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    The Future of Cancer Treatments Is Already Here!!

The Big Picture

Objective #13: Deal With Pain and Other Symptoms of Cancer

The Cellect-Budwig, Cesium Chloride, High RF Frequency Generator electromedicine devices (which have specific frequencies for pain), TENS units, Vibe Machine (now called Quantum Pulse), etc., and especially the Photon Genius and Photon Genie, can all help deal with pain, but dealing with pain can be elusive.

TENS units are very inexpensive and can be very helpful. However, like the zappers, the ICRF has not had the time or money to research the various brands. Any feedback, good or bad, would be helpful.

DMSO liquid is also good at dealing with pain, but it is rarely used because it creates severe body odor (which the patient cannot smell). See the "overnight Cure For Cancer" article on this website to learn the safety rules for using DMSO.

Objective #14: The Thyroid and Iodine

One of the key issues in dealing with cancer is dealing with the lymph system. Iodine can thin out the lymph system which can be critical for a cancer treatment.

Three of the best known cancer doctors, Dr. Hoxsey, Dr. Gerson and Dr. Moerman, all included some form of iodine in their treatments!! Potassium iodine was a key ingredient in the Hoxsey herbal tea.

However, dealing with the chemistry of the body, and iodine in particular, is something only experts should deal with. When you work with your consultant make sure you mention what doses of iodine he or she recommends.

Here is an introductory article on hormones with some references. But the ultimate answer lies with the expert you are working with:
The Thyroid, Hormones and Cancer

Objective #15: Deal With Potential Brittle Bones (Bone Cancer)

Cancer patients with bone cancer can ultimately get "brittle bones" which break easily. This is far more dangerous for cancers of the spine, but it can be dangerous for any type of bone cancer.

The solution is an expertly put together mineral protocol to protect the bones.

For those on the Cesium Chloride protocol, Larry, who supports this protocol, is such an expert.

The product Cellect, in the Cellect-Budwig protocol, also has these minerals.

For others, they can use Larry or an expert named True Ott, PhD. True Ott can be reached at:
Mother Earth Minerals

Objective #16: Deal With Tumors

There was a time when I pretty much ignored tumors unless they were pressing on a vital part of the body, such as an artery, or were affecting breathing. I don't have that attitude any more.

While many treatments will always shrink tumors, such as the highly alkaline protocols, getting rid of tumors completely is very challenging.

In cases where tumor size is important, such as a tumor is pressing on the bile duct, surgery may be necessary. While some alternative cancer treatments can shrink tumors, it is usually a slow process.

Tumors can be deadly even when they are in non-vital parts of the body, such as with breast cancer. They can be like a salesman who just doesn't go away and keeps coming back and brings other salesmen with him.

The ICRF is well aware of the issue of tumors and is constantly looking for better ways to get rid of them for good. It was this research that resulted in our emphasis on getting rid of the microbes in the liver and lymph system.

While herbs from the "Herb Healers" website can totally obliterate surface tumors or tumors just below the surface, in some cases the "hole" left where the tumor was is very unsightly and may be unacceptable to some people (but the patient may survive because of the treatment).

Even the DMSO and baking soda protocol can leave scarring. Scarring is not so bad, but the protocol only works on surface tumors.

See this article for more information about shrinking tumors, but I can tell you this is a major research topic of the ICRF:
How to Shrink Tumors

Objective #17: Deal With The Patient's Mental Attitude

The mental attitude of the cancer patient is critical. A poor mental attitude of a cancer patient can significantly reduce their chance of survival because they do not have a will to live!!

The family and friends must always be positive in what they say. They should always encourage the patient, without being superficial in their encouragement.

Do not underestimate the importance of the mental attitude of the patient. The family and friends must constantly be aware of this issue.

Objective #18: Build the Immune System

Building the immune system is the last of the priorities, not because it isn't important, rather because it takes so long to accomplish. Many cancer patients who seek out natural cancer treatments have been sent home to die by orthodox medicine and these patients frequently don't have the time (left to live) to build their immune system, thus they should focus on quicker-staring protocols.

So why is this item on the list at all? The reason is this: because it takes a long time to build the immune system, the sooner you start, the sooner the immune system will be made strong and will contribute to helping the patient.

To prevent regression (i.e. to prevent the cancer from coming back), building the immune system is the #1 priority, so eventually the patient will need to take immune builders.

Among the things to build the immune system are the Bob Beck Protocol and several very powerful nutritional supplements. Some of the electromedicine devices, such as the High RF Frequency Generator devices, almost act like a Bob Beck Protocol, but it still can help to use the official Bob Beck Protocol to clean the blood of microbes (which Bob Beck demonstrated supercharges the immune system).

There many very good nutritional immune builders which are discussed throughout this web site. Here are some examples:
1) A Beta Glucan Supplement: Immutol or "Beta-1, 3-D Glucan"
2) Transfer Factor Plus (the 4Life brand),
3) MGN3 / MGN-3 or BioBran (due to FDA persecution, the name of this product changes from time to time)
4) ModuCare (a sterols and sterolins supplement)
5) An AHCC Supplement: Immpower, ImmunoKinoko, Immune-Assist includes AHCC
6) Immune Fx

But remember, building the immune system is not a high priority until the patient is stable.

Comments on the Objectives

Treating cancer is literally a race. It is race to see whether the cancer will kill the patient before the treatment is strong enough to stop the spreading of the cancer and stop the damage done to the non-cancerous cells, etc. The cancer treatment must be stronger than the spreading of the cancer!! That is why a single treatment will never work!!

Also, there should be some synergy in the protocol, meaning two of the treatments can make each other more effective. For example, the MSM/CS protocol and Bob Beck Protocol (see the left side-bar) both kill microbes in the bloodstream.

Do you think they both should be used or only one of them should be used?? Think about it for a moment.

These two protocols are more effective together than they are separately, meaning they are synergistic. When they are used together, they help each other quickly get past the key step of killing the microbes in the bloodstream to get to the more important functions of the protocols.

All of this is exactly why I created a section on the "left side-bar" called: "Complete Protocols." The "Complete Protocols" (e.g. the Cellect-Budwig protocol, the Cesium Chloride protocol, etc.) contain multiple highly effective cancer treatments. They are excellent examples of complete cancer treatment protocols. Or they can be used as examples of how to put together a synergistic protocol.

The "Supplemental Treatments" are individual treatments. Some of these "supplemental treatments" are part of the "Complete Protocols" and some are not. For example, the High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier device is built into the Cellect-Budwig and the Plasma-Beck "Complete Protocols." It is not built into to the Bill Henderson protocol, but it can (and probably should) be added to the Bill Henderson protocol, for example.

In rare cases, a "Supplemental Treatment" should not be added to a "Complete Protocol," but generally they can be added. Warnings are provided for these cases, but generally the problem is not dangerous, only that one protocol may make another protocol less effective.

The point to all of this is to "throw the book" at your cancer. For example, the Dirt Cheap Protocol (a "Complete Protocol") includes at least six individual cancer treatments, each of which has cured cancer by itself!!

This does not mean the Dirt Cheap Protocol is as strong as the Cellect-Budwig protocol (it is not), for example, only that it contains several very good treatments. For advanced cancer patients, the Dirt Cheap Protocol may not be strong enough, but it may be all the patient can afford. There are several price levels among the "Complete Protocols." (Note: Nothing is sold from this website, I just know the reality of the different budgets of cancer patients.)

In fact, cost is frequently an issue. Many cancer patients have no money left after being on orthodox cancer treatments. That is why I designed some of the protocols that are literally dirt cheap (e.g. the Dirt Cheap Protocol is very inexpensive and the Grape Cure is free because it replaces the normal foods a person eats). I even have an article on "Inexpensive Cancer Treatments" (see the left side-bar).

Cost is also why I wrote the article: "How To Fund Your Alternative Cancer Treatment." There are ways for advanced cancer patients to get the money they need for the stronger protocols without borrowing a dime and going into debt. See the left side-bar for this article.

I am not going to downplay the importance of money. As I said, I don't sell anything, but I will tell you the most potent treatments can be very expensive. The most expensive single treatment that we typically recommend, for home treatments, is the Photon Genius or High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier, which cost about $25,000 and $4,800, respectively.

But even nutritional protocols, which are used over a long period of time, can cumulatively cost as much as a High RF Frequency Generator!! Examples are Cellect and Limu Juice.

This is why I have spent so much time designing inexpensive protocols and trying to find things that people who live outside the United States can obtain locally. Many countries do not allow the import of things that cure cancer.

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    The Future of Cancer Treatments Is Already Here!!

The Big Picture

Another option is to contact the Ed Skilling Institute to see if there are any health clinics or health shops near them that offer the product on a visit-by-visit basis. See:
Ed Skilling Institute (To Purchase or Find a Photon Genius)

But even if you do not use a Photon Genius as your primary cancer treatment, their consultation is still critical for knowing what other steps need to be taken to insure the body is made "whole" again.

