful state, especially if it’s new to you. But doing so can offer some
very significant benefits to both your mental and physical health.

Improve Your Focus and Cognitive Function With Mindfulness

    Imagine how different your day may be if you were 100-percent focused on
each task at hand. Your work or school performance may improve, as might your
ability to achieve virtually any goal you set out to accomplish, from
teaching your child to read, to cooking dinner or finishing a workout at the

    Mindfulness can help you to achieve this state of undistracted focus,
according to new research. In a study of college students who took either
a mindfulness class or a nutrition class for two weeks, those who took the
mindfulness class improved reading-comprehension test scores and working-
memory capacity, as well as experienced fewer distracting thoughts.

    Researchers noted:

        “Improvements in performance following mindfulness training were
mediated by reduced mind wandering among participants who were prone to
distraction at pretesting. Our results suggest that cultivating mindfulness
is an effective and efficient technique for improving cognitive function,
with wide-reaching consequences.”

How do You Learn Mindfulness?

    Mindfulness training courses are now widely available, although you don’t
necessarily need a formal class to be “mindful.” For instance, you can add
mindfulness to your workouts by paying attention to the sensations you are
experiencing while you exercise. Likewise, the mindfulness class used in the
above-mentioned study used techniques such as the following to become more

        Paying focused attention to an aspect of sensory experience, such as
        the sound of your own breathing

        Distinguishing between simple thoughts and those that are elaborated
        with emotion (such as “I have a test tomorrow” versus “What if I fail       
         my test tomorrow and flunk my entire class?”)

        Reframing emotional thoughts as simply “mental projections” so your
        mind can rest.

    In many ways, mindfulness is similar to transcendental meditation, the
idea of which is to reach a place of “restful” or “concentrated” alertness,
which enables you to let negative thoughts and distractions pass by you
without upsetting your calm and balance.

    This type of meditation is easy to try at home:

simply sit quietly, perhaps with some soothing music, breathe rhythmically and focus on something such as your breathing, a flower, an image, a candle, a mantra or even just being there, fully aware, in the moment.

    Some people prefer to close their eyes to block out visual stimulation.
If you find that your mind starts to wander, direct it back to your focus
point and continue from there.

Mindfulness Leads to Physical Benefits, Too

    Being mindful is not solely a matter of improving your focus or boosting
your mental cognition. Mindfulness training has also been found to reduce
levels of stress-induced inflammation, which could benefit people suffering
from chronic inflammatory conditions like rheumatoid arthritis, inflammatory
bowel disease and asthma.

    This makes sense, since chronic stress heightens the inflammatory
response, and mindfulness is likely to help you relieve feelings of stress
and anxiety. In one eight-week study, people who received mindfulness
training had smaller inflammatory responses than those who received a control
intervention, which focused on healthy activities to reduce psychological
stress but without particular instruction on mindfulness.

The study revealed:

        “… behavioral interventions designed to reduce emotional reactivity
[mindfulness] may be of therapeutic benefit in chronic inflammatory
conditions. Moreover, mindfulness practice, in particular, may be more
efficacious in symptom relief than the well-being promoting activities
cultivated in the HEP [control] program.”

Meditation is Another Tool to Improve Your Focus and Mental Function.

    As mentioned, practicing meditation is in many ways similar to practicing
mindfulness, and the benefits, including improved focus, are similar as well.
There is research showing meditation may lower blood pressure with just three
months of practice,4 while at the same time decreasing psychological distress
and increasing coping ability among young adults. Positive changes, including
improvements in critical thinking, mental resilience, and behavioral coping,
have also been noted after meditation.

    Research from the National Center for Complementary and Alternative.

Medicine (NCCAM) also supports the notion that meditation acts as a form of
“mental exercise” that can help regulate your attention and emotions, while
improving well-being. Even better, these changes may be permanent …It’s been
found previously that meditation prompts changes in the amygdala, a region of
the brain associated with processing emotion. Newer research suggests these
beneficial brain changes persist even after the meditation session is over,
resulting in enduring changes in mental function.

Everyday Tips for Improving Your Focus

    Mindfulness and meditation are among the best methods to boost your
ability to focus. Ideally, start out your day with a mindfulness “exercise,”
such as focusing on your breathing for five minutes before you get out of
bed. This can help you to stay better focused for the rest of the day.

