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Treating Osteoarthritis at Home

Alternative Medicine:

Studies indicate Osteoarthritis as being the most prevalent type of arthritis. Millions of people livig in the western world are reported to suffer with arthritis, with an annual cost thought to be close to $95 billion. Research has discovered that Osteoarthritis is far more common among women, with less of the male population being effected.
Although osteoarthritis can be linked to age, other risk factors may be evident, such as previous injury or trauma. Unfortunately for today's society, with its ever expanding waistline, obesity can have a detrimental effect on osteoarthritis especially in the load bearing joints. Osteoarthritis symptoms will in most cases attack one's hands, back, knees and very commonly their hips
The shoulder joint seems to shrug off OA, (excuse the pun), it's not true to say that one can not have OA in one's shoulder, its just not that common. More often than not symptoms of painful OA in the shoulder will normally be as a result of a past trauma or maybe even a previous operation. The reasons for being afflicted with OA are hard to pinpoint, however one's occupation, weight, and family history may all play a part.
No one is quite sure of the influences of excess weight on osteoarthritis, Does the weight issue actually cause the condition, or does having OA encourage obesity, it's hard to say (much like the chicken and the egg, I guess). Having said that, what is clear is that a reduction in excess weight will be of benefit to those with OA.
Osteoarthritis is unfortunately an on going condition
Recent research has discovered that although OA is not classed as an inflammatory condition, arthritics afflicted with osteoarthritis do in many cases have some of the same characteristics as those suffering with rheumatoid arthritis, namely an unusually high number of inflammatory cells found in and around the affected joint.
OA as we know is a very common and unfortunately an on going condition, which does tend to kick in as our body's get older, however more recently reported cases of OA indicate the conditions apparent rise amongst a younger population, which is set to become a significant health issue in the near future. So, while it is still true to say that OA is more prevalent with age, it is not true to describe osteoarthritis as an inevitable part of growing older.
OA is not a disease linked to one area of the body, there are many variations of osteoarthritis, which can attack many different joints throughout one's body. Unfortunately with most cases of OA the condition gathers momentum with time, with symptoms ranging form stiffness and pain to complete loss of mobility in the effected limb.
The Demise of the Joint
When the cartilage starts to break up, the joints protective area becomes swollen, and can look like a mild case of rheumatoid arthritis.
The swelling is brought on by tiny pieces of the damaged bone finding its way in to the synovial space. Many severe cases of swelling attributed to OA may impair joint mobility.
Joint pain is normally worse later in the day. There can be swelling, pain, warmth, and cracking of the affected joints. Joint replacement is usually recommended for older patients, but can sometimes be performed on younger patients in exceptional cases.
At the hip and knee, an uncomplicated joint replacement has only around an 85% chance of still being intact and functioning after 15 years, however replacement joint surgery may be necessary in severe cases.
Exercise can Help
Low impact exercising is not thought to be damaging to those suffering with OA, In most cases simple exercising is encouraged as a way of re-gaining some mobility in an effected joint, an ongoing exercise program can also help to strengthen the area around the joint, which aids support. Exercising on a regular basis is known to be beneficial for numerous reasons, apart from OA.
Before anyone suffering with OA begins any type exercise program it would be wise to speak to their doctor, your doctor knows your condition well, so should be able to point you in the right and safe direction as far as exercising goes.
Only use FDA Regulated Arthritis Supplements
Don't be tempted in to taking supplements that promise the earth, yes they just might work for you, however unless they are governed by the FDA (Food and Drug administration) who knows what your taking, you may end up with a container full of capsules containing nothing more than, ground rock and chalk. Only use FDA approved products.
Treat Arthritis The Natural Way
Why risk using such harmful drug therapies, when most forms of arthritis may indeed be successfully treated using a combination of simple lifestyle changes. Simple changes to diet will defiantly help, in fact, Using a couple of everyday items you may already have in your kitchen cupboard can successfully reduce swelling and pain from one's joints when taken in the right combination.
Remove the Harmful Toxins - and Start Feeling Better!
Drinking large amounts of water daily is a great and easy way of flushing out the damaging debris and toxins which build up in the body. Removing these trapped toxins can have a fantastic effect on most forms of arthritis, including OA. Try to drink filtered or mineral water as opposed to tap water, this is mainly due to the fact that ordinary tap water tends to contain heavy metal.
Fresh fruit is known to be a great natural anti-oxidant, especially apples and fresh berries, (avoid citrus fruits).Foods which are known to be beneficial to those suffering with OA might include, Fish that typically contain the highest levels of vitamin E and Omega-3 fatty acids.
Natural alternatives to treating one's arthritis, whichever type you have, do exist and may be far more effective than the aggressive prescribed drugs used to treat the condition. Alternative treatments or approaches tackle the underlying problems associated with arthritis, not just the symptoms. Why not try a natural approach to your condition, most only involve simple life changes, it has to be better than the harsh drugs your doctor's prescribed.

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