Wednesday, January 30, 2013

   "The War In Medicine"

    Continued from last post.

Now I am going to have to get a little technical. We first must
have a "hypothesis" to test. So let us develop a hypothesis for
the medical community:

Orthodox Hypothesis: "if we calculate the percentage of people
who go into spontaneous remission in each of these three sets,
there will not be a statistically significant difference in the
percentage of people who go into spontaneous remission between
the three sets."

As an example of this concept, if the people of Set A have a
spontaneous remission rate of 1%, then we would expect the
patients in Set B and Set C to also have a 1% rate of spontaneous
remission. That is what the medical community means when they
talk about "spontaneous remission."

This hypothesis, in fact, is what the medical establishment
would like you to believe by believing the concept of
"spontaneous remission." With this hypothesis in hand, they
can claim that there is "no scientific evidence" for alternative
treatments for cancer.

But is the hypothesis statistically sound?

Let us consider Group A. There are millions of people in the
past 80 years that have fit into Group A. Millions. It is very
rare when one of these people goes into spontaneous remission.
In other words, these patients were sent home to die by their
doctor, and after being sent home to die, very few of them
were suddenly and unexpectedly cured of their cancer and went
into "spontaneous remission." Using a percentage, it is far
less than 1%. But since we don't have an exact figure, let
us be very, very generous to orthodox medicine and say it
is 1%.

(Note: By definition the people in Group A were never involved
in an alternative treatment. What I am saying is that far less
than 1% of the people in Group A, who were sent home to die,
and did not secretly go on an alternative program, were suddenly
cured of their cancer. I am not counting those who secretly went
on an alternative program and went into remission.)

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