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Our USDA at Work.

Our USDA at Work.




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Should We Label Factory-Farmed Food?

    Some organic proponents are now proposing yet another label, aside from labeling genetically engineered foods, and that is to label foods produced by CAFO’s. A new alliance of organic and natural health consumers, animal welfare advocates, anti-GMO and climate-change activists has been created for this purpose. This Truth-in-Labeling campaign5 will begin with a program to educate consumers about the negative impacts of factory farming, and then move forward to organize and mobilize millions of consumers to demand labels on CAFO-produced animal products.

        “Opponents and skeptics will ask, ‘What about feeding the world?’ Contrary to popular arguments, factory farming is not a cheap, efficient solution to world hunger,” Cummins says. “Feeding huge numbers of confined animals actually uses more food, in the form of grains that could feed humans, than it produces. For every 100 food calories of edible crops fed to livestock, we get back just 30 calories in the form of meat and dairy. That’s a 70-percent loss. With the earth’s population predicted to reach nine billion by mid-century, the planet can no longer afford this reckless, unhealthy and environmentally disastrous farming system.

        We believe that once people know the whole truth about CAFOs they will want to make healthier, more sustainable food choices. And to do that, we’ll have to fight for the consumer’s right to know not only what is in our food, but where our food comes from.”

    There’s no denying that rising population, rapid conversion of fertile land to deserts is a serious threat to us all. And technology in the form of ever larger-scale, industrial farming methods simply isn’t the answer. It’s making it WORSE... I believe Savory is correct when he says we have only ONE option, and that is to revert back to what worked before. For now, you can help move our agricultural system in the right direction by purchasing your food from local farmers who are already doing this on a small scale.

Keep Fighting for Labeling of Genetically Engineered Foods

    While California Prop. 37 failed to pass last November, by a very narrow margin, the fight for GMO labeling is far from over. The field-of-play has now moved to the state of Washington, where the people's initiative 522, "The People's Right to Know Genetically Engineered Food Act," will require food sold in retail outlets to be labeled if it contains genetically engineered ingredients.

    Remember, as with CA Prop. 37, they need support of people like YOU to succeed. Prop. 37 failed with a very narrow margin simply because we didn't have the funds to counter the massive ad campaigns created by the No on 37 camp, led by Monsanto and other major food companies. Let's not allow Monsanto and its allies to confuse and mislead the people of Washington and Vermont as they did in California. So please, I urge you to get involved and help in any way you can.

        No matter where you live in the United States, please donate money to these labeling efforts through the Organic Consumers Fund.
        Sign up to learn more about how you can get involved by visiting!
        For timely updates on issues relating to these and other labeling initiatives, please join the Organic Consumers Association on Facebook, or follow them on Twitter.
        Talk to organic producers and stores and ask them to actively support the Washington initiative.

Thank You Dr. Mercola

God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

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Is our government, (USDA), helping or Harming this problem?


What Can Be Done to Keep Grasslands Healthy?


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                   Continued From Last Post.

What Can Be Done to Keep Grasslands Healthy?

    At present, we’re doing everything wrong: Reducing animal numbers to rest
the land actually causes desertification — the very things we’re trying to
combat. Ditto for using fire. According to Savory, there is ONLY ONE OPTION.

We must use livestock, bunched in very large moving herds, mimicking the way
they used to roam when wild, or as they were herded in our agricultural past.

    He offers several before and after scenes in his lecture, showing how
allowing large herds to trample the area, covering the soil with left-over
vegetation, manure and urine, makes it absorb and hold the seasonal rains. As
a result, the soil stores carbon and breaks down methane.

    So, what we need is MORE moving, grazing animals, not less!

    Savory has developed a holistic management and planned grazing system
which is now being implemented in select areas on five continents. In one
area, increasing grazing cattle numbers by 400 percent, planning the grazing
to mimic nature, and integrating the cattle with local elephants, buffalo and
giraffes, has achieved remarkable results. I encourage you to view the video,
because seeing is believing. This technique is literally turning desert into
lush, highly productive environments. In Patagonia, 25,000 sheep were put
into a desert area, and with planned grazing they increased production of the
land by 50 percent in one year.

