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More on the 5 Year Cancer Cure Rate

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Continued from 4/23/14

More on the 5 Year Cancer Cure Rate

When you see a chart of orthodox medicine 5 year cure rates, you might
see a number like: 45%, meaning 45% of cancer patients for this particular
cancer lived 5 years after diagnosis.

There are many statistical tricks that are used to get to this 45% figure,
but even if this number were accurate (which it is not), even this number
is worthless. I will explain why.

When you see a number like 45% you are supposed to think in your mind
this thought: The cure rate for those who refuse all orthodox treatments,
and refuse all alternative treatments, is 0%. That is what they want you
to think.In other words, they want you to think that the difference
between refusing all treatments and using chemotherapy, etc. is 45%. You
are supposed to think: a 45% 5 year cure rate for orthodox medicine, minus
a 0% 5 year cure rate for those who refuse all treatments, equals a difference
of 45%. You are supposed to think that orthodox treatments are superbly
beneficial because they are 45% effective.

But what is the truth? What if the 5 year cure rate for those who refused
all treatments was 50%? If that were the case, then 5% those who go on
orthodox treatments would die before the 5 years is up, whereas they would
not have died if they had refused all treatments. Would this statistic cause
people to run to the nearest hospital to have chemotherapy? Of course not.

My point is that orthodox medicine doesn’t want you to know the 5 year
cure rate for those who refuse all treatments and they especially don’t
want you to know the 5 year cure rate for those who go on alternative
treatments. Even though there are many people who refuse all treatments,
this statistic is not kept. Why? Because they don’t want you to know that
orthodox cancer treatments only have an overall REAL cure rate of 3%.

But what would be the REAL cure rate be of those who refused all
treatments?? They don’t want you to know that number.

When the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation are taken into
account, people would demand that orthodox treatments are at least 15%
higher, or more, than for those who refuse all treatments or go on
alternative cancer treatments. That statistic will never be calculated by
orthodox medicine.

This 3% number does not mean that there would be an overall difference
of 3% on a 5 year cure rate basis (that is too short of a time to evaluate
orthodox treatments), it means that when all the dust settles, only 3% of
the patients have actually been cured with orthodox treatments. But what
would this cure rate be if people did not take any orthodox cancer
treatments and ate better foods, such as a lot of carrots?

Now do you understand why orthodox medicine uses so many 
statistical tricks?

By far the most important statistics you need to know in order to make an
informed decision are suppressed and not kept. Why? Because they don’t
want you to make the obvious choice of going with alternative medicine
instead of orthodox medicine. But going with alternative medicine requires
a lot of homework on your part to make sure you go on the right
alternative cancer treatments.

More will be said about the suppression of data in a moment. More on
Treating the Symptoms of Cancer

Dr. Philip Binzel, M.D., a medical doctor who used alternative cancer
treatments, discussed several key issues relative to the treatment of
the symptoms of cancer. Let us look at a longer version of a quote
that was mentioned earlier:

    “When a patient is found to have a tumor, the only thing the doctor
discusses with that patient is what he intends to do about the tumor. If
a patient with a tumor is receiving radiation or chemotherapy, the only
question that is asked is, “How is the tumor doing? No one ever asks
how the patient is doing. In my medical training, I remember well seeing
patients who were getting radiation and/or chemotherapy. The tumor
would get smaller and smaller, but the patient would be getting sicker
and sicker. At autopsy we would hear, Isn’t that marvelous! The tumor
is gone! Yes, it was, but so was the patient. How many millions of times
are we going to have to repeat these scenarios before we realize that we
are treating the wrong thing?

    In primary cancer, with only a few exceptions, the tumor is neither
health-endangering nor life-threatening. I am going to repeat that
statement. In primary cancer, with few exceptions, the tumor is neither
health-endangering nor life-threatening. What is health-endangering and
life-threatening is the spread of that disease through the rest of the body.

