Sunday, February 3, 2013

    "The War In Medicine"


There were also three articles glorifying orthodox medicine:
a regular feature called: Medical Update, an article: Saving
Michael Bowen, and the book section: The Unlikely Gift.

There was also an article on Vitamin D, which was actually
quite good, and even talks about preventing colon cancer
and possibly other types of cancer. With the massive number
of people taking vitamins now, simple nutrition articles
are almost mandated these days in the mass media. The
article also glorifies the National Cancer Institute, as
if they were a government agency with integrity. They
had to slip that in.

The Reader's Digest Book: Heart Healthy For Life

As an example of how periodicals suppress the truth and lead
people astray, I wish to talk about a case study regarding a
book written by the Reader's Digest. This book is not about
cancer, it is about preventing heart disease.

Enter Linus Pauling, two time Nobel Prize winner. He and his
associates, and a Dr. Rath, developed a protocol for preventing
heart disease. It was, and is, a very successful prevention
protocol. But, as always, Linus forgot to include Big Pharma
profits in his program. Oops. His program has been known
about for years by a handful of people.


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