The Ed Skilling Institute is at the vanguard of the war against cancer!!

Note #1: If you have dangerous and/or recurring tumors, such as inside the lungs, in the brain, tumors that "come back," etc., the Photon Genius or the Photon Genie, along with the consultation, is REQUIRED. This is also true if your cancer was cured with another protocol and the cancer came back.

Note #2: For other situations this service is optional, but recommended. For example, if you are on another alternative cancer treatment, this service can act as a "second opinion" and it can lead to recommendations to enhance your primary protocol or to tell you whether your primary protocol will be strong enough.

Here is their website (you can link from this section to the real Ed Skilling website):
Ed Skilling Institute

Objective #9: Keep the Bloodstream Free of Microbes

The ICRF believes that melanoma, squamous cell carcinoma, sarcoma and uterine cancer are cancers that require treatments which clean the blood of microbes every 12 hours. These cancers spread via microbes coming outside of the cancer cells, then the microbes travel in the blood to another location and colonize another section of cancer. This is why it is critical to keep the blood free of microbes for these types of cancer.

Most cancers may spread this way or by microbes coming out of the liver or lymph system. Thus, all cancer patients need to keep microbes out of the bloodstream, liver and lymph system (the liver will be discussed in a moment)!!

In addition to preventing the spread of cancer, Dr. Bob Beck, a PhD in physics, proved that if you clean the blood of microbes the immune system will become supercharged. But this is a slow process and is not why this item is listed in this section.

Not all packaged cancer treatments include something that will get rid of the microbes in the bloodstream. But yet it is suspected that most, if not all, cancers spread at least partly in this manner.

The official instructions for using the High RF Frequency Generator devices for cancer (these special instructions do not come with the normal instructions, you must email the ICRF support team at: 'cancertutor' is left side of the email address and '' is the right side of the email address - don't forget the '@' in the middle) include this tactic.

But even if you don't have a High RF Frequency Generator you still need to get rid of the microbes; not just to build the immune system, but to keep the cancer from spreading from other cancer cells, infected dental work or from the liver or lymph nodes to other locations.

The Bob Beck Blood Purifier is the best way to deal with this issue if you do not have a High RF Frequency Generator or use a Hulda Clark Zapper two hours a day. See the "Bob Beck" link on the left side bar (there are several articles related to this protocol).

Dental infections need to be dealt with by very, very specialized and rare dentists. Not even "biological dentists" are qualified to deal with these infections!! Contact the "Huggins Applied Healing" website to find one of these dentists in your area.

One last comment about the High RF Frequency Generator devices. The High RF Frequency Generator (with 10-watt linear amplifier) device can be used twice a day, once in the morning and once in the evening. Each time use it the recommended times. The High RF Frequency Generator (with plasma tube amplifier) can be used twice a day, depending on the protocol used and the patient. Some patients can tolerate it twice a day and some cannot.

Either way do NOT try to use it twice a day until you have been using the device for at least 10 days.

Objective #10: Deal With Oxidation Damage

Coconut water helps with the symptoms of chemotherapy. The article for those still on chemotherapy (see the left side-bar) goes into detail about these issues.

Objective #11: Get Rid of Microbes, etc. in the Liver, Lymph and Dental Areas

This issue is critical if you want to be cured of your cancer. The liver contains massive numbers of the microbe that causes cancer. In many cases these microbes got in the liver from dental work which left an infection in the mouth (e.g. root canals, tooth extractions, etc.). Dentists (other than those trained by Dr. Huggins in Colorado) are a major cause of cancer!!

The Photon Genius, Photon Genie and High RF Frequency Generator devices (High RF Frequency Generator devices have special "auto-channels" to deal with liver microbes) are the best way to kill the parasites and flukes in the liver and lymph.

However, many people cannot afford the Photon Genius, Photon Genie or a High RF Frequency Generator device. A less expensive protocol is a Hulda Clark Zapper.

There are many devices which claim to be a Hulda Clark Zapper. The ICRF has not had the time or money to pick the best of these zappers, so you are on your own to pick a brand. Any feedback, good or bad, would be helpful.

The key issue is that the zapper needs to have electrodes where one electrode is connected to the inside right wrist and the other electrode is connected to the inside right ankle. This will guarantee the square wave will pass through the liver.

Alternate back-and-forth between the right wrist and right ankle and the right wrist and left ankle.

There is simply no way to "finish-off" any cancer without getting rid of the microbes in the liver. Normal anti-microbe methods, such as colloidal silver, will not get rid of the microbes in the liver.

Getting rid of microbes in the dental area is an entirely different issue and requires electromedicine (e.g. special frequencies of the High RF Frequency Generator), a zapper (with electrodes specially placed), a Bob Beck Magnetic Pulser (which may or may not be strong enough) or special dentists trained by Dr. Huggins. See these two chapters on dental work:
Chapter 7 of book
Chapter 8 of book

Objective #12: Have a Good "Cander Diet"

What the cancer patient eats and the special supplements the patient takes, can have a huge impact on survival. Dr. William D. Kelley, a dentist, had a 90% cure rate on thousands of cancer patients by using nothing but a superb diet and special supplements (e.g. carrot juice, proteolytic enzymes, etc.).

While the Kelley protocol is rarely used any more because of newer products, it should be a lesson-learned for cancer patients that special supplements and a good cancer diet can have a huge impact on cancer survival.

Many packaged cancer treatments have a few of the Kelley supplements, but my point is that a cancer patient should drink carrot juice (which a little beet juice mixed in) and other special foods every day.

If you are not on the Cellect-Budwig or Bill Henderson protocol, see this article as an example of a "raw food" diet:
The Cancer Diet

Also, even if you do not use the Cellect-Budwig, the $35 or so for the Mike Vrentas lectures are worth the cost. I recommend the lectures on CD because it is easier to listen to them over and over again. Here is his website:
Mike Vrentas Lectures


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    The Future of Cancer Treatments Is Already Here!!

The Big Picture

Objective #4: Safely and Gently Kill Cancer Cells

Many natural products are able to safely kill cancer cells. A good example is fucoidan, which is a molecule found in high levels in some brands of "limu juice." Laetrile (found in apricot kernels) is another example, but it is not as effective as fucoidan unless used as an I.V. at a clinic.

Purple grapes have about a dozen molecules which can kill cancer cells. Carrot juice also has molecules which can kill cancer cells.

The immune system is the ultimate killer of cancer cells. However, orthodox cancer treatments can damage the immune system to the point it is significantly less effective than it should be.

Many natural substances and special products, and even electromedicine, can help build the immune system. The Photon Genius and Photon Genie are two excellent examples. The Bob Beck, which works much more slowly, is another.

While these and other treatments are critical, they usually do not work fast enough to be among the first three objectives. For example, building the immune system can take time.

This is one reason for the "buying time" protocols because the "buying time" protocols are not chosen for their ability to kill cancer cells - they are chosen to keep the patient alive to give other treatments more time to become effective!!

Some people claim that Vitamin C, hydrogen peroxide and ozone, to name but 3 treatments, can kill cancer cells. Personally, I seriously doubt this is the case. They most likely work by killing the microbes inside the cancer cells, which in turn allows the cancer cells to revert into normal cells. This tactic will be discussed next.

Objective #5: Revert Cancer Cells into Normal Cells

DMSO and MSM (and sometimes honey) are commonly used to revert cancer cells into normal cells. They do this by helping microbe-killing substances to get inside the cancer cells to kill the microbes that are causing the cancer (did you read the "What Causes Cancer" article so you know what I am talking about??).

Most DMSO protocols are discussed on the website of the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc. The exception is the newest "Overnight Cure For Cancer," the Version 7 protocol, which is found on this website. The MSM protocols (e.g. MSM/LIPH, MSM/CS, etc.) are discussed on this website.

Gentle electromedicine can also effectively kill the microbes inside the cancer cells by using special "carrier waves" to get the devitalizing microbe-killing frequencies past the cell membrane. I should mention that only one brand of "Rife Machine" has the necessary and most powerful "carrier wave" frequency. These are in the High RF Frequency Generator family of "Rife Machines". Vendor of these instruments:

While there are about a hundred different "Rife Machines" on the Internet, only the two High RF Frequency Generator devices actually have a powerful carrier wave and the massive numbers of frequencies needed to revert cancer cells into normal cells (e.g. they run up to 8 frequencies at the same time).

The other brands of "Rife Machines" may have some benefits, but their benefits are generally limited to killing microbes in the bloodstream (e.g. which is what the Bob Beck Protocol and Hulda Clark Zapper do) and killing microbes and other parasites in the liver, which will be discussed later.

