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   "The War In Medicine"

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For example, in their advertisements they can talk about
the "style" of their cars, the "popularity" of their cars
or how "powerful" their engines are. They can advertise
their cars using pretty women who look lonely, giving
the impression that someone who buys one of their cars
will be seduced by every pretty woman in town. They can
talk about the options available on the car. They can do
a lot of things to avoid talking about the three important
statistics I just defined. They can sell a lot of cars
by distracting their potential customers from the data
(i.e. from the truth). It could be called "selling by

That is essentially what the medical community has done
with orthodox medicine nomenclature. The most popular
phrase heard in orthodox medicine is "remission."
Orthodox treatments "put people in remission." That
sounds really good. It sounds like everyone should get
cancer so they can go into remission. However, as I will
show, the word "remission" can be equated to the pretty
woman in the advertisement. It is a nice sounding word,
and it attracts millions of customers, but it distracts
these "customers" from the statistics that are important.

What Does "Remission" Really Mean?

First of all, the National Cancer Institute defines
"remission" as:

    "A decrease in or disappearance of signs and symptoms
of cancer. In partial remission, some, but not all, signs
and symptoms of cancer have disappeared. In complete
remission, all signs and symptoms of cancer have disappeared,
although cancer still may be in the body."
 NCI -

What exactly does this definition mean relative to the three
"treatment decision criteria" mentioned above. You, the
citizen, are supposed to assume that "remission" means a
person is cured of their cancer. But that is not what the
definition states. It states there is an absence of "signs
and symptoms." So is there a correlation between the absence
of "signs and symptoms" and the three treatment decision
criteria above?

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