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Everyone knows someone with cancer or that has died from cancer. It's
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treatment and recovery, not death from cancer and/or its treatment.
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Disclaimer...What you read on this site is opinion only. I am not
a doctor or any specialist in anything pertaining to this site. I'm
only a cancer survivor for over 5 years due to the alternative approach.
I did NOT follow the medical approach...I followed the alternative
approach to curing cancer. Now you know why I have a strong opinion.

Who Cares When The Family Doesn't Care?

 Who Cares When The Family Doesn't Care?

A problem that evidently many cancer patients encounter, and one I had never thought about, has just come to my attention. By this I refer to a situation where close family members appear, for a variety of reasons, to be totally indifferent to the plight of the cancer patient. In my case quite the opposite was true. I recall that all involved seemed to be actively pursuing some avenue of help for me. This took several forms which included, but were not limited to, help with filling out forms, searching the internet for up to date information on the cancer, administering medication, participation in family prayers, accompanying me to the doctors offices both local and out of state and ongoing concerns for making me as comfortable as possible, especially when I was knocked down by treatments. Put all the above together and you have a bulwark of defenses that is hard for the cancer to penetrate. I have met countless patients who reflect this experience in their own lives. There have, of course, been those cases where some member of the family is troublesome but this is usually overcome by other members of the family. Just when you think you have seen everything in the cancer wars, another situation raises its head. I can only imagine what it would have been like had it been otherwise. I dare say I would not now be here to write this article.
I recently received a letter from a lady who tells a really sad story. Now I have often dealt with cases where the patient was left alone by circumstances and had few, if any, close relatives. In cases like this, there is no expectation of support for from close family and the patient is usually free to reach out to others who are able and willing to help. In the case of this particular lady, she has a family but they are all turning away from her and for a variety of reasons. This very turning away had the effect of an anchor weighing this poor woman down with frustration and disappointment.
Go to just about any message board that offers support for cancer patients and it becomes obvious that the postings are usually from caregivers trying to find answers on behalf of a loved one. the woman of the letter writes that in the oncology waiting rooms she sees people being comforted by loved ones. She is moved to express wonder at where her family members are and why she doesn't ever see any indication that they are searching on her behalf. After working a full day she is so very tired when she gets home but still pushes herself to do her share. Her mother is ill and requires a great deal of care. They say she is their hero because she is so positive and so strong but they don't see her cry herself to sleep alone every night. She even wrote a poem in an attempt to reach out to her family with some of her concerns but has been hesitant to show it to them.
Answering a letter like this is not the easiest thing in the world to do. For one thing, there are far too many unknowns. Nevertheless, I sent an answer and some of it is excerpted as follows:
"Do not let the actions or inaction of other get into your mind at this critical time in your life. One of the first things I ever told you is that if you don't take charge of your healing program, somebody else will and you probably won't like the outcome. You really don't have to ask me if you are tired, now do you? You know darn well you are! If you don't put some order into your life, the cancer won't have to kill you - you will handle that nasty little chore all by yourself.
So, you wanted my recommendation, well I will give it to you. You must declare your own personal Independence Day. Starting tonight you must go home for a good night's sleep. You must tell your mother the reason for this and that, although you love her very much, she should consider where she will be if you go down. She must be made to see that you are rearranging things so that you can continue to care for her. Then, if your mother should happen to die while you are home resting, know that this is God's will and not yours and turn it over to Him. I think you may be surprised to find that He will be far less critical of you than you are being of yourself. As to the poem that you showed me, I think it is very powerful and not at all stupid. I believe you have found expression in the act of writing this that you have previously been unable to muster. Show it to all of them immediately and discuss what each verse means in case they don't understand. I expect you may be very pleasantly surprised at the reaction this worthy effort will elicit. Lastly, since evidently nobody else has, I GIVE YOU MY PERMISSION TO GO HOME AND GET A GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP!"
Well, it was absolutely amazing what the poem accomplished. The brother admitted that he hadn't really bothered to find out what kind of cancer she had. The sister replied that she just couldn't find the words to talk about cancer. Another relative had been afraid of bring up the subject for fear of making matters worse. In conclusion she was happy to report that that poem that she had at first thought stupid turned out to be the means of opening up the lines of communication so necessary for winning the battle. She writes that everything is fine now! The cancer is in remission!
Looking back on my experiences in the waiting rooms of the cancer wars, I can recall many images of forlorn people sitting all alone. If I could just live it over I would find some way of engaging them in conversation even if I got slapped for it. I do recall one rather humorous incident that occurred in the Radiology waiting room at Baylor Hospital in Dallas. It was early in the battle for me and I was not yet a hardened warrior. I chanced to notice one very frail lady sitting all alone. She must have been in her late 80's and her face wore an expression that would have fit well in a funeral parlor. She was holding a big Styrofoam cup of the terrible, milky white contrast liquid that was so popular in those days. I knew she could not stand to drink it and so I decided to intervene. The conversation went as follows:
"Ma'am, you look like you could use a friend.
Yes, sir I really could.
What seems to be the matter?
They tell me I have to drink this awful tasting stuff and I just can't stand it.
Well, ma'am, if that is the problem, maybe I can help you.
Oh, would you sir, but I don't see how you can.
It's simple ma'am, I'll be glad to drink it for you.
Oh, that would be so nice! (after a pause) but maybe it would be better if I drink it myself.
Well, that might be better, ma'am, but I want you to know that I am on your side and will be glad to help any way I can."
The poor old soul then cheerfully drank the awful mess and soon went, smiling, into the inner labyrinth. As she left she gave me a smile that was worth more than money in the bank. I never knew any thing about her case other than the fact that a simple act of kindness, even though it may seem absurd to the casual observer can turn a look of death into a bright smile.
The next time any of you readers find yourself confronted by the sad face of loneliness in the cancer wards (or in life in general) just remember that it may be better to do something wildly absurd than to take the more comfortable path of doing nothing at all.
Back in 1993 Gerald White survived a 20 pound kidney tumor that subsequently went metastatic to distant oragans. After all medical treatments had failed and the dreadful "only three more months" death sentance had been delivered. He worked out a self- directed program of guided imagery that induced a remission in three months. He has served a three year term as a Director of the National Kidney Cancer Association. Through his webpage he maintains an active world wide mentoring program that has yielded many simliar remissions of cases thought to be hopeless. His book has been translated into Chinese and Hungarian. A credible Scientist, in his career before cancer, he acheived some 20 technology patents in 9 countries.

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 Ray Stevens - Juanita and the Kids

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Guide Imagery - A Bold New Treatment For Multiple Sclerosis