    As the day goes on, try to minimize multi-tasking, as this is the
opposite of mindfulness. If you find yourself trying to complete five tasks
at once, stop yourself and focus your attention back to the task at hand. If
emotionally distracting thoughts enter your head, remind yourself that these
are only “projections,” not reality, and allow them to pass by without
stressing you out.

    You can then end your day with a 10- or 15-minute meditation session to
help stop your mind from wandering and relax into a restful sleep.

    Thank You Dr. Mercola


God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

Larry Nelson
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You May Be Buying Salmon Infected with Dangerous Fish Viruses.


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You May Be Buying Salmon Infected with Dangerous Fish Viruses

    Morton tested farmed salmon purchased in various stores and sushi
restaurants around British Columbia, and samples tested positive for
at least three different salmon viruses, including:

        Infectious Salmon Anemia Virus (ISA)
        Salmon alphaviruses
        Piscine reovirus, which gives salmon a heart attack and prevents
        them from swimming upriver

    The problem with this, aside from the unknown effects on human health
from eating salmon with lethal fish viruses, is that viruses are preserved
by cold, and fish are always kept frozen for freshness. Then, when you wash
the fish, the viruses get flushed down the drain and depending on your sewer
system, could be introduced into local watersheds. The environmental impact
of this viral contamination is hitherto unknown, but it’s unlikely to be
completely harmless.

    “This is why it must become public,” Morton says.

She insists that consumers, stores and trading partners must become aware
of this problem, and be the ones to insist on proper testing and remedial action.
It’s not just about protecting certain species of fish, it’s about the health of the
ecosystem as a whole; it’s about human health and food safety as well.

    How can you tell whether a salmon is wild or farm raised? As explained
by Morton, the flesh of wild sockeye salmon is bright red, courtesy of its
natural astaxanthin content. It’s also very lean, so the fat marks, those
white stripes you see in the meat, are very thin. If the fish is pale pink
with wide fat marks, the salmon is farmed.

Farmed Fish Pose a Number of Health Hazards to Your Health

    Farm raised fish of all species can spell disaster for your health in a
number of ways. It's important to understand that ALL farm-raised fish –
not just salmon -- are fed a concoction of vitamins, antibiotics, and depending
on the fish, synthetic pigments, to make up for the lack of natural flesh
coloration due to the altered diet. Without it, the flesh of caged salmon,
for example, would be an unappetizing, pale gray. The fish are also fed
pesticides, along with compounds such as toxic copper sulfate, which is
frequently used to keep nets free of algae.

    Not only do you ingest these drugs and chemicals when you eat the fish,
but these toxins also build up in sea-floor sediments. In this way,
industrial fish farming raises many of the same environmental concerns about
chemicals and pollutants that are associated with feedlot cattle and factory
chicken farms. In addition, fish waste and uneaten feed further litter the
sea floor beneath these farms, generating bacteria that consume oxygen vital
to shellfish and other bottom-dwelling sea creatures.

    Studies have also consistently found

levels of PCBs, dioxins, toxaphene and dieldrin, as well as mercury, to be higher
in farm-raised fish than wild fish. This fact alone would be causeto reconsider
consuming farmed fish!

    Wild caught fish have already reached such toxic levels, it's risky to
recommend eating them with a clear conscience. For example, according to a
US Geological Survey study, mercury contamination was detected in EVERY fish
sampled in nearly 300 streams across the United States. More than a quarter
of these fish contained mercury at levels exceeding the EPA criterion for
the protection of human health. So, when you consider the fact that factory
farmed fish typically are even MORE toxic than wild-caught fish and also
contain an assortment of antibiotics and pesticides, avoiding them becomes
a no-brainer – at least if you're concerned about your health.

    To learn more about the differences between farmed salmon and wild
salmon, specifically, please see my interview with Randy Hartnell, founder-
president of Vital Choice Wild Seafood and Organics. I'm a huge fan of their
wild sockeye salmon, and beside a fish dinner at a restaurant here or there,
Vital Choice salmon is about the only type of fish I eat.

Buying Local Increases Food Safety and Food Security

    Morton recommends buying local foods and wild fish. I couldn’t agree
more. As mentioned in the film, disease in farm animals is one of the
biggest sources of epidemics in humans. Therefore, the health of food
animals cannot be treated as some sort of idealistic notion relegated to tree-
huggers and animal-welfare crusaders.

    Fish farms are the aquatic version of a confined animal feeding operation
(CAFO), and just like their land-based cattle- and chicken farms, aquatic
CAFO’s are a breeding ground for disease and toxic waste, and produce food
animals of inferior quality. Due to the dramatically increased disease risk—a
natural side effect of crowding—these animals are further contaminated with
drugs, and in the case of salmon, synthetic astaxanthin, which is made from
petrochemicals that are not approved for human consumption.