How Federal Policy Contributes to the Problem

    In the US, federal policy is presently worsening the environmental
concerns addressed by Savory in his talk. Corn and soy — much of which are
genetically engineered — are rapidly overtaking native grasslands in a number
of US states. A consequence of this is that we also lose our ability to
secure our food supply long-term... As discussed in a recent Mother Jones
article,1 this conversion of grasslands to crop fields is the exact opposite
of what might be in our best interest.

        “ get ready for climate change, we should push Midwestern
farmers to switch a chunk of their corn land into pasture for cows,” the
featured article states. “The idea came from a paper2 by University of
Tennessee and Bard College researchers, who calculated that such a move could
suck up massive amounts of carbon in soil — enough to reduce annual
greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture by 36 percent. In addition to the
CO2 reductions, you'd also get a bunch of high-quality, grass-fed
beef...Turns out the Midwest are doing just the opposite.”

    According to another recently published paper3 by South Dakota State
University researchers, grasslands in the Western corn belt, which includes
North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, and Nebraska, are being lost at
a rate "comparable to deforestation rates in Brazil, Malaysia, and
Indonesia." Between 2006 and 2011, nearly 2 million acres of friendly native
grasses have been lost to corn and soy — two of the staples in processed
foods that are driving chronic disease rates in an ever steepening upward
incline. The same thing is happening in South America, where native forests
are leveled in order to plant soy.

    The researchers claim the land being converted into corn and soy fields
is actually much better suited for grazing than crop agriculture, as it is
“characterized by high erosion risk and vulnerability to drought." So why
would farmers opt to use such risky land for their crops? According to the
featured article:

        “Simple: Federal policy has made it a high-reward, tiny-risk
proposition. Prices for corn and soy doubled in real terms between 2006 and
2011, the authors note, driven up by federal corn-ethanol mandates and
relentless Wall Street speculation.

        Then there's federally subsidized crop insurance... When farmers
manage to tease a decent crop out of their marginal land, they're rewarded
with high prices for their crop. But if the crop fails, subsidized insurance
guarantees a decent return. Essentially, federal farm policy, through the
ethanol mandate and the insurance program, is underwriting the expansion of
corn and soy agriculture at precisely the time it should be shrinking.”

Current Agricultural System is Unsustainable, According to the USDA

    The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) also recently released a report
titled: "Climate Change and Agriculture in the United States." According to
the report, our current agricultural system, which is dominated by corn and
soy, is unsustainable in the long term. Should temperatures rise as
predicted, the US could expect to see significant declines in yields by the
middle of this century.

    Confined Animal Feeding Operations (CAFOs) also play a key role in this
impending disaster. Gone are the days of large grazing cattle herds.

    Today, food animals are typically reared in cages and tightly cramped
quarters, and their feed consists of grains, primarily genetically engineered
corn and soy instead of grasses. These animals are literally imprisoned and
often tortured by unhealthy, unsanitary and unconscionably cruel conditions.

To prevent the inevitable spread of disease from stress, overcrowding and
lack of vitamin D, animals are fed antibiotics and other veterinary drugs.

Those antibiotics pose a direct threat to the environment when they run off
into our lakes, rivers, aquifers and drinking water, and drive the rise in
antibiotic-resistant disease in humans and animals.

    According to Ronnie Cummins:

        “CAFOs contribute directly to global warming4 by releasing vast
amounts of greenhouse gases into the atmosphere - more than the entire global
transportation industry. The air at some factory farm test sites in the US is
dirtier than in America’s most polluted cities, according to the
Environmental Integrity Project. According to a 2006 report by the Food and
Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), animal agriculture is
responsible for 18 percent of all human-induced greenhouse gas emissions,
including 37 percent of methane emissions and 65 percent of nitrous oxide
emissions. The methane releases from billions of imprisoned animals on
factory farms are 70 times more damaging per ton to the earth’s atmosphere
than CO2.

        Indirectly, factory farms contribute to climate disruption by their
impact on deforestation and draining of wetlands, and because of the nitrous
oxide emissions from huge amounts of pesticides used to grow the genetically
engineered corn and soy fed to animals raised in CAFOs. Nitrous oxide
pollution is even worse than methane – 200 times more damaging per ton than
CO2. And just as animal waste leaches antibiotics and hormones into ground
and water, pesticides and fertilizers also eventually find their way into our
waterways, further damaging the environment.”