  A Bold New Treatment For Multiple Sclerosis

My interest in MS came in such an unexpected way. I was conversing one day with one of my fellow "miracle" cancer survivors when he asked me for help in a very sensitive way. He told me that he had two daughters afflicted with multiple sclerosis and felt that, based on his own success with his cancer, we could use guided imagery to help them. I still remember what I blurted out in response to this unexpected request - "When I told you hello, I told you 95% of what I know about MS." I thought that would put the matter to rest but, boy, was I wrong. He then fired another shot across my bow by asking me: "How much did you know about cancer when you found out you had it?. That shot hit home because the answer was absolutely nothing. In fact, I am the guy who has written so often that cancer comes with a corollary and even deadlier disease, being that of ignorance. We treat the ignorance so that we can better treat the cancer!! The final shot this man fired at me won the day in that it got my interest and involvement in MS. He simply pointed out; "In the case of cancer, your imagery program wakes the immune cells up and starts them killing the cancer cells. With MS, it seems to me like all you have to do is have them go back to sleep and stop killing the Myelin cells. It should always be easier to put a thing back to sleep than to wake it up and start it working." I must admit that I have found this logic perfect in its simplicity.
It is not at all unusual for scientific thought to take some strange and unusual paths toward achieving a particular goal. Often, the goal develops as a work in progress, not necessarily seen with any degree of clarity at the outset. It has been said that all of science can be summarized in three words. These words are simply "observing and inferring". A perfect example of this in the advancement of medicine came about when Edward Jenner in the 1700s observed that milkmaids did not seem to get smallpox like the rest of those in the community. It no doubt took a period of contemplation to arrive at the observation that infection with the mild disease cowpox provided natural immunity to the more dreaded smallpox. From this simple observation came the eradication of smallpox from the face of the earth. Few people are aware that Jenner's work was driven by a simple admonition that he received from a mentor; "Don't think -TRY!" The point I wish to make with this little bit of medical history is that though an idea might seem childishly simple or unrelated to the subject at hand, that is not, by itself, sufficient grounds to condemn it. This is especially true when that simple notion might be easily verified with no particular downside risk. There are times when we should not let our thinking prevent us from trying! There is no worthwhile, breakthrough idea that the naysayers cannot stop if we allow them to do so.
I have been blessed with a career in the engineering sciences that I believe would pass muster in most quarters where creativity and original thought is valued. I am well acquainted with living in the pit of despair and disappointment when ideas I believed in were found to have no value. I have also felt that sublime joy that come when a fresh new idea seems to come from nowhere to solve a problem that heretofore was accepted as simply a way of life with no prospect of solution by the peers in the field. No amount of money or political pressure can command these flashes of inspirations to occur. How then can we utilize them to solve problems if we cannot control their coming and going? In my own work I have come to the realization that there are two basic rules for discovery.
The first of these is to put yourself in a position to receive it. Here is where experience in the field becomes important provided it is tuned to looking forward, not backwards. I have often noted that there are two kinds of experienced persons. The first would be the person with 30 years experience and the other with one years experience 30 times. Many find the truth of the statement that creativity looks forward while research looks backwards to be unduly harsh in its criticism of the academic guardians of yesterday's thinking.
The second of these is to be continually on the alert with an open mindset that is capable of making observations. The trouble with these flashes of inspiration is that they can be of very short duration and, if not received by one mind, will depart for another at some distant time and place. It is for the benefit of mankind that Jenner was not otherwise occupied by such as illness or circumstances on the day he noticed the milkmaids or Isaac Newton was not busy elsewhere when the apple fell from the tree. Of course, these are rather ridiculous analogies but they will, hopefully, convey the idea.
After a crash course in the mechanisms of MS, I prepared a CD of guided imagery and sent copies to 4 different patients. Two of these have reported improvement and the other two report a very restful and worthwhile experience from using the imagery. We have now advanced the state of the art by producing a CD specifically for MS that has been embedded with the Alpha Wave frequency of the subconscious mind. The healing imagery will now be transmitted in perfect tuning resonance with the subconscious mind.
This is an exciting picture when viewed against the backdrop of the success that has been achieved with this exact same technique with many cancer patients, some of whose stories can be read on webpage, "". The same skeptics who will no doubt criticize this approach to MS were also heard when we were first trying it for cancer. Had I listened to these apostles of "false hope", I would not be writing this article as I would have died back in 1996.
I urge all visitors to this page to view with interest, the DVD that was produced by Bob Richards. One of many terrific points Bob makes in this dynamic presentation has to do with humans being goal setting creatures. He points out correctly that; "The body becomes the goal!. The most encouraging thing that I noted back in the early days of my cancer fight was that there has never been a form of cancer that did not have at least a few survivors who simply went into remission. The same is true for MS. I was struck by the fact that medical science can no more account for these remissions than why the cancer occurred in the first place. If one can go into remission then a dozen can and if a dozen can, then a multitude can. It is perfectly logical to assume that if we can but gain a bit of insight into the mechanisms of remission, whether it be cancer or MS, then we are well along the road to inducing them.
What a wonderful surprise it was to find out that there are friendly cells whose job is to restore the cells of the myelin sheath and, yes, there have been cases of people recovering from MS. Giving encouragement to these good, restorative cells, will be an objective of the guided imagery as well as the stopping of the attack in the first place
There is a Booklet and CD combo available on the Order Page on my website for those who wish to pursue this exciting new treatment modality. You will find it patient friendly, non invasive, self scheduled, self - administered in the privacy of your home and nobody will ever send you a bill for the treatment program. We now say to the cancer patients, "What do you have to lose except the cancer?'. There is every indication that the same may be apropos for MS. I urge anyone currently in the struggle with MS to join us in this exciting journey of exploration into an exciting new world of healing possibilities.
Back in 1993 Gerald White survived a 20 pound kidney tumor that subsequently went metastatic to distant organs. After all medical treatments had failed and the dreadful "only three more months" death sentence had been delivered. He worked out a self- directed program of guided imagery that induced a remission in three months. He has served a three year term as a Director of the National Kidney Cancer Association. Through his webpage he maintains an active world wide mentoring program that has yielded many similar remissions of cases thought to be hopeless. His book has been translated into Chinese and Hungarian. A credible Scientist, in his career before cancer, he achieved some 20 technology patents in 9 countries.
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Qigong Improves Quality of Life in Breast Cancer Patients

 Qigong Improves Quality of Life in Breast Cancer Patients

The ancient mind/body practice known as qigong, which dates back at least 4,000 years, has been found to be beneficial to some breast cancer patients, according to researchers from one of the preeminent cancer research hospitals in the world, The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center.
Specifically, the practice has been found to reduce some sympoms of depression as well as improve the quality of life in breast cancer patients who are undergoing radiation therapy.
The findings have been published in the respected, peer-reviewed journal Cancer, and the study is the first prospective study to look at qigong in breast cancer patients receiving radiotherapy and include a follow-up assessment.
Said Lorenzo Cohen, Ph.D., professor in MD Anderson's Departments of General Oncology and Behavioral Science and director of the Integrative Medicine Program:
"We were also particularly interested to see if qigong would benefit patients experiencing depressive symptoms at the start of treatment. It is important for cancer patients to manage stress because it can have a profoundly negative effect on biological systems and inflammatory profiles."
This study enrolled 96 women diagnosed with breast cancer in stages I, II or III receiving teatment at Fudan University Shanghai Cancer Center in Shanghai, China. Of the group, 49 women received qigong which included five 40-minute classes each week during their five-to-six week course of radiation therapy. Meanwhile the other 47 women received the standard of care.
Participants were assessed five times: At the start of therapy, in the middle, at the end, one month later and three months later. The different aspects that were assessed included depressive symptoms, fatigue, sleep disturbances and overall quality of life.
Results showed that patients in the qigong group had a decline in symptoms of depression and an overall improvement of quality of life during the assessment times, while patients in the other group showed no changes.
Back to Dr. Cohen:
"We examined women's depressive symptoms at the start of the study to see if women with higher levels would benefit more. In fact, women with low levels of depressive symptoms at the start of radiotherapy had good quality of life throughout treatment and three months later regardless of whether they were in the qigong or control group. However, women with high depressive symptoms in the control group reported the worst levels of depressive symptoms, fatigue, and overall quality of life that were significantly improved for the women in the qigong group."
The authors nonetheless urged that further research was needed to confirm these findings.
Source: MNT

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Is Frozen Yogurt Healthier Than Ice Cream?

Is Frozen Yogurt Healthier Than Ice Cream?

Although it may still be winter, ice cream cravings transcend all seasons. When your taste for the cool, creamy treat strikes, you may want to reach for frozen yogurt instead; made from yogurt instead of cream, frozen yogurt delivers big taste with less fat content than traditional ice cream. Why else should ice cream lovers try its froyo counterpart?
Frozen Yogurt Nutritional Facts
In addition to having a lower fat content than ice cream, there are several health benefits of yogurt. Probiotics in yogurt are live, active cultures that boost immune health and help aid in digestion. Thus, the lactose in frozen yogurt is more easily digested than that in ice cream, making it a better choice for those who are lactose sensitive. However, most frozen yogurts are made up of the same ingredients put into ice cream, resulting in a similar calorie count between the two. For a regular, small scoop of frozen yogurt, you can expect about 2 grams of fat and 75 calories.
Froyo Vs. Ice Cream: The Healthier Choice?
If you enjoy frozen yogurt, it may be the slightly healthier route. However, if your cravings say ice cream, it may be better to satisfy that sweet tooth with the real thing. Denying yourself can lead to over consumption, which can add pounds. Regardless of your frozen treat choice, remember to eat in moderation; neither frozen yogurt nor ice cream should be consumed in large portions. With froyo shops gaining popularity around the country, it’s a perfect time to try a new treat.

