Friday, February 1, 2013

   "The War In Medicine"

    Continued from last post.

These were terminal patients, they were worried about getting
their affairs in order, not thinking about living several times
longer than expected. In fact, there was absolutely no reason
for these patients to "believe" they would live one second
longer than the prior patients in a similar condition who took
orthodox treatments.

But let us return to Group A versus Group B. People are so
brainwashed by the medical establishment, why did anyone in
Group A ever get to the point that they were sent home to
die? Patients adore their oncologists, with all the big
words they use. Why didn't their confidence in the medical
establishment, formed over years and years of watching soap
operas and reading Reader's Digest, convince them that these
doctors could cure them? Why would Group B patients have any
psychological advantage over the patients in Group A?

In addition, the medical establishment had brainwashed many
of the Group B patients (before they sent them home to die)
into believing that all alternative practitioners are quacks.
Thus, if the Group B patients believed their new doctors were
quacks, why would they suddenly go into "psychological remission?"

I could go on, but the absurdity of the two theories of the
medical establishment is beyond the ability of the English
language to adequately convey.


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