    What’s the alternative? Just as Savory discusses above, the alternative
to CAFO’s is a smaller-scale system created by independent producers and
processors focused on local and regional markets. Following Savory’s
strategy, large herds could be moved across areas in planned grazing
patterns, which would be beneficial for the environment, the health of the
animals, and subsequently the health of humans consuming those animals.


God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

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Our "Mother Earth"...What's Happening?

What Could the Massacre of 40,000 Elephants Possibly Teach Us?


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    In the TED Talk above, ecologist Allan Savory explains how we’re currently encouraging desertification, and how to not only stop it, but reverse it, by dramatically increasing the number of grazing livestock.

    According to Savory, rising population, land turning into desert at a steady clip (known as desertification), converge to create a “perfect storm” that threatens life on earth. Most people think technology is required to solve the problem.

    Not so, he says. While we do need novel technology to replace fossil fuels, desertification cannot be reversed with technology. For that, we need to revert backward, and start mimicking nature and the way things were in the past.

How Grazing Livestock Impacts Our Land and Water

    According to Savory, we not only can, but indeed MUST, use grazing livestock to address desertification. In his talk, he explains how we can work with nature, at very low cost, to reverse both of these problems.

    By some estimates, grazing large herds of livestock on half of the world’s barren or semi-barren grasslands could take enough carbon from the atmosphere to bring us back to preindustrial levels.

        “Nothing offers more hope,” he says.

    Desertification happens when we create too much bare ground. In areas where a high level of humidity is guaranteed, desertification cannot occur. Ground cover allows for trapping of water, preventing the water from evaporating. At present, a staggering two-thirds of the landmass on earth is desertifying. As explained by Savory, water and carbon are tied to organic matter.

    When you damage the soil, allowing it to turn into desert, it gives off carbon. We’ve been repeatedly told that desertification occurs only in arid or semi-arid areas, and that tall grasslands in areas of high rain fall are of no consequence. But this is not true, Savory says, because if you inspect the ground in tall grasslands, it is bare and encrusted with algae, which leads to runoff and evaporation.

        “That is the cancer of desertification that we do not recognize ‘til its terminal form,” he says.

    Desertification has long been thought to be caused by livestock, such as sheep and cattle overgrazing and giving off methane. However, to quote Savory on the veracity of these claims:

        “We were once just as certain world was flat. We were wrong then, and we’re wrong again.”

Lessons Learned from the Unnecessary Massacre of 40,000 Elephants

    As a young biologist, Savory was involved in setting aside large swaths of African land as future national parks. This involved removing native tribes from the land to protect animals. Interestingly, as soon as the natives were removed, the land began to deteriorate.

    At that point, he became convinced that there were too many elephants, and a team of experts agreed with his theory, which required the removal of elephants to a number they thought the land could sustain. As a result, 40,000 elephants were slaughtered in an effort to stop the damage to the national parks.

    Yet the land destruction got worse rather than better... Savory calls the decision “the greatest blunder” of his life. Fortunately, the utter failure cemented his determination to dedicate his life to finding solutions. And that, he has.

    Areas of US national parks are now desertifying as badly as areas in Africa, and studies have shown that whenever cattle are removed from an area to protect it from desertification, the opposite results — it gets worse. According to Savory, we have completely misunderstood the causes of desertification. We’ve also failed to understand how it affects our global climate. He explains that barren earth is much cooler at dawn and much hotter at midday. When land is left barren, it changes the microclimate on that swath of land.

        “Once you’ve done that to more than half of land mass on planet, you’re changing macroclimate,” he says.

    We’ve failed to realize that in seasonal humidity environments, the soil and vegetation developed with very large numbers of grazing animals meandering through. Along with these herds came ferocious pack hunting predators. The primary defense against these predators was the herd size. The larger the herd, the safer the individual animal within the herd. These large herds deposited dung and urine all over the grasses (their food), and so they would keep moving from one area to the next.