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How Many People are Really Allergic to Gluten?

 How Many People are Really Allergic to Gluten?

While some skeptics believe that gluten free is just a diet fad, others do it for health reasons. Taking on a gluten free lifestyle has become more common as people around the country have been diagnosed with celiac disease. What exactly is this disease, and how many people really need to go gluten free?
What is Celiac Disease?
People with celiac disease have gluten intolerance, a protein found in wheat, barely, and rye. Those with the disease have a hard time absorbing nutrients because of damage caused to the small intestine. While the cause of the disease is still unknown, studies have shown that families with a history of diabetes or Down syndrome are more likely to be diagnosed with celiac disease. More often than not, people don’t even know they have the disease, and the numbers of people who do have it are growing.
Symptoms of Celiac Disease
Scientists are skeptical as to why more and more people have celiac disease, but often attribute it to changes in our diets and the way food is processed, often with gmo food; others claim the disease is simply better diagnosed than it was in previous years. The most common symptoms of celiac disease include diarrhea, abdominal pain, and bloating. Fatigue after consuming gluten is often a sign, as is frequent bathroom trips.
Who Has Celiac Disease?
According to the University of Chicago Celiac Disease Center,

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What Makes You Susceptible To Genital Herpes?

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Genital herpes refers to a common sexually transmitted infection that is caused by the herpes simplex virus. It affects the mucous membranes of the genitals and other areas and spreads through any form of sexual activity including kissing and oral sex. Transmission of genital herpes can occur if your skin, penis, vagina or mouth comes into contact with that of an infected person. Touching the skin of a person who has herpes sores, blisters or rashes can also cause infection. More worrisome is the fact that the virus can spread even if the infected person has no blisters, sores or other symptoms. Instances of the person being unaware of their condition are also very common. The only way to virtually negate the risk of getting genital herpes is to abstain from all sexual activity, impractical advice indeed for most of us! There are several other steps one can take to minimize the risk of infection. The best way is to be in a long term monogamous relationship with a partner who has tested negative for genital herpes. This too may seem like an uphill task for many.
If you are just getting into a relationship then you should practice safe sex by either wearing a condom or insisting that your partner use one. While condoms are no guarantee against getting infected with or transmitting the virus, they can minimize the risk. This is because a condom may not cover all the areas where the virus is present. If either you or your partner has been infected with the herpes simplex virus in the past, then you need to abstain from sexual contact if any symptoms such as blisters, sores or rashes are present. These signify the outbreak of genital herpes and the chances of infecting your partner are higher even with the use of a condom.
While there is no cure for genital herpes, certain drugs are available that decrease the frequency and duration of outbreaks. For those with a healthy immune system, genital herpes continues to be a restricted infection and a nuisance without any major consequences. However, complications may occur which need to be safeguarded against. These include transmission of the infection from a pregnant woman to her baby which may result in a premature birth. Such babies may be prone to brain infections, developmental delays and even premature death. Other complications include the spread of the virus to other parts of the body including brain, lungs, spine or liver. It also increases the likelihood of HIV infection.
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      Continued from the Last Post.

 by R. Webster Kehr,
Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.

How To Prevent Your Cancer From Coming Back

The alkaline protocols (e.g. calcium, cesium, etc.) are very good protocols and are absolutely critical to keeping advanced cancer patients alive!! Nothing can keep advanced cancer patients alive as well as these protocols!! These protocols have saved many, many lives, so this is not a criticism of these protocols.

My point is, as I say on other web pages, that when a cancer patient finishes one of these protocols they must either stay on an alkaline "cancer diet" for life or they must switch to an alternative cancer treatment that does not depend on alkalinity, such as the Ultimate Simple Protocol or Plasma-Beck protocol. While these protocols do have some alkalinity in them (via a small amount of baking soda), they are not alkaline enough to put the microbes into hibernation or keep them in hibernation. They only have enough alkalinity to slow down the spread of cancer.

Cancer Theory and Electromedicine Treatments

It has been demonstrated many times that if you kill all of the microbes inside of a cancer cell, the cancer cell will revert into a normal cell.

One of the ways to kill these microbes is with electromedicine, especially if the electromedicine device has a "carrier wave." The only such devices I know of are the two GB-4000 "frequency generators."

So how do these devices kill the microbes which are inside of a cancer cell?

It is generally believed that each of the 16 shapes and sizes of the cancer microbe has a different "Mortal Oscillatory Rate" or M.O.R., meaning they have a different frequency at which they vibrate until they explode and die.

Think of a wine glass being shattered by an opera singer. At a certain frequency the glass will shatter. Likewise, each microbe has a specific frequency (i.e. M.O.R.) at which it will "explode" and die.

In theory, this would imply that it would take 16 different frequencies to kill the "cancer microbe." Well, it is not that simple.

The Independent Cancer Research Foundation will determine these frequencies if they ever get enough funding. But for now understand that it has been shown by those using electromedicine, by trial and error, that taking some ionized water makes the device more effective.

This makes perfect sense because at the larger sizes and shapes, finding an effective frequency to vibrate them until they explode may be very difficult. This may be exacerbated by the shapes of the larger sizes. Some shapes may prevent a uniform and consistent vibration.

By taking some ionized water the alkalinity inside the cancer cells will go up and the size of the microbes will go down into the mid-size range of the microbe sizes.

However, it has also been shown that when too much ionized water is taken, in conjunction with an alkaline treatment, that the microbe becomes too small to kill by the frequency range of the device.

These conclusions were based on case studies.

Much more research needs to be done in this area, but for now realize that the cardinal rule of using electromedicine is to take a reasonable amount of ionized or alkaline water, but do not be fanatical. By using moderation the size and shape of the cancer microbe will be in the middle range and it will be easier to kill the microbes by using vibrations.

This is a highly theoretical discussion, but the theory coincides with the actual success of the devices.

Final Comments and Summary

This article is in no way a criticism of the alkaline or electromedicine protocols. They are superb protocols that can do things no other protocols can do!! Many, many cancer patients are alive today because of these protocols!!

In fact, as the "Understanding Treating Cancer" article explains (see the left side-bar), the alkaline "super protocols" are the highly recommended protocols for very advanced cancer patients.

However, it is important to understand key principles in how to maximize the effectiveness of these protocols.

With alkaline protocols the way to maximize their effectiveness is to use a non-alkaline cancer protocol when the alkaline protocol is completed or to stay on an alkaline diet for life.

With electromedicine protocols the way to maximize the effectiveness of these protocols is to use some alkalinity to put the microbes in the middle size range, but to not use too much alkalinity. "Moderation" of alkalinity is a good term.

 by R. Webster Kehr,
Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.

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      Continued from the Last Post.

 by R. Webster Kehr,
Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.

How To Prevent Your Cancer From Coming Back

Cancer Theory and Alkaline Treatments

This article will discuss the importance of these shapes and sizes in the treatment of cancer

The  cancer microbe changes its shape and size based on the acidity or alkalinity of the inside of the cell.

As the alkalinity inside the cancer cell goes up, the size of the cancer microbe goes down. As the alkalinity of the inside of the cancer cell goes down (i.e. the acidity goes up), the size of the cancer microbe goes up.

We can look at any calcium or cesium chloride protocol (and possibly baking soda) to understand what is going on inside the cancer cells.

As calcium or cesium chloride get inside the cancer cells, the alkalinity of the cancer cells goes sky high.

If the calcium or cesium gets inside the cancer cells fast enough, it may kill all of the microbes inside the cancer cells and the cancer cells will revert into normal cells.

However, in some cases the microbes may be able to survive the highly alkaline substances. As the alkalinity inside the cells goes up, the microbes that are not killed may go into hibernation (the "Somatid" state in the above chart).

When this microbe is in hibernation, it cannot be killed by anything!! This has actually been observed by several different cancer researchers (who, by the way, called this microbe by different names, such as "bion," BX or "microzyma")!!

