Saturday, February 2, 2013

   "The War In Medicine"

    Continued from last post.

The FDA are liars. It is no wonder that they love to raid the
medical offices of alternative practitioners and confiscate (i.e.
destroy) their medical records.

You should know that a medical doctor risks jail time and their
medical license for recommending or using alternative treatments
for cancer, even though the scientific evidence is overwhelmingly
in favor of alternative treatments. The judicial system has
demonstrated itself to be largely unable to right this wrong.
The pharmaceutical industry has a very, very, very deep pocket,
and they can keep appealing judgments until they find an inept
or corrupt judge. Considering that judges are frequently
appointed by corrupt politicians, it doesn't take long to find
an inept or corrupt judge.

More on Chemotherapy and Remission

In a previous chapter I made it clear that in order for
chemotherapy (and, of course, radiation therapy), to be justified
as a treatment for cancer, it had to provide a significant
extension of life to its patients compared to no treatment at
all and compared to every alternative treatment for cancer. In
other words, its "length of life since diagnosis" (quantity of
life) had to be significantly greater than the "length of life
since diagnosis" of those who rejected all treatments and orthodox
treatments had to yield a significantly greater "length of life
since diagnosis" than any and all alternative treatments for

What is the evidence?

The evidence is that alternative treatments for cancer, at
least the Kelley and Binzel plans, provide a significantly
greater "length of life since diagnosis" than orthodox
treatments. Thus, and understand this clearly, there is
no scientific evidence that can justify the use of orthodox
treatments for cancer! The evidence is clearly that
chemotherapy and radiation should not be used because they
destroy the immune system, etc.

Thus we must also conclude that the concept of "remission" does
NOT equate to a significantly higher "length of life since
diagnosis" as compared to the treatments of Kelley and Binzel.

Thus we must logically and statistically flatly reject the
concept that "remission" proves that orthodox medicine is
justified in its massive and excessive costs, extreme pain,
extreme sickness, destruction of the immune system, etc. for
its patients

Copyright (c) 2003 R. Webster Kehr, all rights reserved

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