The High RF Frequency Generator family, however, actually reverts cancer cells into normal cells by killing the microbes which are inside the cancer cells. When these microbes are dead the cancer cells will revert into being normal cells.

I should comment about the difference between the High RF Frequency Generator, Photon Genius and Quantum Pulse. They are totally different machines!

The Photon Genius deals with the original cause of the cancer, kills far more microbes than any other treatment and fixes damaged organs and does a whole lot of other things. The Photon Genius is actually a cancer treatment, though it should be used in conjunction with a consultation, an alkaline protocol (which works even faster than the Photon Genius to slow down the spread of the cancer) and a nutritional protocol. I generally recommend the Photon Genius be combined with the Cellect-Budwig protocol. That combination fills all the gaps.

The Quantum Pulse or Vibe Machine is used to "buy time" by energizing the cells. To some degree it gets rid of microbes in the bloodstream, liver, etc.

The High RF Frequency Generator utilize normalizing and stimulating frequencies which energize the all the cells. These generators are primarily designed to revert cancer cells into normal cells and clean the blood, liver, etc. of microbes.

The High RF Frequency Generator works fast, but in some cases, not fast enough to "buy time" unless the cancer patient is newly diagnosed and has a confined and slower-growing cancer.

The Photon Genius and Quantum Pulse were designed to become effective very quickly. They are "buy time" devices and the Photon Genius is also a cancer treatment device. The Photon Genie is a supplemental protocol if the Photon Genius cannot be afforded.

Objective #6: Deal With Inabilities to Digest Foods

Due to a variety of factors, the stomach and colon may not be able to extract all nutrients from foods and supplements. This is because of damage done to the digestive tract by chemotherapy, surgery and radiation.

Even people who do not have stomach or colon cancer and/or have not had stomach or colon surgery can have a largely worthless digestive tract due to chemotherapy and/or radiation. Chemotherapy kills fast-growing cells and many of the cells in the stomach and colon are fast-growing cells.

Electromedicine (e.g. the High RF Frequency Generator with plasma amplifier) is by far the best way to deal with this issue because with electromedicine nothing needs to be digested to get rid of the cancer cells!

Some other protocols, such as the DMSO and MSM protocols, do not contain anything that needs to be digested.

A special and powerful protocol, the Overnight Cure For Cancer (a DMSO protocol), was designed specifically for people with a blocked stomach and/or blocked colon, thus it will help those with stomachs which cannot digest foods.

I should mention that DMSO protocols cause several body odor for many hours. For that reason many cancer patients (i.e. those who have jobs where they work with the public), cannot use DMSO protocols.

The Camelot Cancer Care clinic, in Oklahoma, is he only clinic I know of that uses a pure DMSO treatment. Nothing needs to be digested at this clinic. This clinic has very good ventilation because of the DMSO!!

There was a medical doctor clinic in Atlanta, Georgia which used DMSO and very low dose chemotherapy (about 1/10th the normal dose of chemotherapy). It was a superb treatment because the DMSO allowed the chemotherapy to target cancer cells. However, the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) shut the clinic down.

I mention this because anyone who is still using chemotherapy or Vitamin C by I.V. needs to take MSM (a close cousin of DMSO but without the body odor), roughly 30 to 40 grams (after building-up, of course), just before leaving home to take the chemotherapy or Vitamin C (see the article on the left side-bar "If Still on Chemo or Radiation").

Objective #7: Work With an Expert

This should be #1, but I list other things first so the patient or caregiver knows what to look for in expert support.

For example, Mike Vrentas supports the Cellect-Budwig protocol. Bill Henderson supports the Bill Henderson Protocol. Larry of Essense of Life supports the Cesium Chloride protocol. The Plasma-Beck is supported by Webster Kehr. Etc.

Clinics, of course, have expert support.

Objective #8: Make the Patient "Whole" Again

While cancer at the cellular level is caused by a very special type of microbe, in fact every person has this microbe (actually there are many types of infectious microbes involved) and every person has cancer cells; so why does one person have their cancer cells grow out of control and another person avoids being diagnosed with cancer?

Here is a hint: before "modern medicine" kicked Mother Nature out of the healing arts, cancer was very rare. But today it is epidemic. Why? Not only does "modern medicine" refuse to cure cancer, many of the things they do cause cancer!!

If you were to ask why a person gets cancer; a typical natural medicine cancer researcher would likely say that a "weak immune system" caused the cancer. While this is likely true, is does not answer the key question: why was the immune system weak?

The answer may be a chain reaction of events that started many years earlier in the patient's life. For example, a vaccination may ultimately lead to a weak liver which in turn leads to a weak immune system. The weak immune system may lead to the cancer cells overpowering the immune system, meaning it may lead to a diagnosis of cancer.

The "root cause" of the cancer in this case was a vaccination given many years earlier. But vaccinations are not the only thing that can cause a chain reaction that ultimately leads to cancer. Injuries, trauma (both psychological and/or physical), etc. can also lead to weak organs, a weak immune system and to cancer.

Only one organization in the world can track down the original cause of the cancer and the intermediate chain reactions. This is important not just in picking the right treatment for the cancer, but also for restoring the patient to being "whole" again; meaning things are done so that the weak organs, weak immune system, etc. are made whole.

That organization is the Ed Skilling Institute. While the Ed Skilling Institute is best known for the Photon Genius, the services of Dr. Hayle Aldren, M.D., and the other medical doctors and practitioners at the Skilling Institute, can tract down the root causes of cancer and the chain reactions which led to the cancer. They can do blood analysis, study questionnaires, etc. to determine what events caused the cancer.

This service is precisely what is needed to keep the cancer from coming back or a tumor from coming back, etc. In other words, if you don't fix the root problem, the cancer and tumors can come back. See this article:
Article on Treating Dangerous Tumors

These are only two options to fix the root cause of the cancer: the "Photon Genius Plus Consultation," which is a combination of the Photon Genius and a consultation with the Ed Skilling Institute (plus do what they recommend) and/or ADDING a Photon Genie (Note: do not confuse a Photon Genius with a Photon Genie) to another cancer treatment. These two devices are the only devices that deal with the root cause of the cancer.

The Photon Genius costs about $25,000 and the Photon Genie only costs about $3,000. Ask the Ed Skilling Institute how to use them, but I will tell you that the main benefit of the Photon Genie is the device that sleeps with you all night (i.e. under your sheet or pad, but NOT under the mattress). This device is also used for brain disorders, such as Multiple Sclerosis, autism, etc.

A Photon Genius can be purchased from the Ed Skilling Institute, and in fact most of them are in individual homes. However, for those who cannot afford the $25,000 price tag (it is worth the money!!) they can obtain the funding without borrowing a dime. See the "How to Fund Your Treatment" link on the left side-bar. The Ed Skilling Institute can also arrange funding.

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Continued from last post.

    The Future of Cancer Treatments Is Already Here!!

The Big Picture

The Objectives of an Alternative Cancer Treatment

Here are the main objectives in treating cancer with natural medicine.

Objective #1: "Buy Time" By Energizing Non-Cancerous Cells

There are specialized cancer treatments that work very quickly and "buy time" to keep the cancer patient alive in order to give other, more powerful treatments more time to work. This is the top priority in dealing with advanced cancer patients and generally involves energizing the non-cancerous cells with electromedicine and/or super-nutrients because the non-cancerous cells can be very, very weak. It also includes not eating foods that feed the cancer cells (e.g. dairy products, sugar, etc.).

Examples of "buying time" would include the Photon Genius (electromedicine), Quantum Pulse (electromedicine), Vibe liquid, the Budwig diet, etc.

The products that "buy time" can generally be used during the entire cancer treatment, but they are considered to be a "buy time" protocol because they start working very quickly to stabilize the patient. But they can also have great benefits throughout the treatment.

The Photon Genius is especially important because it both energizes cells and kills microbes in the liver, lymph and bloodstream. It also creates massive amounts of nitric oxide (which is very good for the patient).

In fact, a combination of the Photon Genius and the consultations offered by the Ed Skilling Institute is the best home cancer treatment on earth, by a wide margin!! It is even more effective if it is combined with an alkaline and nutrition protocol, such as the Cellect-Budwig protocol.

The Quantum Pulse, another electromedicine device, can also be purchased (about $19,000) but it is not as cost-effective as the Photon Genius, even though the Photon Genius costs about $25,000. This is because the Photon Genius does a lot more things than the Quantum Pulse. In other words, if you can afford a Quantum Pulse I recommend you buy the Photon Genius instead because it only costs a few thousand dollars more, but it provides far more benefits to cancer patients.

However, there are many Quantum Pulse machines in people's homes where anyone is welcome to use them for a very small fee. See this website for more information about Quantum Pulse sites:
The Quantum Pulse Website

Less expensive options to "buy time" include D-Ribose, Vitamin C, Vibe liquid (in the orange bottle), the Budwig diet, carrot juice, and many other dietary supplements which help "feed" the weak non-cancerous cells. Anything that floods the body with nutrients will help.