In the book: The Persecution and Trial of Gaston Naessens is this quote:

    "... over the years somatids were revealed to be virtually indestructible! They have resisted exposure to carbonization temperatures of 200 degree C and more. They have survived exposure to 50,000 rems of nuclear radiation, far more than enough to kill any living thing. They have been totally unaffected by any acid. Taken from centrifuge residues, they have been found impossible to cut with a diamond knife, so unbelievably impervious to any such attempts is their hardness."
    page 5

While not in the somatid state, the alkalinity inside of cells makes these microbes lethargic, which largely neutralizes the damage they are doing. These microbes damage the body and cancer cells in several ways, but in this context I am talking about the fact that they can force the cancer cell to replicate very quickly.

If the alkalinity does not occur fast enough, and thus does not kill these microbes, the microbes may eventually go into the somatid or hibernation state.

If these microbes go into hibernation, the cancer cells will be able to restore their metabolism and will appear to be normal cells!!! In other words, when in hibernation these microbes do not intercept glucose and do not excrete mycotoxins. So just like when these microbes are killed, the cancer cells revert into normal cells.

But in these cases the cells appear to be normal cells, and act as if they were normal cells, but in fact they are still cancer cells in the sense that there are still microbes inside the cells!!

When the person stops or changes their cancer treatment, and goes off of their alkaline cancer treatment, and goes back to their old acidic diet, eventually the inside of the cancer cells gets acidic and the microbes come out of hibernation and the cancer "returns" in the same location it was before!!

Actually, the cancer cells never left, they simply "went into hibernation" because the microbes were in hibernation. When the microbes came out of hibernation they started intercepting glucose again and excreting mycotoxins again. The cells again acted as if it were cancerous.

This is a key sign as to what is happening, the cancer returns in exactly the same location it was before!! Thus, the new cancer is not caused by "new cancer cells," it is caused by "old cancer cells" which were cancer cells which reverted into being normal cells, but when the cell interior again became acidic the somatids came out of hibernation and again started intercepting glucose and excreting mycotoxins.

This is why I tell people who are using an alkaline protocol as their cancer treatment, that when they are done with their treatment they need to go on a different cancer treatment that does not use alkalinity at its foundation. Or they need to stay on an alkaline diet for life to keep the microbes in hibernation (and keep the cancer from coming back).


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Thursday, February 28, 2013

Introduction to Advanced Cancer Theory

 by R. Webster Kehr,
Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.

Prior to reading this article it is essential to read the article: "What Causes Cancer" (see the left side-bar). That article explains that cancer is caused by a microbe, almost certainly Helicobacter Pylori, when it gets inside of normal cells or when a cancer cell divides and creates two daughter cancer cells which each have these microbes.

The evidence that H. Pylori causes cancer is very solid. For example:
1) It is ubiquitous in the stomach and common in the bloodstream (all humans have some cancer cells at all times),
2) It is known to be a pleomorphic microbe,
3) The most effective herb at killing H. Pylori, turmeric, is also the same herb that is most effective at treating cancer,
4) More than one alternative cancer researcher has come to the same conclusion independently.

But regardless of what the cancer microbe is, it has been known since the 1930s that one of the best ways to cure cancer is to kill the microbes which are inside of the cancer cells. In this way the cancer cells will revert into normal cells.

A surprising number of alternative cancer treatments work by killing the microbes inside of the cancer cells. A short list of these treatments include:
1) Vitamin C by I.V.,
2) Ultraviolet light,
3) All DMSO protocols,
4) All MSM protocols,
5) And so on.

For most alternative cancer treatments the size and shape of this microbe is irrelevant, but for two categories of alternative cancer treatments the sizes and shapes of this microbe are critical to understand because they can affect the killing of this microbe and/or the issue of cancer remission.

These two categories are highly alkaline protocols and electromedicine protocols that work by vibrating this microbe until it bursts (e.g. Royal Rife or "frequency generator" protocols).

The size of the cancer microbe can literally be much smaller than a virus (which is why it can get inside of the cell nucleus and damage the cell DNA), but can be as big as a red blood cell!!

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      Continued from the Last Post.

 by R. Webster Kehr,
Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.

How To Prevent Your Cancer From Coming Back

In a cancer patient's body there are about two pounds of microbes in the bloodstream and lymph system and there are microbes inside of the cancer cells!!

Most of the Phase One protocols, such as the Cellect-Budwig, do not address the microbe issue very much. Thus, when a patient is done with their Phase One protocol their bloodstream and lymph system are still full of lactic acid and microbes.

The main focus of Phase Three is to deal with ALL of the microbes in the body and clean out any rogue cancer cells left over from Phase One.

The Plasma-Beck will supercharge the immune system (by getting rid of the microbes in the body via the M.O.P.A. and Bob Beck Protocol), in addition to reverting most, if not all, of the cancer cells into normal cells (via the M.O.P.A., etc.)

The end result of this protocol is zero cancer cells, zero lactic acid (from the MSM), zero microbes and a supercharged immune system!!

Do not underestimate the power of this protocol. While the two electromedicine protocols are doing most of the work, the nutritional parts are also helping greatly.

You should be on this protocol for at least 6 months in order to give the Bob Beck Protocol time to build the immune system and create "immortal blood," which is absolutely pure blood with no microbes or other critters (see the Bob Beck videos on YouTube: the Granada and Ventura lectures).

Phase #4: The Bob Beck Protocol and MSM/CS or "Super MSM" Protocols

While the Bob Beck Protocol is getting rid of microbes in the bloodstream and lymph system (which eventually supercharges the immune system), it is also synergistic with the MSM/CS or "Super MSM" protocol.

The Bob Beck Protocol is building the immune system by cleaning the microbes out of the bloodstream and the MSM/CS or "Super MSM" protocols are continuing to clean out lactic acid and microbes and are reverting any residual cancer cells into normal cells.

Eventually the Bob Beck protocol supercharges the immune system enough that the immune system can deal with any residual cancer cells.

These protocols should be used for at least a year AFTER the patient is in "strong remission," meaning the patient's immune system is considered strong and the number of cancer cells is considered small.

If the patient had a lot of chemotherapy they need to continue Essiac Tea during this period.

Special Note: Advanced Cancer Theory

An article has been written on advanced cancer theory, which means it looks at how the pleomorphic nature of the cancer microbe can affect certain kinds of cancer treatments. The article is mainly for those who are using an alkaline protocol (i.e. such as Cesium Chloride, Cellect-Budwig, baking soda or the calcium protocols) or who are using electromedicine.

Alkaline and electromedicine treatments are absolutely irreplaceable in alternative medicine, and are among the best cancer treatments on earth, but an understanding of these treatments can help prevent certain kinds of mistakes. See:


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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

      Continued from the Last Post.

 by R. Webster Kehr,
Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.

How To Prevent Your Cancer From Coming Back

Why is eliminating all microbes from the bloodstream and lymph system important? The reason is that these microbes are heavily suppressing the strength of the immune system (remember, the immune system is the part of the "balance" we are trying to fix!!). The microbes almost certainly include many of the "cancer microbes" and this microbe is continuing to infecting normal cells and creating new cancer cells.

Dr. Bob Beck, a PhD in physics, proved that by eliminating all microbes in the bloodstream and lymph system, the immune system can become supercharged. The immune system can then kill any remaining cancer cells. His phrase "immortal blood" really means the immune system is operating at full capacity, not half capacity.

But I doubt that Dr. Beck understood that the microbes he was killing included the "cancer microbe."

The Bob Beck Protocol is started in Phase #2, is in Phase #3 and is the main item in Phase #4.

The "Super MSM" and Bob Beck Protocols are clearly the most important cancer treatments in the world to make sure the cancer will never return. But the Bob Beck works too slowly to be a Phase #1 protocol. It is started in Phase #2 because it takes 2 or 3 months to even start to become effective. This is far too slow for a Phase #1 treatment. It is simply not possible to build the immune system fast-enough to be a Phase #1 treatment partly because you have to clean out all of the microbes in the body to even begin to rebuild the immune system.

The bottom-line of this four phase protocol is this: the cancer NEVER returns, the patient's immune system is supercharged beyond belief and there is not a single cancer cell in the person's body.

