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Cancer Treatment...Follow The Money Trail

Who do you believe? Follow The Money Trail


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Who do you believe? Follow The Money Trail

When I was first researching cancer, I ran into both kinds of web sites, the
sites controlled by orthodox medicine and the sites controlled by alternative
medicine. The quackwatch page (one of the orthodox sites) caused me to wonder
whether all of this alternative medicine stuff was a bunch of baloney. Even
though I am an expert at Machiavellian tactics and logic, I didn't know enough
about the bogus scientific studies they were referring to to figure out what
was going on.

Then I came across the book Alive and Well, by Dr. Binzel. After reading the
first two chapters of this book the picture became very clear. I had seen this
same pattern before when dealing with physics and energy (although different
government agencies were involved). I saw how the Department of Energy was
suppressing discovery after discovery which would lead to very cheap energy
costs (especially gasoline costs). In the same way, the effort to fight
alternative treatments for cancer is intentional, well organized, well funded
and includes U.S. government agencies (e.g. FDA, NIH, NCI).

Most people in America would never consider taking alternative treatments
for cancer. This is because the orthodox medical establishment has total control
over everything a typical person hears in their life. Unless a person is an
expert at internet research (and quite frankly that wouldn't do any good
unless they knew what to look for), or they happened to run into someone who
knows what is going on (and if they did they would probably consider them to
be whack-o because they have been so efficiently brainwashed), they will never
know the truth about anything.

I should mention how the establishment crushed the Linus Pauling heart disease
prevention program. They didn't say anything about it in the media, good or
bad (i.e. they blacklisted it), and eventually the truth simply died out. That
was all it took. There are many "blacklisted" organizations and truths that
are forbidden to be uttered by the media.

There is no "freedom of speech" in America because only one "side" is allowed
to speak on television or radio because they own the stations. The
Constitution was written before radio and television were invented so no
provision was made in the Constitution to force the mass media to present both
side of the issues.

As a second example of blacklisting, when was the last time you heard a member
of the "John Birch Society" talk for five minutes or more on the television
(both Binzel and G. Edward Griffin belong or belonged to the JBS, and others)?
Most people under 40 have never heard of the John Birch Society. I mention
these things because these are just two of many examples of how potent
blacklisting is, and more importantly, how overwhelming what you know is
controlled totally by large, corrupt corporations that advertise. The owners
of virtually all television stations, large and small, are also large

I should mention that General Electric, which owns NBC, manufactures medical
equipment. GE Medical Systems manufactures very expensive equipment used by
both cancer doctors and heart disease doctors:

    "In addition to its industrial holdings, General Electric owns NBC which
controls the following assets:
    9 television stations including ones in New York, Los Angeles and

Washington DC
    25% of more of the following cable channels: CNBC, CourtTV, Bravo, MSNBC,

A&E, the History Channel
    Plus these key news programs:
    The Today Show
    Meet the Press
    Dateline NBC
    NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw"

Now do you understand why you have never hear anything positive about
alternative treatments for cancer or alternative heart disease prevention

It is all about money, not people. Follow the pharmaceutical industry money
trail and you will know with perfect certainty who is on their side. If
someone that receives Big Pharma money says anything truthful about
alternative medicine, the money dries up immediately.


This book can be summarized in several bullet points:

Since the 1920s medical progress in curing cancer has come to a virtual dead
end. The reason: surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments are so, so
profitable for pharmaceutical companies, chemical companies, petroleum
companies, doctors, hospitals, medical equipment makers, charities, media
companies, and many other industries.

The most important concept in chemotherapy is the concept of "remission."
However, remission, response, tumor markers, etc. are terms that are
meaningless. They are supposed to equate to "length of life since diagnosis,"
but in fact there is no correlation between being in remission and "length of
life since diagnosis."

"Cure rates" are another deception tactic of orthodox medicine. Rather than
use the logical concept of "length of life since diagnosis," orthodox medicine
uses a meaningless statistic based on the percentage of people who live for 5
years between diagnosis and death. This statistic is easily manipulated to
make orthodox treatments look more and more effective. But the only thing
that really improves is their ability to deceive.

Chemotherapy drugs are evaluated by the FDA based on tumor size reduction
andother irrelevant measurements, not on the basis of extending the life of the
patient compared to a person not taking orthodox treatments. When they talk
about extending a person's life, it is based on comparing one or more toxic
poisons to another group of toxic poisons.

In most cases a person would live longer, and have a far higher quality of
life, if they took no orthodox treatments for cancer.

