Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Everyone knows someone with cancer or that has died from cancer. It's
time for some new awareness...knowledge and real honesty about cancer,
treatment and recovery, not death from cancer and/or its treatment.
Please pass this blog on. Thank You & God Bless.

                       "The War In Medicine"

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                          "The War In Medicine"

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What I have just described is the war in modern medicine with
regards to cancer treatments.

Orthodox medicine is well organized, unbelievably well funded,
and has total control over the news media due to the massive
amounts of advertising dollars spent by the pharmaceutical
industry. When was the last time you saw a 1/2 hour television
show where the main speaker was a doctor who used alternative
treatments for cancer? Try to name 10 of the "top 100" best
alternative treatments for cancer.

Would it surprise you that the pharmaceutical companies make
billions of dollars in profits on chemotherapy drugs every
year? Big Pharma also controls many other aspects of life in
America due to their many billions of dollars of clout. It
turns out that there are a lot of people who will quickly
"look the other way" for the right price.

Alternative medicine, on the other hand, is very poorly
organized, equally poorly funded, disjointed, and severely
persecuted by orthodox medicine.

People in America, unfortunately, generally make their
key decisions based solely on what they hear on television.
Yet, the fact that orthodox medicine has lots of money,
and alternative medicine is disjointed, has nothing to do
with which type of medicine has the best treatments for
cancer. It only has to do with which side has had the most
money for the longest amount of time. It is like the above
metaphor: just because Jim's garage makes far more money
than Bob's garage, and does far more advertising, doesn't
mean Jim's garage charges a fair price and does a better

While orthodox medicine generally uses surgery, chemotherapy
and radiation treatments, alternative medicine uses treatment
plans with names like: Kelley Metabolic, Breuss Tea, Budwig
Flaxseed, Brandt Grape Cure, Essiac Tea, etc.

Did you recognize any of the treatments I just mentioned
under alternative medicine? You probably didn't. Yet if you
have cancer, and if you make the wrong treatment decision,
it could cost you your life! That's right - your own life.
Before you brush-off this war as being unimportant to you,
keep that in mind.

You probably think that this war is about medical theory,
and that one side believes in the "germ theory" of disease
and the other side believes in the "nutritional theory" of
disease. Or perhaps you think that orthodox medicine is
interested in treating "symptoms," while alternative
medicine is interested in treating "causes." While there
are theoretical differences, the war is not caused by
differences in medical theory. The war is all about profits.

    "We are not dealing with a scientific problem. We are
dealing with a political issue."  Dr Samuel Epstein, M.D.

The fact of the matter is that this war is a political war.
Like all other wars in world history, it is all about money,
power and the control of the general public. Most of all
it is a war about orthodox medicine maintaining the power
they have had since 1910.

Our government agencies and the corporations that control
them have done everything in their power to make sure you
do not know the truth about alternative medicine, and
especially alternative treatments for cancer and alternative
prevention measures for heart disease. And the television
stations and other media are not about to say anything
negative about one of their biggest advertisers - the
pharmaceutical industry. So called "investigative journalists"
are never going to investigate the friends of their employer.

    "Why does a particular story not receive the coverage it
deserves in the media? While a variety of reasons may be at
cause, foremost among them ... seems to be conflict of interest
issues involving the financial concerns of major media
advertisers."     Peter Phillips, in his book, Censored 1997

Before saying more about this war, it is instructive to go
back to the beginning, to see why this war started in the
first place.

Copyright (c) 2003, 2010 R. Webster Kehr, all rights reserved   

God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

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Disclaimer...What you read on this site is opinion only. I am not
a doctor or any specialist in anything pertaining to this site. I'm
only a cancer survivor for over 5 years due to the alternative approach.
I did NOT follow the medical approach...I followed the alternative
approach to curing cancer. Now you know why I have a strong opinion.

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