Objective #2: "Buy Time" By Slowing Down the Spreading of the Cancer

Stopping or slowing down the spreading of the cancer is critical. This is the second part of "buying time." This is usually done with alkaline protocols or an alkaline diet which makes the inside of the cancer cells alkaline and thus makes the cancer microbes lethargic or kills them. Examples would be Cellect, cesium chloride, calcium (e.g. coral calcium), barley, alkaline water, etc.

This is a very critical issue for advanced cancer patients!! More will said about this later in this article.

Also in this objective are alternative medicine clinics, which were discussed above. Alternative medicine clinics can be very effective at getting a cancer patient out of danger. If the patient can travel, clinics are certainly an option.

Objective #3: "Buy Time" By Dealing With Cachexia

Cachexia is a deadly cycle. Cancer cells create lactic acid. The lactic acid then travels to the liver (the bloodstream becomes full of lactic acid). Once in the liver the lactic acid is converted into glucose. Guess what, the glucose goes to the cancer cells and more lactic acid is made. Both ends of this cycle (the liver and the cancer cells) consume large amounts of energy, plus the lactic acid in the bloodstream makes a cancer patient weak, among other things!!

By one estimate, cachexia kills 40% of cancer patients. Chemotherapy does absolutely nothing to stop the lactic acid cycle.

Getting rid of the lactic acid in the bloodstream (lactic acid blocks non-cancerous cells from getting nutrients and energy) is generally done with MSM (methyl-sulfonal-methane). There are several MSM protocols on this website (see the "left side-bar," which is the column on links on the left side of this page and most other pages on this website).

Another option is to block the liver from creating glucose is hydrazine sulfate or hydrazine sulfate. This product requires expert support because it can be dangerous to use. Any compound chemist can make hydrazine sulfate but it is best to buy it in liquid form from Essense of Life (spelling is correct). The Syracuse Clinic in New York is where the expert support normally comes from.

Some things can get nutrients to the non-cancerous cells in spite of the lactic acid blockade. Examples would be Vitamin C (where it does not conflict with another treatment), D-Ribose, and perhaps other things.

D-Ribose, which is available at any health food store, and Vitamin C are very important because they can get past the lactic-acid blockade to get nutrients into the non-cancerous cells.

The "Super MSM" protocol (see the left side-bar) was designed specifically for cleaning lactic acid out of the blood and to revert many cancer cells into normal cells. By cleaning the blood of lactic acid, less of the lactic acid gets to the liver and thus the cachexia cycle is at least partially broken.

For those on the Cellect-Budwig treatment, or any other treatment that uses the Budwig diet, they should use the "MSM/CS" or the less expensive and more powerful "MSM/CD" or "MSM/LIPH" protocols (see the left side bar).

Why would someone use the "MSM/CS" protocol instead of the more potent and cheaper "MSM/CD" protocol? The chlorine dioxide in the MSM/CD is very hard on the stomach so it is too intense for some patients.

LIPH, a homeopathic product, has cured cancer by itself, so the MSM/LIPH protocol is gaining in respect. It is so inexpensive that it could and should be added to any other protocol!! See the left side-bar.

Note: the reader might wonder why building the immune system is not among the highest priorities. The reason is that building the immune system is a very, very slow process and it is impossible to build the immune system fast enough to help a cancer patient who has "one foot in the grave." Building the immune system is critical, but it is not a priority at first.


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Continued from last post.

    The Future of Cancer Treatments Is Already Here!!

The Big Picture

Furthermore, some of the individual treatments in the protocol should
have a reputation of curing cancer by itself!!

For example, someone once asked me if the Cellect-Budwig protocol had
ever cured cancer. I mentioned six treatments in the Cellect-Budwig
protocol, each of which had cured cancer by itself! Most of the protocols
on this website also contain several treatments, most of which have cured
cancer by themselves or they have some specific purpose for being in the

But there is more to it than that. For example, if someone has a fast-
spreading cancer they will need at least one highly alkaline protocol or
one potent oxygen protocol or both.

Before going on, let's talk about what causes cancer so we have an idea
of how to treat cancer.

What Causes Cancer?

Orthodox medicine would like you to believe that DNA damage causes
cancer. While cancer cells may have DNA damage, the DNA damage is
actually caused by the same thing that causes cancer. In other words, the
DNA damage is a parallel symptom of cancer.

If you do not understand how microbes cause cancer, see the "What Causes
Cancer" article (and then come back to this article). Here is the article:

What Causes Cancer

Note that if you kill all of the microbes inside the cancer cells the
cancer cells will revert into normal cells. If you make the microbes
lethargic, the cancer cells will not divide as quickly and the spreading
of the cancer will slow down, thus giving you more time to cure the

Important Notes About Alternative Cancer Treatments

Note #1: More details about these items, and other critical issues, are
discussed later in this article and in other articles.

Note #2: The term "electromedicine" in alternative medicine refers to
very, very gentle electrical devices. Generally, the patient cannot even
feel the device is turned on!! Do not confuse these devices with the
normally barbaric radiation therapy of orthodox medicine. However,
radiation therapy can be useful in some situations by shrinking dangerous
tumors and/or in stopping bleeding.

Note #3: Special treatments have been designed to quickly get the cancer
patient out of danger and thus "buy time" by keeping the cancer patient
alive in order to give more powerful treatments (which may start to
become effective very slowly) more time to work. Do not purchase an
expensive "buy time" device unless you have enough money left over to
purchase the main treatment. Most cancer patients need to budget their
money so they need to consider the cost of all items before they commit
to buying something very expensive.

Note #4: There are many natural medicine clinics around the world. Some
of them offer treatments that cannot be used at home. And, of course, the
best ones offer excellent advice. There are also consultants to help you
pick the right treatment and the right clinic. For example, Dr. Hayle
Aldren, MD, who is with the Ed Skilling Institute, does consultations to
help you pick the right treatment for your situation, whether at a clinic
or for a home treatment. More important information about Dr. Aldren will
be given later in this article after the reader has a little more
experience with understanding cancer.

Here is the article which lists some clinics and discusses many issues
related to natural medicine clinics around the world:

A Sample of Alternative Medicine Clinics

Note #5: I am fully aware that while some patients can easily afford (or
at least can obtain the funding) the best and strongest of the natural
cancer treatments, but most cannot afford the best treatments. There is a
financial product which allows terminal cancer patients to obtain the
funding for their natural cancer treatment. There are companies that
purchase life insurance policies (e.g. at 75% of face value) of terminal
cancer patients. This money can provide the funding to give the family
quality time with the patient (e.g. to travel together) and/or to buy
products or visit clinics that may save the patient's life. See this
How To Fund a Treatment Without Borrowing Any Money

Note #6: I am very aware of the reality that because of the medical
industrial complex, and for many other reasons (such as the country a
patient lives in), many cancer patients cannot afford even the basic
natural cancer treatments!!

I have written an article which summarizes many of the inexpensive cancer
treatments. For cancer patients inside and outside of the United States,
this article also has many ideas for things that can be immediately
purchased in your own country.

Even people who can afford the expensive protocols should study this
article because there are some outstanding and inexpensive protocols in
this article:
Inexpensive Cancer Treatments

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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Continued from last post.

The Big Picture

 The Future of Cancer Treatments Is Already Here!! 

 All cancer patients should study this article carefully. It is the main article which discusses very critical issues needed for surviving cancer!! This article should be read every month at least once, from top to bottom!! If this is your first time reading this article, you should read it twice on consecutive days. Since 2002 I have communicated with many thousands of cancer patients or their representatives. In many cases, the emails I have received included a proposed treatment the cancer patient or their representative put together. In some cases their proposed treatment was a single treatment, such as carrot juice or laetrile (vitamin B17) or enzymes, etc.

 Here is why a person might pick a single treatment. Suppose they see a testimonial on the Internet which talks about a person who cured their newly diagnosed liver cancer with carrot juice. Is the testimonial truthful? Most likely it is truthful. But does this testimonial mean that carrot juice, by itself, will cure ALL cancer patients?! Many, many natural substances can cure slow-growing cancers which have not spread very much and the patient is newly diagnosed and the patient has never had any chemotherapy, radiation or major surgery. But such cancer patients are rare indeed. The typical cancer patient today, who seeks out natural medicine, has had extensive chemotherapy and radiation (and may still be using them) and has probably had some major surgery. Their cancer has already spread significantly, the cancer is spreading quickly, their immune system has been destroyed for several reasons, they have large amounts of lactic acid in their bloodstream (which is one of many things that can make a cancer patient weak), their liver and bloodstream are full of microbes, their digestive tract can barely extract nutrients from any food because of damage by chemotherapy, and so on. Advanced patients have "one foot in the grave and the other on a banana peel" (as we say in the United States). Carrot juice, by itself, will not cure such patients!! Nor will laetrile or hydrogen peroxide, by itself.
Picking a single cancer treatment, any single treatment, is the most common mistake made by cancer patients who are new to alternative medicine!! They do not understand that the power and speed of the protocol must be greater than the power and speed of the cancer. I am going to say that again because it is so important: The power and speed of the protocol must be greater than the power and speed of the cancer!!! That is why a person must know, at the beginning of their treatment, what the "power and speed" of their protocol is!! Also, many alternative cancer treatments can be combined.