    Wild salmon are dying from diseases cultivated and spread by salmon
farms. Where is the sense in this? And instead of selling wholesome,
nutritionally-superior wild salmon, Canada is selling inferior and
potentially diseased salmon raised in fish farms. Who benefits, and who

    The industry will tell you the world needs inexpensive food, and
inevitably, they insist that such foods can only be created using the
latest technology and artificial means. The latest example of this
craziness is the creation of what amounts to a vegetarian fish diet
designed for carnivorous fish. Instead of fishmeal, the protein in
this feed comes from bacteria, yeast or algae instead. This way, fish
farms will not need to use valuable wild fish to feed farmed fish, and
this, they claim, will help alleviate world hunger... Never mind the fact that
by altering a fish’s diet in such a drastic way, you’re undoubtedly altering its
nutritional content as well.

    So at what cost should we clamor for cheap foods? At the expense of our
environment and, potentially, the very lives of our descendants? We cannot
be so blindly arrogant as to think that we can survive as a species if we allow
the ecosystem to fall apart.

    The ramifications of our large-scale, mass-producing, chemical-dependent
food system are incredibly vast, which is why I urge you to become more
curious about your food. Where, and how was it raised, grown, or
manufactured? These things do matter; for your health, and the health and
future of our planet.

    Like Morton, I am also very concerned about our vanishing freedoms and
increasing “corpotocracy,” where citizens are ruled by multi-national
corporations with just one goal in mind: Maximizing Profit. A glaring example
of this loss of freedom was Bill 37—the inappropriately named “Animal Health
Act” which, had Canada made it into law, would have made it a crime to report
farm animal disease to the public. Under this bill, informants would face a
$75,000 fine and two years in prison simply for naming the location of a
disease outbreak. Fortunately, the Act was dropped, but could potentially be
revived sometime in the future...

     Thank You Dr. Mercola


God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

Larry Nelson
42 S. Sherwood Dr.
Belton, Tx. 76513

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Salmon Confidential—How a Canadian Government Cover-Up Threatens Your Health, and the Entire Ecosystem.


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    Many environmental experts have warned about the unsustainability of fish
farms for a decade now, and we have documented those objections in many
previous articles. Unfortunately nothing has yet been done to improve the

    As usual, government agencies and environmental organizations around the
world turned a blind eye to what was predicted to become an absolute
disaster, and now the ramifications can be seen across the globe, including
in British Columbia, Canada.

    Salmon Confidential is a fascinating documentary that draws back the
curtain to reveal how the Canadian government is covering up the cause behind
British Columbia’s rapidly dwindling wild salmon population. A summary of the
film reads:

  “When biologist Alexandra Morton discovers

BC’s wild salmon are testing positive for dangerous European salmon viruses associated with salmon farming worldwide, a chain of events is set off by government to suppress the

  Tracking viruses,

Morton moves from courtrooms, into British Columbia’s most remote rivers, Vancouver grocery stores and sushi restaurants.

        The film documents Morton’s journey as she attempts to overcome
government and industry roadblocks thrown in her path and works to bring
critical information to the public in time to save BC’s wild salmon.”

    If you think watching a documentary about wild fish sounds boring, this
film may well change your mind. It provides sobering insight into the inner
workings of government agencies, and includes rare footage of the bureaucrats
tasked with food and environmental safety.

    It reveals how the very agency tasked with protecting wild salmon is
actually working to protect the commercial aquaculture industry, to
devastating effect.

    Once you understand just how important wild salmon are to the entire
ecosystem, you realize that what’s going on here goes far beyond just
protecting a fish species. Without these salmon, the entire ecosystem will
eventually fail, and in case you’ve temporarily forgotten, you are part of
this system, whether you’re a Canadian or not...

'Keystone' Species Missing in Action by the Millions

    As explained in the film, a “keystone” species is a species of animal
that is essential to the functioning of the ecosystem. It’s a species that
other animals cannot survive without. In British Columbia (BC), pacific
salmon are a keystone species. They fill hundreds of streams and rivers,
feeding hundreds of species, including humans. Alas, since the early 1990’s,
salmon numbers have rapidly dwindled, coinciding with the introduction of
aqua farms raising farmed salmon.

