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      The Foundation of     "The War In Medicine".

To understand what is going on in medicine we must look to the past.
Consider this article from the North Carolina Museum of History on
medicine in the 19th century and before:

    "Just as common as taking medicine for a fever, from the Middle Ages
through the mid-1800s, bloodletting was performed on patients to cure

    Bloodletting is the process of withdrawing blood as a treatment. Most
people thought they would die anyway and used bloodletting as a last
resort. It began when Greek physician Hippocrates claimed that all
diseases occur when there is an imbalance of the four body fluids,
otherwise known as humors–black bile, blood, phlegm, and yellow bile. His
discovery led to bloodletting. When the blood was drawn from the vein it
was believed that the disease would flow out with the blood ...

    The procedure of bloodletting is done by applying either a leech or
scarificator that will make the initial puncture. Then, a heated cup is
placed over the wound that will take the additional blood. The process is
repeated until all the needed blood is taken. It was also common for the
doctors to use pointed sticks, knives, or tiny bows and arrows to draw
blood. These tools were often difficult to use and could result in too
much blood withdrawn from the patient and occasionally causing death.

    A famous victim of bloodletting is George Washington. He died from
being bled heavily as a treatment for laryngitis.

    Toward the end of the time period in which bloodletting was common,
leeches began to be used. They were considered less painful and withdrew
a reliable amount of blood. The peak use of leeches was in the 1830s. Due
to the theory of Francois Broussais many doctors used leeching for
symptoms such as laryngitis, mental illness, and obesity. Medicinal
leeches were preferred over American leeches, which were said to make too
small incisions and to draw less blood than the European species. The use
of leeching became so popular that medicinal leeches became an endangered

Now suppose that in the 1830s, which was the peak of the use of leeches,
the medical community at the time, plus the leech breeders and
scarificator makers got together and decided they had a good thing going.
Suppose they said that if they abandoned their techniques for newer
techniques that their incomes would drop and many jobs would be lost.

Those who grew leeches would make less profits, those who made the
scarificators and other instruments would make less profits, the doctors
would make less income, and so on. Suppose they all conspired together to
suppress all future medical discoveries (made after 1830) in order to
maximize their earnings and profits.

Had that happened, we would still be using bloodletting, leeches and
scarificators for virtually all diseases. Scientists today would be
spending vast amounts of money studying the DNA of the leeches to breed
the most efficient leeches. Scientists would be studying the optimum
number of leeches to use, and the optimum places on the body to place
them for each type of disease. Scientists would be studying the optimum
amount of blood to draw. The instrument makers would be designing high
precision instruments to make incisions and suctions, and so on and so

The massive dollars they would request from the general public on
"research" would yield a very small, but ever-growing amount of progress.
A "cure" would always be "just around the corner," but since their
interest was in profits and income, not the health, comfort and survival
of their patients, the "cure" would never come. They might also figure
out ways to cover up the lack of progress in medicine by using creative
statistics. They might develop very clever ways to define "cure rates" in
order to hide the fact that there was very little progress being made.

What Has Happened

Well, this "what-if" scenario for the 1830s is exactly what happened in
modern medicine in the 1920s. Only instead of stopping progress with
bloodletting and leeches, the medical profession decided to stop all
medical progress at the stage of surgery, chemotherapy, and radiation
treatments. The original reason for stopping progress was profits. The
pharmaceutical industry, the chemical industry and the petroleum industry
(many prescription drugs are made from petroleum products and these three
industries had cross-ownership) were afraid that new discoveries might
lessen their profits. Using the profits of these industries as bait and
influence money, the new mentality spread to the leadership of the
medical industry, and from there to many other places.

The stagnation of progress in treating cancer continues today because the
enormously profitable procedures of surgery, chemotherapy and radiation
make many, many billions of dollars every year for the pharmaceutical
industry, the chemical industry, the petroleum industry, medical doctors,
hospitals, medical equipment makers, T.V. stations (through the
advertising of the pharmaceutical companies), radio stations (ditto),
major magazines (ditto), the ACS (the American Cancer Society is
basically a public relations vehicle for orthodox medicine), etc. etc.

    "Chemotherapy is an incredibly lucrative business for doctors,
hospitals, and pharmaceutical companies…..The medical establishment wants
everyone to follow the same exact protocol. They don’t want to see the
chemotherapy industry go under, and that’s the number one obstacle to any
progress in oncology."
    Dr Warner, M.D.

In other words, the medical community has gone along with the idea that
chemotherapy, radiation and surgery are so profitable, that there will
never be any progress in the "war against cancer." The leaders have
intentionally, willingly, knowingly and pro-actively suppressed every
possible advance in cancer treatments for over 80 years, dating back to
the 1920s. (Note: Salvarsan, the first chemotherapy drug, was discovered
by Nobel Prize winner Paul Ehrlich in 1909 and was initially used
primarily on syphilis.)


 God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

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