    There is nothing in surgery that will prevent the spread of cancer.
There is nothing in radiation that will prevent the spread of the disease.
There is nothing in chemotherapy that will prevent the spread of the
disease. How do we know? Just look at the statistics! There is a statistic
known as “survival time. Survival time is defined as that interval of
time between when the diagnosis of cancer is first made in a given
patient and when that patient dies from his disease.

    In the past fifty years, tremendous progress has been made in the early
diagnosis of cancer. In that period of time, tremendous progress had been
made in the surgical ability to remove tumors. Tremendous progress has
been made in the use of radiation and chemotherapy in their ability to
shrink or destroy tumors. But, the survival time of the cancer patient today
is no greater than it was fifty years ago. What does this mean? It obviously
means that we are treating the wrong thing!

    We are treating the symptom  the tumor, and we are doing absolutely
nothing to prevent the spread of the disease. The only thing known to
mankind today that will prevent the spread of cancer within the body is
for that body’s own defense mechanisms to once again function normally.
That’s what nutritional therapy does. It treats the defense mechanism, not
the tumor.

    The woman with a lump in her breast is not going to die from that lump.
The man with a nodule in his prostate gland is not going to die from that
nodule. What may kill both of those people is the spread of that disease
through the rest of their bodies. They got their disease because of a
breakdown of their defense mechanisms.

    The only thing that is going to prevent the spread of their disease is to
correct the problem in those defense mechanisms. Doesn’t it seem logical
then, that we should be a lot less concerned with “What are we going to
do about the tumor?” and a lot more concerned about what we are going
to do about their defense mechanisms?
    Philip Binzel, M.D., Alive and Well, Chapter 14

I want to emphasize a key point in that quote. Orthodox medicine treats
symptoms. They would have you believe that the tumor is the cancer. The
tumor is not the cancer. The tumor is a symptom of a symptom. A tumor
is a symptom of cancer and cancer is frequently a symptom of a weakened
immune system. Is it best to treat the symptom of the symptom or is it
best to treat the cause?

Alternative cancer treatments focus on building the immune system,
selectively killing cancer cells and sometimes on converting cancerous
cells into normal cells. Alternative cancer treatments are usually not
interested in shrinking tumors. Why? Because if you safely kill the
cancer cells in a tumor, and throughout the rest of the body, the tumor
is as harmless as your little finger, even if the tumor tissue is still there.
It is not the tumor tissue that is dangerous, it is the cancer cells.

And therein lies one of the major differences between orthodox medicine
and alternative medicine. Orthodox medicine focuses on the size of the
tumor, alternative medicine focuses on the cancer cells in the tumor.

Many alternative cancer treatments do not shrink the size of tumors.
Some do shrink the size of tumors, but some do not. So what? If the
cancer cells in a tumor are dead, the cancer will not spread and the
tumor is harmless.

This is what Dr. Binzel was talking about when he stated that orthodox
medicine was treating the wrong thing.

Only if the tumor is pressing on another organ, or is blocking some bodily
function, is the tumor dangerous. But in that case the tumor’s danger has
nothing to do with cancer.

Another interesting thing in that quote is that nothing that orthodox
medicine does treats the spread of the cancer. While it is true that some
chemotherapy is designed to kill fast spreading cells in the body,
chemotherapy always kills far more normal cells than cancer cells, Many
normal cells in the body are fast spreading and are killed by chemotherapy.

Chemotherapy would almost always kill the patient long before it would kill
all of the cancer cells in a body.

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Judging Orthodox Medicine

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Let Us Count The Ways

There are some things in the above quotes that may have
shocked you. The concept that people will die more quickly
if they have surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments
may surprise some people. How is it possible that people
who go through treatments can die quicker than people who
refuse treatments?

In fact, there are many ways that orthodox cancer treatments
can kill a cancer patient long before they would have died
without treatment of any kind. For example:

    Malnutrition #1: About 40% of cancer patients die of
malnutrition before they would have died of their cancer.
Two of the causes of this malnutrition, which are related to
chemotherapy, will now be discussed: First, chemotherapy
makes a person very nauseous and causes them to throw-up.
This causes many people to develop anorexia  the loss of
appetite or desire to eat. This situation is not good at all
because it can lead to a condition known as cancer cachexia
a wasting syndrome characterized by weakness and a noticeable
continuous loss of weight, fat, and muscle. Cachexia is a
common cause of death of cancer patients.