    This constant movement of large herds naturally prevented overgrazing of plants, while periodic trampling ensured protective covering of the soil. As explained by Savory, grasses must degrade biologically before the next growing season. This easily occurs if the grass is trampled into the ground. If it does not decay biologically, it shifts into oxidation — a very slow process that results in bare soil, which then ends up releasing carbon. To prevent this scenario, we’ve traditionally used fire. But burning the ground also leaves soil bare to release carbon.


God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

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A Better Cancer Treatment...

A Better Cancer Treatment.

           Continued From Last Post

Alternative doctors have to do most of the work while the medical
establishment persecutes them. The health authorities even send out police
with handcuffs to stop alternative doctors from practicing.

Conventional medicine is NOT interested in finding nutritional reasons behind
the epidemic of cancer, heart disease, allergies, learning disorders, and
autoimmune diseases like MS and arthritis. Far from it.  These prescription
drug-peddlers try to prove nutrition does NOT cure these diseases.  Boy, are
they wrong…

When you order your personal copy of the Special Report, you’re going to see
that the Missing Ingredient often achieves results just as dramatic as those
achieved by feeding limes to scurvy victims.  I’m talking about overnight

The class of nutrients you’ll discover in the Special Report can achieve
miracle “magic bullet” results. But you shouldn’t look at them that way.  You
should look at these nutrients as one of the essentials you need in a
lifetime of eating right, along with antioxidants, minerals. . .and things we
haven’t discovered yet.

Raw, unprocessed food achieves miracle cures –

And you can reap the same benefits through supplements

In the Special Report The Missing Ingredient for Good Health, you’ll see how
this new, overlooked nutrient works hand in hand with antioxidants, minerals
and other plant chemicals to fight the degenerative “diseases of old age.” 

These diseases are seldom found in people who eat right.

I’m telling you, alternative cancer doctors have cured many people just by
feeding them a diet of raw, uncooked, organic fruits, grains and vegetables.
Other cancer doctors achieve the same results with the supplements.  My
colleagues and I have toured the clinics, talked to the patients, and
witnessed the results.

And when I say cured, I mean “cured,” not just “delayed death.”  My
associates and I have met some of these lucky patients or received their
emails thanking us for the cancer information we publish in Special Reports
like Cancer Defeated and Natural Cancer Remedies that Work.

Now, let’s be clear: alternative cancer doctors can’t cure everyone. When it
comes to cancer, there’s no 100% sure thing.  For one thing, many of the
people who come to alternative cancer doctors are too far gone.  They’ve
waited too long.

But alternative cancer doctors do CURE a great many of these people and
prolong the lives of others far more effectively than conventional cancer
treatments such as chemotherapy.

And this remarkable success is partly due to the Missing Ingredient, which
you can start taking today as either uncooked food or in the form of
supplements available in any health food store.

And that’s a fact.

You’ll experience a “Eureka!” moment that can change your life
After reading the report, you’ll understand for the first time how good
nutrition works. You’ll see WHY more of us are coming down with chronic
diseases every year and how EASY it is to turn your health around with good
sense – and the new information in The Missing Ingredient for Good Health.

You’re protected by a 100% guarantee

You can order The Missing Ingredient for Good Health as a digital download or
as a hard copy.  Either way, you have a full year to read it, use it, and
think it over. If you’re not completely satisfied with the Special Report,
just let us know and one of our friendly customer service people will give
you a FULL REFUND.  No questions asked, no quibbling.  Every penny of your
money back.


                 The Missing Ingredient for Good Health


Well, as a practical matter you can’t return a digital download.  No matter.
You don’t have to return the hard copy, either, if you choose to order it. 

You can still get every penny back.

I’m not worried, because very few of our readers ask for a refund.  Instead,
we get letters thanking us for the life-changing information we’ve provided.
You risk nothing whatsoever

There’s no reason to pass by an offer like this.  The information is vitally
important.  Each and every one of us needs this nutrient.  We’re not getting
it.  And frankly, this deficiency is making a lot of people very sick.

You owe it to yourself to find out what’s what.  The Special Report The
Missing Ingredient for Good Health will set you on your way.

                 The Missing Ingredient for Good Health


With kindest regards,

Lee Euler

Writer and Publisher

God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

Larry Nelson
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The Missing Ingredient For Good Health

The Missing Ingredient For Good Health

                  Continued From Last Post

You’ll rush to the nearest supplement store to get started…

…because you’re missing a vital nutrient that no one can do without if they want to enjoy full health and prevent diseases like cancer, heart disease, stroke, arthritis, fatigue, and more.

