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YOU decide the Real TRUTH on Orthodox Cancer Treatment?

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       Cancer Can Be Cured and Is Cured.

YOU decide the Real TRUTH on Orthodox Cancer Treatment?

Question #11:

What is the true cure rate of orthodox medicine?

Answer #11:
Among the many types of cancer, there are a very small number of
cancers for which chemotherapy can actual ly keep a cancer patient
in remission indefinitely. However, for most types of cancer, in
fact the vast majority of types of cancer, chemotherapy is worthless
and does more harm than good as was discussed above.

Thus, their overall 3% cure rate is some what deceptive because
for most kinds of cancer the true cure rate is less than 1%.
But even that number is deceptive because of the way they define
"cure," the way they define "cancer," and so on.

The American Cancer Society is in charge of deceiving the general
public as to theffectiveness of orthodox cancer treatments. They
use a wide range of very sophisticated statistical tricks to make
chemotherapy look far more effective than it really is. My first
college degree was in mathematics so I understand their tricks.

The board of the ACS is controlled by medical doctors, medical
school executives, etc. and the ACS has absolutely no interest
in curing cancer. Nor do most other "cancer research"

A "Non Sequitur" cartoon said it best (Friday , October 1, 2010).
A dragon and a dragon-killing knight are talking to each other.
The dragon says: "Look ... You're dead if you lose and out of a
job if you win, so what I propose is a win-win that can be summed
up in 3 words ... Dragon-slaying research."

The caption says: "Birth of the perpetual fundraising industry."
Yes, there are a few very small cancer research organizations
that really are looking for cures for cancer (and if they are
truly look ing you can rest assured they have already found many
cures), such as the Independent Cancer Research Foundation in
Missouri and Utah and the American Anti-Cancer Institute in
Washington state, but these organizations are blacklisted by the
media and very few people know about them.

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