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FDA Food and Drug Administration...FDA & Alternative Cancer Treatment.

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       Cancer Can Be Cured and Is Cured.


FDA Food and Drug Administration...FDA & Alternative Cancer Treatment.

Question #10:

Does chemotherapy and radiation extend life?

Answer #10:

Study this quote:
A German epidemiologist from the He idelberg/Mannheim Tumor Clinic,
Dr Ulrich Abel, has done a comprehensive review and analysis of every
major study and clinical trial of chemotherapy ever done. His
conclusions should be read by anyone who is about to embark on the
Chemo Express.

To make sure he had reviewed everyt hing ever published on chemotherapy,
Abel sent letters to over 350 medical centers around the world, asking
them to send him anything they had published on the subject. Abel
researched thousands of articles: it is unlikely that anyone in the
world knows more about chemotherapy than he.

"The analysis took him several years, but the results are astounding:
Abel found that the overall worldwide success rate of chemotherapy
was 'appalling' because there was simply no scientific evidence
available anywhere that chemotherapy can 'extend in any appreciabl
e way the lives of patients suffering from the most common organic

Abel emphasizes that chemotherapy rare ly can improve the quality of
life. He describes chemotherapy as 'a scientific wasteland' and
states that at least 80 per cent of chemotherapy administered throughout
the world is worthless and is akin to the 'emperor's new clothes'--neit
her doctor nor patient is willing to give up on chemotherapy, even though
there is no scientific evidence that it works!

(Lancet, 10 August 1991)
No mainstream media even mentioned this comprehensive study: it was
totally buried.
Tim O'Shea, The Doctor Within

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