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TALASANA - A Strong Message to Mankind

By Manjari Bhatt

To learn Indian classical music, no matter which music school or Gharana you go to, the way very first Raga you will be taught is 'Raga Bhupali' or Bhoopali because it is easy to teach for a teacher and easy to learn for a student. The same way, no matter which Yoga school you go to, the 1st pose is taught Talasan or "Tadasan" a Palm-tree pose. I learned "Talasan" during my first course in 1974 'Yoga for Better living.' Due to my major in Psychology at the University, I was interested in Yoga - the Indian Psychology. So I went to the World recognized Yoga School, The Yoga Institute, Bombay, India. There in my Teacher's Training program during 1991-'93, again I'd to learn the same pose! With my deep interest and 'more to learn attitude' led me to learn Yoga Therapeutics, where no matter which health-camp I was attending or assisting, the 1st pose was taught again Talasan at the institute. So my base became very strong due to two reasons: (1) I've learned and practiced this pose for at least 17 years before my Teacher's Training Course and (2) I've learned various variations of the same pose taught at the Institute for various disorders and illnesses - for cure n prevention.After receiving my C.Y.Ed. Certificate in 1993 from The Yoga Institute, I went to several world known Yoga Schools to explore more n learn more techniques as each and every Yoga School offers some unique techniques! For me it was a great learning experience for the same pose with different explanation, position, variations and practices! The question in my mind was, that why 'Talasan'? What made our great Yogis and Yoga Masters to practice this particular pose? There are many trees on earth! Why they have selected only a 'Palm Tree' in particular? As our great Yogis thousand years back with their minute and precise observation of the Mother Nature selected all Asanas, naturally there has to be some reason behind that! When we hear the word 'Nature' the first thing comes in our mind is greenery, beautiful trees, plants and flowers! This was not only my experience but I asked all my students during all these years and majority answered the same word, Greenery . So is the first pose related to a tree! The way human life itself is a learning stage for entire life and Yogic life adds more awareness and positive attitude to it. I've learnt and now teaching yoga for several years to different people, age group and dealing with various problems: Physical and mental. I'm teaching 'Talasan' with variations and cultivate different attitudes in relations to the purpose and cause of participants, attending my yoga classes or sessions.I'm constantly comparing the similarities of the Palm-tree with our human life. Learning various skills in order to survive as an individual, part of a family and member of a community, society or a nation. There are so many things to learn from the nature all the time! If the person keeps open senses, mind with positive attitude, awareness and eagerness. He will be never being a short of any solutions to any worldly problems, obstacles or hindrances. Only one pose teaches great things to overcome our most common problems. Just think of the rest of poses yoga has to offer! I've come out with my own understanding and explanation about this pose! I would like to share it with other yoga teachers, students and practitioners(1) ROOTS AND LEAVES - THE BASE AND EXPANSION:The way strength and base of the tree is in its roots, and how it spreads out and holds the grip of the ground. Here, in Yoga, toes represent the base of yoga practitioner. To stand on feet by using and balancing on toes, the ten toes represents the 10 basic principles of Yama and Niyama. The universal code of conduct or moral conducts, the first two steps of Eightfold path. One who is thoroughly practicing Yama and Niyama in day-to-day living, will never faces any problem! The base becomes so strong that nothing affects the practitioner. Nothing can disturb, attract, divert or oppose on the path of your progress. It also helps to find and choose the right goal and a path for personal growth. The Palm tree has very strong roots and normally grows in the sandy soil, mostly on the costal line near the seashores or sandy deserts. Very hard and difficult to keep grip in sandy soil than the mud soil but the more deep-rooted, holds the better grip. In Talasan, pointed toes touching the ground, help in balancing and caring the body weight, on tip of the toes, shows the strong rooted base. Same way one who is completely immersed in practicing Yama n Niyama is very strongly rooted on the yogic path.The palm tree always faces the most adverse weather conditions - storms and blowing winds but because of its flexibility, it survives. The tree bends in the direction of the wind and doesn't oppose it. It stands up right once the storm is over. In human life, we also have many ups and downs. Human life is full of struggles. If one become flexible then it's easy to tackle the situations. Once the dark days or time is over again he can live with same strength and vigor again.This particular tree lives with minimum nutrients. Either in salty sands at sea- shore with lots of water or in dries sands of deserts with minimum water. A great survival skill! The best quality about this tree is that it will absorb the required amount. It's the roots, which decide how much water to absorb for its life. A grate survival strength & technique and thus, teaches us the survival skills and how to be contended. Human beings also need to learn to live with required needs in order to survive while developing the virtue of Santosha - contentment. Again coming back to the base of Niyama. Whether you have maximum or minimum, it's your choice to be and feel contended!One thing is important that while sawing the seed and during seedling if enough care has been taken, it will grow correctly, straight and turn out as a healthy tree. The tree will also flourish. A healthy seed prospers as and into a healthy tree. It will blossom and reproduces the healthy fruits hence healthy seeds again. This circle will carry on for ages. Same way a healthy person can create a healthy generation! That is only possible if the person is fulfilling his duties and living a disciplined life. Here we are also covering the 1st aspect of Yoga Education: Dharma -Dharma means duty & discipline. The practice of Yama and Niyama brings discipline in life and disciplined life brings awareness of duties. Plus while learning Yoga, if you saw a seed of right intention and motive in your mind then the practitioner will be a true Yogi in his/her practices. By all means: thought, action and end-results.(2) THE TREE AND HUMAN BODY The Palm-tree has all its parts very strongly bonded to each and other. Each and every cells, tissues and threads are so strongly interlinked from its roots, trunk to its leaves that you can't break or separate! Literally you have to cut a leaf or a part, to make a piece or separate it from the tree itself.Our human body is also similar with all interlinked and connected bones, nerves, blood vessels, muscles, skin etc. Each and every tissue is connected that you can't break or separate. While practicing Asanas and Pranayams, we are trying to learn and develop the awareness to keep them healthy, connected in harmony and balance. If there is any imbalance, injury or problem we can detect easily, tackle and try to solve.Thus second two steps of eightfold path: Asana and Pranayam; we are learning and covering in the one n same pose. By synchronizing the coordination of physical movements with the breathing and coordinate body balance, brings knowledge of and about the self at physical level as well as mental level. In this pose advance student or practitioner can practice all the breathing techniques: inhalation, retention, exhalation and suspension: Here we are covering the 2 nd aspect of Yoga Education: Jnana - Knowledge. Here awareness is a key point to acquire knowledge. Any activity done with full and complete awareness is likely to gain some sort of knowledge definitely, some way or the other, sooner or later(3) LEAF & TREE -INDIVIDUAL & FAMILYThe tree represents the family and the leaves represent the members of the family. The old leaves make a room for a new coming out leaf and protect till the central leaf is enough grown to stand on its own. All leaves spread-out in such a way as to give enough place to each and every leaf individually to grow. They fall, as per the direction, to help keep the tree up right, balanced, and intact, as a whole and one, as an independent unit!
Similarly, in a family unit, a newborn baby gets protection, love and care till he/she is grownup. One thing has to be remembered that the human baby is the most dependent creature compared to other creatures of the universe! Other babies of insects, birds or animals get independent in few days weeks or months. Human baby takes few years to be independent! On becoming an adult member of the family, he has to play his role and duties as an individual as well as a part of the family, without disturbing the family peace, harmony and unity. This is a straight message of performance of duties and disciplined life. If you practice these both, then positive results ought to come!The position of hands in various variations represents the position of the leaves of the tree. The most spread-out leaves on the sides to the new one in the center. The bunch of leaves represents the family members as a unit of the society. You will never see all the leaves coming out at the same time and in the same side or direction on Palm-tree! They fall apart in such a way that it gives a total and complete balance to the tree as one and strong unit. So is the case of a balanced and complete family! Only such group of families can built the balanced and complete community, a society and a nation! The way any healthy seed produces a healthy tree, similarly a healthy human produces a healthy family and healthy generations to come.While standing only on toes and balancing, we are practicing concentration. Without concentration one can t balance! One can only concentrate when other senses are controlled. A minute disturbance can result into imbalance. The more you concentrate more you can hold the position in up till the final stage of this pose. In other words, you are detaching yourself from the surroundings, in order to concentrate. This detachment is a step further towards Pratyahara, the 5 Th step on eightfold path. When you hold this pose for a prolonged period as a static pose, it leads to the further step of Dharna the 6 Th step of eightfold path. When Pratyahar and Dharna is practiced thoroughly, it leads the practitioner to the 3rd aspect of Yoga education, which is Vairagya - detachment. When a conscious attempt for detachment is mastered, then nothing on earth can disturb the yoga practitioner. If the mastery is cultivated at physical level then it's easy to transfer it to mental level. When body is under full control then mind follows the body! Some times it comes automatically! Note that here we are talking of as a positive detachment a detachment-at-will, not as a tool of escapism or ignorance.The leaf of palm tree, which grows first in order, gets pale and
Yellowish first. It gets older first, gets dried, falls and drops on the sides. It does not drop-off from the tree like any other trees but literally it has to be cut down to separate it from the tree. Though it's a dead leaf, very strongly connected and linked through its threads with the main tree, where it was and belonged. The leaf, which grows first, also dies first. A very true and hard reality. The leaf dies but the tree remains intact. More to that, the tree-roots branch out and spread out resulting into a bunch of new trees! Similarly in human society, the old and grown-up person first makes a path for new member to come. He watches and helps in growth and progress of the new member and when time comes, he dies. Though the person dies, he can t be separated from the family! The family still exists intact and on the contrary it branches out into a larger family! That s how it works, from generations to generations, from ages to the date and will, in the future too.When the fact is accepted, that one who is born has to die then all the fear vanishes! Especially the fear of death, which is very common in all living beings. From an ant to elephant, from a time primitive to today's most modern world, from a most ignorant to the most learned man! One who is born first also dies first. If and when a man then accepts this law of the nature, he is in the most blissful state! He gets engrossed easily in any activity he does including Dhyana - meditation! This state is known as Aishvarya the state of Self-realization. Here person does not need to sit in any complicated meditative pose! Even standing in Simple Prarthanasana is sufficient. Normally more stress is given to the pose but my experience is that the mental status plays major role in Yoga than merely physically perfect pose!
In short by practicing only one pose of Talasan with the right attitudes, the yoga practitioner can follow all the steps of eightfold path: Yama, Niyama, Asana, Pranayam, Pratyahar, Dharana, Dhyan and Samadhi This pose can also cover all the aspects and the base of Yoga education: Dharma. Jnana, Vairagya and Aishvarya that's why it's a complete pose and taught first. This pose is easy to learn and there are no limits for the advancement for any learner or a practitioner. My personal explanation is that, practice of duties and disciplined life brings awareness. The awareness brings knowledge and wisdom to discriminate good and bad, right and wrong, true and false. So the wise person will easily detach from the things that are not suitable for his personal growth. The virtue of detachment brings the power of concentration, which leads to the highest stage of self-realization. Yoga education takes place much more at subconscious level. Learning experience becomes a life style. It becomes a part of day-to-day living. Thus the whole process transforms the person from gross to the subtlest level of self-experiences and consciousness.This pose is a base for beginners, advance learners and spiritual seekers. Whoever is practicing this pose can achieve as per his understanding, capacity and capability, depending on the self and tips and guidance he gets from his teacher. Benefits are countless at physical, mental and spiritual level. Now, I feel, I have thoroughly understood as to why Talasan the palm-tree pose was selected by our great Yogis! Through this pose direct and straight universal message has been given to the mankind irrespective of age, time and place! CONCLUSION:
Now days young deaths are more visible due to major diseases and faulty life styles. Due to modern technology everything is moving very fast than the normal speed and progress. The end results immature and early deaths due to stress and tension which normal and average man ca' t take it! In yoga it is said that the more you are close to the nature, you are more healthy and happy, more you are away from her, you are more sick, sad and unhealthy. Unfortunate part is that the man of this age, instead of living close to the nature and harmonizing with her, wants to conquer the Mother Nature and we can see the end-results more pain, misery and unhappiness in human society. The unhealthiest society! It is high time for us, as Yoga teachers, students and practitioners to spread this message out. To bring the harmony and peace in the society and create a healthy society for the next generation and for the generations to come!
   Manjari Bhatt is a Yoga Teacher & Therapist and Founder of Yoga Education Centre Ontario 