    Each year, millions of wild salmon go missing, and many are found to have
died before spawning. They can be found littering the shores of rivers and
streams in BC in large numbers.

    Biologist Alex Morton has followed and studied the unusual decline in
salmon stocks for nearly 30 years. She noticed that as commercial fish farms
moved into the area, they had a detrimental impact on wild fish. The most
obvious was a dramatic rise in parasitic sea lice in juvenile salmon, which
naturally do not carry the lice. But that was just the beginning.

    Fish farms breed pathogens that can spread like wildfire and contaminate
any wild fish swimming past. Norway has recognized this problem, and does not
permit fish farms to be located in rivers or streams populated by valuable
native species. In British Columbia, no such restrictions exist.

    On the contrary, not only has the Department of Fisheries and Oceans
Canada (DFO) never taken the spread of disease into account when approving
salmon farms in sensitive areas such as the Fraser River, the agency is
actually covering up the fact that fish farms are the cause of dwindling
salmon stocks.

Wild Salmon Declines Traced Back to Salmon Farms

    The film discusses the fate of Dr. Kristy Miller, head of molecular
genetics at DFO, who, using DNA profiling, discovered that the fish that die
before spawning have a number of DNA switched on that healthy fish do not. In
a nutshell, the wild salmon are dying from leukemia, retroviruses, brain
tumors, and immune system decay...

    Salmon leukemia virus raged through fish farms in the area in the early
1990’s when the farms were first introduced. A retrovirus, salmon leukemia
virus attacks the salmon’s immune system, so it dies of something else, much
like the process of AIDS. At the time, it was discovered that virtually all
the BC Chinook salmon farms were infected. They also discovered that the
virus killed 100 percent of the wild sockeye salmon exposed to it. Yet
nothing was done...

    Instead, as soon as Dr. Miller traced the problem to fish farms, she
became ostracized, and effectively put under gag order. When her findings
were published in the distinguished journal Science in 2011, the DFO did not
allow her to speak to the press, despite the fact that her findings were
hailed as some of the most significant salmon research of the decade.

    Two years earlier, in 2009, the Fraser River experienced the worst salmon
run in recorded history. Some 10 million fish went missing, leaving
traditional people living along the river without catch. In response to the
public outcry, the Canadian government created the Commission of Inquiry Into
the Decline of Salmon in the Fraser River, also known as the Cohen
Commission. The inquiry cost $26 million dollars and spanned across 150 days
of hearings. Theories presented for the mysterious disappearance of the
salmon included overfishing, sharks, water temperature, pollution, even
predatory giant squid!

    It wasn’t until the very end that attention was finally turned to the

most logical source: salmon farms.

    Dr. Ian Fleming testified about Norway’s discovery that fish farms are a
source of pathogenic disease that can decimate native fish, and therefore
does not permit salmon farms in certain areas frequented by wild salmon.

British Columbia, in contrast, has approved at least 10 farms in one of the
narrowest channels that wild sockeye salmon migrate through, and disease risk
was not considered when approving any of them.

Lethal Salmon Virus Found in Every Region with Installed Salmon Farms
    Dr. Rick Rutledge, professor and fisheries statistician at Simon Fraser
University worried about river inlet sockeye, which were also dwindling in
numbers just like Fraser River sockeye. He discovered that the river inlet
sockeye were infected with Infectious Salmon Anemia Virus (ISA), also known
as salmon influenza. This highly lethal and much-feared virus has
proliferated in every region across the globe where Atlantic salmon farms
have been installed.

    First detected in Norway in 1984, infection spread to other countries via
egg imports. In Chile, ISA wiped out 70 percent of the country’s salmon
industry, at a cost of $2 billion. But Chile has no native salmon to
decimate. British Columbia does... And contrary to Chile, the wild salmon of
BC are absolutely critical to the ecosystem and residents of the area. The
locals don’t just make money off these fish; it’s a main staple of their

    According to Morton, at least 11 species of fish in the Fraser River have
been found to be infected with European-strain ISA, yet the Canadian food
inspection agency has aggressively refuted the findings, and even attacked
the credibility of two of the most preeminent experts on ISA testing, who
testified that positive results were found to the Cohen Commission.

    In fact, everyone who has spoken up about these salmon viruses, which can
be traced back to salmon farms, has been shut down in some way or another.
And by muzzling scientists like Dr. Miller, the Canadian government has
effectively put the entire BC ecosystem at grave risk, just to protect
commercial fish farming and international trade. In so doing, they’re also
allowing potentially contaminated farm-raised salmon to be sold, exported,
and consumed.


