Friday, February 8, 2013

     "The War In Medicine"

        Continued from last post.

    In 1981, under pressure from the soft drink lobby, FDA
Commissioner Hayes approved the initial use of aspartame in
dry foods and as a tabletop sweetener, discounting public
complaints as anecdotal and ignoring three FDA scientists,
who voiced the fact that there were serious questions concerning
brain tumor tests after having done an in-house study. Hayes was
widely profiled as a man who believed that approval for new
drugs and additives was "too slow" because "the FDA demanded too
much information." Hayes also ignored the fact that the biased
scientific studies paid for by Searle were faulty. After leaving
the FDA, Hayes took the post of senior medical consultant for
the public relations firm retained by Searle ... A subsequent
inquiry "found no impropriety."

    In July 1983 it was approved for use in soft drinks in
the United States, followed three months later by approval
in Britain by the Ministry of Agriculture. All this was done
despite the fact that the Department of Defense knew that
aspartame was neurotoxic and harmful to human health. These
facts were deliberately suppressed by the government. It is also
interesting that in 1981 FDA scientist Dr. Robert Condon, in an
internal government document, said "I do not concur that
aspartame has been shown to be safe with respect to the induction
of brain tumors." All safety was thrown aside because of pressure
from Searle."
    Joseph Mercola, M.D.

In other words, with enough effort and money, and using the step
by step protocol (from dry foods to soft drinks), virtually
anything can eventually get approved by the FDA.

The step by step protocol is used by virtually all governments
to get what they want. Hitler used it all the time. When he
conquered a country he did not just march in and kill all of
the Jews, that would have raised a public outcry. He did it
small step by small step, such as by making the Jews wear arm
bands, then causing them to lose their companies, then segregating
them from the general public, then putting them in concentration
camps, etc.


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