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Black Raspberries - Just The Faqs

Natural Remedies:

Talk to today's medical scientists studying the disease-prevention properties of plant foods and most would tell you that a fast-rising star is the black raspberry one of Nature's most powerful antioxidant fruits.
Particularly in the prevention of cancer, black raspberries are revealing remarkable effects as anti-tumor agents in laboratory research. In pursuit of this important finding, over the past six years no other fruit has had as much progress toward human clinical trials as the black raspberry.
Let's have a look at the scientific and health foundations for the benefits of including black raspberries in your diet.
How many species of black raspberries are commonly available to the general consumer?
In Canada and the US, there are two main species called Rubus occidentalis L. and Rubus eucodermis L. Rubus (a genus of plants in the family Rosaceae, subfamily Rosoidea). The Rubus is characterized by rose-like thorns along vines forming brambles that grow as irregular canes ranging from one to four meters in length. It is conventional to include black raspberries among other Rubus berries (red raspberries, blackberries, boysenberries, loganberries) as brambleberries?or caneberries?that have grown native in North America since recorded time.
How is the black raspberry different from other Rubus species?
Often called blackcaps?by berry farmers, black raspberries are the smallest and bluest of the Rubus berries. Scientific assays of blackcap phytochemicals reveal the densest and most avid pigmentation among North American plants - o strong that the US Department of Agriculture used black raspberry juice as stamp dye on meats for several decades. Scientific tests have described blackcaps with the richest contents of pigment antioxidants among North American berries (as described further below).
Where do blackcaps grow and what markets are served?
Black raspberries grow primarily in the western US and in British Columbia. They prefer wet, mild winters and humid, warm summers and are harvested over the month of July. Oregon's Willamette Valley, especially, is noted for black raspberries accounting for 95% of total US production or about 4 million pounds per year. Only 5% of black raspberries are sold fresh. The market for processing to provide year-round supplies of frozen (immediately quick frozen, IQF), pureed or concentrated juice products makes up the rest.
What qualities of black raspberries appeal to consumers?
The intense pigmentation qualities mentioned above derive from a rich concentration and diversity of phenolic acid antioxidants in blackcaps. Phenolics give black raspberries several distinctive taste and chemical qualities, including high acidity (pH of about 3.5), semi-sweet taste (brix of about 10 in IQF fruit, 17 in puree) and a special tangy full-bodied taste that appeals to most people, including children. Blackcaps are very versatile regular in dessert recipes.
Over the past few years, research primarily at Ohio State University by Dr. Gary Stoner and colleagues has shown exciting ?even astonishing ?results of black raspberry phenolic extracts and whole berries themselves on colon and esophageal cancers in experimental animals. The focus has been on the antioxidant qualities particularly of ellagic and ferulic acids (both phenolic antioxidants) from blackcaps.
Black raspberries are one of the world's most promising tools from plant foods in the fight against cancer. They are now entering human clinical trials supervised by Dr. Stoner.
What are oxidants and antioxidants?
Moment by moment throughout the cells of our bodies, free radicals (i.e., oxidants or radical oxygen species) are continuously being generated by normal metabolism. Exposure to toxins in the environment, or irradiation, increases free radical production. Free radicals are unstable atoms having potential to damage cells and alter genes if not quickly neutralized.
Our bodies defend against oxidation through enzymes called dismutases, catalases, reductases and peroxidases. Also, our diet provides a host of chemicals serving antioxidant roles. These chemicals include: vitamins A, C and E; minerals like selenium, manganese and zinc; and pigments from the plant foods we eat.
In black raspberries, phenolic pigments like ellagic and ferulic acids are the major antioxidant source.
What are other pigments present in black raspberries?
The rich color of black raspberries comes from numerous chemicals of the phenolic super-family that is a class of several thousands of members serving plants as pigments. Black raspberry antioxidant strength is proportional to the intensity of the dye from its pigments.
A major subgroup of pigment phenolics is the flavonoid group that is densely populated in blackcaps. One flavonoid class in particular ?anthocyanins ?accounts for most of the blue-red-black pigmentation of black raspberries. In addition to anthocyanins, however, are ellagic acid, ferulic acid, gallic acid, rutin and cyanidin glycosides (phenolics identified by Dr. Stoner and colleagues as important anticarcinogens in blackcaps). Vitamin C, a universal antioxidant, is also well concentrated in black raspberries (about 2 mg per 100 grams of fruit), as is calcium (32 mg per 100 grams).
Is there a way to measure antioxidant quality of a plant food and how well do black raspberries perform?
Yes, a test called ORAC (oxygen radical absorbance capacity) is performed on a food sample in a test tube. Then, the strength of antioxidant is measure by how well it neutralizes free radicals.
At Oregon State University, black raspberries have been tested for ORAC against other berries and plant foods (first analyzed in a 2004 ORAC report by US Department of Agriculture scientists). Black raspberries had the highest ORAC among other caneberries, fruits or vegetables analyzed measuring 3 times higher ORAC than blackberries or red raspberries.
Plants with pale skins and white pulps like pears and some apples have low ORAC whereas dark fruit like black raspberries, blueberries and cranberries have relatively high ORAC.
What does a high ORAC from black raspberries mean for health protection?
The answer to this question requires actual clinical research in humans (being performed but still preliminary) but the scientific evidence points to widespread protection against numerous diseases by having a diet rich in high-ORAC foods like black raspberries.
What are some diseases that evolve from free radicals and what can we do to counter oxidative stress?
Growing scientific evidence shows that nearly every disease involves free radicals to some extent. Cancer, heart and vascular disease, diabetes, inflammation and neurological disorders all have strong components of oxidative stress. Premature aging and diseases of the elderly such as macular degeneration are thought to result from oxidative damage to cells as well.
The laboratory studies by Dr. Stoner point to the importance of oxidative factors in colon and esophageal cancer, and to the potential protective role of phenolics from black raspberries or other antioxidant-rich plant foods.
Consumers can enjoy the pleasures of dark berries in their diets while likely gaining antioxidant protection from berry phenolics. Why wait for positive results from the years of clinical research ahead? The preliminary evidence and pleasurable eating qualities of black raspberries should be enough to warrant including these berry treasures in your diet now.

