Tuesday, January 29, 2013

    "The War In Medicine"

     Continued from last post

Using the car example, when will the B company cars equal
the G company cars in quality? The answer is never because
the B company cars are only compared to other B company cars.
Since the 1940s there has been virtually zero meaningful
progress in chemotherapy drugs. The next 100 years will see
about the same improvement as the last 60 years.

Dr. Philip Binzel, an M.D. who used laetrile therapy (one
of the commonly used alternative treatments), was asked to
take part in a study comparing orthodox medicine to natural
medicine. He was exited to participate in the study, here
was his chance to prove alternative medicine was far superior
to orthodox medicine. I quote from his book:

    "During this period of time, the National Cancer Institute
(NCI) stated that it wanted to run a study to show the
difference between patients treated with orthodox therapy
(surgery, radiation, chemotherapy) and those treated with
nutritional therapy. I was asked to participate in this study.
I went to New York to meet with one of the doctors who was
conducting the study. I will call him Dr. Enseeye (not his
real name, of course). There was a group of perhaps six or
seven of us who had dinner that night with Dr. Enseeye.
Betty [Dr. Binzel's wife] and I were seated next to him.

    Dr. Enseeye explained the study to me. The NCI would
take a group of cancer patients and treat them in the
orthodox method. Those of us who were using nutritional
therapy would take a similar group of patients and treat
them by our method. The NCI would then compare the results.

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