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Paralysis, Its Type and Ayurvedic Remedies

Ayurvedic Medicine:

This is muscle weakness that varies in its extent, severity and degree of flaccidity or spasticity according to the nature of the underlying disorder and its distribution in spinal cord, brain, peripheral nerves or muscles.

Types of Paralysis


It occurs usually due to injury or disease of spinal cord and occurs in both the legs. It is generally accompanied by loss of sensation below the level of injury and disturbed bladder function.


This type of paralysis involves both sides of the body, and severly affects the legs than the arms. Cerebral diplegia is far more severe and dangerous when the damage is widespread.


It is paralysis of one side of the body, when movements of face are affected more severely than those of the leg. It is caused by disease of the opposite (contralateral) hemisphere of the brain.


It is paralysis of a single part of the body.


It is a technical name for polio or infantile Paralysis. It is caused by an infective virus that affects the central nervous system (CNS). The disease can be divided into various categories which are of no interest to a reader. This disorder is most common in those areas where there is poor sanitation poliomyelitis is common is most areas in our country, but the disease can be controlled.

Locomotor Ataxia or Tabes dorsalis:

It is a form when neurosyphilis occurs after 5-20 years after the (original) venereal infection. The infecting organisms gradually or progressively destroy the sensory nerves, when severe stabbing pains occur in the trunk and legs, gait becomes tottering or staggering and unsteady, loss of control over bladder is another accompanying symptom. A few patients may have damage of optic nerves that results in blurred vision. Young or middle aged persons are often the victims. Nomeclation of disease depends on the affection of a particular area of body like brain, spinal cord or nerves; that is why terms like cerebral, spinal or peripheral paralysis are often used.

Shaking or Trembling Paralysis or Paralysis Agitans, or Parkinsonism (Parkinson's disease) are the terms used for rigidty of muscles and rhythmical tremors.

Other types include wasting paralysis, progressive muscular atroply, Facial Paralysis (or Bell's Palsy). Paralysis is a disease, of whatever eteology it may belong to, that takes much longer to cure, when patience of both the patient and physian as also of the attendants is on hard test.

Home Remedies

Try following combinations either severely or jointly, depending upon stage, condition and symptoms of the subject patient.

Powder of Ashwagandha - 1gm, Vata Vidhwansan Rasa - 1 gm, Chopcheeni chuma - 50mg, Pippli Moola - 1gm should be taken thrice daily with water.

Rasanadi Quath (50ml) may be taken twice daily.

Vrihat Vata Chentamani Ras - 25mg, Ashwagandha Chuma - 1 gm. Take it as a one dose.

Take 2 such doses with soup of weat(12 hourly dose).

125mg of Rasaraj a should be taken as last thing in the night with milk.

Massage the affected parts with Mahanarayan taila.

Mix up 50 ml Mashabaladi Quath, 50 mg asafoetida and 500 mg of Rock salt and shake well and store in a bottle having a dropper. It should be used as nasal drops - for the purpose of being inserted in the opposite nostril to the affected side. For instance if paralysis has affected right side, use drops in the left nostril and so on.

For Memory impairment and loss of memory, it is always better to seek advice of an experienced physician. Memory failure in old age lasts long; hence treatment is also for longer duration; childhood symptoms can be met with earlier success, traumatic memory failure is not difficult to cure but needs careful and constant monitoring and treatment; hence no hard and fast rules can be applied.

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