With this four phase protocol, the goal of this article, which is avoiding regression, is met. Let us look at the last three phases in more detail.

Introduction to the Theory Behind Phase #2

Lactic acid kills about 40% of all cancer patients. Actually this percentage fails to include the damage to the immune system done by the microbes which are also in the bloodstream.

In this phase two key protocols are used, the "Super MSM" protocol and the Bob Beck Protocol.

Actually, as soon as Phase #2 is started, the patient should start Phase #3.

The MSM is like a vacuum cleaner for lactic acid. The MSM and Vitamin C revert cancer cells into normal cells. Thus, the MSM is being used to accomplish two different tasks.
Super MSM Protocol

If a person is still on the Budwig protocol, they should use colloidal silver instead of Vitamin C with the MSM in the "Super MSM" protocol. See the MSM/CS protocol to learn how to make the colloidal silver (see the left side-bar).

If there is any chance there is liver damage, the patient should take Essiac Tea. Two of the four herbs in Essiac Tea are specific to protecting the liver:
Essiac Tea article

Phase #3: The Plasma-Beck Protocol

During Phase #3, the patient should continue the Phase #2 treatment (the "Super MSM" protocol) and start the Plasma-Beck Protocol as soon as possible after starting the "Super MSM" protocol.

However, the GB-4000 M.O.P.A. (or substitute) should not be used within an hour (on either side) of the use of MSM and Vitamin C (or colloidal silver).

If the person does not have, and cannot afford, the roughly $4,600 for the GB-4000 M.O.P.A. they should go ahead and use the rest of the Phase Three protocol without it. Its purpose in Phase #3 is to kill microbes inside the cancer cells, thus cleaning out any rogue cancer cells. With the Bob Beck, it is also killing microbes in the bloodstream.

If you read the "What Causes Cancer" article, you will know that if a cancer treatment is able to kill all of the microbes which are inside of the cancer cells, the cancer cells will revert into normal cells!!

This is the ideal way to cure cancer because there is no debris from dead cancer cells to burden the liver. Dr. Royal Rife was killing the microbes inside of cancer cells in the 1930s and was reverting these cancer cells into normal cells!! That is precisely what the GB-4000 with M.O.P.A. is doing.

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      Continued from the Last Post.

 by R. Webster Kehr,
Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.

How To Prevent Your Cancer From Coming Back

All of the types of microbes in the bloodstream also suppress the immune


Lactic acid is made in the cancer cells, but "lives" in the bloodstream.
It finds itself in the liver and the liver uses an enormous amount of
energy converting this lactic acid into glucose. This lactic acid can
kill cancer patients because of the energy used in the liver and cancer
cells. This lactic acid cycle (the cachexia cycle) must be dealt with. It
is almost never dealt with in alternative medicine.

There are three ways to deal with the lactic acid cycle:

1) Block the liver from converting lactic acid into glucose. This is done
with hydrazine sulphate. But H.S. is rarely used because there are many
safety rules for its safe use.

2) Block the cancer cells from converting glucose into lactic acid. The
only way to do this is to kill the cancer cells or revert them into
normal cells. But to fully do this requires a lot of time.

3) Sweep the lactic acid out of the bloodstream. This prevents the lactic
acid from reaching the liver. This is the tactic of this article by using
the "Super MSM" protocol.

The treatments on this page will teach a cancer patient, whether they
have used a clinic treatment or a home treatment in Phase One, how to
avoid ever having their cancer come back by eliminating all cancer cells
in the body (e.g. a cancer cells score of '0') and eliminating all
microbes in the body (e.g. which is a key to supercharging the immune
system well above a '50')!!

This is a long-term process so it can only be completed at home!!

We can compare this four-phase protocol to what you would do if you had
major damage to your house by a fire. If your house was on fire and the
fire was spreading quickly, you would:
Phase One) Call the fire department to save the house,
Phase Two) Make sure the embers are out to prevent the fire from starting
Phase Three) When the fire was out you would hire people to clean up the
mess and start to rebuild the house,
Phase Four) In your new house you would install better smoke alarms and
better fire extinguishers.

This is exactly the four-step process this article describes with regards
to cancer.

The Phase #1 treatment can be a clinic treatment (e.g. hyperthermia with
low-dose chemotherapy, Vitamin C by I.V., etc.) or a home treatment (e.g.
the Cellect-Budwig, Cesium Chloride, Bill Henderson, etc.). The Phase #1
treatment is designed to do four things:
1) Stop or slow down the spreading of the cancer,
2) Energize the non-cancerous cells so they are not destroyed by the
3) Eliminate as many cancer cells as possible,
4) Start the slow process of building the immune system.

Phase #1 is the "fire department" cancer treatment, meaning the main
cancer treatment to stop the spread of the cancer. These treatments
rarely deal with the key issues of microbes and lactic acid in the
bloodstream and the long-term protection of the liver and the long-term
building of the immune system.

Phase #2 puts out the embers to prevent the fire from starting again. In
this phase the "Super MSM" protocol (high dose MSM and Vitamin C) are
used to clean out the lactic acid and start the long process of getting
rid of the microbes in the bloodstream. Dealing with liver problems may
also be dealt with.

Phase #3 is the Plasma-Beck Protocol. This protocol is microbe-oriented
and removes microbes inside the cancer cells, in the bloodstream and the
lymph system. This protocol starts the process of eliminating all bad
microbes from the body and reverting any remaining cancer cells into
normal cells (The "Super MSM" protocol is also doing this at the same

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       Continued from the Last Post.

 by R. Webster Kehr,
Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.

How To Prevent Your Cancer From Coming Back

The Four Phases

The Phase One protocol is the treatment of the cancer itself. Examples would be the Cellect-Budwig, Cesium Chloride, Hyperthermia with low-dose chemotherapy (done at a clinic), Dirt Cheap Protocol, etc. The choice of the Phase One treatment will depend on the situation, such as the type of cancer, how far it has spread, the budget of the family, etc. The goal of the Phase One protocol is to keep the patient alive and put the cancer patient into remission.

The Phase Two, Three and Four protocols are what this article is about. Very specific cancer treatments need to be used to make sure the cancer never comes back!! If you are already in remission you can skip Phase One and jump directly to Phase Two, Three and Four.

When you are done with these phases you will have:
1) Zero cancer cells in your body,
2) Zero microbes in your body (except in your stomach where most of them are beneficial), which is critical to strengthen the immune system and prevent the cancer from coming back,
3) Zero lactic acid in the bloodstream,
4) A supercharged immune system that "eats" any newly developing cancer cells.

This provides an overpowering advantage to the immune system to keep cancer cells away. However, a word of warning is needed. Those who have had a lot of chemotherapy may need many months to have their immune system rebuilt, so do not stop this protocol too soon.

The Theory of This Protocol

Let us think about what causes cancer in the first place. Everyone has cancer cells in their body, but their immune system keeps the number of cancer cells from growing out of control. As long as the number of cancer cells and the strength of the immune system are in balance, the person will probably not be "diagnosed" with cancer.

Let us use numbers to explain this. The average person has an immune system with a score of '50' on a 100 point scale (this is accurate as you will see later in this article) and a number of cancer cells which we will define to be a '50' on a different 100 point scale. Things are in balance and the person will not be diagnosed with cancer.

If something happens to lower the immune system score or raise the number of cancer cells score, the balance can be destroyed and the number of cancer cells can overpower the immune system and the person may eventually be diagnosed with cancer.

For example, smoking can create new cancer cells by damaging the membranes on normal cells and allowing microbes in the bloodstream to get inside the normal cells, allowing them to be cancerous (see the "What Causes Cancer" article linked to on the left side-bar). Or a person can have a really bad diet, made up of soda pop and candy bars, and the immune system "score" can drop plus the cancer cells can proliferate.

Many, many different things can allow the cancer cells to overpower the immune system.

Chemotherapy and radiation further damage an already weakened immune system.

In several weeks at a top clinic, most of the cancer cells will be killed or reverted into normal cells. However, it is impossible in a few weeks to rebuild the immune system!! For example, the number of cancer cells score may drop to '20,' which is good.