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Natural Remedies for Stroke

Natural Remedies:


Carrots have been found very valuable in stroke. A recent Harvard study has shown that eating carrots five times a week or more can reduce the risk of stroke drastically by two-thirds, compared with eating carrots only once a month or less. This conclusion was reached after observing nearly 90,000 women nurses for eight years.
Spinach is another vegetable found valuable in the prevention and treatment of stroke. The protection seems to come partly from beta carotene in carrots and spinach. A previous Harvard study found that eating the extra beta carotene in about one and a half carrots, which equals 200 g of mashed sweet potatoes or 170 g spinach (weighed raw and then cooked) every day saved 40 per cent off stroke rates. The drop was evident in those who ate 15-20 mg of beta carotene daily compared to those who ate only 6 mg. The antistroke activity in carrots, spinach and other carotene-rich vegetables seems to emanate from their antioxidant properties.
Another new research study has shown that lots of beta carotene and other Vitamin A in the blood stream can prevent death in case stroke occurs. This conclusion has been reached by Belgian researchers at the University of Brussels, who analysed the blood of 80 patients within 24 hours after they had suffered strokes. When the brain is deprived of oxygen, as in a stroke, cells begin to malfunction, leading to a series of events culminating in oxidative damage to nerve cells, but if there is lot of Vitamin A in the blood, it appears to interfere at many different stages of events, reducing brain damage and chances of death.
Other foods rich in beta carotene, besides carrots, are dark green leafy vegetables and orange colored vegetables and fruits such as spinach, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, tomatoes, oranges, papayas, mangoes and melon.
Potassium is another potent antidote against strokes. Eating just one extra serving of a potassium-rich food every day, may reduce the risk of stroke by 40 per cent. Researchers have discovered this by analyzing the diets of a group of 859 men and women over the age 50 years, living in Southern California.
It was remarkable that none of the persons who took substantial quantities of potassium died of a stroke, but those who regularly consumed very little potassium had much higher fatal stroke rates than all the others. Among those who took least potassium, stroke deaths shot up 2.6 times in men and 4.8 times in women. Further, the more potassium-rich foods the subjects ate, generally the fewer strokes they had. The researchers concluded that with every extra daily 400 mg of potassium in food, the odds of a fatal stroke dropped by 40 per cent. This critical margin of 400 mg of potassium is so modest that one can obtain it in a single piece of most fruits and vegetables and a glass of milk.
Fresh air and outdoor exercise, as far as possible, correct diet along the lines outlined above, and clean wholesome living will prevent occurence of further strokes.

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   "The War In Medicine"

   Continued From The Last Post.

Generally, the determination of remission is based on a
reduction in the size of the tumor or in the change of
some tumor marker. These things may indicate the number
of cancer cells in the body, but they are very, very
crude estimates of the number of cancer cells in the
body. These numbers also do not measure the pain and
suffering of the patient (i.e. the quality of life)
or the status of the immune system, which is very,
very important if all of the cancer cells have not
been killed.

Make no mistake about it, chemotherapy and radiation
shrink the size of tumors. They also kill cancer cells,
lots of them. But in the process of doing these things
there are potentially dozens of side effects, such as:
death, destruction of a major organ, intense pain,
extreme sickness, etc. and the death of many, many
normal cells. Chemotherapy does not discriminate between
normal cells and cancerous cells, and since there
are more normal cells than cancer cells, chemotherapy
kills far more normal cells than cancerous cells.

So it is logical to think that the concept of "remission"
tells us quantitatively what the "length of life since
diagnosis" is? Let us break down the "length of life
since diagnosis" into its pieces using the concept of

What percentage of people die before they go into
"remission?" What is the average "length of life
since diagnosis" for those who die before they go into

What percentage of people live long enough to go into
remission and die of cancer or cancer treatments (directly
or indirectly) while they are in remission?
What is the average "length of live since diagnosis" for
those who survive long enough to go into remission and
die while they are in remission?

What percentage of people go into remission and later
get cancer again (either the same type of cancer or some
other type of cancer) and thus come out of remission and
become cancer patients again? What is the average "length
of life since diagnosis" for those who come out of
remission and get cancer again?

What percentage of peple who go into remission are
actually "cured," meaning they never get cancer again
and do not die of anything related to their cancer or
their cancer treatments? What is the average "length
of life since diagnosis" for those who are actually
"cured" of their cancer?

If we had all of these statistics, we could calculate
the "length of life since diagnosis" for cancer patients
using orthodox treatments. In fact, I would love to see
all of the above statistics for orthodox medicine patients.
But of course these statistics are not available. There
is simply a lot of hoopla that people "go into remission."

Is it possible that the whole concept of "remission" is
designed to hide simple statistics that would tell us
how effective or ineffective chemotherapy and other
orthodox treatments are? In other words, it is so very
simple to calculate the "length of life since diagnosis"
for orthodox medicine patients, why isn't it just
calculated? Why is something so simple made into
something so complicated?

It would be an easy thing to calculate the "length of
life since diagnosis" for people who refuse treatment.
Doctors say it would be unethical to ask people to not
take orthodox treatments, but there are plenty of people
who refuse treatment, so why not calculate how long they
live since diagnosis? Then this number could be compared
to a very simple "length of life since diagnosis" for
cancer patients who go through orthodox treatments (of
course the patients in each group would have to be grouped
by sex, age at diagnosis, type of cancer and stage of cancer
at diagnosis).

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   "The War In Medicine"

   Continued From The Last Post.

For example, in their advertisements they can talk about
the "style" of their cars, the "popularity" of their cars
or how "powerful" their engines are. They can advertise
their cars using pretty women who look lonely, giving
the impression that someone who buys one of their cars
will be seduced by every pretty woman in town. They can
talk about the options available on the car. They can do
a lot of things to avoid talking about the three important
statistics I just defined. They can sell a lot of cars
by distracting their potential customers from the data
(i.e. from the truth). It could be called "selling by

That is essentially what the medical community has done
with orthodox medicine nomenclature. The most popular
phrase heard in orthodox medicine is "remission."
Orthodox treatments "put people in remission." That
sounds really good. It sounds like everyone should get
cancer so they can go into remission. However, as I will
show, the word "remission" can be equated to the pretty
woman in the advertisement. It is a nice sounding word,
and it attracts millions of customers, but it distracts
these "customers" from the statistics that are important.

What Does "Remission" Really Mean?

First of all, the National Cancer Institute defines
"remission" as:

    "A decrease in or disappearance of signs and symptoms
of cancer. In partial remission, some, but not all, signs
and symptoms of cancer have disappeared. In complete
remission, all signs and symptoms of cancer have disappeared,
although cancer still may be in the body."
 NCI -

What exactly does this definition mean relative to the three
"treatment decision criteria" mentioned above. You, the
citizen, are supposed to assume that "remission" means a
person is cured of their cancer. But that is not what the
definition states. It states there is an absence of "signs
and symptoms." So is there a correlation between the absence
of "signs and symptoms" and the three treatment decision
criteria above?

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   "The War In Medicine"

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Suppose we define the "life" of a car to be the
number of miles the original engine lasts. For the
B companies the average "life" of their cars would
be less than 100,000 miles. For the G companies
the average "life" of their cars would be greater
than 300,000 miles.

Suppose we refuse to allow air conditioners to be
replaced when they break and define the "quality of
life" of a car to be the number of miles the original
air conditioner lasts. Again, for the B companies the
average "quality of life" of their cars would be much
less than the "quality of life" for the cars of the
G companies.