Much of this article is to explain why several alternative cancer treatments need to be combined to treat the cancer. They are combined either to be synergistic or to do different tasks. This website contains some very old articles, so the terms "treatment" and "protocol" are not consistently used. But I will tell you how they should be used. A "treatment" is a single treatment, such as laetrile or enzyme therapy or carrot juice, etc. A "protocol" is a combination of several "treatments." Why is a "protocol" needed? The reason is that an advanced cancer patient needs help in several different areas!! A "protocol" should be designed to deal with several different issues.
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Continued from last post.

    The Future of Cancer Treatments Is Already Here!!

The Genius Behind Dr. Kelley's Treatments

Let me start with a question. What computer program on this planet is far
and away the most complex and sophisticated computer program?

The answer is human DNA. In fact, after studying human DNA for more than
60 years, scientists have no clue what 97% of human DNA does!! Human DNA
is a computer program with 3.2 billion nucleotides in base 4. It is
equivalent to a 6.2 billion bit long compiled computer program, but it is
incomprehensible in complexity.

So who wrote the computer program known as human DNA? It was not
evolution, as some statistically challenged atheists/evolutionists would
tell you, it was Mother Nature (i.e. God).

In fact, much of the funding for supporting the theory of evolution comes
from the owners of the pharmaceutical industry via a complex maze of
shell organizations. The multi-billionaire owners of the pharmaceutical
industry don't want anyone to believe that Mother Nature is smart, so
they fund "scientists" who support the mathematically absurd theory of

Here is another question: Does Mother Nature love Her children?
Of course, the answer is yes.

You see, Dr. Kelley did not use chemotherapy or radiation (which do not
target cancer cells), rather he used treatments designed by the ultimate
genius who designed human DNA and the DNA of all plants and animals on
this planet. Dr. Kelley took advantage of the love and genius of Mother

Do you think the qualifications of the genius who designed all DNA on
this planet would qualify the person to design safe and effective cancer
treatments that can target and kill cancer cells? Of course it does.

Mother Nature loves Her children, so are you surprised that Mother Nature
has carefully designed and put many natural molecules in plants which can
safely target and kill cancer cells? Mother Nature's cancer treatments
are called "natural cancer treatments" or "alternative cancer

The medical establishment could have a 90% cure rate for cancer tomorrow
if they really wanted to cure cancer, but they never want to use natural
molecules because natural molecules cannot be patented and thus the
treatments that Dr. Kelly used are not profitable enough for them.

It was not that Dr. Kelley was smarter than anyone else, it was that he
cared more about cancer patients than anyone else.

    "Everyone should know that the 'war on cancer' is largely a fraud."
    Linus Pauling, PhD, Two Time Nobel Prize Winner

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The Future of Cancer Treatments Is Already Here!!

Did you know that "cure rates" for the same kind of cancer can range from
3% to 90%? This range of cure rates is mostly a function of the initial
treatment which is chosen!!

The highest cure rates are from cancer treatments that can target and
kill cancer cells. Treatments that target cancer cells can be given in
much higher doses than treatments that don't target cancer cells. This is
because these treatments are far less damaging and painful because they
do no harm to healthy cells.

Safe and gentle cancer treatments also exist that can safely revert
cancer cells into normal cells. How these treatments work will be
explained below.

This article will also discuss why DNA damage does not cause cancer!!
It will also explain what causes this DNA damage and why the DNA damage
cannot occur until after the cell is already cancerous.

But even if DNA damage did cause cancer, why waste your time fixing the
DNA if it is possible to safely target and kill cancer cells? Does
damaged DNA prevent a cancer cell from being killed? Of course not!!

Safe and gentle cancer treatments, with 90% cure rates, have existed for
decades, but medical doctors rarely use the safe and effective treatments
and instead are quite content to use cancer treatments which have less
than a 3%, 5-year cure rate (Journal of Oncology, 2004, volume 16, pp.

Let me say this in another way: in five years after diagnosis, 97% of the
cancer patients treated with standard cancer treatments are dead.

So who uses the safe, gentle and effective treatments? The late Dr.
William D. Kelley, who died in 2005, treated more than 33,000 cancer
patients. Dr. Kelley was able to cure more than 90% of the cancer
patients who were initially treated by him.

Compare Dr. Kelley's 90% cure rate to the current overall 5-year cure
rate of less than 3%!!

Why has the medical community almost universally refused to integrate Dr.
Kelley's methods into their treatments? The reason is that the highly
effective treatments used by Dr. Kelley are not as profitable, by a wide
margin, as their current treatments. The American Medical Association
(AMA) was so upset with Dr. Kelley that they had him thrown in jail and
he was forced to move to Mexico to treat cancer patients.

Why have the media's "investigative journalists" not glorified Dr. Kelley
and his amazing cancer treatments? For the same reason, his treatments
are not as profitable to the media, by a wide margin, as current

In fact, the propaganda machine of the media has totally ignored Dr.
Kelley, as has the medical establishment. As a result, the general public
cannot believe that someone could have a cure rate that high!!

    And when you trust your television
    What you get is what you got
    Cause when they own the information
    Oh, they can bend it all they want
    John Mayer: "Waiting on the World to Change"

Because of the media almost all cancer patients, when they are diagnosed
with cancer, cannot get filled with chemotherapy fast enough. The media
is owned by multi-billionaires, just like the pharmaceutical industry is
owned by multi-billionaires. They have their own "clubs."

Unlike the multi-billionaires in the media and medical establishment, who
disdain the "common people," Dr. Kelley was not interested in money, he
was interested in helping cancer patients.

The good news is that many cancer researchers today are following in the
footsteps of Dr. Kelley and are not interested in the highly profitable
treatments of current medicine. They are pushing forward with even newer
treatments based on new discoveries.

At the Independent Cancer Research Foundation, or ICRF, we are proud to
say that we are part of the continuing heritage of Dr. Kelley. We, and
many others like us, are blacklisted by the media because we represent
treatments that are in the best interests of cancer patients, not

The problem is that people believe the media and do not believe that
cancer can be cured.

It is hard to get people to understand that the goal of the media is not
to inform, but to control. By controlling the information they control
their audience and that is how the media maximizes their profits.

The goal of the media is the same as that of all dictators - control the
information and you control the minds of the people:

    "No one understood better than Stalin that the true object of
propaganda is neither to convince nor even to persuade, but to produce a
uniform pattern of public utterance in which the first trace of
unorthodox thought immediately reveals itself as a jarring dissonance."
    Hitler and Stalin: Parallel Lives, Alan Bullock

When I tell people that cancer treatments with 90% cure rates already
exist, you can bet they will respond with jarring dissonance. The media
has done their job well.

The uniform pattern of public utterance has been created by the media and
no one, and I mean no one, will believe that cancer treatments with 90%
cure rates already exist!!

People simply cannot believe that Dr. Kelley had a 90% cure rate on newly
diagnosed cancer patients, and that we, at the ICRF, and many others,
have access to far better materials than what Dr. Kelley had access to.
When we tell people these things they look at us as if we said we were
from another planet. No one believes us because they believe the
brainwashing machine of the media.

If you feel like you can handle the truth, even when the truth is the
opposite of what the media says, then read on and you will find a world
that you did not know existed. You will find a hidden world were 90% cure
rates, on newly diagnosed cancer patients, are common.

And these protocols are even highly effective for those who have already
had chemotherapy, surgery and radiation; though the five-year cure rate
for those who start with orthodox cancer treatments is about half of that
for those who start with Dr. Kelley-type protocols!!

by R. Webster Kehr
Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc.

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

What is Genital Herpes Asymptomatic Shedding?

What is Genital Herpes Asymptomatic Shedding?

