Tuesday, January 29, 2013

    "The War In Medicine"

     Continued from last post

This example also demonstrates by far the most important
statistical lie of orthodox medicine. They lie to the
public by suppressing the valid "cure rates" of alternative
treatments of cancer. Using the above definition of "cure
rate" would show the vast superiority of alternative
medicine over orthodox medicine.

The best possible way for the B companies to look good
is to totally suppress any statistics that compare the B
companies to the G companies, especially for long-term
numbers (such as how long did the engine last).

In an earlier chapter I mentioned that Vitamin C is a
superior treatment to chemotherapy. Orthodox medicine
now recommends that Vitamin C should not be given to a
patient while they are taking chemotherapy. I agree.
Should you drop the Vitamin C or the chemotherapy? I
would drop the chemotherapy and keep the Vitamin C.
Of course read my entire tutorial on alternative
treatments before doing anything (there are warnings,
among other things).


Let me summarize this discussion:

The B companies (i.e. orthodox medicine) want to only use
the statistic of what percentage of their cars have their
original engine after 30,000 miles (i.e. what percentage
of patients live for 5 years between diagnoses and death).
This avoids letting the public know their cars are pieces
of junk.

They suppress any useful statistics that involve cars made
by the G companies (i.e. orthodox medicine suppresses valid
cure rates for alternative medicine). This avoids letting
the public know that the G companies build much superior

The government agency that regulates the automobile industry,
like all government agencies, sells their services to the
highest bidder, namely the B companies. Thus the B companies
are legally protected by Congress (i.e. chemotherapy drugs
are legally protected by the FDA and Congress). I have
simplified this part of the discussion.

They also get the government to approve their car safety
performance because the paint resists sunlight better and
better every year (i.e. they use tumor size shrinkage to
judge chemotherapy drugs). This gives the public the
impression that their cars are getting better and better,
and that the government supports their claims that they
are superior.

They only compare their car models to other car models
made by other B companies (i.e. orthodox medicine refuses
to compare the Big 3 side-by-side with alternative medicine,
or no treatments at all, using valid measurements of life
expectance and quality of life). This gives the public
the impression that the B companies will soon be making
cars just as good as the G companies. But of course they
never mention the G companies.

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