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Is There Any Health Care Reform in Our Future?


       Cancer Can Be Cured and Is Cured.


    Question 4 & Answer

So what happens when the rich and famous get cancer? They
will frequently go to Germany or some other country to get
natural cancer treatments
Here is a quote from a medical doctor in Germany, who
exclusively used natural cancer treatments , who treated many,
many rich and famous people, including one president of
the United States:
"You wouldn’t believe how many FD A officials or relatives
or acquaintances of FDA officials come to see me as patients
in Hanover. You wouldn’t believe this, or directors of the AMA,
or ACS [American Cancer Society], or the presidents of orthodox
cancer institutes. That’s the fact."

  World's #1 Publisher of Information About Alternative Cancer Treatments

Hans Nieper M.D. (1928-1998 - Hanover, Germany) But there is
another reason the FDA makes sure that all alternative cancer
treatments are rated as "unproven treatments." By rigging
their regulations they allow the media, the corrupt charities
(e.g. the American Cancer Society, and many others), the health
insurance companies, etc. etc. to ignore and persecute
alternative medicine. I personally have communicated by email
with thousands of cancer patients. You would not believe how
many times I have seen someone write: "we just can't afford
that [alternative cancer treatment]." These patients (or their
health insurers) have given hundreds of thousands of dollars to
Big Medicine, but don't have $3,000 left for something that
may cure them.

The health insurance companies will gladly plop down a quarter
of a million dollars so someone can die of cancer, but they
won't spend a dime for someone to get cured by Mother Nature.
Mother Nature is not corrupt, orthodox medicine is corrupt.
This is just one of the many truths that people who are new
to alternative medicine must get used to.

All of this is what makes the Cancer Tutor website (www., and other such websites, so important.
Nothing is sold from this website, nor do I sell anything
from any other website.

  Your Solution For Disease FREE Health.

On this website, in a few days, a person can go from knowing
nothing about alternative medicine, to understanding many
of their options with alter native medicine. That is because
this website has dozens of articles on highly effective
alternative cancer treatments and related issues.

In other words, because I don't sell anything, I can make 
medical claims for products which the vendors cannot make.
That is why it is so important that the reader study the
Cancer Tutor website in addition to the vendor websites
(even though they cannot make medical claims, they do
provide some information).


God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

Larry Nelson
42 S. Sherwood Dr.
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