Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Everyone knows someone with cancer or that has died from cancer. It's
time for some new awareness...knowledge and real honesty about cancer,
treatment and recovery, not death from cancer and/or its treatment.
Please pass this blog on. Thank You & God Bless.

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               "The War In Medicine"


We live in a world of "fast foods," "fast cars," and fast
answers or should I say: "shallow answers." Executives don't
like to read reports of more than one or two pages. People
want to learn everything they need to know about something
by watching a 1/2 hour television show. Students want to
learn complicated mathematics while they play video games.
And so on.

Unfortunately, the world of cancer politics and cancer
treatments are not simple subjects. They are complicated.
Plus it is impossible to overcome decades of constant
false information by reading for half an hour. So grab
something to drink, settle into your seat, and grab your
computer mouse, because this is not going to be a short
story, nor will it be entertaining. Let us start with
a metaphor.

The Small Town Metaphor

Let us suppose you move to a new town, in fact a small
town with only two car repair shops (i.e. "garages").
One of them is owned by Jim. The other by Bob. Jim's
garage is by far the biggest garage, he has lots of

The problem is that Jim's mechanics are not very good
because they have had very poor training. In fact, most
of the time the cars they have "repaired" are in worse
shape when they are done, than when the car first came
in. Most people put up with Jim and just live with the
shoddy work.

However, some people go to Bob's garage, usually after
they have gone to Jim's garage first. While Jim's garage
charges an average of $1,500 per car repair job, Bob's
garage only charges $75 per car repair job. Furthermore,
in over 90% of the time, Bob's garage completely fixes
the cars of its customers, including the extra damage
done by Jim's garage.

You are new to the town, and wonder why anyone would ever
take their car to Jim's garage and why everyone doesn't
take their car to Bob's garage first.

Then one day as you are reading the newspaper you see part
of the problem. Jim is so rich he has several large ads
in the newspaper every day. Bob rarely advertises, and
when he does he usually gets a visit from the police,
and it is not a friendly visit. It seems that all prior
policemen in the town now work at Jim's garage, and
the current policemen look forward to a cushy job at
Jim's garage.

You also note that the newspaper has an article virtually
every day about how good Jim's garage is. They interview
satisfied customers, interview the mechanics, and make
the mechanics sound like geniuses. You also read about
how the mechanics at Jim's garage are constantly striving
to get better and better equipment. But you note that t
he better and better equipment they talk about doesn't
improve anything, it just increases the cost of their

You also note that the mayor, members of the chamber of
commerce, etc. all strongly endorse Jim's garage. You also
note that many of these influential people are highly
paid part-time salesmen for Jim's garage.

You also note that Jim contributes significantly to the
local schools, and that the children are taught how good
Jim's garage is.

Finally you realize there is a war going on between Jim's
garage and Bob's garage and that those in power in the
town are more interested in which garage offers them the
most benefits, than in which garage has the best mechanics.
You see that the political machine in town does everything
in their power to crush Bob's garage.

But above all, you note that month after month, year after
year, Jim's garage prices keep growing and growing, it
makes obscene profits, and usually does more damage than
good in repairing the cars. You also note that those small
number of people who later go to Bob's garage usually get
their car completely fixed for less than $100.

What Is Wrong With This Picture?


God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

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Disclaimer...What you read on this site is opinion only. I am not
a doctor or any specialist in anything pertaining to this site. I'm
only a cancer survivor for over 5 years due to the alternative approach.
I did NOT follow the medical approach...I followed the alternative
approach to curing cancer. Now you know why I have a strong opinion.

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