Sexual Health 

Asymptomatic shedding refers to the shedding of the herpes virus through the genital tracts of patients who do not have any obvious symptoms or are asymptotic. Asymptotic shedding is probably the one major factor in the spread of the herpes simplex virus, the virus that causes genital herpes, and the tremendous growth in the number of people infected with the virus.
Studies conducted by researchers have shown that over a period of time, people will shed the virus at some point or the other even when no obvious symptoms are present. Just how virulent the herpes simplex virus is can be gauged from the fact that those infected by the asymptotic shedding of the virus also passed on the infection to others, even in the initial stages of their infection. Many times, patients are unaware that they have been infected with the virus and continue to have unsafe sex, inadvertently spreading the virus. Even those who are aware that they have been infected at some point in the past make the mistake, sometimes through ignorance, of assuming that their infection has been cured just because their symptoms are no longer present.
Wearing condoms, forgoing multiple partners and having a long term monogamous relationship is the only way to lessen the risk of being infected with the herpes simplex virus. Even this is no guarantee of safety. People have been known to be infected despite having worn condoms and practiced safe sex methods. This is because condoms do not always completely cover the areas where the virus is present.
Safe sex practices are essential even for those who have been infected in the past to guard against infecting others. In fact, doctors routinely advice such people to abstain completely from sex whenever any symptoms are present. Sometimes during an initial outbreak the symptoms may include swollen lymph nodes in the groin and flu-like symptoms such as headache, muscle aches and fever. At other times they may include include rashes, reddish dots, sores and blisters. In women, these rashes or sores may appear in the vaginal area, buttocks, external genitals, cervix or anus. In men, they may appear on the scrotum, penis, buttocks, thighs, anus or the inside of the urethra. The HSV-1 virus also affects the region around the mouth. Infection occurs when a person’s skin comes into contact with any of the affected areas where the virus is present.

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Stomach Cramps During Pregnancy

 Stomach Cramps During Pregnancy


During pregnancy, it is only natural for you to be very careful about your diet and your overall health. Any kind of pain or cramping, especially in the stomach, is bound to cause at least some amount of panic. However, stomach pain or cramping during pregnancy is not always a sign of a major complication. At times, a cramp in the tummy may be nothing more than a reminder for you to take things a bit easy. You may also experience pain and cramps in your stomach as a result of something you ate. Some of the most common causes of stomach pain and cramps during pregnancy include:
Consumption of foods that are heavy or friedDigestive problems like heartburn & constipation, which are common in pregnancyHormonal changes that slow down the digestive process and cause excess gasIncreasing pressure on the various organs as the baby grows within the uterusMovement of the baby and changes in the position
It is best to let your doctor know about the symptoms you are experiencing, just to rule out the possibility of any serious problem. Once your doctor is sure that you do not have anything to be worried about, you could try a few pregnancy stomach pain relief remedies and measures, which include:
Rest: As soon as you feel a cramp coming on make it a point to sit down, or preferably lie down for about 10 to 15 minutes. If possible, lie down on your left side, as it will get rid of the excessive gas in your stomach. Also make it a point to avoid any strenuous activity while you are pregnant.Heat Therapy: Applying a little heat to the abdominal area usually works wonders in alleviating pain and cramps. Place a heating pad or a hot water bottle on to the lower part of your abdomen for about 5 minutes. However, do make sure that the temperature is not too high, or you could burn yourself. You could also take a warm shower or soak in a tub filled with warm water, for around 15 minutes or so.Clothing: Make sure that you wear loose, comfortable clothing, made from light and cool fabrics like cotton. Clothes that are tight fitting may restrict movement and the proper flow of blood, which could also result in stomach pain and cramps.Liquids: Try to drink some warm water or other healthy beverages like herbal tea and some milk. This will help ease constipation to some extent and will reduce the risks of stomach pain and cramping.Diet: You need to be very careful about the foods you choose to eat and avoid when you are pregnant. Make sure that you increase your intake of fresh fruits, vegetables, beans, legumes, lean meat, whole grains, low fat dairy products, nuts and seeds. Avoid foods that are greasy, fried or heavy. Keeping your stomach empty for a long period of time could also cause you to experience severe cramps. Make sure that you eat a small meal every 2 to 3 hours.
While the home remedies mentioned above are quite safe if used in the right way, it is absolutely essential to check with a doctor, before trying any of them.
If you do not get any pregnancy stomach pain relief in spite of using the home remedies mentioned above do visit your doctor without any delay. Seek emergency medical attention in case you experience stomach pain and cramping along with diarrhea, spotting, bleeding or vaginal discharge, as these could be signs of a preterm delivery or a miscarriage.

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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

"The War In Medicine"

Continued from last post.

It is all about money, not people. Follow the pharmaceutical industry money trail and you will know with perfect certainty who is on their side. If someone that receives Big Pharma money says anything truthful about alternative medicine, the money dries up immediately.


This book can be summarized in several bullet points:

Since the 1920s medical progress in curing cancer has come to a virtual dead end. The reason: surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments are so, so profitable for pharmaceutical companies, chemical companies, petroleum companies, doctors, hospitals, medical equipment makers, charities, media companies, and many other industries.

The most important concept in chemotherapy is the concept of "remission." However, remission, response, tumor markers, etc. are terms that are meaningless. They are supposed to equate to "length of life since diagnosis," but in fact there is no correlation between being in remission and "length of life since diagnosis."

"Cure rates" are another deception tactic of orthodox medicine. Rather than use the logical concept of "length of life since diagnosis," orthodox medicine uses a meaningless statistic based on the percentage of people who live for 5 years between diagnosis and death. This statistic is easily manipulated to make orthodox treatments look more and more effective. But the only thing that really improves is their ability to deceive.

Chemotherapy drugs are evaluated by the FDA based on tumor size reduction and other irrelevant measurements, not on the basis of extending the life of the patient compared to a person not taking orthodox treatments. When they talk about extending a person's life, it is based on comparing one or more toxic poisons to another group of toxic poisons.

In most cases a person would live longer, and have a far higher quality of life, if they took no orthodox treatments for cancer.

Chemotherapy generally does far more harm to a patient than good. It destroys the immune system, making it more difficult for some alternative treatments to work, loses valuable time for the patient to take more effective treatments, causes people to die of complications directly and indirectly from chemotherapy, causes enormous pain and sickness, etc. Chemotherapy is virtually worthless, but it is very profitable.

The uselessness of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation is hidden behind  a maze of very sophisticated false and misleading statistics, misleading definitions, meaningless concepts and many other techniques. Above all, there is a complete failure to compare chemotherapy to the statistics of people who refuse orthodox treatments and there is an intentional failure to meaningfully compare the Big 3 to alternative treatments.

Cancer research today is largely a fraud. If only a small percentage of research money were spent on studying alternative treatments, known to work, cancer would be a sad footnote in history books within 10 years. (Note: It is absolutely critical that alternative health zealots control that research and money or it will be just another scam.)

In comparing Vitamin C, and perhaps by taking a few other vitamins and minerals with Vitamin C, patients who avoid orthodox treatments would live several times longer than similar patients who took orthodox treatments. They would have a far better immune system, have far less pain (zero pain from the treatment), feel better and have a much higher quality of life. In other words, Vitamin C therapy is far superior to the Big 3.

Yet Vitamin C therapy, even with the Hoffer nutrients added, is not one of the "top 100" alternative treatments for cancer. It's cure rate is
far too low to make that list.

Bogus scientific studies have been commissioned by the NIH specifically to discredit valid studies and the testimonies of tens of thousands of patients cured of cancer with alternative treatments.

The media are nothing but worthless whores. They sell-out to the highest bidder, which is always the corrupt pharmaceutical industry. Everything they say is aimed to please those that pay the most.

The media has many different techniques they routinely use to brainwash the general public. They can all be summarized in two words: "whited sepulcher." They lie, withhold information, deceive you, tell half-truths, and so on.

The job of the FDA, NIH and NCI is to suppress the truth about alternative treatments for cancer. Their number one job is to insure there is "no scientific evidence" for alternative treatments so that alternative treatments can be legally suppressed. They are corrupt to the core and are directly responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Americans every year.

The reason for the FDA, etc. suppressing the truth of alternative medicine is so they can continue to suppress the availability of alternative medicine substances and so the AMA can suppress the availability of patients to get alternative treatments from medical doctors.

Congress, whose job is to protect Americans and eliminate the corruption in Government, are largely inept and could easily be accused of intentionally "looking the other way" at what the FDA is doing, just as they have been "looking the other way" at what the tobacco industry has been doing for over 70 years.

Not only does the media provide a lot of misinformation, but the internet also has an enormous amount of misinformation about alternative treatments. Universities frequently pass on this bogus information.

The scientific evidence for alternative treatments for cancer is overwhelmingly superior to the scientific treatments for orthodox medicine. For those who understand statistics, the difference is greater than 1,000 standard deviations in some comparisons. Alternative treatments are so good, many thousands of people cure their own cancer without any medical help.

The primary way the medical establishment tries to suppress the tens of thousands of testimonials of people cured of their cancer by alternative medicine (most of them were sent home to die by orthodox medicine before they started alternative treatments) is to talk about "spontaneous remission." The joint concepts of "spontaneous remission" and "psychological remission" are statistical nonsense and are nothing more than overt lies.