God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

Larry Nelson
42 S. Sherwood Dr.
Belton, Tx. 76513

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Why High Intensity Interval Training May Be Ideal for Most.


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           Continued From Last Post

Why High Intensity Interval Training May Be Ideal for Most

    Contrary to popular belief, extended extreme cardio actually sets in
motion inflammatory mechanisms that damage your heart. So while your heart is
indeed designed to work very hard, and will be strengthened from doing so,
it’s only designed to do so intermittently, and for short periods—not for an
hour or more at a time. This is the natural body mechanics you tap into when
you perform HIIT.

    Repeatedly and consistently overwhelming your heart by long distance
marathon running, for example, can actually prematurely age your heart and
make you more vulnerable to irregular heart rhythm. This is why you sometimes
hear of seasoned endurance athletes dropping dead from cardiac arrest during
a race.

    Compelling and ever-mounting research shows that the ideal form of
exercise is short bursts of high intensity exercise. Not only does it beat
conventional cardio as the most effective and efficient form of exercise, it
also provides health benefits you simply cannot get from regular aerobics,
such as a tremendous boost in human growth hormone (HGH), aka the “fitness

What Makes HIIT so Effective?

    Your body has three types of muscle fibers: slow, fast, and super-fast
twitch muscles. Slow twitch muscles are the red muscles, which are activated
by traditional strength training and cardio exercises. The latter two (fast
and super-fast) are white muscle fibers, and these are only activated during
high intensity interval exercises or sprints.

    According to fitness expert Phil Campbell, author of Ready, Set, Go,
getting cardiovascular benefits requires working all three types of muscle
fibers and their associated energy systems -- and this cannot be done with
traditional cardio, which only activates your red, slow twitch muscles. If
your fitness routine doesn't work your white muscle, you aren't really
working your heart in the most beneficial way. The reason for this is because
your heart has two different metabolic processes:

        The aerobic, which requires oxygen for fuel, and
        The anaerobic, which does not require any oxygen

    Traditional strength training and cardio exercises work primarily the
aerobic process, while high intensity interval exercises work both your
aerobic AND your anaerobic processes, which is what you need for optimal
cardiovascular benefit. This is why you may not see the results you desire
even when you're spending an hour on the treadmill several times a week.

Interestingly enough, when it comes to high intensity exercises, less really
is more. You can get all the benefits you need in just a 20-minute session,
start to finish, performed two or a max of three times per week.

How to Properly Perform Peak Fitness Exercises

    If you are using exercise equipment, I recommend using a recumbent
bicycle or an elliptical machine for your high-intensity interval training,
although you certainly can use a treadmill, or sprint anywhere outdoors. Just
beware that if you sprint outside, you must be very careful about stretching
prior to sprinting.

    I personally prefer and recommend the Peak Fitness approach of 30 seconds
of maximum effort followed by 90 seconds of recuperation, opposed to Dr.
Tabata’s more intense routine of 20 seconds of exertion and only 10 seconds
of recovery. But some might like his strategy more. His approach may be
better suited to fitter athletes who want to kick it up another notch, but
may be too intense for most people. For a demonstration using an elliptical
machine, please see the following video. Here are the core principles:

        Warm up for three minutes

Exercise as hard and fast as you can for 30 seconds. You should be gasping for breath and feel like you couldn't possibly go on another few seconds.
It is better to use lower resistance and higher repetitions to increase your heart rate.

        Recover for 90 seconds,still moving, but at slower pace and decreased resistance.

        Repeat the high-intensity exercise and recovery 7 more times. (When
you're first starting out, depending on your level of fitness, you may only
be able to do two or three repetitions of the high-intensity intervals. As
you get fitter, just keep adding repetitions until you're doing eight during
your 20-minute session).

        Cool down for a few minutes afterward by cutting down your intensity
        by 50-80 percent

    By the end of your 30-second high-intensity period you will want to reach
these markers:

        It will be relatively hard to breathe and talk because you are in
       oxygen debt.

        You will start to sweat. Typically this occurs in the second or third
repetition unless you have a thyroid issue and don't sweat much normally.

        Your body temperature will rise.
        Lactic acid increases and you will feel a muscle "burn."

Some Suggestions to Take Into Consideration

    Remember, while your body needs regular amounts of stress like exercise
to stay healthy, if you give it more than you can handle your health can
actually deteriorate. So it’s crucial to listen to your body and integrate
the feedback into your exercise intensity and frequency.

