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What Food One Should Have to Avoid Diverticulitis

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Diverticulitis originates from a condition called diverticulosis. A person suffering from diverticulitis would have small and bulging pouches occurring in the digestive tract. The large intestine is the most common victim of this ailment. This disease is very common among people above 40 and sometimes people do not even realize that they are suffering from it. Although Diverticulitis is apparently harmless, a more severe case of this disease can cause excruciating pain and other digestion related nuisances. One should never be deceived by the ostensible harmlessness of diverticulitis and take effective preventive measures to curb the risk associated with this disease. A slight regulation in the Diverticulitis Diet can rule out the occurrence of this disease up to a large extent.
The easiest way to prevent diverticulitis is by having high fiber content in the diet. Not only does it prevents the development of the bulging pouches but it also helps preventing the other symptoms associated with the disease. It is recommended that one should have at least 20 to 30 grams of fiber content in everyday diet. To ensure the fiber content one can check out the nutritional information in the packaged food. However, if one is not having the desired level of fiber content in food everyday, then it would be not wise to increase it over night. The stomach needs to adjust to the increase in the fiber content and for this one should increase the fiber content gradually. Substantial increase the fiber content in a short span of time may not only cause stomach upset but also gas. One can eat the following to to increase the fiber content in the diet -
1.Fiber content in the diet can be increased by eating brown rice instead of the common white rice. Consuming whole grain breads along with cereals also help in increasing the fiber intake.
2.One should ensure that the consumption of grains like cereals, pasta, rice, breads etc is around 6 - 11 servings each day.
3.Fruits and fresh vegetables also contribute to the fiber intake. One can consume figs, raspberries, oranges, broccoli, carrots, corn, beans etc to increase the fiber content in the diet.
It is also very necessary that one should have enough water intakes along with a high fiber diet. 6-8 glasses of water a day ensures that the digestion is done easily. This makes the stool softer and it becomes easy to pass
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