In short, American's have been sold a "Bill of Goods." Alternative treatments work, but they are suppressed. Orthodox treatments don't work, but by using sophisticated statistics, clever definitions, etc. it appears to the public that they do work.

I have called this a "war." When people hear the term "war," they think of guns, tanks, jet airplanes and soldiers. They think about mindless tyrants shaking their fists on television.

But the war in medicine is very different. The tyrants in this war hide their real intentions. This is a "war" where the weapons are information. The American people know exactly half of all truth, the half that is most profitable.

  "A nation can survive its fools and even the ambitious. But it can-not survive treason from within. An enemy at the gates is less formidable, for he is known and he carries his banners openly against the city. But the traitor moves among those within the gates freely, his sly whispers rustling through all alleys, heard in the very halls of government itself. For the traitor appears no traitor; he speaks in the accents familiar to his victim, and he wears their face and their garments and he appeals to the baseness that lies deep in the hearts of all men. He rots the soul of a nation; he works secretly and unknown in the night to undermine the pillars of a city; he infects the body politic so that it can no longer resist. A murderer is less to be feared. The traitor is the plague."
    Marcus Tullius Cicero, Roman Orator - 106-43 B.C.

Copyright (c) 2003 R. Webster Kehr, all rights reserved

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What Makes a Whole Grain Whole?

 What Makes a Whole Grain Whole?

We’ve heard that whole grains are better for us than refined, but what exactly makes a whole grain whole? While all grains begin whole, various ways of processing can change their seed. With three key parts and a protective husk, a whole grain is healthier than its refined counterpart. 100% of the original kernel must be present for a grain to qualify as whole.
The Germ
The germ is the inner part of the seed; it contains lots of vitamins and minerals, as well as some protein and healthy fats.
The Endosperm
This is the germ’s food supply; it has starchy carbohydrates, proteins, and some vitamins and minerals.
The Bran
The bran is the outside layer of the seed; it has good antioxidants, vitamins, and fiber.
Why Whole Grains?
Refining a grain generally removes the germ and the bran, losing about 25% of the grain’s protein and at least 17 essential nutrients. Some processes include adding vitamins back into the grain once it’s refined, but whole grains are healthier.
What are Whole Grains?
Whole grains include all three parts of the kernel, or seed, and can take on a variety of types; barley, corn, rye, and wheat are all whole grains, and others. Therefore, whole wheat is a type of whole grain.
Benefits of Whole Grains
Consuming whole grains instead of refined lowers the risk of various diseases, including diabetes, heart disease, and reduce the risk of stroke. Other studies have shown a reduced risk of asthma and gum disease.
Source: Whole Grains Council

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Monday, February 18, 2013

What If The Prodigal Son Had Been A Cancer Patient Instead Of A Swine Feeder?

 What If The Prodigal Son Had Been A Cancer Patient Instead Of A Swine Feeder?

In the fifteenth chapter of the book of Luke there is to be found one of the most poignantly beautiful stories of redemption and restoration in all of literature. Surely all of you are familiar with this story of a younger brother who persuades his father to give him his inheritance as though the father had died. As the story goes, he then went to a foreign land and wasted his funds in riotous living. His money ran out just as a famine gripped the land he had chosen and he was reduced to the role of a swine feeder in the filthiest of conditions. He then decided to go home and throw himself on his father's mercy and was, happily, extremely well received. This brings us to the central character of the story who was not the prodigal, but rather the older brother who was angered by the whole proceedings. He made it known that his first concern was financial and was based on his brother's handling of his money and the fact that he had come back for more. The story does not tell the ultimate outcome. We do not know if the older brother was ever able to reconcile with his father with the humility that the younger, repentant brother displayed.
Now let us fast forward to today and a currently developing story that bears a strong resemblance to the bible story in view of attitudes found within the community. There is a man in Granbury, Texas by the name of Rex Covert who has just completed a very real journey to hell and back. This started for him with the discovery that he had colo-rectal cancer that had already metastasized to distant organs. Add to the complications that Rex is a 90 year old man and you have what developed as a rather sordid picture of our times. I can only surmise that there must have been a sense of both jubilation and haste when the hospital folks saw a 90 year old cash cow coming through the door. They appear to have thrown every billable process, medication and procedure at him that was available at their facility with the result that by late summer he was bedfast and near death with hospice already on the scene. I had known Rex for many years and when he called me for help, I went immediately.
He would not receive me at his bedside and insisted that he be propped up in a chair in his living room where we engaged in a rather lengthy conversation about my experience in the field of mind/body medicine. Our conversation went very deep into Rex's personal life, at his leading, not mine. Before it was over, he broke down and cried his heart out as I held him in my arms. These were not tears of sorrow or self pity but rather, tears of joy at being released from some burdens that had troubled him for decades. He declared that he felt better and walked unassisted back to his bed. I had just received a package containing 5 proof copies of the new Alpha Wave modulated CD of guided imagery for cancer patients and I left one with him which he assured me he would faithfully use. This pretty much ended my involvement with Rex as the rest was left up to him and this is his story, not mine. Within about 3 months, he had regained his lost weight, resumed his walking exercise program and tests could find no cancer. What a remarkable, unbelievable story this turned out to be. Rex's story is, in fact, a story within a story as four other discs were sent to patients who all had positive responses that ranged from stable disease to full remission. Rex's story was by far the most dramatic. I thought it worthwhile to conduct a small "attitude survey" among several people from select walks of life. It is sometimes tough to tell these stories as people generally are not interested in hearing them. I was curious to see if a common thread of response would run through all the interviews and, sure enough, it did. Here are the results of my little survey:
1) A doctor thought this was "interesting" but since it was not done under proper scientific conditions could not be viewed as having much value. Again the use of the word "anecdotal" - this has become a convenient word as it has become an accepted vehicle for dismissing that which we really don't understand. The NCI has never come up with an answer to the question of "What if the anecdotal evidence is true?".
2) A neighbor of deep religious conviction who simply worried about me and cautioned that I might be in danger of putting myself up as equal to God and that I should be alert to any danger of my immortal soul. No interest in the details of what happened.
3) A person involved in cancer research who was considerably irritated that a layman such as I really had no business playing in the professionals yard. Again no interest in the details or how they might possibly and favorably impact his own work.
4) A cancer patient who felt that I was just not "scientific" enough to be doing this sort of work and felt that her doctor would be offended if she got off into something like this. (she just LOVES her doctor). She was not interested in finding out more of what Rex had done to bring about this miracle. I think this was the most interesting response of all considering that it came from someone who had never had an original thought in her life, scientific or otherwise. I used to argue this point with the doctors on the KCA board. I always mentioned that in my own career in plasma physics and theoretical fluid mechanics I racked up a score or 27 patents in 9 different countries while asking how many original scientific discoveries any of them had made - of course the answer was no. It comes as no surprise that my term on the board was not renewed.
5) A young minister whose first thought was to counsel me on the concern that I might be interfering with God's work. He was not forthcoming as to the scriptural basis for this concern. He never once asked for details.
There is an amazing consistency of disinterest running through the above that bears a striking similarity to the parable of the Prodigal Son, who is, himself, really not the central character of Jesus' story. No. this story was about the older brother who just happened to be the only one of all the characters who was not happy with the outcome. He saw only the financial aspects. None of the people above were joyful at the report that, as the father in the parable put it, "The dead is alive and the lost is found". I suspect that there are with us today, many forward looking oncologists who would find Rex's case of significant interest. I hope so as meaningful discourse on this case, in itself, would be cause for celebration as it could amount to a positive indication that the oncology worm is finally turning from a locked in mindset that is solely pharmaceutical. We are not threatening their treatment protocol -WE ARE TRYING OUR BEST TO ENHANCE IT!
The true essence of all science is expressed in three words "Observing and Inferring". The world is free of smallpox today because a man named Jenner, in the 1700's observed that milkmaids in his community did not seem to get smallpox. Inferring correctly from that observation he proceeded on a healing journey, no doubt over the ridicule of many of his peers in the medical community of his day and smallpox became history. Scientific observation is not limited to any organization or political system.
Let us take this wonderful outcome of tests simply for what it is - a Christmas miracle in the form of answered prayer. Rex, keep on doing what you are doing as you have made at least some of us very, very happy!!
Gerald White, P.E.
Back in 1993 Gerald White survived a 20 pound kidney tumor that subsequently went metastatic to distant organs. After all medical treatments had failed and the dreadful "only three more months" death sentence had been delivered. He worked out a self- directed program of guided imagery that induced a remission in three months. He has served a three year term as a Director of the National Kidney Cancer Association. Through his webpage he maintains an active world wide mentoring program that has yielded many similar remissions of cases thought to be hopeless. His book has been translated into Chinese and Hungarian. A credible Scientist, in his career before cancer, he achieved some 20 technology patents in 9 countries.