    When you work out, it is wise to really push as hard as you possibly can
a few times a week, but you need to wisely gauge your body's tolerance to
this stress. When you're first starting out, depending on your level of
fitness, you may only be able to do two or three repetitions of Peak Fitness.

That’s okay! As you get fitter, just keep adding repetitions until you’re
doing eight. And if six is what your body is telling you, then stop there.

    If you have a history of heart disease or any medical concern please get
clearance from your health care professional to start this. Most people of
average fitness will be able to do it though; it is only a matter of how much
time it will take you to build up to the full 8 reps, depending on your level
of intensity.

For Optimal Health, Add Variety to Your Exercise Program

    In addition to doing high intensity interval exercises a couple of times
a week, it’s wise to alternate a wide variety of exercises in order to truly
optimize your health. Without variety, your body will quickly adapt and the
benefits will begin to plateau. As a general rule, as soon as an exercise
becomes easy to complete, you need to increase the intensity and/or try
another exercise to keep challenging your body. I recommend incorporating the
following types of exercise into your program on days when you’re not doing
high intensity anaerobic training:

        Strength Training: If you want, you can increase the intensity by
slowing it down. You need enough repetitions to exhaust your muscles. The
weight should be heavy enough that this can be done in fewer than 12
repetitions, yet light enough to do a minimum of four repetitions. It is also
important NOT to exercise the same muscle groups every day. They need at
least two days of rest to recover, repair and rebuild.

        For more information about using super slow weight training as a form
of high-intensity interval exercise, please see my interview with Dr. Doug
        Core Exercises: Your body has 29 core muscles located mostly in your
back, abdomen and pelvis. This group of muscles provides the foundation for
movement throughout your entire body, and strengthening them can help protect
and support your back, make your spine and body less prone to injury and help
you gain greater balance and stability.

        Exercise programs like Pilates, yoga, and Foundation Training are
great for strengthening your core muscles, as are specific exercises you can
learn from a personal trainer.

        Stretching: My favorite type of stretching is Active Isolated
Stretching (AIS) developed by Aaron Mattes. With AIS, you hold each stretch
for only two seconds, which works with your body's natural physiological
makeup to improve circulation and increase the elasticity of muscle joints.

This technique also allows your body to repair itself and prepare for daily
activity. You can also use devices like the Power Plate to help you stretch.

       Thank You Dr. Mercola

God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

Larry Nelson
42 S. Sherwood Dr.
Belton, Tx. 76513

Japanese Doctor Confirms Health Benefits of Working Out Less, But More Intensely



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    A little over three years ago, I was introduced to high intensity
interval training, commonly referred to as HIIT, when I met Phil Campbell
at a fitness camp in Mexico. I refer to it as Peak Fitness Training.

    Since then, researchers have repeatedly confirmed the superior health
benefits of HIIT compared to traditional and typically performed aerobic

    For example, high-intensity interval-type training gives a natural
boost to human growth hormone (HGH) production—which is essential for
optimal health, strength and vigor—and has been shown to significantly improve
insulin sensitivity, boost fat loss, and increase muscle growth.

    Anaerobic HIIT 

can be performed on a recumbent bike or an elliptical machine, or sprinting outdoors
 (with proper guidelines to avoid injury).

    While there are a large number of variations, the HIIT routine I
recommend involves going all out for 30 seconds and then resting for 90
seconds between sprints. Total workout is typically 8 repetitions. In all,
you’ll be done in about 20 minutes, and you only need to perform HIIT two
or three times a week.

    But researchers such as Dr. Izumi Tabata 

have shown that even shorter workouts can work, as long as the intensity is
high enough.

Personal Modifications

    I personally modified the Peak 8 to a Peak 6 this year as it was
sometimes just too strenuous for me to do all 8. So by listening to my body
and cutting it back to 6 reps, I can now easily tolerate the workout and go
full out and I no longer dread doing them.

    Another tweak is to incorporate Butyenko breathing into the workout and
do most of the workout by only breathing through my nose. This raises the
challenge to another level. I will discuss more of the benefits of this in
a future article but I do believe it has many benefits.

    I then finish my Peak 6 workout with Power Plate stretches, 10 pull ups,
10 dips and 20 inverted pushups, and call it a day. I personally have never
tried the Tabata protocol as it seems too intimidating and I’m not sure I
could do it, but it is yet another option that people can use.

Can You Get Fit in Just Four Minutes, Four Times a Week?

