Monday, February 4, 2013

   "The War In Medicine"


All your life you have been taught not to listen to the people
on both sides of the fence. All your life you have been taught
by people inside the "establishment" and you have been taught
that what the "establishment" teaches is true, and you have
been taught what is wrong with the renegades and you have
been taught not to listen to them. All your life you have
been taught two of the four things you need to make an informed

You have been brainwashed.

And now I come along and tell you to listen to the renegades.
Why? Because, quite frankly, sometimes the "establishment" is
wrong. Actually, it is frequently wrong. There, I said it,
sometimes the renegades are right! You will never, never
know when the renegades are right unless you talk to one of
them with an open-mind!

Did it ever occur to you that what the "establishment" tells
you about the creationists is not what the creationists really
believe, or perhaps what you heard about the creationists is
what only a very small percentage of them believe? You cannot
trust an evolutionist to correctly represent the views of the
creationists. They are biased. They will pick the most fantastic
views of a small percentage of the creationists, then twist
and contort their views. They will leave out the beliefs of
the other 90% of the creationists. When they are done, what
they say may not even remotely represent what a real creationist


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