Saturday, February 2, 2013

   "The War In Medicine"

    Continued from last post.

So using either definition of cure rate, what is the cure
rate of orthodox medicine? They claim it is about 50%. They
lie for reasons I have mentioned elsewhere. But let's lie
too and use 50%. Now this is what we have:

Group A) Millions of people in this set, a cure rate of no
more than 50% (probably less than 10% for metastasis cases,
if you take into account cancer deaths after the fifth year
and cancer-related and chemotherapy-related deaths). Group B)
Over 33,000 people in this set, a cure rate of at least 92%,
probably much higher.

Now if we believed the lies of the FDA, our original hypothesis
would have been that orthodox medicine (Group A) would have
a statistically significant higher cure rate than Group B. Looking
at the data, a laughing hyena, who knew statistics, would laugh
itself to death over this hypothesis.

Remember that Binzel and Kelley had a 92% cure rate on patients
sent home to die by orthodox medicine! Their immune system had
been destroyed, their vital organs had been damaged, and valuable
time had been lost before going to these doctors. Yet they still
had over a 92% cure rate using the alternative definition!

The hypothesis that orthodox medicine is better than alternative
medicine is simply a lie. It is one layer of deception on top
of another layer of deception on top of another layer.


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