Suppose we define the "strength of movement" of a car
to be the number of miles the original transmission
lasts. Again, for the B companies the average "strength
of movement" of their cars would be much less than the
"strength of movement" for the cars of the G companies.

If we built a chart comparing the cars of the B companies
to the cars of the G companies, with these three
statistics accurately reflected, no one in their right
mind would buy a car built by a B company.

But remember that the B companies have the most money
and the most clout with the media. So what can they do
to get customers? They can do a lot of things that
distract potential customers from the important statistics.
But the most important thing they will do is suppress
these statistics. Their goal is to divert people's attention
from the statistics (which are suppressed) and get them
to think of other things.

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   "The War In Medicine"

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Remission, Response, Markers, etc.

I just mentioned that none of the above data is available.
Then what exactly do doctors measure? They measure things
like "response," meaning is there improvement in some
criteria, such as a reduction in the size of a tumor. They
measure such things as "remission," meaning the absence
of symptoms. They measure such things as "tumor markers,"
which are a variety of measurement techniques to evaluate
the cancer. And so on.

Before going any further, it is necessary to introduce
a metaphor.

Suppose there are 10 automobile manufacturers: Companies
B1, B2, B3, B4 and B5 (the "B companies"), and also
Companies G1, G2, G3, G4 and G5 (the "G" companies).
Suppose the B companies make cars that start to break down
after 50,000 miles, just after the warranty runs out (the "B"
stands for Bad). Suppose that after 100,000 miles virtually
all of the cars manufactured by the B companies have needed
a new engine, a new transmission, and a new air conditioner,
just to name three things their cars routinely need. In fact,
these companies buy cheap parts and charge outrageous
prices for their poorly built cars. They also use 80 year
old metal technology to insure their customers have to
buy new cars every 3 or 4 years.

Suppose also that the G companies make cars that
last an average of 300,000 miles without any major
repairs (the "G" stands for "Good"). They buy quality
parts for their cars, build them extremely well, use the
newest metal technologies, etc. in building their cars.

Suppose also the B companies are the much older, much
larger and much richer companies. By virtue of their
age and size, their advertising money is many times
greater than the advertising money of the G companies.
Since the media are always loyal to their advertisers,
the media always does what the B companies want them to
do and always say what the B companies want them to say.
It's not that the B companies "tell" them what to say,
that is not necessary. What happens is that if the media
says something that makes the B companies angry, the
B companies will withdraw their advertising money
and give that money to a competing media company
that follows the rules. Everyone knows the rules.

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The Miracles Of Tea Tree Oil For Skin And Hair Care

Herbs Medicine:

Tea tree, MELALEUCA ALTERNIFOLIA, native to Australia, is a tree or shrub with needle like leaves similar in appearance to cypress with heads of sessile pale flowers. The popular tea tree oil is derived from this tree. The aborigines of Australia have been known to have used the tea tree oil to treat a range of ailments from colds, sores to acne and even whooping cough.
Extensively used in aromatherapy, the leaves when crushed release essential oils of varying amounts and constituents. The oil is so potent that it can be diluted up to many times its volume and it still manages to retain its effectiveness all the same. Although the benefits of tea tree oil are numerous, for beauty treatments, it's been found effective in skin and hair care. The following sections describe the uses of Tea Tree Oil for skin care and hair care.
Tea tree oil for skin care
Tea tree oil has been used effectively to treat acne, abscess, athlete's foot, blisters, burns, cold sores, insect bites, oily skin, rashes, spots, warts and wounds. You can use tea tree oil to cure sunburns, diaper rash, toenail infections and problems of smelly feet.
Tea tree oil for hair care
Add a few drops of Tea tree oil to your regular shampoo to treat hair problems like persistent dandruff, itchy-scalp and even prevent head-lice. Massage it in, leave it on for 5-7 minutes and rinse off. Adding a few drops in pet shampoo/bath helps keep tics and rashes at bay.
Other benefits of tea tree oil
Fed-up with allopathic medicines? Packets of antibiotics that have gone down your throat seem to be of no use? The only things you find they have lightened are your pockets? Well, don't panic, help is at hand, Tea Tree oil can be used to treat a variety of medical problems. A great remedy to soothe your sinuses; dab a drop of tea tree oil around your nose can help clear up blocked sinuses.
Add a few drops in a steam bath or vaporizer and inhale, a great relief for persistent colds and cough. Regular use of tea tree oil has been found to be effective in treating Asthma, bronchitis, catarrh, cough, sinusitis and even tuberculosis.
Tea tree oil is a great general disinfectant and can be effectively used to treat genito-urinary tract infections such as thrush, vaginitis, cystitis and pruitis.
Tea tree oil has properties that act as a immune booster. It helps equip the body to fight off a host of infections. Using tea tree oil is particularly effective if the body is already in a weakened condition due to illness, stress or prolonged treatment-involving antibiotics that lead to a reduction of the body's natural resistance.
Using tea tree oil prior to a surgical operation or for those suffering from long-drawn debilitating illness has been found to be beneficial. The anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral properties have seen tea tree oil being used extensively in soaps, toothpastes, deodorants, disinfectants, gargles, germicides, aftershaves and colognes. Tea tree oil is safe to use, as it is non-toxic and non-irritant.
Although tea tree oil has no known side effects, some individuals may be sensitive to it. This calls for consideration of the strength of tea tree oil and should never be used undiluted on the body and particularly on sensitive areas.

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   The War In Medicine

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It is interesting to note that none of his three reasons for surgery had
anything to do with treating the cancer. All of the reasons were physical
or mental, and had nothing to do with killing cancer cells.

Obviously, however, if a person has a small benign skin cancer, there is
nothing wrong with cutting it off. This, in spite of the fact there is a
superb alternative treatment for skin cancer called Amazon Tonic III(see
my section on treatments).

Because alternative treatments rarely use surgery, this means alternative
treatments work on the dense areas of cancer cells equally well as the
less dense areas of cancer cells. This is because alternative treatments
selectively kill cancer cells (directly or indirectly), and thus work
equally well wether the cancer cells are dense or less dense.

Getting back to orthodox medicine, you might ask yourself this question:
"if chemotherapy is as good as people say it is, then why is surgery
necessary?" In other words: "if chemotherapy is so good why isn't
chemotherapy, instead of surgery, used on the very dense sections of
cancer cells?"

To compare the two treatment types, if someone said chemotherapy was
better than alternative treatments, then it would be logical that
orthodox medicine would not demand surgery and alternative treatments
would demand surgery. But just the opposite is true, chemotherapy demands
surgery and alternative medicine has no interest or need for surgery.

Something is wrong with this picture. But I am getting ahead of myself.
We need to talk about definitions.

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   "The War In Medicine"

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   The Theory of Orthodox Medicine

Orthodox medicine is generally based on a three-pronged
attack. To understand this attack, let us consider a
person who has newly diagnosed colon cancer, which has
metastasized to other parts of their body.

The medical doctors would first consider the density
of cancer cells in various parts of the person's body.
Most likely, the density of the cancer cells in the
colon area would be higher than in any other part of
the body.

The first rule of orthodox medicine is to cut out the
parts of the body that have the densest level of cancer
cells. This is called surgery. Thus, surgeons would
cut out the sections of the body that have a dense
level of cancer cells.

The second rule of orthodox medicine is to use
chemotherapy to treat the less dense areas of cancer

The third rule of orthodox medicine is to use radiation
(i.e. radiotherapy) to complete the treatment plan. This
might be to kill even more cancer cells and put the
patient into remission.

Before going any further, I should talk about alternative
treatments for cancer. First, alternative treatments for
cancer rarely, and I mean rarely, ever depend on surgery.

For example, there were only three situations where Dr.
Binzel, an M.D. laetrile doctor (which is one type of
alternative treatment), advised surgery for his laetrile

  "1. If the tumor, because of its size or position,
is interfering with some vital function, you have to deal
with the tumor by whatever means are best available.

  2. If the tumor, because of its size or position,
is causing pain, you have to deal with the tumor by
whatever means are available.

  3. If the presence of the tumor presents a psychological
problem for the patient, have it removed."
    Dr. Binzel, Alive and Well, chapter 14

Doctor Binzel also said: "If the tumor is remote, not
causing any problems, and the patient agrees, I leave
the tumor alone." It is important to understand the
reasons for his statements. A tumor is a symptom of
cancer, and generally does not threaten the life of
a patient. It is the spreading of the cancer that causes
life-threatening situations. Neither surgery, chemotherapy
nor radiation stop the spreading of cancer. Only the
immune system can stop the spreading of cancer.

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  "The War In Medicine"

Remission, Cure Rates and Other Deceptions:


This is the longest article and it is the most important. Do not rush
through it.

