Wednesday, January 30, 2013

   "The War In Medicine"

    Continued from last post.

Dr. Binzel used laetrile therapy and Dr. Kelley used metabolic
therapy. These types of therapies are somewhat similar, except
for the coffee enema which is used only in metabolic therapy.
Spontaneous Remission

So how does the medical establishment deal with the undeniable
fact that tens of thousands of people, just in America and Mexico,
have been cured of cancer, and tens of thousands more in Europe
and other places have been so cured?

They do this by saying that these patients went into
"spontaneous remission." The word "spontaneous" is quite
interesting. What do they mean? They mean that it was a pure
coincidence. In other words, they might as well have called it

"coincidental remission" or "accidental remission" or
"unexplainable remission."

From the viewpoint of a statistician (and I spent 3 years
as a statistician), what this implies is that whether you
have been on alternative treatments or not, there is an equal
probability that you will go into "spontaneous remission."

I will try to explain this in a nonstatistical manner.

Suppose we take the "set" (i.e. the group) of all cancer
patients who have taken surgery, chemotherapy and radiation
treatments, and their doctors have exhausted all hope and
sent them home to die. Since millions of orthodox cancer
patients have died of cancer, we know the size of this set is
in the millions.

Now let us break this master set (i.e. "population" is the
correct term) down into three subsets:

Set A) Those who never went on any significant alternative
treatment plan.
Set B) Those who went on an aggressive alternative treatment
plan, and had more than 12 months to live when they were sent
home. (Note: The "12 months" figure is somewhat of an average,
it varies between doctors depending on a number of factors.)
Actually, we will generally talk about Group B as being the
Binzel and Kelley patients.
Set C) Everyone in the original master set that does not fit
into Set A or Set B.

Cancer can be cured.


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