Monday, February 4, 2013

    "The War In Medicine"

How The Media and Establishment Control The Public


You might be curious what techniques our public schools, the
news media, our politicians, etc. etc. use to control the public.
Their methods are more sophisticated than you probably think.
Some of the techniques used by orthodox medicine have already
been discussed. Controlling the information that the general
public has access to is absolutely essential to the establishment.
The reason is that in school or in life you are probably at some
time going to run into a "renegade" who just refuses to believe
the control of information that conditions you to ignore what
they say.

If you don't believe me, just read on.

Hearing Both Sides of an Issue

To illustrate the control of information (aka brainwashing), let
me use Darwin's "Theory of Evolution" as an example of teaching
what I want to get across, since that is a controversial area
in which everyone seems to have an opinion. More importantly,
it is the only theory that is allowed to be taught in our schools.

There are two broad categories of theories about evolution: first,
are those who think that evolution occurred by total accident.
Second, are those who think that God had a hand in evolution or
God simply created each species independently. Let us call the
first group the "evolutionists" and the second two groups the
"creationists." There are actually several different camps (i.e.
different theories) within each group, and there are hybrid
groups (i.e. hybrid theories), but let us assume there are only
two simple groups.


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