    Malnutrition #2: Second, chemotherapy destroys the lining
of the digestive tract of many cancer patients, making it
impossible for the body to absorb the nutrients of the foods
they eat, leading to malnutrition. As one person put it, even
if a cancer patient eats like a king, they can literally die
of malnutrition.

    Destroys the immune system: Because chemotherapy and
radiation destroy a person’s immune system, many cancer
patients die of opportunistic infections, such as sepsis or
pneumonia. As a side note, more than 200,000 Americans a
year die of sepsis. When a cancer patient dies of sepsis it is
most likely because chemotherapy destroyed the patient’s
immune system, allowing sepsis to easily kill the patient. It
may be counted as a sepsis death, not a cancer death. This is
just one of many ways that the medical community can hide the
true statistics of chemotherapy and radiation.

    Destroys the immune system: Because chemotherapy and
radiation kill white blood cells (white blood cells are the
body’s natural defense against cancer), chemotherapy and
radiation destroy not only a body’s natural defense against
the cancer they currently have, it also destroys the body’s
defense against new cancers.

    Destroys Red Blood Cells: Because chemotherapy and
radiation kill red blood cells (red blood cells carry oxygen
to the cancer cells and oxygen helps keep cancer from
spreading), cancer cells do not get a normal supply of
oxygen. Since cancer cells are anaerobic, this allows them
to thrive and divide faster.

        So, if a Cancer patient is already Acidic & if Acid
drives out the oxygen causing an anaerobic atmosphere that
Cancer loves, how much sense does it make to take
Chemotherapy that will kill more of your oxygen carrying Red
Blood Cells? By a matter of deduction and the use of common
sense once again, wouldn’t that create an even more anaerobic
atmosphere and provide an even more desirable situation for
Cancer to wreak havoc?

    Kill a Vital Organ: Chemotherapy and radiation frequently
kill a vital organ of a patient, such as the liver or heart.
One metal found in at least three types of chemotherapy is
virtually guaranteed to kill the patient of heart disease.

Once the damage is done, nothing, not even alternative cancer
treatments, can save the patient.

    Helps Spread the Cancer: Surgical biopsies can release
cancer cells into the blood stream, causing the possibility
that the biopsy will cause the cancer to spread, meaning
metastasize. Some cancer surgeries can also cause cancer
cells to get into the blood stream, especially if the surgery
does not get all of the cancer cells.

    Chemotherapy is Carcinogenic: Chemotherapy and radiation
can dramatically increase the probability that a person will
get certain types of cancer. For example, many women treated
by chemotherapy and radiation for breast cancer later develop
uterine cancer. Chemotherapy drugs are not only toxic, they
are carcinogenic.

    Lose the Will To Live: Many cancer patients are so
devastated by the sickness and nausea orthodox treatments
give them, that they lose the will to live, meaning they lose
the will to keep fighting their cancer.

Now are you surprised that the three major studies mentioned
above all yielded the same conclusion: there is no scientific
evidence that orthodox treatments extend the total life of
most cancer patients?

The above list is a rather small listing of the side-effects
of orthodox treatments. If you want a more complete picture
of how bad orthodox treatments are watch the videotape Cancer
Doesn’t Scare Me Anymore by Dr. Lorraine Day, M.D., available
at many health food stores or at Dr. Day’s website

I should note that alternative treatments for cancer have
none of the above problems. Alternative cancer treatments
generally include dietary items that build a person’s immune
system, cause no additional pain, provide large amounts of
natural nutrients, do not spread the cancer, selectively
target and kill cancer cells, cause no damage to normal
cells, and so on.

Judging Orthodox Cancer Treatments

So how can we judge whether orthodox cancer treatments should
be used at all?