    After monitoring the Japanese speed skating team in the early 90’s, Dr.
Tabata noticed that extremely hard but intermittent exercise appeared to be
at least as effective as standard workouts that require several hours a week.

The training protocol he came up with as a result requires a mere four
minutes, four times a week. The caveat? Extreme intensity.

    Dr. Tabata's HIIT protocol 

calls for just 20 seconds of all-out drop-dead effort, followed by a mere 10
seconds of rest. This intense cycle is repeated eight times. According to
 Dr. Tabata:

        “All-out effort at 170 percent of your VO2 max is the criterion of
the protocol. If you feel OK afterwards you've not done it properly. The
first three repetitions will feel easy but the last two will feel impossibly
hard. In the original plan the aim was to get to eight, but some only lasted
six or seven.”

    When performed four times per week for six weeks, participants in one
experiment increased their anaerobic capacity by 28 percent, and their VO2
max (an indicator of cardiovascular health) and maximal aerobic power by 15
percent. This is in contrast to the control group, who performed an hour of
steady cardiovascular exercise on a stationary bike five times a week. These
participants improved their VO2 max by just 10 percent, and their regimen had
no effect on their anaerobic capacity.

    Dr. Tabata also has forthcoming research findings 

showing that his protocol reduces your risk of diabetes, which other HIIT studies
have already suggested. And, according to the featured article:

        “Another soon-to-be-published finding, which Tabata describes as
'rather significant,' shows that the Tabata protocol burns an extra 150
calories in the 12 hours after exercise, even at rest, due to the effect of
excess post-exercise oxygen consumption. So while it is used by most people
to get fit – or by fit people to get even fitter – it also burns fat.”
As Little as Three Minutes of HIIT Per Week Can Improve Your Health, Previous

Study Suggests

    Dr. Tabata’s claims may sound crazy, but previous research has also found
that performing high intensity exercises for just minutes per week can
significantly improve important health indices. One such study found that
just three minutes of HIIT per week for four weeks improved participants’
insulin sensitivity an average of 24 percent. This truly is amazing, and
while aerobic fitness is indeed important, improving and maintaining good
insulin sensitivity is perhaps one of the most important aspects of optimal

    Other research has also demonstrated that 20 minutes of high intensity
training, two to three times a week, can yield greater results than slow and
steady conventional aerobics done five times a week. But the fact that you
can improve your insulin sensitivity by nearly 25 percent with a time
investment of less than ONE HOUR A MONTH really shows that you can
significantly improve your health without having to eliminate hours of other
commitments from your calendar.

    As I mentioned previously I have not even attempted this protocol as I
know how hard Peak Fitness is with a 90 second recovery. I shudder to think
how painful the Tabata protocol is with only 10 seconds to recover. That
said, I believe that while it’s theoretically possible to reap valuable
results with as little as three minutes once a week, it might be more
beneficial to do these exercises two or three times a week for a total of
four minutes of intense exertion, especially if you are not doing strength

    You do not need to do them more often than that however. In fact, doing
HIIT more frequently than two or three times a week can be counterproductive,
as your body needs to recover between these intense sessions. If you feel the
urge to do more, make sure you’re really pushing yourself as hard as you can
during those two or three weekly sessions, rather than increasing the
frequency. Remember, intensity is KEY for reaping all the benefits interval
training can offer. To perform it correctly, you’ll want to raise your heart
rate to your anaerobic threshold, and to do that, you have to give it your
all for those 20 to 30 seconds. Phil Campbell suggests that it needs to be
even higher than your maximum calculated heart rate, which is about 220 minus
your age.


God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

Larry Nelson
42 S. Sherwood Dr.
Belton, Tx. 76513

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Is There a Better Way to Address Tooth Decay?


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           Continued From Last Post

Is There a Better Way to Address Tooth Decay?

    In a recent opinion piece by Lauen Ayers — a local chapter leader of
the Weston A. Price Foundation — commenting on the proposed fluoridation
plan for Sonoma County, CA, she writes:

    “Instead of slapping fluorosilicic acid on the problem like a band-
aid, we should get to the source of the problem – the tidal wave of sugar
that inundates children every day, as UCSF pediatric endocrinologist Robert
Lustig, MD, explains in 'The Bitter Truth.'

        In the USDA breakfast and lunch program,

50 to 65 percent of the calories are from carbohydrates. Sugar is added to everything from applesauce to taco sauce because sugar hits the opiate receptors in the brain, making children addicts. Posters of veggies can’t make kids 'Just Say No' to the sugar-added foods. It’s up to adults to get rid of sugary non-foods.