First, I am going to ask three questions. Write down your answers to
these questions on a piece of paper before reading any further:

1) When you hear that someone has "gone into remission," what goes
through your mind?
2) Because chemotherapy causes so much pain and suffering, what statistic
would justify its use?
3) What does "cure rate" mean?"

Write your answers on a piece of paper, then read this chapter, then see
how accurate your answers were.


A newly diagnosed cancer patient has several options to deal with their

Treatment Options For Newly Diagnosed Cancer Patient

Have surgery, chemotherapy and radiation (i.e. orthodox treatments), as
prescribed by their doctor (this may include orthodox treatments other
than surgery, chemotherapy and radiation).

Have surgery, chemotherapy and radiation, but drop out of the treatment
program prematurely.

Refuse all treatments (i.e. have zero surgery, zero chemotherapy, zero
radiation, zero alternative treatments, etc.).

Have alternative treatments after extensive orthodox treatments and after
doctors have given up all hope for the treatment of this patient.

Have alternative treatments after some orthodox treatments, but the
patient dropped out of the orthodox treatment program prematurely.

Have alternative treatments instead of orthodox treatments (i.e. they
refused orthodox treatments).

Note that in the last three items, which deal with alternative
treatments, there are over 100 different alternative treatments, thus
there are really over 100 options available to a newly diagnosed cancer

The key question to be dealt with is this: how do we determine which
treatment plan is "best?" I think a normal person would judge the
effectiveness of a treatment plan (or lack of effectiveness) on the basis
of three criteria:

Treatment Decision Criteria

First, "length of life since diagnosis" (quantity of life, meaning how
long do they live between diagnosis and death), and

Second, "quality of life since diagnosis" (lack of pain and sickness).
Third, "strength of the immune system during and after treatments" (this
is a measure of the body's ability to fight future cancer events).

For example, suppose Treatment A and Treatment B have identical "length
of life since diagnosis" figures, but Treatment A patients have extreme
suffering during treatment and patients of Treatment B have very little
pain and suffering. I suspect that everyone would judge Treatment B as
being the better or preferred of the two treatment plans.

These three treatment decision criteria can lead to some subjective
evaluations. For example, suppose the patients on Treatment Plan C have a
"length of life since diagnosis" of 12 months, and the patients on
Treatment Plan D have a "length of life since diagnosis" of 11 months,
but have far, far less pain, suffering and sickness during treatment.

Which treatment plan is best? The answer is subjective, but I think most
people would favor Treatment Plan D.

In short, we can intuitively define a treatment plan as "best" if it is
the most desirable treatment plan, given the data of the three treatment
decision criteria statistics. In other words, the plan picked by the most
number of people who have accurate treatment decision criteria
information about the treatment options would be judged the "best" plan.

For example, suppose a person had a list of all possible treatment
options (even the 100 alternative treatments) and for each treatment
option they had accurate data for all three treatment decision criteria
(e.g. quantity, quality and immune system) for their type of newly
diagnosed cancer at the stage in which they are in at the time of
diagnosis. The person could look at the chart and within a few minutes
pick their treatment protocol. It would be easy to decide which option to

But therein lies the problem, what is the accurate data for the above
treatment options for the three treatment decision criteria, for a
specific type of cancer diagnosed at a specific stage? None of this data
is available. You might be interested to know "why" this data is not
available. That is what this chapter is about.

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Cancer can be cured.

Acidity - Causes and Home Remedies

Home Remedies:
As a part of human body functioning, the stomach secretes the acid that aids in the breakdown of food during digestion. But when the gastric glands of the stomach produce excessive amounts of such acids, it leads to a health condition known as acidity.
Causes of Acidity
In the human body stomach, intestines, and digestive glands secrete hydrochloric acid and various enzymes, including pepsin that break down and digest food. The stomach must also be protected from the same acid and enzymes, or it too can be attacked by the gastric juices. The acid may enter the lower part of the Oesophagus (Gastro-Oesophageal Reflux), due to some weakness in the normal sphincter mechanism that prevents such reflux.
The common cause of acidity in the human body are :-

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Build immunity with food

Food. By Arun Goel

A 1999 study of the American Cancer Society suggests that over one-third of the 563,100 cancer deaths were caused by nutrition. But more importantly, on the brighter side, it concluded that MOST of these could have been prevented.Why? What’s going wrong? Despite our improved standard of living, why are infections and disease more rampant. Why are our bodies not able to respond effectively?The answers lie in eating habits. Little do we realize that being fed on

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Meditation - Part I

Meditation By RV Iyer

 Before we go deep in to the philosophical and technical aspects of meditation, let us delve into the practice of meditation for normal human beings.Meditation can be practiced in two ways; one by sitting in a meditative pose and the second one by lying down. The second practice of meditation in a lying pose is actually slightly unhealthy and therefore it is not advisable. The following are the sitting poses or Asanas prescribed by ancients for Meditation.
  Padmasana: This is the best asana for those really interested in meditation on the spiritual plane. Recommended for everybody.
  Siddhasana: This is also equally recommended just likePadmasana but is most useful to those who go for advanced spiritual practice. This asana gives one ability and poise to conserve one's energy in celibacy.
  Sukhasana: Those who cannot practice either of the above two asanas can sit in Sukhasana which is very easy to practice. The first two asanas require considerable practice to those in the western world. Even Sukhasana would be difficult for non-Asians, but one can gain proficiency in this asana in quicker time.
  Swastikasana: This is a slight variation of Sidhasana.
  Virasana: This is a slight variation of Sukhasana.
You can find content easily for all these asanas on the internet and learn how to do them. I would recommendSukhasana for all to start meditation.

First put a yoga mat or a woolen blanket folded on the floor. Above that put a folded cotton cloth or towel and sit on it. Fold your right leg on the knee and bring the foot below the left knee and similarly fold the left leg on the other side. If you find it difficult to keep two legs in crossed posture, you may fold your legs one above the other. This should be more convenient.

Keep the body, neck and head in a straight line so that the spinal column remains erect. This is very important as in the final equation, energy centered around the bottom of spinal column will climb to the top. Also during Deep breathing or Pranayama practice, sitting erect will facilitate the flow of Prana or Energy through the spinal cord.

Before starting meditation, first take a few deep breaths in and out. Say about eleven breaths. The breaths should be such that the time element between inhaling and exhaling should be in the ratio of 1:2. In the beginning, maintaining this ration may not come easy but gradually build the ratio.After breathing deep, try and relax for a few minutes and then close your eyes with a gradual shutting movement i.e. do not shut the eyes forcefully. Take at least 10 seconds to close the eyes completely. After closing your eyes, try to concentrate in the center of the forehead just above your eyes and between the eye brows, which is called Ajna Chakra i.e. the Command Centre in Yoga. Normally, when one closes the eyes, it will be very difficult to concentrate because the mind will not focus. The mind has been divided into four parts as per actions in philosophical and yoga texts as follows:
  Ego: The feeling of body being the self and that all actions are connected to this self. Human beings do actions based on this blind notion. Sensitiveness of the human being comes under this part of the mind. Control of this part and the eventual removal of this notion through meditation is the ultimate objective.
  Intellect: The capacity of the mind to differentiate the good and bad and make decisions. The will power to take actions comes under this. With this part only, meditation can be achieved.
  Mind: This is the energy part that controls all the body movements automatically. The five intellectual senses and five working senses come under this. Control of this part is the first objective of meditation.
  Chitha: This is the part where all vasanas i.e. attitudes and impressions which one brings along with him at the time of birth. This is also the storehouse of past lives and present life memory. One's action in this life depends upon the impressions encrypted in this part. These impressions can only be erased through Pranayama and meditation. Pranayama is a necessary part to achieve this. We will discuss in later articles.
Mind is always on movement from one object to other. It is just like a horse, very speedy. Allegorically, mind is equated to a monkey because it never remains concentrated on one subject and always fluctuates quite like a monkey changing from one action to another. In the body, the spine is the most important part which controls one's life and actions. There are three Naadis or energy flowing channels within the spinal cord which are minute and cannot be seen with microscope. These are visible only in the advanced stage of meditation. In this three energy flowing channels or Naadis, the central one is very straight starting from the lowest end of spinal column and ending in the centre of head just above the Thalamus or above the upper portion of the throat which also is the centre of the brain. This channel is called Sushumna Naadi. The left channel is called Ida or Chandra Naadi as it is controlled by Moon, which also signifies mental energy. This portion also controls the coolness of the body. The third one is called Pingala or Surya Naadi i.e. Sun channel which is the physical energy of the body and controls the heat. When the practice is advanced in Pranayama, one attains the flow in Sushumna Naadi or the central channel. Physically the flow can be gauged as follows: When the breath flows in the left nostrils it is called Chandra Naadi. When it flows on the right nostril it is called Surya Naadi. When flows in both nostrils it is called Sushumna Naadi. There is a separate science based on the flow of the Naadis, which we will discuss at a later stage. When sitting for meditation, it is advisable to start Naadisuddhi Pranayama as it is very simple to practice. One should do atleast eleven Pranayamas before start of the meditation. This will be beneficial. Before startingPranayama, one has to test the flow of breath. Normally breath flows ninety minutes alternating both nostrils. For some it can be less due to one or the other reason and discussion of this point is not necessary here.Finding the flow, first see that the entire breath is exhaled and close the nostril in which there is no flow. For closing the nostril, it is recommended to use Thumb for right nostril and little and ring finger together for the left nostril. Take as deep a breath as possible without straining the flowing nostril while closing the other one. Then close the nostril through which you have taken the breath and release the finger from the other nostril and exhale. Through exhaled nostril, take deep breath inhaling and close that nostril and open the other nostril and exhale and again inhale and repeat the same way. One inhaling through one nostril exhaling through other nostril and inhaling and then exhaling through the first nostril is one full Naadisuddhi Pranayama. Similar eleven may be practiced. One can do this practice either with closed eyes or with open eyes. This is very essential to purify the channels and ultimate results of meditation can come only after purification of the Naadis.
Once this part is over, gradually close your eyes. Try to concentrate on the centre of the forehead.