Everyone knows that surgery, chemotherapy and radiation cause
a patient to become very sick and they do massive damage to
the immune system, they can damage vital organs, etc. How,
then, can we justify the use of these three treatments? I
would suggest that we judge orthodox medicine based on three
important criteria:

First, the increase in total life of the patient by use of the
treatment, Second, the damage done to a patient’s immune system,
which causes a severe weakness in the person’s ability to fight
their current cancer, plus their ability to fight future cancers, and
Third, the loss of quality of life of the patient.

Orthodox medicine fails in all three of these categories!!

First, there is no scientific evidence that in the vast
majority of cancers, orthodox treatments extend the total
life of patients. Second, the damage done to a patient’s
immune system is very severe, plus it even kills many red
blood cells and can damage vital organs. Third, orthodox
treatments not only cause severe trauma to the patient, but
they also cause severe damage and stress to their body.

Suppose I made the statement: In order to justify the damage
done by orthodox medicine, to both the body and quality of
life of a cancer patient, orthodox medicine must increase the
total life of the patient by 30%.

Now some people might not like the 30% number, they may pick
20% or another person might pick 100%. But whatever number
you personally pick, note that there is no scientific evidence that in
97% of the cases, orthodox treatments extend the total life of patients
one minute. In fact, in most cases orthodox medicine shortens the
life of cancer patients!

The 97% number came from cancer expert Ralph Moss, PhD, who
could only identify a few very rare types of cancer for which he
thought orthodox treatments actually extended the total life of
cancer patients.

    2 to 4% of cancers respond to chemotherapy The bottom
line is for a few kinds of cancer chemo is a life extending
procedure Hodgkin’s disease, Acute Lymphocytic Leukemia
(ALL), Testicular cancer, and Choriocarcinoma.
    Ralph Moss, Ph.D. 1995 Author of: Questioning


Actually, it is very doubtful Hodgkin’s disease patients have
their life extended by more than a few years. In any case,
how can we justify the use of orthodox cancer treatments? We
cannot in 97% of the cases. Even for the 3% that are
benefited there may be alternative treatments that are even
better than chemotherapy.

What exactly is the significance of the 97% figure Dr. Moss,
and many others, have calculated? The significance is that


In other words, whenever you see an overall cure rate for
orthodox medicine higher than 3%, it is a number generated
purely by deceptive statistical tricks!! Compare the 3% REAL
cure rate of orthodox medicine to the REAL cure rate of 93%
of Dr. Kelley, for those patients to him before it was too late.

Then ask yourself why the FDA approves one chemotherapy drug
after another and yet ignores alternative cancer treatments!!

Also, ask yourself why every year more people die of cancer
than died in the prior year. Ask yourself if all of these
breakthroughs in chemotherapy drugs you hear about every
weekactually change that 3% figure (answer: they never do,
they are comparing one worthless drug to a newer, more profitable
worthless drug and they are only talking about symptoms or
temporary regression).

Now ask yourself if the REAL 3% cure rate justifies the
massive pain and suffering of orthodox cancer patients and
whether it justifies the massive damage done to their organs,
immune system, red blood cells, etc.

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Air Pollution: What Can You Do to Lower Your Risks?

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have posted since I started this blog. There is TONS OF
INFORMATION there for you to learn from. It's the type
of information that not only saved my life...It also has
given me a better quality of life.


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Air Pollution: What Can You Do to Lower Your Risks?

    If you happen to live in a heavily polluted area, the best option is to
move, but I realize that isn’t always a practical option. For most people,
it’s better to focus your attention on your immediate environment,
which you have more, if not full, control over. The most effective way
to improve your indoor air quality, for instance, is to control or
eliminate as many sources of pollution as you can first, before using
any type of air purifier.

    This includes accounting for molds, tobacco smoke, volatile organic
compounds from paints, aerosol sprays and household cleaners, pesticides,
phthalates from vinyl flooring and personal care products, pollutants
from pressure-treated wood products, radon gas and more

(see tips below).