 The success achieved with this supplement in beating cancer will be enough to make you put down the report after Chapter Two and rush to a health food store to buy this type of nutrient.  You’ll open the bottle in the car and take your first dose before you get home.  What’s more…

This is a perfectly safe food

Even in alternative medicine, it’s rare for experts to be able to say a remedy is perfectly safe.  But I can say it now:  the “Missing Ingredient” is safe – totally.  These natural nutrients are found in almost every type of food PLUS your own body makes them itself (but our bodies make less and less as we get older).  Even the FDA classifies them as a food.

It’s almost inconceivable you could harm yourself by taking these nutrients in pills or capsules. In animal experiments the little critters have been fed the equivalent (for a human) of 30 pounds of this stuff with no problems at all.

The revolution has just begun, and we’re learning more every day

How is it possible experts have overlooked the value of The Missing Ingredient for so long?  As you just saw, one reason is that most alternative doctors stay away from cancer.

What’s more, the whole subject of nutrition is still in its infancy.

Life Extension, the breakthrough book about antioxidants, was published only 25 years ago.  This is new stuff.  Almost every year, researchers find a new chemical in fruits, vegetables, nuts or seeds that can improve health and save lives.  If 1492 was the year Columbus stumbled on America, then this is roughly the year 1530 where nutrition is concerned.  Who knows where we’ll be in another ten years?

Let me tell you a story…

Three hundred years ago no one knew what a vitamin was.  If you’d said the word “antioxidant” people would have looked at you as if you had two heads.

That was back in the age of sail, and thousands of sailors got very sick from a mystery disease if they spent long months at sea.  One of the symptoms was that all their teeth would fall out!  Bad news!

The disease was called scurvy. An English doctor was alert enough to notice that scurvy disappeared totally – and fast! – when the sailors ate fresh citrus fruit.  Eventually the Royal Navy required every ship to carry a supply of oranges, lemons or limes to keep the sailors healthy.

That’s why the English are called “Limeys” to this day.

Now we know that vitamin C was the ingredient in citrus fruit that cured scurvy.  Scurvy is what’s called a deficiency disease.  It’s caused by the lack of a nutrient our bodies MUST have.  If you provide the missing nutrient, you cure the disease.

It was a long, long time before scientists discovered vitamins and antioxidants.  They just knew there was something in citrus fruit that prevents scurvy and cures the disease if you already have it.

Nutrition CAN cure a whole bunch of diseases

We’ve come a long way since vitamin C saved the first Limeys.  Yet we still haven’t connected all the dots.   With antioxidants and definitely with the Missing Ingredient that you’ll discover in the Special Report, there’s still a lot to learn.

                 The Missing Ingredient for Good Health


God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

Larry Nelson
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A Better Cancer Treatment.

A Better Cancer Treatment.

           Continued From Last Post

How could alternative doctors overlook this vital nutrient?

Alternative doctors do recommend “the Missing Ingredient” sometimes, for some
health problems.  But few alternative doctors put these nutrients on a par
with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and other phytochemicals (nutrients
found in plants).

Most alternative doctors would tell you “the Missing Ingredient” is a second
or third level supplement, something you take “in addition to” the
“important” nutrients.

That’s dead wrong.

And within a few years, they’ll change their minds.  You’ll see – but you’ll
be there before them.  In a few years everyone will supplement with the
Missing Ingredient.  It’s far more powerful than most doctors know, as you
can see from the studies and patients I’ve cited.  Those examples are just
the tip of iceberg.

By the time you finish my Special Report, The Missing Ingredient for Good
Health, you’ll be convinced beyond doubt of the overwhelming importance of
these nutrients.

THINK OF IT:  cancer, heart disease, pain…even autism, for crying out loud…
are all linked to our poor diets.

Certain select doctors DO know about the Missing Ingredient

I stumbled across the Missing Ingredient only because I’ve spent the last
several years researching and writing about alternative cancer treatments.