Chemotherapy generally does far more harm to a patient than good. It destroys
the immune system, making it more difficult for some alternative treatments to
work, loses valuable time for the patient to take more effective treatments,
causes people to die of complications directly and indirectly from
chemotherapy, causes enormous pain and sickness, etc. Chemotherapy is
virtually worthless, but it is very profitable.

The uselessness of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation is hidden behind a maze
of very sophisticated false and misleading statistics, misleading definitions,
meaningless concepts and many other techniques. Above all, there is a complete
failure to compare chemotherapy to the statistics of people who refuse
orthodox treatments and there is an intentional failure to meaningfully
compare the Big 3 to alternative treatments.

Cancer research today is largely a fraud. If only a small percentage of
research money were spent on studying alternative treatments, known to work,
cancer would be a sad footnote in history books within 10 years. (Note: It is
absolutely critical that alternative health zealots control that research and
money or it will be just another scam.)

In comparing Vitamin C, and perhaps by taking a few other vitamins and
minerals with Vitamin C, patients who avoid orthodox treatments would live
several times longer than similar patients who took orthodox treatments. They
would have a far better immune system, have far less pain (zero pain from the
treatment), feel better and have a much higher quality of life. In other
words, Vitamin C therapy is far superior to the Big 3.

Yet Vitamin C therapy, even with the Hoffer nutrients added, is not one of the
"top 100" alternative treatments for cancer. It's cure rate is far too low to
make that list.

Bogus scientific studies have been commissioned by the NIH specifically to
discredit valid studies and the testimonies of tens of thousands of patients
cured of cancer with alternative treatments.

The media are nothing but worthless whores. They sell-out to the highest
bidder, which is always the corrupt pharmaceutical industry. Everything they
say is aimed to please those that pay the most.

The media has many different techniques they routinely use to brainwash the
general public. They can all be summarized in two words: "whited sepulcher."
They lie, withhold information, deceive you, tell half-truths, and so on.
The job of the FDA, NIH and NCI is to suppress the truth about alternative
treatments for cancer. Their number one job is to insure there is "no
scientific evidence" for alternative treatments so that alternative treatments
can be legally suppressed. They are corrupt to the core and are directly
responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans every year.
The reason for the FDA, etc. suppressing the truth of alternative medicine is
so they can continue to suppress the availability of alternative medicine
substances and so the AMA can suppress the availability of patients to get
alternative treatments from medical doctors.

Congress, whose job is to protect Americans and eliminate the corruption in
Government, are largely inept and could easily be accused of intentionally
"looking the other way" at what the FDA is doing, just as they have been
"looking the other way" at what the tobacco industry has been doing for over
70 years.

Not only does the media provide a lot of misinformation, but the internet also
has an enormous amount of misinformation about alternative treatments.

Universities frequently pass on this bogus information.

The scientific evidence for alternative treatments for cancer is over-
whelmingly superior to the scientific treatments for orthodox medicine.

For those who understand statistics, the difference is greater than 1,000
standard deviations in some comparisons. Alternative treatments are so good,
many thousands of people cure their own cancer without any medical help.

The primary way the medical establishment tries to suppress the tens of
thousands of testimonials of people cured of their cancer by alternative
medicine (most of them were sent home to die by orthodox medicine before
they started alternative treatments) is to talk about "spontaneous remission.
" The joint concepts of "spontaneous remission" and "psychological remission"
are statistical nonsense and are nothing more than overt lies.

In short, American's have been sold a "Bill of Goods." Alternative treatments
work, but they are suppressed. Orthodox treatments don't work, but by using
sophisticated statistics, clever definitions, etc. it appears to the public
that they do work.

I have called this a "war." When people hear the term "war," they think of
guns, tanks, jet airplanes and soldiers. They think about mindless tyrants
shaking their fists on television.

But the war in medicine is very different. The tyrants in this war hide their
real intentions. This is a "war" where the weapons are information. The
American people know exactly half of all truth, the half that is most

    "A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious. But it cannot
survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he
is known and he carries his banners openly against the city. But the traitor
moves among those within the gates freely, his sly whispers rustling through
all alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor
appears no traitor; he speaks in the accents familiar to his victim, and he
wears their face and their garments and he appeals to the baseness that lies
deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation; he works secretly
and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city; he infects the
body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared.

The traitor is the plague."
    Marcus Tullius Cicero, Roman Orator - 106-43 B.C.

