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Unnecessary Procedures and Surgeries On The Rise in U.S. Health Care System
Beverly Anne Sanchez
Research statistics indicate that unnecessary procedures and surgeries are on the rise across the U.S. Learn what you need to do in order to help protect the lives and health of you and your loved ones.

Going under the knife? Need surgery?  Well, stop, wait and please consider this:  there are today over 50,000 people daily undergoing unnecessary procedures and unnecessary surgeries.  Yes, unnecessary.

The official rendition from government backed and sponsored sources say one thing while the statistics and research figures from private, independent medical research sources paint quite another picture. According to "official" federal government figures, only 30% of surgeries are truly unnecessary procedures and unnecessary surgeries and that is because of physician uncertainty about the effectiveness of an operation. This is not
a very comforting thought to this writer.

However, there is another side to these government claims: unnecessary procedures and unnecessary surgeries are rapidly increasing especially at the tripling rate of outpatient or ambulatory clinic openings since the beginnings of 2006.

Especially of interest is that most unnecessary procedures and unnecessary surgeries have been concentrated investigations of specific problems in the esophagus, stomach, and small intestine: colonoscopies and endoscopies.

In particular, colonoscopies and endoscopies marked an increase of 1,610 and 775, respectively, for every 100,000 patients after just one much heralded outpatient clinic opening recently. Consequently, between the years of 2002 and 2006 there was an increase of 25,000 colonoscopies and 9,800 endoscopies alone in the state of Florida. These figures were duly noted in the Archives of Surgery Journal.

Further research indicated that researchers were undecided as to whether the additional procedures were indeed unnecessary procedures and unnecessary surgeries. "We cannot say whether a given patient needed a particular procedure or not," one researcher said in an e-mail.

Further Facts: Physician-Owned Outpatient Clinics

Throughout U.S. over 57 million outpatient (ambulatory) surgeries are performed annually. Consequently, more than 5,000 outpatient facilities have opened. These are privately owned and not those found in major hospitals. Outpatient clinics are big business for the health care system.

In actuality, outpatient clinics are mostly physician-owned and staffed giving them total control over ordering, purchasing equipment and scheduling procedures.

"I think they are good for patients because of the efficiency, convenience, and lower costs of operation," said Dr. Stain, who wrote an accompanying editorial in the Journal. However, in an email, "physician-owned ambulatory surgery centers may reflect a conflict of interest between the physician's patient-care responsibilities and perceived personal financial interest," wrote Dr. Steven Stain of Albany Medical College to Reuters Health. "This may lead to an erosion of the public's trust in health care providers."  Typically, colonoscopies at ambulatory surgery centers approximately cost $400 each while endoscopies go for a little less.

Other Unnecessary Procedures and Surgeries

Gary Null, PhD., in Death by Medicine reports that there are over 8.9 million documented unnecessary surgeries performed every year in the U.S. with another report claiming that 60% of the cases were not at all necessary in medical terms.

The most common unwarranted surgeries include: hysterectomies, Cesarean sections, unwarranted mammograms and breast procedures including unwarranted breast removals. However, coronary artery bypass surgeries have become the most common overall. (3)  On average, there are more than half a million bypass surgeries performed annually, primarily on men, costing more than $50,000 each.

Women are at high risk as well in that there are over 750,000 women who have their uterus removed annually in hysterectomies: of those women 2,500 never leave the operating room alive. These are not sick women, but healthy women who go into the hospital and do not come out," says Dr. Herbert Goldfarb, a gynecologist and assistant clinical professor at New York University's School of Medicine. Of the 750,000 women who did need surgeries, 27% did not.

Competing for the number one spot of unnecessary surgeries are births by C-sections. Births by Cesarean is now the most common major surgery for women in the U.S. with more than 920,000 women reporting to a C-section annually.

The Love of Money Is The Root of All Evil and U.S. Health Care System Plays The Whore

Put quite simply, it pays health care professionals for you to be sick and have to go under the knife.  If you don’t respond to their drug addicting medication then go for the knife. To accuse all in the health care system to be literally after your body for gain is unjust but it is not unjustified and not far from the truth. However, it remains for the public to take their lives into their own hands while using discernment in their selection of health care providers and facilities in finding those few truly dedicated to the healing sciences.

Precautionary Steps To Guard Against Unnecessary Procedures and Surgeries

* When proposed with surgery or procedures go over your Patient Bill of Rights

* Ask for a second or third opinion and don’t be naive and trusting.

* Be skeptical about all medical and health advice: choose very wisely.

* Dr. Marcus Welby, M.D. and Dr. Kildare are no longer on TV. Face reality and take your life in your own hands -      your life depends on it.

 God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

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