My name is Lee Euler. I’m the publisher of a number of Special Reports on
alternative cancer treatments, including Natural Cancer Remedies that Work,
Cancer Defeated:  How Rich and Poor Alike Get Well in Foreign Clinics, and
The Oxygen Miracle.

 I’ve been writing and publishing alternative health information for more
than 15 years, and I thought I’d seen it all.  I was wrong.  I was shocked to
find out that something this important was overlooked by almost everybody.

It just goes to show how much we have to learn about all the nutrients we
need for good health.  As I found out, only a select few doctors know about
this important discovery…

The only people on earth who know this information

Alternative cancer doctors are just about the one group of people on earth
who know the true power of the Missing Ingredient.  They’ve achieved
remarkable results, but most alternative doctors stay miles away from cancer.

 They don’t know the latest strides being made in cancer treatment.

In America, an alternative doctor can lose his license for treating cancer
patients.  Few doctors take the risk.  It’s too bad, because that means
they’ve missed this incredible breakthrough.

Their tragic oversight could cost you your good health and your life, because
the Missing Ingredient is effective not only against cancer but also heart
disease, pain, arthritis, digestive problems, allergies, MS, lupus and more!

In other words, intimidation by America’s cancer police has caused most
alternative doctors – of all people – to miss a nutritional revolution!

Raw, fresh foods pack a punch you won’t believe

Cancer doctors have discovered that the food the patient eats is critical to
successful cancer treatment.  What’s more, the diets that cancer doctors
recommend have one big ingredient in common.  It’s a nutrient that’s NOT
found in cooked food – ONLY in raw food.

But it’s not my intention to nag you about getting four servings of
vegetables or five servings of fruit or whatever.  That’s wonderful to do,
but you can get this nutrient in a pill or capsule.

You probably don’t, because doctors who DON’T treat cancer know very little
about it and say even less.  That’s a shame because…

The benefits of this type of nutrient go way beyond cancer

Actually, you can find the most amazing benefits in autistic children when
they start to take the Missing Ingredient.  The results – detailed in my
Special Report The Missing Ingredient for Good Health – will make your eyes
pop right out of your head.

The proof is clear and undeniable. You’ll see.  And if you know a family with
an autistic child, you’ll give them this Special Report and beg them to read
it.  As far as that goes, if you know someone with cancer, heart disease,
fatigue or pain you’ll do the same thing!

You’ll want to tell everyone you know the good news!

Cancer doctors use the Missing Ingredient as one of many therapies, but with
the autistic children, the incredible improvement was the result of this
nutrient and ONLY this nutrient.  And the healing that took place was so
dramatic no one can deny it.

What’s more, the group of children involved was large – 260 kids.  And the
mother who collected the data was a trained scientist who was unusually
careful and rigorous.

In other words, the jury is in and the verdict has been rendered:  the
Missing Ingredient can change your life and save your life.

Information available nowhere else

Let me say this again:  I don’t sell these supplements.  I don’t make a dime
off the pills if the Special Report inspires you to change your life and
start taking them.  My only business is spreading this important information.

Only two or three books have been published about this nutrient. They went
almost unnoticed.  And as I said, most alternative doctors have missed this
critical news.

That means my Special Report, The Missing Ingredient for Good Health, is the
first publication to pull all facts and proof together into one place in a
way that will leave you in no doubt that your current diet and supplements
aren’t enough.

You could search in vain through hundreds of back issues of America’s most
popular health newsletters to find the breakthroughs I report in The Missing
Ingredient for Good Health. You’ll be so excited…

                 The Missing Ingredient for Good Health



God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

Larry Nelson
42 S. Sherwood Dr.
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Meet “the plaque-eater!”

Meet “the plaque-eater!”

                    Continued From Last Post.

This supplement does in weeks what other treatments take months to achieve,
according to Dr. J. Valls-Serra of the University of Barcelona.  More than
nine out of ten patients with blood clot disorders got totally well.

Blood clots are the prime cause of heart attacks and strokes – and doctors
put millions of people on medications like coumadin and warfarin to thin
their blood.  Most of these people would get better, faster, if they just
added “the Missing Ingredient” to their diet or supplements.