Copyright (c) 2003 R. Webster Kehr, all rights reserved

 God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

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Your Trip To The Left Side of the Fence


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                  Continued from 12/22/13

Your Trip To The Left Side of the Fence

Well, just for the heck of it, out of morbid curiosity and to test your debate skills,
you decide to walk over to the left side of the fence and talk to a creationist. You
carefully walk up to (gulp, drum roll): Hermann the Horrible Hermit Heretic. Be
careful, you say to yourself, close your ears and don't listen, this person is an idiot.
Oh well, its cold outside and your hands are in your pocket, so you listen.

You shake hands with Hermann and exchange pleasantries. Right away you
are amazed at something: Hermann can talk! You had always been taught
that creationists had the IQ of a rodent and wore beenie caps with rotors.

Hermann starts by talking about the first living organism, and about its DNA
component and its cell membrane component. He states that even though it is
 absurd that a 300,000 nucleotide chain (300 genes with an averagelength of
1,000 nucleotides) can randomly form, even if it did, the statistical probability
that the first DNA had a permutation of nucleotides, such that 300 viable proteins
could be created by this DNA genome, has a probability that is far less than:
10-30,000 (this is a probability of 1 divided by a 1 with 30,000 zeros behind it).

(Note: the 10-30,000 figure is based on the assumption that 1 in 100 random
permutations of 1,000 nucleotides will form a protein vital to a living organism.
This is a very generous figure for the evolutionists,because the real figure is
probably far, far less than 1 in a billion.)

He then stated that even if it could create 300 proteins, there is anabsurdly small
probability that these 300 proteins would form a set of proteins that could support
the life of a new organism. He did not givea probability for this because there isn't
enough known about sets of proteins.

You quickly do some math in your head. You remember from science class
that there are 1080 atoms in our universe. Then, you imagine there are 1029,920
universes just like ours in a cluster (that is a one followedby 29,920 zeros). All
of these universes combined would have 1,030,000 atoms.

Suppose some government wants to do a lottery and in order to win the lottery
you have to pick the single, correct atom from among all of the atoms in the
1029,920 universes. The probability of winning this lottery is 10-30,000. You
ask yourself: "who is so bad at math they would buy a ticket in that lottery?"

Then you remember what your math teacher taught you: "the lottery is a tax
on people who are bad at math." Then you realize there are a lot of people who
would spend their life savings buying lottery tickets in that lottery. Finally, you
come out of your daydreaming and realize that Hermann was talking while you
were doing the math in your head.

Then you hear about the ridiculous probability of the first cell membrane forming
by accident. For two hours Hermann gives you an earful about how incredibly
complex a eukaryotic cell is. It is so complex that even the exobiologists admit
that one could not form by accident from a prebiotic pool. Thus, they claim that
the first cell was a prokaryotic cell, and that there are conditions where a prokaryotic
cell can survive without an organic host (since this is the first cell, there are no
organic hosts to feed on). But even so, Hermann tells you that prokaryotic cells
still could not have formed by accident because they are almost as complex as
eukaryotic cells.

Then you hear that the first DNA and first cell membrane could not have formed in
the same prebiotic pool, and thus you are told it was virtually impossible that they
could ever get together.

Hermann then starts talking about new genomes and macroevolution. You then
learn about the improbability of irreducibly complex protein systems forming large
numbers of complex inter-related proteins in the same random mutation event in

You learn about the mathematical absurdities caused by the issue of viable
permutations of nucleotides from random mutations needed to create any
new gene in any new genome. You hear that this is another case of absurd
probabilities caused by permutations.

You then hear about the "morphing of the embryo." A new creature starts out
as one type of cell, but when the "baby" is born it has many different kinds of cells.
This means that some cells, when they divide, must divide into two different kinds
of cells. The timing of these strange divisions has to be with pinpoint accuracy.
You learn that the instructions for this pinpoint accuracy must be built into the
DNA, thus making random mutations even less likely to be advantageous (i.e.
requiring more precise chains of nucleotides). When Hermann started taking
about the morphing "timing"issues and base-2 trees, you started thinking that
Hermann might even be smart.

Then Hermann starts to talk about the evolutionists (this is the anti-
evolution part, heard from a creationist viewpoint).

He tells you that the first argument the evolutionists use is that "we exist,"thus our
existence is proof of evolution. Hermann then likens this logic to the theory that
all of Shakespeare's plays were written by six monkeys locked in the basement
of a building. He states: is it logical that because Shakespeare's plays "exist," that
the monkey theory is true?