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Everyone knows someone with cancer or that has died from cancer. It's
time for some new awareness...knowledge and real honesty about cancer,
treatment and recovery, not death from cancer and/or its treatment.
Please pass this blog on. Thank You & God Bless.
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Chronic Injury and Yoga Rehabilitation

By Sam Dworkis

Because many of us were brought up believing in the saying "no pain, no gain," most of us, at some time or another, will experience a yoga injury. After all, when we were in school, our coaches and peers encouraged, and often demanded, that we give our athletic pursuits our very best effort, even when injured. Many of us have transferred that concept right into our yoga practice. In addition, there are many approaches to yoga whose teachers encourage their students to "push their edges."

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Practicing Yoga Actually Saves You Time

By Sam Dworkis

 There's been a lot in the media lately about the many benefits derived from yoga. They're saying it helps reduce stress and even helps build flexibility, strength and endurance. Yes, you might be interested, but you can't imagine adding yet another activity into your busy and often hectic schedule. If you're not getting as much sleep as you want and if you often awaken feeling unrefreshed, the last thing you probably need is putting something else on your plate.
  But maybe there's an angle you haven't thought of: Yoga when appropriately practiced not only helps reduce the ravages of stress; it not only helps repair damage done by previous injury; it not only helps the body cope with ageing itself; but a 30-minute-a-day yoga practice can actually reduce the amount of sleep you need each night by up to twice the amount of time you spend doing it.  

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Managing Negative Mental Health through Yoga

By Arun Goel Mental health disorders are on the rise throughout the world. This results in anxieties, fears, depression, inferiority and similar emotions. Therefore, learning the management of negative mental health is a must for all of us.
Yoga offers comprehensive solutions for managing this negative mental health.
Before discussing how to manage, we must understand the genesis of negative conditions in the mind. According to yoga, all negative emotions take root from the matter present in the subconscious. But how does this matter enter the subconscious? The basic cause of this is attachment. We humans develop attachments to persons, things or emotions. This attachment raises desires and expectations. These desires ultimately lead to tensions, frustrations and conflicts. This affects the ego, which feels insecure. As a defense mechanism, the ego represses such emotions into the subconscious so that the mind is peaceful again. However, these repressions are not dead. They are after all repressed feelings. They remain active in the subconscious resulting in the negative emotions we talked of earlier

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 Cancer can be cured.

Herbs Versus Statin Drugs

#1 Publisher of Alternative Cancer Treatments

Holistic Remedies:

One of the reasons natural alternatives are not considered for serious health conditions is because there is a general belief in the medical community that serious health conditions require intense treatment, something that natural alternatives lack. In some respects this is true. However, the level of intensity of prescribed medication is the main reason they typically produce unpleasant side effects. The body has to adjust to the sudden extreme modification of its chemical construction. In some cases the side effects are temporary; just long enough for the body to adjust. In other cases, the symptoms are ongoing and disrupt the performance of normal daily activities. The former is the reality of Statin drugs, the current king of cholesterol-lowering drugs.
The popularity of Statin drugs (Lipitor, Crestor, Zocor, Pravachol, Lescol, and Mevacor) is associated with the significant cholesterol-lowering effect. The low-density lipids (LDL) decrease and the high-density lipids (HDL) increase. These drugs have shown to lower cholesterol by as much as 50% in some people. Statin drugs have also showed some benefit in individuals with high blood pressure. Oftentimes persons with heart disease will be prescribed a Statin drug to help prevent clogging of the arteries.
There are basically two negative aspects of taking Statin drugs: ongoing side effects and cost. With most medications there are side effects. In addition to headaches, nausea, dizziness, and sleep disturbances, taking Statin drugs has also been associated with a depletion of the heart health cell component coenzyme Q10 and memory loss. If you are placed on Statin drugs, your doctor will monitor your liver to ensure that it is functioning properly. Muscle weakness, depression, and heart failure are also a concern for individuals taking Statin drugs. The economics of taking Statin drugs is another issue that causes concern for the 30 million individuals who are prescribed the medication. If an individual is prescribed a Statin drug they can expect to pay at least $100 a month. If you are fortunate enough to have health insurance it can still cost from $2 to upward of $30 or more a month.
In the ongoing pursuit of an alternative to Statin drugs, a natural alternative, Policosanol, has emerged and shown significant potential in contending with, if not surpassing, the effectiveness of stain drugs. Policosanol is a sugar extract that has the same cholesterol-lowering benefits of Statin drugs. Although Policosanol is derived from sugar, it will not cause a rise in blood sugar level. The good news about taking Policosanol to lower cholesterol is that there are virtually no side effects and it is inexpensive. In the various trials of Policosanol and popular Statin drugs, as little as 10 milligrams has been found to lower cholesterol as much as these drugs. It must be noted, however, that most, if not all trials to date, have been conducted in Cuba. That has caused doubts over the effectiveness of this substance. Controlled clinical trials in this country, if possible, will go a long way to validate the effects of Policosanol.
Hawthorn is another supplement that is valuable for individuals with high cholesterol. The keys to the success of hawthorn are flavonoids and the oligomeric procyanidins (OPCs). The two components work together to lower cholesterol. Flavonoids are antioxidants that improve blood flow to the heart. OPCs excrete a form of nitric oxide that prevents platelets from being "sticky" and lowers blood pressure. The trials using hawthorn have shown no serious side effects. However, some people may experience nausea, headache, and palpitations. Hawthorn may interact negatively with medications that are prescribed for heart conditions. Hawthorn is available in liquid and capsule form. The recommended dosage for heart health is 80 milligrams in the capsule form and one teaspoon three times each day in liquid form. It can take as many as six weeks for hawthorn to reduce cholesterol.
Since herbs are not considered drugs, they are not tested and approved by the Food and Drug Administration. It is imperative that a doctor is consulted before beginning any treatment with herbs. This is especially true if the individual is taking medications. Also realize it could be an uphill battle to get your doctor to give you approval for any supplement treatment as doctors are not normally trained in non-medical treatments.
Copyright (c) 2006 Charles L. Harmon

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Everyone knows someone with cancer or that has died from cancer. It's
time for some new awareness...knowledge and real honesty about cancer,
treatment and recovery, not death from cancer and/or its treatment.
Please pass this blog on. Thank You & God Bless.
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Friday, January 25, 2013

Heartburn - Home Remedies to Get Rid of Heartburn

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Home Remedies:

Heartburn can literally be a real pain. The pain can be so bad that you cannot sleep and cannot even lie down. The lump in the throat gets really annoying, and the burning and pain is really unbearable. Playing and having fun with family will come to a stop if your heartburn goes untreated.
Hi, I just want to say that I used to suffer from all of the symptoms of heartburn for a long time. My stomach would hurt all of the time, and I had a real hard time sleeping at night. I want to pass a program along to you that is helping me get rid of all that pain that comes along with heartburn.
I have two great kids and I love to do things as a family, but my heartburn would always get in the way. I could not eat certain things that the rest of the family enjoyed, and I felt like I was always the bad wheel. I am here to tell you that there is a natural cure for heartburn, just like there is a natural cure for a lot of illnesses. Heartburn is really painful to deal with, and if it is left untreated, can cause a lot more pain.
The best thing about natural care is that all of the treatments are completely safe. Most of the things used to treat heartburn naturally can be found at the local grocery store and prepared right at home. You don't have to worry about any side effects like the ones that come along with prescribed drugs.
Heartburn cannot be treated from only one angle. You must know how to treat the source and the symptoms to completely get rid of heartburn naturally. The program that I have found has shown me why I have heartburn, and the only way to completely get rid of it. It is the only natural cure for heartburn that I trust. There are only 10 steps that you have to follow to be on your way to freedom.
You will learn everything that you need to know to treat your heartburn. The best thing is that you are not going to be out much money, and you will feel the best that you have ever felt. Go on the vacation with the family. Wrestle with the kids and finally get a full night of peaceful sleep. You dont know how good rest really feels like until you get a natural cure for heartburn.

