Friday, February 1, 2013

   "The War In Medicine"

    Continued from last post.

There are tens of thousands of Americans who fall into Group B.
Many of them have been treated by medical doctors or other
health professionals and many of them have had to treat themselves.
But let us focus on the patients of Dr. Binzel and Dr. Kelley
because the medical establishment had unrestricted access to their
records (Kelley) or were offered access to their records (Binzel).

According to the medical establishment's hypothesis, the
percentage of people in Group B that have gone into spontaneous
remission should be about 1%. To understand how statistics works,
at a 99% confidence level, looking only at the Binzel and Kelley
patients, if 1.2% of the people in this group went into spontaneous
remission, we would reject the hypothesis of orthodox medicine.

In other words, if the cure rate for the patients of Drs. Binzel
and Kelley was 1.2% or greater, a statistician would reject the
above hypothesis and say that it was not a coincidence that they
had such a high cure rate. In fact, if their cure rate had been
2%, most professional statisticians would not even bother to
do the calculation, they would simply look at the sample size
and reject the hypothesis as being ridiculous.

So what was their cure rate? Over 92%. In other words, if their
cure rate had been 1.2% we would reject the hypothesis of
orthodox medicine. If it had been 2%, we would have laughed at
their hypothesis. But it is 92%! The hypothesis is far, far
beyond ludicrous.

Let us summarize the figures:

Group A) Millions of people in this set, 1% spontaneous remission
rate, and that is being very generous.

Group B) More than 33,000 patients in this set, with a verified

spontaneous remission rate of over 92%.

Now, if you know a statistician, take these numbers to him
or her and have them calculate whether the original hypothesis
is tenable at a 99% confidence level. I will save you the time,
it is a ludicrous hypothesis. Only a statistician right out
of college would even be so naive as to do the calculation. It
is far beyond ridiculous to even consider there is any credibility
to the hypothesis because it represents over 1,000 standard
deviations from the mean!

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