Friday, February 1, 2013

   "The War In Medicine"

    Continued from last post.

Even More Scientific Evidence

Now let's compare apples to apples. Let us use the same
definition of "cure rate" for both the orthodox establishment
and the alternative health people. Because virtually all
of Dr. Binzel's patients and virtually all of Dr. Kelley's
patients had been on chemotherapy before they went to see
these doctors, we can assume that if these same patients
had not had chemotherapy and radiation treatments, Binzel
and Kelley would have had an even higher cure rate!

In other words, if Binzel and Kelley can cure 92% of their
patients who were on chemotherapy and were sent home to die,
then we can logically conclude they could have cured at least
92% of these same patients if they had gone to Binzel and
Kelley directly, meaning without going to their orthodox
doctors first. (Note: remember that in order for cancer
patients to be counted in this statistic they had to live
for a certain number of months, so the statistic should
not be interpreted in the same way as other statistics.)

Let me explain this another way. We know these 33,000 cancer
patients had an overall cure rate of 92% after most of the
patients had been on chemotherapy, thus we can logically
conclude that if these same patients had seen Dr. Binzel
or Dr. Kelley instead of their orthodox doctors, that first,
Dr. Binzel and Dr. Kelley would have had more time to work
with these patients, and second, Dr. Binzel and Dr. Kelley
could have cured more of their patients because their
immune system had not been destroyed. Thus they would have
had a cure rate much higher than 92%. But let's use 92%


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