You then hear how "punctuated equilibrium" is really a super irreducibly
complex protein system, and how absurd it is to claim that it was not necessary
for irreducibly complex protein systems to have mutated all at once, but at the
same time to believe in punctuated equilibrium. You hear why the phylogenetic
tree is really a cover-up for the gaps in transitional species. You also learn about
the massive assumptions evolutionists make with regards to carbon dating bones.
You also hear the totally unproven assumptions and very shallow logic evolutionists
make with respect to mitochondrial DNA and nuclear DNA. And so on.

Ten hours pass and you realize the sun went down and it is now dark -and
Hermann is still talking. You also realize it has been four hours since you had a
clue what he was talking about. You also realize that this is not what you expected.
You expected some wild and crazy theories.But in fact you realize that creationists
are not stupid and they really do have some very strong arguments. Then you also
realize that what you had been taught by the evolutionists, about what the creationists
believe, has absolutely no relationship to what the creationists actually do believe.

You finally go home, very confused.

Note: if you are interested in learning more about creation science, see one
of these two books:

For the general public:   Introduction to the Mathematics of Evolution

For LDS:   Prophets or Evolution - An LDS Perspective

Final Comments

This simple story demonstrates the very sad state of affairs in America and
throughout the world. Neither schools, nor corporations, nor governments want
anyone to hear both sides of any issue from [the people on] both sides of the fence.
They would rather have a brainwashed student than a thinking student. Schools
act as if they have all of the answers and that it is not necessary to teach students
to think for themselves. Students are graded on how well they regurgitate "facts,"
not on how well they think. Students learn very early on that all of the benefits
are on one side of the fence and that they should spend their life gathering up
the benefits.

    "Education ... has produced a vast population able to read but unable to
distinguish what is worth reading."  G.M. Trevelyan

People are taught from birth to assume and expect that those in the
"establishment" (such as the schools, the news broadcasters and newspapers):
1) Have no vested interests or conflicts of interest,
2) Have perfect intelligence,
3) Have all the facts for both sides of the fence,
4) Are totally neutral and unbiased,
5) Have perfect integrity,
6) Have your best interests in mind, and
7) Are truly open-minded,
8) Love truth more than benefits.

And above all, you are never, never allowed to think that money or power
(i.e. benefits) could possibly influence what the establishment teaches you.

Dream on, this is the real world we are talking about.

It is quite probable, that from the time a person starts first grade, to the time
they get a PhD or M.D., they never once hear both sides of any issue from the
people on both sides of a fence. And even if they do, theyhave been so
brainwashed by one side, or they are so interested in the benefits of one side,
they simply pay no attention to the "other side."

As incredible as this sounds, it is difficult to get people to grasp the concept of
hearing both sides of an issue from both sides of the fence. All your life you have
been taught that it is not necessary. Society always has all of the answers, and
anyone who does not agree with society is a crackpot, quack, moron, rebel,
incorrigible, mentally unstable, or whatever.

Applying The Concepts of the Fence to Cancer

Now lets talk about the fence that separates orthodox medicine from alternative
medicine (it is more like a steel-reinforced brick wall with machine gun towers
on it, and the machine gun towers are all owned by the orthodox side).

When your doctor went through medical school, he or she was taught all the
good things about chemotherapy, radiation treatments and all the other orthodox
medical treatments for cancer. If your doctor was told anything about alternative
treatments for cancer, it was the very biased bad things. Sound familiar? Has your
doctor ever spent one hour listening to an expert on alternative treatments for
cancer? It is very doubtful, though he or she has probably heard a few experiences
from their patients.

Similarly, you are second level brainwashed, meaning you have been taught
by your brainwashed doctor (who doesn't know anything truthful about alternative
treatments for cancer), all of the good things about chemotherapy. You no doubt
have heard many times how wonderful medical schools are and how they are
based on a solid scientific foundation. You have been taught that the AMA
(American Medical Association) is carefully watching out for your health. Not
only are all of these things false, but there are about one hundred books that have
been written to expose the falsity of these assumptions.

With all of the brainwashing from the media, your schools and your doctors, after
all of this, suppose you pick up a copy of the book "World Without Cancer - The
Story of Vitamin B17" by G. Edward Griffin. You decide to read this book with an
open mind. IMPOSSIBLE! There is no possible way you can read this book with
an open mind. If you read it at all you will read it to find the errors in it, and what
is wrong with G. Edward Griffin.

Do you understand? Every day of your life, for all the years of your life, you
have been brainwashed and have heard only two of the four elements of the debate.
There is no possible way you can undo that brainwashing in 2 hours. You can't read
that book with an open mind. It is impossible for you to ignore many years of solid,
daily brainwashing.

