Monday, February 4, 2013

   "The War In Medicine"


To visualize the two different camps, suppose there is a large
field and there is a fence that bisects the field and you are
standing at one end of the fence looking down the fence. On
the right side of this fence are the evolutionists (the people
who make up the "establishment") and on the left side of this
fence are the creationists (the people who disagree with the
"establishment" point of view).

You have the choice of siding with the establishment or the
renegades. In some cases this choice could affect your job.
For example, if you taught biology in a public high school,
and you believed in creationism, and taught creationism in
your classroom, you might lose your job.

If you are only looking for the benefits, and a promotion,
then there is no question as to what theory you will teach.
The evolution side of the fence has virtually all the benefits.
But let us suppose you are one of those rare people who are
more interested in truth than benefits. What are you going
to do?

Suppose you want to know the truth (as best as you are capable
of honestly determining as an "open-minded" person) - is
evolutionism or creationism correct based on the evidence
currently available?

Suppose that you decide to start your decision making journey by
talking first with the evolutionists; because everything you have
heard in school is that evolution has been proven to be true. So
you head to the right side of the fence and start talking to an

Suppose this person tells you all the reasons why evolution
occurred by accident. He might go into microevolution (what
changes can occur within a species that shares the same genome),
macroevolution (the creation of new genomes), why transitional
species cannot be found in many cases, punctuated equilibrium,
all the bones paleontologists have found, and so on.


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