However, the immune system score may have dropped to '20' before they went to the clinic. The immune system score cannot be raised from a '20' to a '50' in a few weeks!! Thus, when the person is sent home the immune system score will likely be no higher than '25'.

Because everyone gets new cancer cells all the time, until the immune system score is raised to a '50' the cancer may eventually return. This can take many months or even years.

Thus, the balance (at a level where the immune system is at least a '50') has not been fixed and the cancer may come back. This is why most clinics send the patient home with a "home treatment."

The only way to "cure" cancer is to restore the strength of the immune system to the point it can keep the number of cancer cells low enough there is no danger to the person.

But that is definitely not the only problem. Very few alternative cancer treatments deal with microbes or lactic acid in the bloodstream. The microbes in the bloodstream likely include the "cancer microbe" (which is probably H. Pylori) and can "infect" normal cells and turn them cancerous. Thus, as long as these microbes are in the bloodstream the cancer can come back.

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              Introduction to Advanced Cancer Theory

 by R. Webster Kehr,
Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.

How To Prevent Your Cancer From Coming Back

Many times cancer patients have been cured of their cancer, meaning put
into "remission," only to have their cancer return later, which is called

We have seen people who went to one of the best orthodox cancer clinics
in the world who had their cancer come back.

For example, can chemotherapy build the immune system? No, it destroys

Can surgery build your immune system? Obviously not.

Can radiation build your immune system? Obviously not.

Even those who went to the best natural medicine clinics can have their
cancer come back because a person cannot fix the "root cause" of cancer
in a few days or even a few weeks.

While these treatments can certainly help, and can get rid of many cancer
cells, and can "buy time," the best solution is to use a complete natural
medicine treatment, for home use, as soon as the patient gets home.

For example, the Photon Protocol actually deals with the "root cause" of
the cancer. The Cellect-Budwig and Bill Henderson Protocols also, to a
large degree, deal with the "root cause" of the cancer.

But whether you just finished an orthodox clinic treatment, a natural
medicine clinic treatment, or a home treatment for cancer, this article
discusses a four phase treatment for cancer which is designed to make
sure the cancer never comes back.

Your main treatment was Phase #1, now learn about the other three phases
in this article.

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Continued from last post.

 The Future of Cancer Treatments Is Already Here!!

The Big Picture

Dr. Bob Beck, PhD, Leapfrogs Beauchamp!!

The problem with Beauchamp is that his theory will likely
not get rid of the microbes!!!! While the microbes are inert
and lethargic, they are still there!!

Why is this important?

Dr. Bob Beck, a PhD in physics, figured out that if you get
rid of all of the microbes in the body, all two pounds of them,
the immune system will be supercharged!!

This cannot be emphasized enough because when the immune system
is supercharged the immune system will easily take care of the

Thus, the Beauchamp protocol, while it is a good tactic, falls
far short of what happens when the microbes are totally eliminated
from the body as opposed to just making them lethargic!!!

So Bob Beck turns out to be a giant leap forward from Beauchamp
because with Beauchamp, the immune system is just as lethargic
as the microbes!!
The patient is alive, but they are not "healthy."

But we can take even another giant step forward.

Bob Beck Leapfrogs Royal Rife (Eventually)

The Bob Beck Protocol does not really get rid of all of the
microbes in the body, if the person has cancer. This is
because the Bob Beck protocol does not get rid of the microbes
which are inside the cancer cells.

Dr. Royal Rife figured out a way to get rid of the microbes
which are inside the cancer cells!!

You might note that the Plasma-Beck protocol uses the High RF
Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier to get rid of the
microbes inside the cancer cells and the Bob Beck protocol and
High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier to get rid
of the microbes outside of the cancer cells.

However, in a sense the Bob Beck Protocol does get rid of the
microbes inside the cancer cells because the immune system "eats"
the cancer cells, microbes and all, after the immune system is supercharged!!

So quite by accident, Bob Beck figured out a way to get rid of the microbes
 inside the cancer cells too!!

However, the Rife protocols work so much faster than the Beck
protocol, that the Rife protocol is generally used first. The
Beck protocol is more of a long-range super-protocol to supercharge
the immune system.

When thinking about priorities for advanced cancer patients, this
snippet will give you an idea of where the Bob Beck falls:

-------- (First, the super-fast working treatments) --------
1) Special electromedicine devices to energize cells (e.g. Quantum
Pulse, Photon Genius, etc.),
2) Alkalinity and/or oxygen to quickly slow down the spread of cancer
(e.g. Cellect-Budwig, Cesium Chloride, etc.),
3) Super-nutrients to energize the cells and keep the patient alive
(e.g. Vibe Liquid, Juice Plus) and deal with cachexia/lactic acid
(e.g. Super MSM, D-Ribose)

-------- (Second, the medium-fast treatments) --------
4) Special cancer treatments that target cancer cells (e.g. MSM/CS,
Limu Juice, etc.),
5) Electromedicine devices from Royal Rife (e.g. High RF Frequency
Generator family),
6) Super-nutrients to kill cancer cells (e.g. Brandt Grape Cure,
Aloe Arborescens)

-------- (Third, the slow-starting, but long-range treatments to
prevent regression) --------
7) Nutrient protocols that build the immune system (e.g. Transfer
Factor Plus, IP6, RM-10, etc.),
8) Bob Beck devices which supercharge the immune system,
9) Hulda Clark Zappers (e.g. Croft "Terminator 2") to kill microbes
in the bloodstream and parasites in the stomach, etc.

Note that the fast-working protocols work on the cancer cells and
damage to non-cancerous cells. The medium-range protocols work on
the cancer cells and start the process of building the immune system.
The long-range protocols are microbe-oriented and immune system

This list is ordered based on how fast these treatments can help
advanced cancer patients!! Building the immune system is a slow
process so the three immune-building protocols are mentioned last.

The Royal Rife protocol (e.g. the High RF Frequency Generator with
plasma amplifier) is used long before the Bob Beck Protocol (e.g.
the Plasma-Beck and Ultimate Simple Protocol) both because it goes
directly after the cancer cells (whereas the Beck protocol only
builds the immune system) and thus it helps the cancer patient much

Also, if pain is an issue, both alkaline and electromedicine
protocols can deal with pain almost immediately.

The important thing to remember is that the quick protocols are
cancer-cell and energy focused. The long-term protocols are
microbe focused, meaning immune system focused.

See the "Prevent Cancer From Coming Back" article for what to
do after the cancer is under control and the patient is in

 by R. Webster Kehr,
Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.


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Monday, February 25, 2013

Continued from last post.

 The Future of Cancer Treatments Is Already Here!!

The Big Picture

Objective #2: Cachexia, Patients Who are Weak, etc.

Every cancer patient in the world, by definition, has lactic acid in their blood. In other words, they have some level of cachexia. The major symptom of cachexia is a general weakness of the patient. However, other things can also cause weakness, such as by killing too many microbes in the bloodstream too quickly or by killing too many cancer cells too quickly or a strong detoxification. These things can create a huge burden on the liver which may require coffee enemas.

Cachexia is cause by the following cycle:
Cancer cells consume huge amounts of glucose and they create lactic acid and put the lactic acid into the bloodstream and it goes to the liver,
The liver converts the lactic acid into glucose and releases it into the bloodstream where it goes back to the cancer cells.

This cycle is repeated over and over again as the liver converts lactic acid into glucose and the cancer cells convert glucose into lactic acid. Cancer cells consume 15 times more glucose than other cells.

The problem with this ping-pong game (or technically a "cycle"), is that huge amounts of energy are consumed by this cycle. The non-cancerous cells are not only starved of glucose because cancer cells consume huge amounts of available glucose, but also because lactic acid prevents many nutrients from getting to the non-cancerous cells!

The lactic acid cycle is estimated to kill about 40% of all cancer patients.

The theoretically best treatment for cachexia is a product called: Hydrazine Sulfate.

However, this product is difficult to work with because there is a long list of substances which are dangerous if used with H.S. For example, H.S. could never be used with Cellect because of all the amino acids in Cellect.

See the left side-bar if you are interested in learning more about Hydrazine Sulfate. Patients with advanced cachexia should strongly consider H.S.

