Wednesday, February 6, 2013

  "The War In Medicine"

Avoiding The Debate By Using Deception:

In this tactic, the media makes it sound like they are covering
all of the issues of a debate, when in fact they are only talking
about a small segment of the issues in the debate. For example,
in December, 2002, Newsweek magazine published a major article
on "alternative medicine." They even talked about cancer. But
you can rest assured they didn't mention any of the top 100
alternative treatments for cancer. They were talking mainly about
alternative medicine being used to treat the symptoms of chemotherapy.

By doing this the reader thought that when they finished reading
the article, they knew everything there was to know about
alternative treatments for cancer, when in fact they knew
absolutely nothing about alternative treatments for cancer. In
other words, the reader doesn't even know there is a debate or
war between orthodox and alternative medicine. They think the
two sides are closely working together.


This takes many forms. It can take the form of bogus research,
designed to discredit valid research. It can take the form of
misinformation about treatment plans, bogus "patients," and so
on. Anything that includes a lie or false information fits
into this category. And that is a lot of things.


This is an interesting form of propaganda. I have previously
mentioned the four viewpoints that a person needs to look at
in order to make an informed decision. In this method only
one of the four viewpoints are mentioned, the orthodox view
of itself. The other three subjects are totally blacklisted,
as if one side didn't even exist. This, in fact, is a major
way of keeping the truth about alternative medicine from the
public, the subject is simply ignored. Since most people get
the vast, vast majority of their information from the media,
the people don't even know one side of the debate even exists.
I will give examples of this in a future chapter.


Cancer can be cured.

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