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Optimism Worthless For Cancer Patients?

 Optimism Worthless For Cancer Patients?

A good friend and fellow "miracle" cancer survivor called to my attention a fairly recent article from a group of Australian researchers who were reporting on a clinical study of optimism. These fellows were purporting to study the role, if any, that optimism might play in the recovery of cancer patients. I found it prominently displayed on the webpage of a national cancer patient support organization. It was almost as if this particular association was rejoicing in good news.
Since the Associated Press has seen fit to share this gem of pseudo (junk) science with the world, I decided I should do no less. Mark this one well, dear reader, as you are not likely to see its like elsewhere for some time to come. It is presented here exactly as it appeared in the news release.
According to a recent Associated Press story, a positive attitude does not improve chances of surviving cancer, and doctors who encourage patients to keep up hope maybe burdening them.
Patients are burdened by trying to maintain a positive outlook during their difficult situations, said researchers from the Peter Mac Callum Cancer Center in Melbourne, Australia and five other health centers in an article published in the journal, Cancer.
Optimism made no difference in the fate of most of the nearly two hundred lung cancer patients that Australian followed over 5 years. Only eight people were still living by the time the study ended in 2001. According to health experts, this is the first scientifically valid look at optimism and cancer.
The results surprised some researchers who expected optimistic patients to live longer."
Now this is certainly worth some commentary, particularly from one such as I who has personally beaten metastatic renal cell cancer with plural metastices to the lungs. Not only did my doctors not "burden" me with optimism, they seemed to actually worry that I might somehow develop "false hope". This term is, itself, an outrage, even though it is used universally throughout the halls of medicine. Hope is neither true nor false, it is just hope and a beautiful word it is
This story doesn't say very much for the Australian cancer system now does it? They had 192 out of 200 patients die and they blame it on optimism! As a child I can recall hearing the old saying to the effect that a poor excuse is better than none. It might be just as well to note that were a group of the most optimistic persons in the world to be stood up against a wall before a firing squad, the optimism would be seen to be of little value when the bullets started flying. A better question might be to ask how a patient in a medical system no better than that could possibly find anything to be optimistic about. Had I been a peer reviewer of this bit of pseudo-scientific pot boiling I think I would have asked the following questions.
1) How does one quantify optimism? Can it be distinguished from wishful thinking? Has a numerical scale been derived that allows the "researcher" to, for example, distinguish between a high value #10 optimizer compared and a lowly #3 optimizer? Further, since optimism has been presented as an independent variable in the study, did it remain constant all the way to the ventilator? If not, then how was the time variant figured into the evaluation of data? Perhaps eight of the patients exhibited "durable optimism" while the others "failed optimism" to use the parlance of our clinical trials.
2) What, if any, qualifications did the researchers have that enabled them to either induce or evaluate optimism. If they were not doctors, were they there looking over the shoulders of doctors? Were they present during consultations, infusions or through the long hours in the waiting rooms? Were they there when the mountains of paperwork were being filled out? If they were not involved in the above then they missed a wonderful opportunity to see what a failed medical system can do to any semblance of optimism. "Durable optimism" can be as difficult to muster up as a cancer remission.
3) Were these "researchers" present with the patients through the long nights, black as death, when life seems elusive and hopes fail? If they weren't then it is the height of arrogance to claim to know the condition of a patients optimism. It would be interesting to know if any of these experts on optimism for cancer patients ever had the disease themselves.
4) Perhaps the best question is just how these 200 patients contracted their optimism in the first place? For the study to have any value, all 200 would had to have been optimistic throughout. Since optimism typically is not present at the diagnosis of cancer, then where did this optimism come from at the beginning and how was it maintained? It seems to me that there would have to have been at least one creative genius involved whose accomplishments are not revealed in any detail. By this I refer to the person in the study who managed to induce simultaneous optimism in 200 cancer patients and maintain it all the way to death. Now here is indeed a wonderful discovery that should be shared with the world!! It seems to me that the clinicians are giving themselves a generous dose of undeserved credit in this matter. I seem to see an image of a white jacketed clinician slamming his clipboard down and arrogantly declaring, "They were optimistic, by God, because I told them to be optimistic!". Perhaps there were doctors stretching the truth a bit along the way to impart this optimism, unwarranted as it were in these circumstances. If this is the case, then I suspect it was the doctors doing this false cheer leading who were fooled. Cancer patients who have been around a while usually get pretty good at reading the tea leaves whether anyone recognizes it or not.
It is a fact that, unburdened by any of the above nagging questions, this little parcel of bovine scatology burst across the cancer scene like a meteor. Critics of mind/body medicine were able to say, "See, I told you so!". It turned out that the cancer organization that featured the article the first time I saw it was at that very time engaged in an all out drive to recruit human subjects into clinical trials. It has been observed that the elimination of hope can make even a good prospect look weak. I hate to say it but I seem to keep getting back to the notion that hope and money sit on opposite sides of the cancer table. We know that it is scientific because the Associated Press says that it is scientific. We know that optimism is now worthless for cancer outcomes because the Associated Press says it is. And, if you believe this, I have some Florida swamp land that I can sell to you at a great price!
Back in 1993 Gerald White survived a 20 pound kidney tumor that subsequently went metastatic to distant organs. After all medical treatments had failed and the dreadful "only three more months" death sentence had been delivered. He worked out a self- directed program of guided imagery that induced a remission in three months. He has served a three year term as a Director of the National Kidney Cancer Association. Through his webpage he maintains an active world wide mentoring program that has yielded many similar remissions of cases thought to be hopeless. His book has been translated into Chinese and Hungarian. A credible Scientist, in his career before cancer, he achieved some 20 technology patents in 9 countries.

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Sunday, February 17, 2013

"The War In Medicine"

Who do you believe? Follow The Money Trail

When I was first researching cancer, I ran into both kinds of
web sites, the sites controlled by orthodox medicine and the
sites controlled by alternative medicine. The quackwatch page
(one of the orthodox sites) caused me to wonder whether all
of this alternative medicine stuff was a bunch of baloney.
Even though I am an expert at Machiavellian tactics and logic,
I didn't know enough about the bogus scientific studies they
were referring to to figure out what was going on.

Then I came across the book Alive and Well, by Dr. Binzel. After
reading the first two chapters of this book the picture became
very clear. I had seen this same pattern before when dealing with
physics and energy (although different government agencies were
 involved). I saw how the Department of Energy was suppressing
discovery after discovery which would lead to very cheap energy
costs (especially gasoline costs). In the same way, the effort to
fight alternative treatments for cancer is intentional, well organized,
well funded and includes U.S. government agencies (e.g. FDA,

Most people in America would never consider taking alternative
treatments for cancer. This is because the orthodox medical
establishment has total control over everything a typical person
hears in their life. Unless a person is an expert at internet
research (and quite frankly that wouldn't do any good unless they
knew what to look for), or they happened to run into someone who
knows what is going on (and if they did they would probably
consider them to be whack-o because they have been so efficiently
brainwashed), they will never know the truth about anything.

I should mention how the establishment crushed the Linus Pauling
heart disease prevention program. They didn't say anything about
it in the media, good or bad (i.e. they blacklisted it), and eventually
the truth simply died out. That was all it took. There are many
"blacklisted" organizations and truths that are forbidden to be uttered
by the media.

There is no "freedom of speech" in America because only one "side"
is allowed to speak on television or radio because they own the
stations. The Constitution was written before radio and television
were invented so no provision was made in the Constitution to force
the mass media to present both side of the issues.

As a second example of blacklisting, when was the last time you
heard a member of the "John Birch Society" talk for five minutes
or more on the television (both Binzel and G. Edward Griffin belong
or belonged to the JBS, and others)? Most people under 40 have
never heard of the John Birch Society. I mention these things
because these are just two of many examples of how potent black-
listing is, and more importantly, how overwhelming what you know
is controlled totally by large, corrupt corporations that advertise.
The owners of virtually all television stations, large and small,
are also large corporations.

I should mention that General Electric, which owns NBC,
manufactures medical equipment. GE Medical Systems
manufactures very expensive equipment used by both cancer
doctors and heart disease doctors:

    "In addition to its industrial holdings, General Electric owns
NBC which controls the following assets:

    9 television stations including ones in New York, Los Angeles
and Washington DC
    25% of more of the following cable channels: CNBC, CourtTV,
Bravo, MSNBC, A&E, the History Channel
    Plus these key news programs:
    The Today Show
    Meet the Press
    Dateline NBC
    NBC Nightly News with Tom Brokaw"

Now do you understand why you have never hear anything positive
about alternative treatments for cancer or alternative heart disease
prevention programs?

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