In my report, The Missing Ingredient for Good Health I’ll show you study
after study that confirms the heart and circulation benefits you can
experience by taking this supplement.  Very few American doctors know about
these studies because they were published in German and have never been

That means your doctor – and you – are missing an important new discovery
about the so-called diseases of aging.

Your danger of cancer, heart disease, stroke
and arthritis go up as you age –
But it’s not because you’re getting older

You can help reverse the so-called “diseases of aging” by correcting a
nutritional deficiency.  More than nine out of ten patients with inflamed
blood vessels improve when they take this nutrient, and most of them get
totally well.

And what’s the most common complaint as we get older?  It’s probably pain.
Many “experts” call the most common kind of arthritis – osteoarthritis – a
“wear and tear” disease.  According to them, our joints wear out and we just
have to live with it.

But maybe not!  Just consider…

Pain goes away without drugs —
Study after study shows the “Missing Ingredient”
is more powerful than NSAIDs

In study after study, patients find the missing nutrient is more powerful
than prescription pain relievers.  Not only do osteoarthritis patients get
better, but in a group of 1,004 rheumatoid arthritis patients, nine out of
ten got better when they took the “Missing Ingredient.” As you may know,
rheumatoid arthritis is far more serious than osteoarthritis – and all but
incurable.  Or that’s what they tell you.

Don’t believe it.  There IS hope.

Young people with pain can benefit, too.  Controlled scientific studies show
that injured athletes heal and get back on the field in less than half the
time of those on a placebo.  The reason is that the missing nutrient doesn’t
just mask pain, it heals the injury – the real, underlying cause.

Most of these pain studies were done in Germany.  In fact, this nutrient is
the second most popular pain reliever in Germany after aspirin.  German
doctors are well aware of the benefits of this nutrient.  Yet most American
doctors – even alternative doctors – don’t know about it.  And most Americans
have never heard of it.

Eventually the word will get out. But why should you wait?

The almost-unknown power of this nutrient might take your health to a whole
new level. Within days or weeks – sometimes the first day – you can see
miraculous relief from medical problems that have troubled you for years.

One woman reports she now has four extra hours a day – hours she used to
spend sleeping or too fatigued and mind-fogged to do anything.


Say good-bye to indigestion, bloating, IBS, gas,
diarrhea, constipation and cramps

Digest your food right for the first time in your life.  The missing nutrient
treats the real, underlying problem.  It often cures suffering victims once
and for all.

Many patients report instant, miraculous relief.  Food allergies go away for
good and you can eat anything!  A delighted heartburn victim was able to
cancel surgery, and a baby’s colic vanished in one day.

I can tell you it’s true from personal experience.  I totally cured a spastic
colon that troubled me for more than twenty years.


  Nine out of ten autism cases get better!
Helps other behavioral and learning disorders, too

In my Special Report, The Missing Ingredient, you’ll see how 91 percent of a
group of 260 autistic kids got better.  For more than a third of the children
the improvement was “very great or impressive.”

“We enjoyed a regular meal at a family restaurant,” emailed one parent.  “No
stress, no reactions.  We are so happy.”

A natural wonder we’ve stripped out of our food

Our own bodies make these “missing nutrients.”  What’s more, they exist in

And that’s the catch.  Almost everything we eat is cooked.  Even most health
foods are cooked.  All milk products and store-bought juices are pasteurized.

 That means they’re heated until these nutrients are destroyed.  Food
companies process even frozen foods until this nutrient is mostly gone.

We’ve almost totally eliminated these essential-to-life nutrients from our
diets.  As a result, the health of millions of Americans is going downhill
faster than an Olympic skier.

Wait till you see what happens to animals deprived of this type of nutrient! 

It’s not pretty.  They quickly develop what we call – wrongly – the diseases
of aging.  Their offspring are even sicker, and the third generation is
sterile and half-dead.  The Special Report provides the details – the
frightening consequences you risk when this nutrient is missing from your

You’ll get complete details on every single fact and claim in this letter
when you purchase my new Special Report, The Missing Ingredient for Good

As you’ll discover, you can take all the vitamins, minerals, herbal remedies
and supplements you want and you still won’t get as well as you should.  It’s
all because you’re missing this nutrient.

