Sunday, February 3, 2013

    "The War In Medicine"


Furthermore, in the study the dosage of Vitamin E that was
given the participants was ludicrously small. It is also
almost certain that the Vitamin E used was dl-alpha tocopherol
(synthetic), rather than d-alpha tocopherol (natural). The
study was designed by people who had no idea what they were
doing, or it was designed by people who wanted to discredit
Linus Pauling, but yet it is the main study the Reader's Digest
article depended on when it talked about alternative medicine.

But it gets worse. This same book has an entire chapter on
the wonders of prescription drugs for the heart (Chapter 10).
It has another chapter on how wonderful heart surgery is, no
doubt it is something everyone should have (Chapter 11). It
has yet another chapter to convince you to run to your doctor
as fast as possible to see if you have heart problems
(Chapter 3). Of course they also talk about all the highly
profitable "theories" of heart disease, such as cholesterol.

Three chapters on orthodox medicine (actually it is far more
than that, but these are entire chapters dedicated to orthodox
medicine), one page on alternative medicine, and that page
depended on an absurd study that had only a small part of
the Linus Pauling therapy! When you see all the advertising
by the pharmaceutical companies in the Reader's Digest
magazines, are you surprised?

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