Everything you have seen on television, everything you have read in books,
everything you have been taught in school, every magazine article you have read
in your life, have all told you the same story line - orthodox medicine is far superior
to alternative medicine.

So what can you do if you want to know the truth? You can't, but you can start.
You have to have a clear understanding, and a clear admission to yourself, that
you have only heard two of the four truth categories, and that now it is time to study
the other two categories. You must want to hear the other two categories. Then,
and only then, can you make the attempt to read it with an open mind.

Copyright (c) 2003, 2010 R. Webster Kehr, all rights reserved

 God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

Larry Nelson
42 S. Sherwood Dr.
Belton, Tx. 76513

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                             CHRISTMAS                                                                                                                                                                                                EVERYONE

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How The Media and Establishment Control The Public.


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Hi Everybody, I hope your weekend was great and I hope you are 
getting ready for Christmas. For me, this is a special Christmas because 
I've lived one more year of life even though our medical profession 
marked me "a short time to live".

My prayer for yo is "Open your minds and hearts to learning more 
about your own health" because as the times passes our health care is 
going to get worse.


You might be curious what techniques our public schools, the news media, our politicians, etc. etc. use to control the public. Their methods are more sophisticated than you probably think. Some of the techniques used by orthodox medicine have already been discussed. Controlling the information that the general public has access to is absolutely essential to the establishment. The reason is that in school or in life you are probably at some time going to run into a "renegade" who just refuses to believe what he or she is told and has a different point of view. It is the control of information that conditions you to ignore what they say. If you don't believe me, just read on.

Hearing Both Sides of an Issue

To illustrate the control of information (aka brainwashing), let me use Darwin's "Theory of Evolution" as an example of teaching what I want to get across, since that is a controversial area in which everyone seems to have an opinion. More importantly, it is the only theory that is allowed to be taught in our schools.

There are two broad categories of theories about evolution: first, are those who think that evolution occurred by total accident. Second, are those who think that God had a hand in evolution or God simply created each species independently. Let us call the first group the "evolutionists" and the second two groups the "creationists." There are actually several different camps (i.e. different theories) within each group, and there are hybrid groups (i.e. hybrid theories), but let us assume there are only two simple groups.

To visualize the two different camps, suppose there is a large field and there is a fence that bisects the field and you are standing at one end of the fence looking down the fence. On the right side of this fence are the evolutionists (the people who make up the "establishment") and on the left side of this fence are the creationists (the people who disagree with the "establishment" point of view).

You have the choice of siding with the establishment or the renegades. In some cases this choice could affect your job. For example, if you taught biology in a public high school, and you believed in creationism, and taught creationism in your classroom, you might lose your job.

If you are only looking for the benefits, and a promotion, then there is no question as to what theory you will teach. The evolution side of the fence has virtually all the benefits. But let us suppose you are one of those rare people who are more interested in truth than benefits. What are you going to do?

Suppose you want to know the truth (as best as you are capable of honestly determining as an "open-minded" person) - is evolutionism or creationism correct based on the evidence currently available?

Suppose that you decide to start your decision making journey by talking first with the evolutionists; because everything you have heard in school is that evolution has been proven to be true. So you head to the right side of the fence and start talking to an evolutionist.

Suppose this person tells you all the reasons why evolution occurred by accident. He might go into microevolution (what changes can occur within a species that shares the same genome), macroevolution (the creation of new genomes), why transitional species cannot be found in many cases, punctuated equilibrium, all the bones paleontologists have found, and so on.

After this conversation, you start to walk away, but the person stops you. Then this same evolutionist starts telling you all of the things that are wrong with the creationists. He tells you one theory after another of the creationists and why each theory cannot be true and what a bunch of goons they are.

After this conversation, you now feel that you understand both the evolutionist's and the creationist's theories of evolution. You decide it is not necessary to go to the left side of the fence and talk to a creationist because you already think you understand their views and why their views are wrong.

A Common Mistake

If you made such a decision, you would be making a common mistake: you have heard both sides of the issue, but from only one person on one side of the fence. You have really only heard how the people on one side of the fence feel about the issues. But you haven't heard the arguments of the creationists, from a creationist, nor have you heard why the creationists think that the evolutionists are wrong.

There are actually four categories of the two sides (these are the four things you need to hear to make an informed decision):

1) pro-evolution (from the evolutionist side),
2) anti-creation (from the evolutionist side),
3) pro-creation (from the creationist side),
4) anti-evolution (from the creationist side).

