Tuesday, February 5, 2013

   "The War In Medicine"


Your Trip To The Left Side of the Fence

Well, just for the heck of it, out of morbid curiosity and
to test your debate skills, you decide to walk over to the
left side of the fence and talk to a creationist. You
carefully walk up to (gulp, drum roll): Hermann the Horrible
Hermit Heretic. Be careful, you say to yourself, close your
ears and don't listen, this person is an idiot. Oh well, its cold
outside and your hands are in your pocket, so you listen.

You shake hands with Hermann and exchange pleasantries. Right
away you are amazed at something: Hermann can talk! You had
always been taught that creationists had the IQ of a rodent
and wore beenie caps with rotors.

Hermann starts by talking about the first living organism,
and about its DNA component and its cell membrane component.
He states that even though it is absurd that a 300,000
nucleotide chain (300 genes with an average length of 1,000
nucleotides) can randomly form, even if it did, the statistical

probability that the first DNA had a permutation of nucleotides,
such that 300 viable proteins could be created by this DNA genome,
has a probability that is far less than: 10-30,000 (this is a probability
of 1 divided by a 1 with 30,000 zeros behind it).

(Note: the 10-30,000 figure is based on the assumption that 1
in 100 random permutations of 1,000 nucleotides will form a
protein vital to a living organism. This is a very generous
figure for the evolutionists, because the real figure is
probably far, far less than 1 in a billion.)


Don't Let Your Woman Slip Away!

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