Wednesday, January 30, 2013

   "The War In Medicine"

    Continued from last post.

I quote from a web site regarding a Dr. Kelley:

    "The Medical Establishment has for many years endeavored
to discredit Dr. Kelley’s most successful Cancer Paradigm
developed in 1963. A medical journalist obtained authorization
under the guidance and direction of Dr. Robert A Good, Ph.D.,
M.D. president of Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in
New York City to review Dr. Kelley’s records. The objective of
the Medical Establishment was to prove beyond a shadow of doubt,
that Dr. Kelley was an unorthodox quack. Dr. Kelley’s objective
was to prove beyond a shadow of doubt that the Kelley Paradigm
is the only scientific basis for the Cure of Cancer. Dr. Kelley
had some 33,000 well-documented medical records of his cancer
patients. The documentation was so overwhelming this Study
continued for over 5 years ... The study was approached from
two general parameters. [The] first parameter was for all types
of Cancer. The results indicated a 93% cure rate, after
their physicians dismissed the patients, stating no further
orthodox medical therapy could be helpful for them. In other
words, their disease processes had exceeded the therapeutic
limits of Orthodox Medicine and they could no longer be helped.
Thus the standard Orthodox Death Sentence - go home and die ...
In the Second parameter of the study, there was a 100% cure
rate for Pancreatic Cancer Patients who carefully, faithfully
and completely followed Dr. Kelley’s Metabolic Protocol. The
Orthodox Medical Cure Rate for Pancreatic Cancer is [virtually]

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