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Choose Alternative Health

Cancer can be cured.

Alternative Medicine:

Alternative health practices are gaining popularity simply because they work. Conventional health care treats diseases that have already struck, alternative health care seeks to create and maintain the best health while stopping disease and physical ailments before they begin. Old fashioned methods of keeping healthy are worth another look. That is why alternative health regimens are becoming popular again. The most coveted benefit of alternative health methods is the holistic approach taken by practitioners. The idea that the mind body and spirit work together to maintain wellness.
Your Health
As large as the health care industry is, alternative health methods are the fastest growing piece of the health care pie. This may be because alternative health offers additional benefits like increased self-awareness, inner peace, a connected feeling with ones body, leading to increased mental and physical health. To realize the types of alternative health therapies currently gaining favor, see If you feel smothered by the lack of choice of your conventional health care practice, look at comparable alternative health measures that can elevate your general wellbeing and feed the mind and soul.
The Body
Do you know what your body needs? People seek out alternative health care practitioners because they tend to treat the whole body including the mind and spirit. Chiropractic care is a type of alternative health care or alternative medicine that specifically focuses on the body's skeletal structure. This structure is not just bones but nerves and muscles and their associated functionality.
Normal living, not just accidents or sports injuries, cause subluxations or misalignments to the spine. These misalignments can cause any number of illnesses in addition to the discomfort or pain whether temporary or chronic to the back and neck areas. Chiropractic involves physical manipulation of the skeletal structure at the spine which radiates out to the rest of the body. Surgery and operations are never part of the chiropractic curriculum. Those who enjoy this natural approach to body care often feel they have more control over the health of the body.
Considering that some scientific research shows that around 80% of health issues are caused and/or negatively affected by stress and over 90% of today's cancers have an environment cause, seeing health care as a holistic enterprise begins to make sense. Alternative health care professionals emphasize holistic health care for their patients.
Among the subject matter in these holistic medicine programs are in-depth studies in anatomy and physiology, pathology and disease, detoxification methods, energy healing, herbal medicine (both Eastern and Western modalities), homeopathy, orthomolecular nutrition/holistic nutrition, flower essences and remedies, holistic counseling, iridology, and other natural medicine. There are also courses in holistic medicine that are both degreed and non-degreed.
Currently, you can find alternatively health education and beginner's workshops in holistic practices open to the public. It would not be unusual to find seminars in home herbal remedies, self massage, holistic nutrition, herbal supplements and vitamins, reflexology and other natural health topics.
Alternative health practice looks at how the Mind-Body-Spirit relates to its external surroundings. Alternative health may include taking vitamin supplements, doing yoga and eating organic vegetables, but more importantly it is about creating health while obstructing disease before it begins.
The growing interest in alternative health is a boon to chiropractic practice as routine health maintenance. The paradox between technology and alternative health is actually a strength of our society. That is why it is so important to remember that we always have a choice. Alternative health is growing as people search for a more holistic solution to their health complaints and look to hang on to their quality of life further into the future.
Leave your skepticism behind and journey through the portal for alternative health information. Gain valuable insight to herbal remedies that care for the body as a whole, instead of one individual complaint.
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God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

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Cancer can be cured.

Home Remedies For Acne - Possible Side Effects

Home Remedies:
Home remedies for acne are varied. You can choose from a tangerine juice treatment, cabbage mask, orange tonic or a watermelon juice treatment. Even tomato, almonds, mint juice, apple tonic, amaranth juice and cucumber lotion are potent home remedies for acne.
This sea of counter medications can benefit you when used wisely. Many resort to home remedies as an extension of the parlour treatments, expensive medicines by the dermatologists or cosmetics claiming to work miracles. However, home remedies can offer a permanent solution to your skin problems.
Anything which is done without proper knowledge of its functioning is bound to hamper your condition. The first requisite of the home remedies for acne is the knowledge of your skin type. There are basically four skin types. The oily, dry, normal and the combination skin are the categories of skin divisions without the knowledge of; there is a possible chance of skin damage. The kind of treatment that is suited for the oily skin may not be conditioned for a dry skin type. Hence, possible side affects to home remedies for acne are aggravated because of lack of knowledge.
Side affects are caused chiefly due to intolerance to a particular ingredient in the medication. Often, in a haste to improve one's skin conditions, people use constituents without checking whether or not they are tolerant to the particular thing. To prevent the possible side affects, learn about the things that make your concoction. This will keep you from hassles in the near future. However, if the side affects are mild, ensure counter-medications that may help your condition. Also, not all acne scars can be treated using home treatment.
Most acne scars are of a depressed type and spreads deeper into the skin cells. Home remedies may help lighten the scars, but, once the acne heals a skin layer is formed over the depression and the scar becomes permanent. There maybe deep scars called ice pick scars, oval shaped boxcar scars and rolling scars. The permanent solution to scars caused by acne is dependent on the collagen supply to the skin. Check to see whether your home remedies for acne helps fill collagen or not.
Vitamin C helps to boost collagen. If the home remedies for acne are not collagen fillers, they will not help much. A lot is made out of home remedies, but when not used wisely and carefully, you may end up spending a lot of money and effort plus hassles in the form of unwanted side affects.
More home remedies for acne can be found on web.

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  "The War In Medicine"

  Case Study of Scientific Corruption

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You might be interested to know exactly what the NIH, quackwatch, etc.
complained about in the Cameron/Pauling study. They complained it was not
a "double blind" study.

Now let's think about this for a moment. Suppose two groups are selected
for a study and the patients are not told which group they are in. The
first group is secretly given Vitamin C in an IV, which builds their
immune system, provides zero pain, and the patients feel fine. The second
group is secretly given chemotherapy in an IV, which destroys their
immune system, destroys their vital organs, makes them feel sick, and
causes enormous pain. Do you think the patients could figure out which
group they were in? Do you think you could do a "double blind" study with
Vitamin C versus chemotherapy? Don't be ridiculous. Within a matter of
days each group would know what kind of treatment they were on.

But it gets deeper than that. Let me quote from quackwatch, a defender of
orthodox medicine and one of the major servants of Big Pharma. See if you
can figure out what tricks of logic they are using before you read my
comments about their statement:

    "The Pauling/Cameron study was not a clinical trial in which patients
were compared to carefully matched patients chosen at random and followed
using a standardized [selection] protocol. Instead, Pauling and Cameron
attempted to reconstruct what happened to the control group by examining
their medical records. Most cancer specialists and journal editors are
extremely reluctant to accept [medical records] for evaluating the
validity of contemporary cancer therapy, primarily because bias may occur
in selecting controls."

First of all, it is a blatant lie that medical records are not acceptable
in medical research, they are frequently used. Second, there was nothing
unethical about using a single group. These patients were going to die in
any case, it was only a matter of when and the difference at most would
only be a matter of weeks. Furthermore, by not taking chemotherapy, the
patients would be in much less pain even if they did not live as long.

There are many cancer patients who would rather have a less painful
treatment plan, even if they don't live as long. In fact many cancer
patients drop out of chemotherapy because they lose interest in a
treatment plan that makes them so sick and causes them so much pain and

But to go a little deeper, image that two cars collide in an
intersection, a red car and a green car. The red car ran a "red light"
several seconds after the light had turned red and was speeding as it
entered the intersection. The green car, which did not enter the
intersection until after the light turned green, had one tire that was
low in air pressure. Imagine the judge saying that the green car was at
fault because the air pressure in one of its tires was low. Imagine the
judge ignoring the fact that the red car ran a red light and was
speeding! Using Barrett's logic, the green car was at fault.

What Barrett's (the M.D. owner of quackwatch) site was saying was that
there was no placebo control group. In other words, when they picked the
control group, they used medical records rather than a placebo control
group. The key question is this: "if Cameron and Pauling had used a
placebo group, instead of medical records, would the psychological effect
of taking a placebo have resulted in the placebo control group living
several times longer than they did?" Barrett must that thought the answer
to that question was "yes." As already mentioned, such a study would be
impossible when comparing Vitamin C to chemotherapy, which is what
Cameron and Pauling were comparing.