There are other options to deal with cachexia. First, when you get rid of the cancer cells no more lactic acid will be produced. Thus, protocols which can quickly kill cancer cells (or revert them into normal cells) can help deal with cachexia.

But there are also other things than can help get glucose into non-cancerous cells or help the cells to create their own energy.

Here is a list of things for people who may have light to moderate cachexia (if they do not want to use H.S.):

1) D-Ribose (Required Treatment #1) which can get energy into the cells even in the presence of lactic acid. The standard dose is 5 grams, three times a day, for a total of 15 grams a day.

2) MSM (Required Treatment #2), mentioned above, which is part of the MSM/CS protocol but can be used by itself. Because the MSM can be hard on the stomach, the patient should take a week to build up to 10 to 20 grams a day.

MSM (see the MSM/CS protocol for instructions), or the MSM/CS, MSM/LIPH, MSM/CD (chlorine dioxide) or the MSM/D3 are required for weak cancer patients. Most likely they are weak because of cachexia and MSM is needed to deal with lactic acid (which is what causes cachexia). MSM can help flush the lactic acid out of the body in more than one way.

3) Vitamin C can also help energize cells in the presence of lactic acid. The maximum oral safe dose is 10 grams a day. Do NOT use pure potassium ascorbate; use a mixture which has only a small amount of potassium ascorbate. Build-up over a few days. The maximum dose should be spread out during the day into several small doses. This vitamin cannot be used with the Budwig Diet, which is part of the Cellect-Budwig.

4) Pickle Juice is used by athletes to prevent cramps. It is superb at getting energy to cells and works very quickly!!

5) CoQ10 or CoEnzyme Q10 (a well known supplement - 1,200 mg a day),

Understanding Electromedicine

While most people understand the importance of diet and nutrients in treating cancer, they are clueless about what "electromedicine" is in alternative medicine.

As already mentioned, do not confuse the very gentle electromedicine protocols of alternative medicine with the barbaric treatments of orthodox radiation therapy. Typically, a person will not even feel that the electromedicine device is turned on!! Talk about gentle!!

If you read the "What Causes Cancer" article you know that cancer is caused by microbes which are inside the cancer cells. If you kill all of the microbes inside the cancer cells, the cancer cells will revert into normal cells.

Electromedicine protocols are designed to kill microbes. Depending on the device, they can kill the microbes inside the cancer cells or they can kill microbes in the bloodstream and lymph system.

The High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier and High RF Frequency Generator with linear amplifier are patterned after the "Rife Machines" of the 1930s and 1940s, which were build by Dr. Royal Rife. But the new devices use modern technology and can do a lot more things.

The High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier is like a small radio tower. The person sits or lays next to it. The High RF Frequency Generator with linear amplifier uses four electrodes and creates four electrical currents. The High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier is the more powerful of the two, but the 10-watt linear amplifier can be used in many cases, particularly for cancers below the neck which are not fast-spreading or particularly dangerous (e.g. a slow-growing liver cancer).

An electromedicine device in alternative medicine is generally a device that creates one or more gentle electrical currents or broadcasts an electromagnetic field either continuously or in pulses. These currents or fields are designed specifically to kill microbes which are inside of the cancer cells (that is why they have a "carrier wave"). This allows the cancer cells to safely revert into normal cells.

WARNING: There are many electromedicine devices for sale on the Internet. Many of them claim to be "Rife Machines." Most of these devices were designed before actual, original Rife Machines (from the 1930s) were found. Only two "Rife Machines" (usually called: "frequency generators") even come close to meeting the specifications of the original Rife Machines!! These are the High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier and the High RF Frequency Generator with linear amplifier. No other "Rife Machine" even comes close to meeting the specifications and authenticity of these two electromedicine devices. While a few of the other brands of "Rife Machines" have done well treating cancer, the High RF Frequency Generator models are the only authentic "Rife Machines.

To view the photos and full specifications of the High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier go to:

There is no way that an electromedicine protocol can differentiate between a cancer cell and a normal cell so electromedicine protocols will never be able to kill cancer cells directly (without using tricks to let the electrical field target cancer cells). But in a sense they are more effective than killing cancer cells because reverting cancer cells into normal cells is far less dangerous to the body because there is no debris from dead cancer cells.

The three key "electromedicine" devices are (starting with the most expensive):
High RF Frequency Generator with plasma (broadcast) amplifier (designed to revert cancer cells into normal cells) - about $4,800,
High RF Frequency Generator with linear amplifier (the "little brother" of the plasma amplifier, which uses electrodes and electrical currents, is also designed to revert cancer cells into normal cells) - about $2,500,
Bob Beck Protocol (this is not a "Rife Machine," it is designed using an entirely different technology to remove all microbes from the body and supercharge the immune system and the immune system then kills the cancer cells) - about $1,300 although most of the pieces of this protocol can be made at home for virtually nothing.

It should be clearly understood that if a person cannot afford both a nutritional protocol and an electromedicine protocol that the nutritional protocol should take priority!! Using alkalinity to stop the spread of cancer and using nutrients to protect the non-cancerous cells is more time-critical than reverting cancer cells into normal cells!!

Electromedicine protocols are always a luxury for those who can afford it. The main work of a cancer treatment is always the nutritional protocol!!

If you cannot afford the High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier, then you can use the less expensive High RF Frequency Generator with 10-watt linear amplifier. If you cannot afford the High RF Frequency Generator with linear amplifier, then you can use the Bob Beck Protocol. As mentioned, most of the Bob Beck equipment can be made at home by someone who can build a device from a simple electrical circuit.

The Eternal Debate Between Pasteur and Beauchamp

The Pasteur/Beachamp debate goes something like this: Pasteur discovered that most diseases were caused by microbes. He was right.

Then Beauchamp came along and said that if you create the correct "inner terrain" in the body (e.g. by using an alkaline diet), the microbe issue of Pasteur becomes irrelevant because you will be healthy. The supporters of Beauchamp claim that he was far superior to Pasteur.

The debate is nonsense because what Beauchamp really proved is that Pasteur was right!! Beauchamp just figured out a way to deal with the problem.

Microbes do cause most major diseases, including cancer!! If you do not understand how microbes cause cancer you did not read the "What Causes Cancer" article. With cancer, the key microbes are inside of the cancer cells!!

With regards to cancer, if a person has a highly alkaline diet, and avoids most "junk foods" they are not likely to get cancer. And if they already have cancer, every believable cancer treatment on earth is going to recommend an alkaline diet.

Acidic diets "feed the cancer." Actually, an acidic diet feeds or excites the microbes which are inside the cancer cells which can force the cancer cells to divide more rapidly. Sugar and dairy products are the two worst foods on earth for a cancer patient.

 by R. Webster Kehr,
Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.


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 The Future of Cancer Treatments Is Already Here!!

The Big Picture

No matter what primary protocol a cancer patient is on, they need to consider adding additional products to their protocol specifically to "buy time." Check with the support person of your main cancer treatment to verify the safety of adding any of these protocols to your treatment!!

Here is a list of some of the best protocols to "buy time" (all doses are for adults):

1) Electromedicine: Photon Genius, by far the best way to energize cells, in fact nothing else even comes close!! By energizing cells, creating massive amounts of nitric oxide, etc., this device essentially extends life indefinitely in many cases. It makes the actual curing of the cancer much easier because it does much of the work.

See (for purchase or to find one near you):
Ed Skilling Institute

2) Electromedicine: the Quantum Pulse (formerly the Vibe machine), costs about $19,000. People who can afford this much money should buy the Photon Genius which is much better for cancer patients. But for those who cannot afford either, they should try to find someone who already has a Quantum Pulse who lives near them. This is another superb way to quickly energize cells in the body to "buy time." See:
The Quantum Pulse to find a location near you.

Note: Both the Photon Genius (designed by Ed Skilling, a super-genius) and the Quantum Pulse use a technology invented by Nichola Tesla, who was another super-genius who got involved in health issues and who has been totally ignored by orthodox medicine. Either one of these two devices are required if you can buy or find them.