In the report, you’ll see case after case where patients took all the
supplements from A to zinc and still suffered pain, heart disease, digestive
problems and even cancer.  When they added the “Missing Ingredient” their
symptoms got dramatically better and even completely disappeared.

Lifelong migraines, stomach upsets, pain and fatigue often go away almost
instantly for people who discover they lack this vital nutrient — and then do
something about it.


                 The Missing Ingredient for Good Health


God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

Larry Nelson
42 S. Sherwood Dr.
Belton, Tx. 76513

Sunday, June 16, 2013

The Missing Ingredient For Good Health.

The Missing Ingredient For Good Health.

    A man with kidney cancer, given two days to live, was alive and
well 15 years later thanks to this supplement.

    It’s the second most popular pain reliever in Germany after aspirin –
yet it’s almost unknown in the U.S.

    Injured athletes who take it get back on the field twice as fast as
those who don’t.

    Health and behavior improved in nine out of ten children with autism.

    Studies show the nutrient thins blood, breaks up blood clots and heals
inflamed blood vessels like magic.

    One mother said her lifelong migraine problem disappeared immediately.

    And I got rid of a 20-year spastic colon problem!

Does it sound incredible that one supplement can help all these diseases –
and more? Then ask yourself this: What if you had NO vitamins in your
diet – none at all? You’d be very sick.

Guess what: this nutrient is just as important as vitamins and you’re
getting approximately.......ZERO.

Dear Friend,

If you take antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals you’re only getting it
half-right.  A new class of nutrients is just as important – maybe MORE

In five or ten years most people will be taking these nutrients right
along with vitamins and minerals.  Yet few are taking them now.

These nutrients do not exist in most of the foods sold in health food
stores, whether organic or not.  Almost any cooking or processing destroys
these highly complex molecules.

What’s more, all the antioxidants and other supplements you take are half as
effective – or worse – if you don’t get THIS nutrient either in your food or
in supplement form.

And I can almost guarantee you’re not getting it

So you can look at this letter as a privileged glimpse into the future.  By
reading this you’re putting yourself at the cutting edge of a nutritional
revolution.  There’s a huge potential for healing many mystery health
problems that have stumped doctors for decades.

Heads up for cancer patients!

“The missing nutrient” beats chemotherapy 100-to-one

A man with kidney cancer, given 50 days to live, was alive and well 15 years
later, thanks to this supplement.A woman with metastatic breast cancer – a
“death sentence” – was alive and well 16 years later – thanks to the missing

These incredible results are a matter of record, published in medical
journals by Dr. Nicholas J. Gonzalez, an M.D. in New York City.

And how about pancreatic cancer patients who were told they had “no hope”?

This natural nutrient outdid chemotherapy by better than a hundred to one!

When Dr. Gonzalez began his study of 11 “hopeless” patients, an NIH “expert”
told him he’d be lucky if three of them lived more than a year.  Cancer of
the pancreas is usually fatal – and fast.

So what happened?  NINE of the patients in the study lived more than a year
and four of them lived more than three years! Meanwhile, out of 126 patients
on chemotherapy, NOT EVEN ONE survived for two years.

A hidden nutritional deficiency is linked to a dozen or more diseases

No one else will tell you this, but the soaring cancer rate in our society
may be due in part to a specific nutritional deficiency – the lack of this
“missing ingredient” in our diets.  A hundred years ago, most people were
getting enough of this nutrient, but not any more.

The lack of this vital nutrient leaves us wide open not only to cancer, but
to heart disease, arthritis, allergies, and all kinds of digestive problems. 

It’s even linked to autism, lupus and multiple sclerosis.

You can experience a huge improvement in your health – often overnight – when
you add this nutrient to your diet, either in supplement form OR by eating
the right foods.

You’ll discover WHAT this nutrient is, WHY it’s not in our food anymore
(although it was a hundred years ago), HOW the deficiency devastates your
health, and exactly WHAT you can do about it.  It’s all in a new Special
Report I’ve written called The Missing Ingredient for Good Health.  Take heed
and you might experience…

Dramatic improvement in heart health and circulation:
This “Roto-Rooter” supplement
cleans out the gunk in your arteries


                 The Missing Ingredient for Good Health


God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

Larry Nelson
42 S. Sherwood Dr.
Belton, Tx. 76513