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FDA Food and Drug Administration...FDA

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FDA Food and Drug Administration...FDA

       Cancer Can Be Cured and Is Cured.


So what causes the DNA damage in a cancer cells.

In one of its smaller states it is the size of a virus and can
enter inside of the cell nucleus. Like a virus, which gets inside
of the nucleus, the DNA of the cancer microbe can interact with
the DNA inside the cell nucleus and change the DNA structure of
the cell.

The next quote discusses one of the discoveries of the Dr. Virginia
Livingston, M.D. group of cancer researchers:

More importantly, the Dillers showed that cancer germs [i.e.
microbes] were able to gain entrance not only into the [non
cancerous] cell (intra-cellular), but also into the nucleus
of the cell. This intra-nuclear invasion meant that cancer
microbes could gain access to the genes contained within the
nucleus itself

  World's #1 Publisher of Information About Alternative Cancer Treatments
Four Women Against Cancer, by Dr. Alan Cantwell, M.D,
Page 47 Scientists see the DNA damage caused by these microbes
and claim that it is DNA damage which causes cancer. This is
like saying that smoke is the cause of a fire. It is a good
guess, but it is false.

The DNA damage of a cancer cell is caused by the DNA of the
same highly pleomorphic bacteria that blocked the production
of ATP molecules. Actually, this bacteria does many other
things to create cancer cells, protect cancer cells from the
immune system and cause the spread cancer!!

Thus, the claim by cancer researchers (who are funded by the
pharmaceutical industry) that DNA damage causes cancer is wrong.
Whether this is an intentional error (i.e. to avoid finding a
cure for cancer) or is caused by ignorance I do not know. In any
case, due to the lack of energy in cancer cells (i.e. due to
the lack of ATP molecules), cancer cells are very weak. But
because cancer cells steal glucose from the body (to provide
energy) the non-cancerous cells have less glucose and are very
sick!! They are sick for other reasons as well.

It gets worse. Cancer cells create large amounts of lactic acid
as they process large amounts of glucose. This lactic acid goes
into the bloodstream and gets to the liver. The liver converts
the lactic acid into glucose. This "ping pong ball" cycle, where
the cancer cells convert glucose into lactic acid and the liver c
onverts lactic acid into glucose, is called the "lactic acid cycle"
or "cachexia cycle." This cycle is what kills about half of all
cancer patients because so much energy is consumed at both ends of
the cycle.

Many cancer researchers, starting over 100 years ago in the 1890s,
have isolated the cause of cancer to be microbes (at the cellular
level), though they did not understand the mechanism inside the
cell which caused a microbe to make a cell cancerous.

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In 1890 the distinguished pathologist William Russell (1852-1940)
first reported "cancer parasites" in cancer tissue that was
specially stained with carbol fuchsin, a red dye. The "parasite"
was found inside and outside the cells. The smallest forms were
barely visible microscopically; and the largest parasites were as
large as red blood cells. Russell also found "parasites" in tuberculosis,
syphilis and skin ulcers.

Four Women Against Cancer , by Dr. Alan Cantwell, M.D, pages 5354
Note that the cancer microbe was found both inside and outside of
the cancer cells.

One method that cancer cells use to spread quickly (at least for
so me kinds of cancer) is for the cancer microbe to come out of
the cell, travel through the blood and create a new "colony" of
cancer cells far from the original colony.

Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Me lanoma and Uterine Cancer are all
thought to spread in this manner by the researchers of the
Independent Cancer Research Foundation, Inc. (obviously an
alternative medicine research organization).

In summary, cancer at the systemic level is caused by an imbalance
between the strength of the immune system and the number of cancer
cells. At the systemic level many, many things can cause cancer.
But cancer at the cellular level is caused by one and only one
thing: a very unique microbe.


God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

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