Monday, January 28, 2013

    "The War In Medicine"

     Continued from last post.

Increased Survival Time

But let's suppose that this particular drug had "increased
the survival time" of the patients in a study. Finally, you
say, proof that chemotherapy works, I can get back to my
chemotherapy. Not so fast. What does it mean to say that
a chemotherapy drug "increased the survival time?"

It means that it increased the survival time of patients
relative to some other chemotherapy drug or some other
combination of chemotherapy drugs!! In other words, to my
knowledge, never in the history of medicine has a drug
company proven that their drug extends the life of a patient
relative to the avoidance of all chemotherapy drugs! "Survival
time" is only measured by comparing one or more chemotherapy
drugs to one or more other combinations of chemotherapy drugs.

In other words, this government agency effectively would
allows the B companies approval of their cars as long as
they can prove their car model is better than a car model
from another B company! In other words, the B companies
don't have to compare their cars to one of the G company
models, only to B company models. If a Company B2 model
has a better rear view mirror than a Company B4 model rear
view mirror, then it can get approved by the government

Likewise, chemotherapy drugs only have to be compared to
other chemotherapy drugs. They do not have to be compared
to "no treatment" or "treatment refused" patients, only
to other chemotherapy drugs. Nor do they have to be
compared to alternative treatments for cancer, such as the
Kelley Metabolic therapy.


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