3) H.B.O.T. (Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy) is another expensive device that most people will not purchase, although there are now single-person H.B.O.T. devices that are not too expensive. This device pushes an enormous amount of oxygen into the blood. This not only kills microbes in the bloodstream but can greatly energize the non-cancerous cells and "buy time."

There are many other oxygen devices which might also be effective at "buying time."

4) Limu Juice, the dose is 1/2 bottle a day for adults (the bottle is actually one liter, which is about 33 ounces), but the person must "build-up" to the 16 ounce dose over 4 days: 4, 8, 12, 16. This is one of the key products to "buy time!!"

While technically Limu Juice may not physically shrink tumors quickly, within two weeks it can "relax" the tumors so they are not pressing hard on some part of the body (such as a nerve).

Every day the Limu Juice is taken the daily dose must be spread out into several small doses!!

No matter what your first primary protocol is, if the patient is advanced, it is critical to use Limu Juice because of its ability to "buy time" for any protocol!! See the left side-bar for the only brand of Limu Juice I recommend because this company owns the key patents for extracting the sugar: fucoidan.

5) Eniva Vibe (in the orange bottle) is a superb mineral supplement to energize cells!! You should not use this protocol with the Cellect-Budwig protocol, but it can be used with any other protocol. The dose is to build up to 6 TABLEspoons a day, two in the morning, two at noon and two at night. This is very close to being a required treatment!! Use Google to find a vendor.

6) Juice Plus is a superb vitamin and mineral supplement. By itself, cancer patients have survived their cancer when using only this product. I am not allowed by the manufacturer (because I make medical claims) to link to a vendor of this product, but I will say it is very close to being a required product. Use Google.

7) The MSM/CS protocol (can help pain very quickly). MSM is Methyl Sulfonyl Methane, which is an incredible molecule needed by cancer patients, partly because it can deal with lactic acid (which all cancer patients have). But it also helps get microbe-killing molecules (e.g. colloidal silver) inside the cancer cells to kill the microbes inside the cancer cells (which allows the cancer cells to revert into normal cells). The Bob Beck protocol is synergistic with this protocol and helps the colloidal silver reach the cancer cells.

This protocol is REQUIRED for melanoma, sarcomas, squamous cell carcinoma and uterine cancer because of the way these types of cancer spread!!!

8) The Brandt Grape Cure is a protocol which uses only pesticide-free purple grapes. Purple grapes contain about a dozen nutrients that kill cancer cells. It also can energize cancer cells and non-cancerous cells. If you can get pesticide-free purple grapes, this is a 30-day protocol to consider. A limited number of supplements (plus any oxygen protocol) can be used to supercharge this protocol.

9) Liph, a homeopathic protocol, may be very good at "buying time," and only costs about $1 a day. The ICRF has not had time to evaluate Liph yet except to say that it is perfectly safe and has very good theory behind it.
 by R. Webster Kehr,
Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.



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Continued from last post.

 The Future of Cancer Treatments Is Already Here!!

The Big Picture

Let me say more about clinics. There are many cancer clinics "south of the border" that I don't even know exist. They keep a very low profile and patients find out about them by "word-of-mouth." Some countries south of the border persecute natural medicine, some do not and others are unpredictable.

Some of the clinic treatments are very good, but some are not. I have an article on clinics (see the left side-bar) which discuss some of the best clinics. Germany has the most famous clinics, and some of them are very good.

However, even if a person uses a top clinic they still need to study and use the concepts in the "Prevent Cancer From Coming Back" article.

"Regression" (i.e. the cancer "comes back" after it is cured) is a major problem in alternative medicine. The "Prevent Cancer From Coming Back" article discusses why it is an issue and how to make sure the cancer never comes back.

Another key element of a home protocol is expert telephone support. The Cellect-Budwig protocol is supported by long-time cancer researcher Mike Vrentas for about $185 (which includes 5 hours of audio CDs and a two hour personal telephone consultation). The Cesium Chloride is supported by Larry of Essense-of-Life (not a misprint) for free (because he sells the key products). Larry and Mike have both worked with cancer patients for more than 10 years.

The Bill Henderson protocol, designed and supported by another long-time researcher, is very inexpensive and very potent. It is supported by Bill Henderson for about $200, but he has a book to go along with his "coaching" instead of audio CDs.

The oleander protocol is supported by a Yahoo chat group which is monitored by several experts (oleander is not recommended for fast-spreading cancer or cancers that have already spread significantly). And so on.

Also, review other articles, as you get time, which may apply to your situation (especially the "Special Situations" article, which is required reading).

Other Keys to Survival
There is one key thing that even expert telephone support and money cannot provide,: a "will to live" in the patient. A strong "will to live" by the cancer patient is just as important as any of the treatments!!

Every cancer patient must do things to take their mind off of their cancer. This may include hobbies, reading or other activities. They must not just sit around and feel sorry for themselves; rather they must stay actively involved. For example, in one German cancer clinic they give art lessons to patients!!

Strong support from family and/or friends is a key part of this. Family and friends must distract attention from the negative thoughts of having cancer. Negative attitudes among the family and friends are not an option!!

In addition, negative attitudes about alternative cancer treatments in general are not an option. If someone bad-mouths the power of Mother Nature, they should be invited to keep their mouth shut about the subject and quit watching so many doctor shows on television (and have them read the "14 Questions and Answers" article linked to on the left side-bar or watch the Burzynski feature movie).

Finally, one of the absolutely key issues relative to surviving cancer is doing exactly what you are told and being fanatical about doing it!! You will likely be working with an expert who knows what it takes for someone to survive cancer. There may be very little room for error in using the treatment!! Using different brands, not following doses or using only some of the protocols, etc. can lead to the failure of the treatment. There is little margin of error. Do what you are told to do and do it fanatically!!

If you add things to the protocol, check with your consultant for conflicts. Never, never substitute brands or products. As already mentioned, there are about a 100 "Rife Machines" on the Internet. None of them even remotely matches the specifications of either of the High RF Frequency Generator machines!! However, a few of the Rife Machines have done well against cancer, but most are grossly underpowered or do not have the necessary frequency range.

Objective #1: The Importance of "Buying Time"

(Note: The Cellect-Budwig and Cesium Chloride protocols start working so quickly that they do not need anything to "buy time," but read this section anyway even if you use these protocols.)

The first thing an advanced cancer patient needs to do is "buy time!!!" What "buy time" means is that their "time to survive" is increased by several months so that the highly effective cancer treatments have more time to cure the cancer.

For example, if a person had an estimated two months to live, and a specific cancer treatment takes four months to cure them, the patient is in deep trouble.

So a person might use Limu Juice, D-Ribose and the Photon Genius electromedicine machine to "buy time" to extend the date of death by several months so that the main cancer treatment has enough time to work.

The "buy time" protocols may or may not get rid of cancer cells, but what they must do is provide energy and nutrients to the very weak non-cancerous cells and cancer cells.

Actually, there are many supplements, and another electromedicine device (the Quantum Pulse), that need to be considered when thinking about "buying time." (Note: There is never a need to buy both a Photon Genius and a Quantum Pulse, they do the same thing but the Photon Genius does it better plus it does far more things.)

 by R. Webster Kehr,
Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.


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Sunday, February 24, 2013

Health Benefits of Pine Needles

According to the Manataka American Indian Council, Native Americans have used pine needle tea as their go-to healing remedy for centuries. To this day, it is often used to fight the common cold and cough.
As of now, there is no substantial evidence to suggest any major . Pine needle tea is nonetheless a delicious and vitamin-rich choice of beverages.
Health Benefits
Pine needle tea is alleged to be a great resource for vitamin A and vitamin C. Vitamin C helps to improve your immune system, so that your body is better able to resist diseases. In addition, vitamin c assists in the building of blood, bone, and skin tissue.
Drinking pine needle tea is suggested to assist in cold and cough relief by expelling phlegm from your body. Inhaling the tea's steam may help to clear your nose of mucus.
How to Use
To make pine needle tea, gather a handful of pine needles. Pull off the brown covering at the ends of the needles and chop them into small pieces. Pour a cup of steaming water over a tablespoon of the chopped needles. Give the tea time to steep before drinking.
Source: LiveStrong

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