    The next step to take is free open some windows. Of course, this can
only take you so far, but it's an important and simple step. Next, since it
is impossible to eliminate ALL air contaminants, one of the best things
you can do is incorporate a high-quality air purifier. My recommendations
for air purifiers have changed over the years, along with the changing
technologies and newly emerging research. There are so many varieties
of contaminants generated by today's toxic world that air purification
manufacturers are in a constant race to keep up with them, so it pays
to do your homework.

    At present, and after much careful review and study, I believe air
purifiers using Photo Catalytic Oxidation (PCO) seem to be the best
technology available. Aside from using an air purification system,
there are a number of other steps you can take to take charge of your
air quality and greatly reduce the amount of air pollutants generated
in your home:

        Vacuum your floors regularly using a HEPA filter vacuum
cleaner or, even better, a central vacuum cleaner that can be
retrofitted to your existing house if you don’t currently have one.
Standard bag or bagless vacuum cleaners are another primary
contributor to poor indoor air quality. A regular vacuum cleaner
typically has about a 20-micron tolerance. Although that's tiny,
far more microscopic particles flow right through the vacuum
cleaner than it actually picks up!

Beware of cheaper knock-offs that profess to have "HEPA-like" 
filters get the real deal.

        Increase ventilation by opening a few windows every day for 5
to 10 minutes, preferably on opposite sides of the house. (Although
outdoor air quality may be poor, stale indoor air is typically even worse
by a wide margin.)

        Get some houseplants. Even NASA has found that plants markedly
improve the air!

        Take your shoes off as soon as you enter the house, and leave them
by the door to prevent tracking in of toxic particles.

        Discourage or even better, forbid, tobacco smoking in or around
your home.

        Switch to non-toxic cleaning products (such as baking soda,
hydrogen peroxide and vinegar) and safer personal care products. Avoid
aerosols. Look for VOC-free cleaners. Avoid commercial air fresheners
and scented candles, which can out gas literally thousands of different
chemicals into your breathing space.

        Avoid powders. Talcum and other personal care powders can be
problematic as they float and linger in the air after each use. Many
powders are allergens due to their tiny size, and can cause respiratory

        Don't hang dry-cleaned clothing in your closet immediately. Hang
them outside for a day or two. Better yet, see if there's an eco-friendly
dry cleaner in your city that uses some of the newer dry cleaning
technologies, such as liquid CO2.

        Upgrade your furnace filters. Today, there are more elaborate filters
that trap more of the particulates. Have your furnace and air conditioning
ductwork and chimney cleaned regularly.

        Avoid storing paints, adhesives, solvents, and other harsh chemicals
in your house or in an attached garage.

        Avoid using nonstick cookware, which can release toxins into the air
when heated.

        Ensure your combustion appliances are properly vented.

        Make sure your house has proper drainage and its foundation is
sealed properly to avoid mold formation. For more information about
the health dangers of mold and how to address it, please see this
previous article.

        The same principles apply to ventilation inside your car especially
if your car is new and chemicals from plastics, solvents, carpet and audio
equipment add to the toxic mix in your car's cabin. That "new car smell"
can contain up to 35 times the health limit for VOCs, "making its
enjoyment akin to glue-sniffing." Tips for Eliminating Noise Pollution
Using… Noise

    We’ve covered air pollution, but what can you do about noise pollution
in your home to protect your heart and overall health? If you live in a very
noisy area, such as near a highway or airport, you may want to consider

    If that is not an option, consider adding acoustical tile to your ceiling
and walls to buffer the noise. At the very least, you can sound-treat your
home by adding heavy curtains to your windows, rugs to your floors and
sealing air leaks. If noise is only an issue occasionally, sound-blocking
headphones can eliminate such disturbances.

    If noise is an issue during the night, you may want to consider adding
pink noise to your bedroom. Pink noise is steady with a consistent
frequency, like the sound of wind or constant rain. Research shows that
steady pink noise can help slow down and regulate your brainwaves for
more stable sleep and improved sleep quality. While pink noise CDs are
available, you can also simply turn on a fan in your bedroom to block out
noise disturbances and instead take advantage of this beneficial type of
pink noise.

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