But there is another problem. If a placebo group were required, what two
groups would you use? It could not be Vitamin C versus chemotherapy,
because one group must be given nothing (i.e. a placebo). But if you
compare the placebo group to the Vitamin C group (which actually would
have been acceptable if that is what you were studying), you still have
to ultimately compare the Vitamin C group to the chemotherapy group by
using medical records. Thus, you cannot get around using medical records
if you want to compare Vitamin C to chemotherapy.

The main reason for doing a double-blind study is to gauge any
psychological factor that may exist in the minds of the participants. In
other words, if both groups think they are getting the real medication
(Vitamin C in this case), then you eliminate any psychological factor.
Is it possible that in four different studies, done in three different
countries (Scotland, Canada and Japan), that a psychological factor
caused a several-fold increase in survival time? If so, why didn't both
groups in the Mayo Clinic studies survive several times longer than
expected, because both groups thought they were getting Vitamin C? Even
if the psychological theory was true, I would still give people Vitamin
C, if their psychological state of mind caused them to live several times

If fact, Barrett's argument is total nonsense. The purpose of the study
was to compare Vitamin C to chemotherapy, and that is impossible to do
using a double blind study. The real reason the two groups of studies
yielded different results was the treatment protocol, not the
psychological effect of a placebo.

Here is the important thing, quackwatch didn't even mention that there
were any differences in the treatment protocols between Pauling and
Moertel (i.e. they didn't mention that the red car had run a red light or
that it was speeding). Their focus was on the selection protocol (i.e.
the air pressure in the tires of the two cars).
Do you see how quackwatch twists the facts and uses sensationalism to
divert your attention from the most important issues. It is as if Dr.
Cameron did not know how to determine which hospital the patients were
at, what kind of cancer they had, which stage of cancer the patients were
at, and which doctors treated which patients. Let me re-quote from above:

    "These patients were then compared by Cameron and me to patients with
the same kind of cancer at the same terminal stage who were being treated
in the same hospital but by other doctors--doctors who didn't give
vitamin C, but instead just gave conventional treatments."
To quackwatch, this wasn't good enough because it didn't come to the
correct answer - use prescription drugs. The vastly different treatment
protocol used by the Mayo Clinic is more "scientific" because it leads
you to take prescription drugs. Get used to this type of propaganda, you
will see it all the time. They love to divert your attention with
irrelevant issues.

A normal, open-minded researcher, if they studied the Pauling/Cameron
studies and the three Mayo Clinic studies, would quickly look at the
selection protocol and see nothing significant to complain about. They
would then focus their attention on the treatment protocol. Since the two
groups of studies had vastly different results, it would be absolutely
obvious to the legitimate researchers that something significant was
different about their studies. By far the thing that was most significant
was the treatment protocols.

Barrett also has a page on Linus Pauling himself. The title to the
quackwatch page on Linus Pauling is titled: "The Dark Side of Linus
Pauling's Legacy." Ohhhh, it sounds like Linus Pauling joined the "Dark
Side" before he died. The article starts:

    "Linus Pauling, Ph.D., was the only person ever to win two unshared
Nobel prizes. He received these awards for chemistry in 1954 and for
peace in 1962. His recent death has stimulated many tributes to his
scientific accomplishments. His impact on the health marketplace [sic],
however, was anything but laudable."

Yes, I agree Pauling's impact on Big Pharma was not laudable. He was a
pain in their neck. He had integrity, which is something they cannot
tolerate. He also cared about people more than money, and they view
people no deeper than a "source of money to increase earnings per share."
You should realize that Vitamin C, by itself, is not a cure for cancer,
but if it can extend the life of terminal cancer patients by 5 1/2 years
or even 1 year (depending on how advanced they were when treatment
began), that gives them plenty of time to use the natural treatments that
do cure cancer. That makes Big Pharma even madder.

Later, I will talk about the "top 100" most effective alternative
treatments for cancer. Where does Vitamin C therapy fit in this list? It
is not on the list. Not even close. It's cure rate is far too low. It is
used in alternative medicine largely to extend the life of the patient so
far more effective treatments have more time to work.

The Bogus Mayo Clinic Studies on Laetrile

Largely the same people at the Mayo clinic also did two bogus studies on
laetrile therapy to discredit the tens of thousands of testimonials of
people cured by laetrile therapy. The public was beginning to believe
that laetrile actually worked. Time for damage control. Guess what, the
Mayo Clinic did not follow standard American protocol and dosages.

For example, if they had followed the standard laetrile diet, which is
virtually the same thing as a "raw food" diet, the diet alone would have
significantly extended the lives of the patients.

But in this case it was the watered-down and phony "laetrile" the NIH
provided to the Mayo Clinic that was perhaps the most bogus part of these
studies. The NIH, which funded the bogus studies, did not allow an
alternative treatment vendor to supply the laetrile for at least one of
the studies, even though they offered to supply the laetrile for free.

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  "The War In Medicine"

  Case Study of Scientific Corruption

    Continued From Last Post.

But who would do such a bogus study, the treatment protocol was so simple an idiot could have followed it? You track down a doctor known to hate alternative medicine, one Dr. Moertel of the Mayo Clinic.

In response to the success of the Cameron/Pauling studies, the NIH funded a totally bogus "study" at the Mayo Clinic on Vitamin C that did not even remotely follow the same patient selection protocol or the same treatment protocol. Of course since they made no attempt to replicate the Cameron and Pauling study, they did not get the same results. Was the protocol too complicated for them to follow?

When Cameron and Pauling complained that the study was so overtly and grossly bogus (this ridiculous study was actually published in a major medical journal - the New England Journal of Medicine), a second bogus "study" was commissioned by the same NIH. You might call this: "a bogus study replacement technique" for Big Pharma and corrupt scientists. Needless to say, the Mayo Clinic again refused to follow the simple treatment protocol and again they did not obtain the same results. There was even a third study, and guess what, again they did not follow the same treatment protocol and did not get the same results (Note: technically this third study was done by a different group, but this group was affiliated with the Mayo Clinic). Do you see a pattern here?

The fact of the matter is, the doctors at the Mayo Clinic knew the Cameron/Pauling protocol worked and they knew that if they followed their protocols they would have come to the same results. So they never did follow their protocols and obviously never did replicate their results. The most educational thing about their studies was the incredible statistical tricks they used to avoid the truth.

Not only did Hoffer follow the Cameron/Pauling protocols, but a Japanese study also replicated their selection and treatment protocols and also replicated their results! Four totally independent studies (two by Cameron) used the same treatment protocol and got the same results. Three bogus studies at Mayo Clinic did not use the same treatment protocol and did not get the same results.

The Mayo Clinic studies were done specifically to discredit the work of two-time Nobel Prize winner Linus Pauling. Linus Pauling was getting people to believe there was "scientific evidence" for Vitamin C, and he had to be stopped. It is totally unacceptable (from the viewpoint of Big Pharma) for our corrupt government to allow any scientific evidence for alternative treatments of cancer. Because there was scientific evidence for Vitamin C, and because they could not shut-up a two-time Nobel Prize winner, there had to be bogus studies designed to divert people's attention from the valid studies. Once the bogus studies were finished, the media could then take over the suppression of truth and immediately start blacklisting the valid studies.

A Little Logic

Which of these seven studies do all government agencies, quackwatch, the BC Cancer Agency, American Cancer Society, ad nauseum, depend on to justify the use of chemotherapy instead of mega doses of Vitamin C? Duh. They quote the three Mayo Clinic studies and complain that Pauling and Cameron did not know what they were doing. In other words, the Mayo Clinic refused to follow the simple protocol, and it was Cameron and Pauling's fault! Hmmm.

Did you follow all of that? Let me summarize it this way:

Group A (Cameron and Pauling) found that Vitamin C extends the lives of terminal cancer patients several-fold. Group B (Hoffer and the Japanese), using the same protocol as Group A, confirmed their findings. Group C (the Mayo Clinic), which said they were going to test the validity of the Group A study, did not use the same selection protocol or treatment protocol as Group A, and obviously did not replicate their results. Group A complained that Group C made absolutely no attempt to use the same treatment protocol as Group A. Thus, Group C did a second study, and again did not follow Group A's protocols, and again did not replicate their results. This happened a third time. Group D (quackwatch, etc.) then comes along, and claims that Group C knew what they were doing and that the studies of Group A and Group B were bogus.

Now you know what is going on in medicine. The treatment protocol is irrelevant to scientists who defend Big Pharma, they are only interested in making sure Vitamin C doesn't look good because Vitamin C is not profitable to Big Pharma.

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