In other words, from the right side of the fence you have heard the pro-evolution arguments and also from the right side of the fence you have heard all of the anti-creationist arguments. But note that you have not heard the pro-creationist arguments, from a creationist, nor have you heard the anti-evolution arguments, from a creationist. You have only heard two of the four categories because you have only heard from one person who is on one side of the fence.

Do you really know both sides of the issue? No you don't! You only know one side of the issue and two of the four categories. Until you go to the left side of the fence and hear about the pro-creationist views, from a creationist, and you hear the anti-evolution views, from a creationist, you don't have a basis for making an objective decision.

The Way We Have Been Taught

At this point we need to stop and think for a moment. We have been conditioned all of our lives not to listen to the "renegades." In physics, you hear how wonderful Einstein was, but you are told never to talk to anyone who challenges Einstein (someone like Roland De Witte, for example). In science class you were taught that evolution has been proven to be true, and you have been taught that the creationists are all a bunch of religious nuts.

This same kind of bias has been drilled into you for every conceivable type of issue. You have graduated from school thinking you have all the answers and that there are no open issues that need to be debated. In other words, you think the establishment is all-knowing.

All your life you have been taught not to listen to the people on both sides of the fence. All your life you have been taught by people inside the "establishment" and you have been taught that what the "establishment" teaches is true, and you have been taught what is wrong with the renegades and you have been taught not to listen to them. All your life you have been taught two of the four things you need to make an informed decision. You have been brainwashed.

And now I come along and tell you to listen to the renegades. Why? Because, quite frankly, sometimes the "establishment" is wrong. Actually, it is frequently wrong. There, I said it, sometimes the renegades are right! You will never, never know when the renegades are right unless you talk to one of them with an open-mind!

Did it ever occur to you that what the "establishment" tells you about the creationists is not what the creationists really believe, or perhaps what you heard about the creationists is what only a very small percentage of them believe? You cannot trust an evolutionist to correctly represent the views of the creationists. They are biased. They will pick the most fantastic views of a small percentage of the creationists, then twist and contort their views. They will leave out the beliefs of the other 90% of the creationists. When they are done, what they say may not even remotely represent what a real creationist believes.

"Scientific" Research

But it goes much, much deeper than that. For example, the research done by paleontologists involves the dating of bones. In dating these bones there are a wide range of assumptions that must be made. Rather than give the public a huge range of dates for a bone (due to unknown issues such as moisture, radiation, etc.), they pick one specific date for the age of the bone, and that date is very generous to the evolutionists. In other words, they assume evolution is true when they pick a single date for the age of a bone, when in fact they should pick a very, very wide range of dates due to unknown information.

For example, many bones are found on the edge of rivers long dried up. Even if those bones were next to the river (when it was still flowing) for just a few hundred years, the moisture from the river could have had a huge affect on the estimated date of when that animal died.

Thus, by using generous assumptions, and not making it known that in fact there are assumptions made, they make it look like evolution "has been proven to be true." Evolution has not been proven to be true. Much of the evidence comes from generous assumptions with the data.

I can assure the reader that in some cases (my background is in mathematics and physics), the assumptions they make with the data amounts to 99% of the "evidence" used to reach their final conclusion. This is true in virtually every field of "science."

Truth Versus Benefits

But aside from all of these issues, did it ever occur to you that the people in the establishment have a conflict of interest? Let us go back to the point where you were standing at the end of the fence and had not yet moved. You had a choice to make. Before you ever decided to look into the issues you could have made your decision based on which side offered you the most benefits.

Did it ever occur to you that what you hear in the news media, for example, is being told to you by people who chose the "establishment" side for the sole reason the establishment had more benefits than the renegades? Did it ever occur to you that you have not been taught by "truth-seekers," but rather you have been taught by "benefit-seekers?"

The deciding issue for many people is not which side is right or wrong, but which side offers the most benefits. It is not a debate between truth and error, it is a debate between benefits. And many, many of the people you have listened to throughout your life have been people who have chosen benefits over truth!

We have been conditioned to believe that an "open-minded" person is someone who absorbs the propaganda of why the establishment is always right, and defends the storyline propaganda of why the renegades are always wrong.

So in reality "you" (the hypothetical person who is trying to find the truth about evolution) probably have absolutely no desire to talk to anyone on the left side of the fence. You have heard everything you think you need to hear. Thus, you are a member of the establishment and a certified "defender of the faith" of the evolutionists.

End of story - time to go home.


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