Wednesday, January 30, 2013

      "The War In Medicine"

Is There Scientific Evidence For Alternative Treatments For Cancer?

The documented evidence that alternative treatments have put
tens of thousands of people into remission (i.e. cured them)
cannot be denied. The most viable of this evidence comes from
the doctors and others who treated these people. In many cases,
such as Kelley, the medical establishment had unrestricted
access to their records. If their records had not been in good
shape, at the time they were examined, you can rest assured
the medical establishment would have blasted this information
from the housetops.

The Mexican clinics actually claim to have had far more patients
than any of the American doctors, for the simple reason that the
American alternative treatment doctors were hounded by the medical

authorities, and some of them fled to Mexico, but in most cases
the technology went to Mexico. Actually some of the best
technology was developed by Mexican doctors.

By the way, the FDA has fixed this problem (i.e. the problem of
people being cured of cancer in Mexico), and has turned the
corrupt Mexican government against natural health healers,
especially laetrile doctors.

It is not uncommon for alternative health doctors to have
documented cure rates of 75% to 85% and higher. Dr. Binzel had
288 patients who qualified for statistical analysis. This
number represents 30 types of primary cancer and 23 types of
cancer that had metastasized. His overall cure rate was 80.9%.
Only a handful of his patients died of unknown causes. This
cure rate is fairly typical for alternative health practitioners.
Some doctors had higher cure rates and some less, depending
on a number of factors.

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