   Sugar companies also donate to the ADA and similar groups.

In 1949 the Sugar Research Foundation proclaimed their mission: to find out how tooth decay may be controlled effectively without restriction of sugar
intake. Coincidentally, a year later the U.S. Public Health Service endorsed
fluoridation. ... Even fluoride at 0.2 mg/L can harm salmon; if fluoridation
passes, our water would have 0.7 mg/L, three times as much!”

    Clearly, this absurd practice of adding Hexafluorosilicic acid to
drinking water to prevent tooth decay is based more on politics than science.

Why should a water department be given the power to medicate anyone when they
don't take a health history, they don't pass out a listing of side effects,
monitor the dose or the effect? This is tantamount to gross negligence. In
early 2011, the EPA announced11 that 41 percent of American teenagers have
dental fluorosis and recommended cutting the parts per million down to 0.7
ppm. At the time, EPA Assistant Administrator for the Office of Water,

Peter Silva, stated:

    "EPA’s new analysis will help us make sure that people benefit from
tooth decay prevention while at the same time avoiding the unwanted health
effects from too much fluoride.”

    The only safe level when considering the addition of fluoride to
drinking/bathing water is ZERO. I predict that water fluoridation will
become known as one of the biggest frauds ever perpetrated against the
public in the 20th and 21st century. That oft-quoted phrase that water fluoridation is one of the greatest public health achievements of the 20th Century was created by a Public Relations firm, not hard-core facts. It's time to stop quoting that drivel.

    In his 2012 article Poison is Treatment—Edward Bernays and the Campaign
to Fluoridate America, James F. Tracy reveals the PR campaign that created
this fake public health measure:

   “The wide-scale U.S. acceptance of fluoride-related compounds in
drinking water and a wide variety of consumer products over the past half
century is a textbook case of social engineering orchestrated by Sigmund
Freud’s nephew and the “father of public relations” Edward L. Bernays,” he
writes. “The episode is instructive, for it suggests the tremendous capacity
of powerful interests to reshape the social environment, thereby prompting
individuals to unwarily think and act in ways that are often harmful to
themselves and their loved ones.”

    I highly recommend taking the time to read Tracy’s informative expose on
how good PR can trump science and keep you in the dark for decades, lest you
dig a bit deeper. In the future, water fluoridation will be compared to
tobacco science, DDT science, asbestos science, and thalidomide science — all
grossly manipulated to hide an incredibly costly truth.

    Water fluoridation was invented by brilliant schemers who needed to get
rid of toxic industrial waste that would cost them hundreds of millions of
dollars for proper disposal. They duped politicians with fraudulent science
and endorsements, which is not science, and sold them on a “public health”
idea in which humans are utilized to filter this poison through their bodies,
while 99 percent simply goes down the drain. Adding insult to injury, they
now MAKE hundreds of millions of dollars selling this hazardous industrial
waste, rather than having to pay for its disposal. Hexafluorosilicic acid
manufacturers, suppliers, and distributors are laughing all the way to the
bank, seeing how they've finagled municipalities across America to pay them
for poison.

Children Tend to Suffer the Greatest Health Effects

    Water fluoridation came about as the result of a massively successful PR
campaign, originally aimed to protect aluminum and steel producers from
lawsuits against the fluorine pollution coming from their plants. Fluoride
is in fact a toxic substance that accumulates in the human body over time, where it has been shown to wreak havoc with enzymes and produce a number of serious adverse health effects, including neurological and endocrine dysfunction. No less than 25 human studies have also linked fluoride with lowered IQ in children, including recent research from Harvard. Approximately 50 percent of the fluoride that you ingest each day ends up accumulating in your bones over a lifetime.

    Making matters worse, water fluoridation disproportionately harms young
children, as they tend to suffer the greatest health effects. One important
point to remember, which few pediatricians, dentists or other health
professionals stress, is that you should NOT use fluoridated water when
mixing infant formula.

   According to Dr. David Kennedy, who produced and directed the documentary film Fluoridegate — An American Tragedy:

        "One of California’s highest paid and most prolific Fluoridation
advocate admits that giving an infant a formula made with fluoridated tap
water will overdose the baby and cause the teeth to come in spotted and
fluorotic. One can only wonder why such insanity persists in our country  when it has been banned in so many other more advanced democracies."

   Thank You Dr. Mercola

God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

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