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FDA Food and Drug Administration...FDA

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FDA Food and Drug Administration...FDA

       Cancer Can Be Cured and Is Cured.


    Question 4 & Answer

Actually, the FDA works for the large pharmaceutical companies.
For example, if a small pharmaceutical company wants a highly 
effective drug to be approved, which drug would cut into the
profits of the large pharmaceutical companies, the FDA may
harass this small company (such as by not approving their
studies) until they "sell out" to the large pharmaceutical
company or close their doors. If they choose to "sell out,"
the large pharmaceutical company will almost certainly "bury"
the treatment. Some federal judges also seem to be on the
payroll of the pharmaceutical industry.

When the FDA is persecuting people who know how to cure
cancer, some federal judges intentionally run "Kangaroo
Courts" which will not allow the defense team to produce
evidence regarding the effectiveness of the product or
device. Helping people survive deadly diseases is irrelevant
to these judges, only their level in the court system matters
to them.

  World's #1 Publisher of Information About Alternative Cancer Treatments

Only the Internet still has some semblance of freedom of speech
(as long as you are not a vendor). However, the pharmaceutical
industry controls so many large websites that even the Internet
is largely useless to cancer patients.

But of far more importance is that because the media blacklists
alternative medicine, people think alternative medicine is
useless and they are not likely to search the Internet for
alternat ive medicine websites. That is why people have to
"stumble" across websites which speak the truth about alternative
medicine. Many "cancer researchers" are also in bed with Big
Pharma. The National Institutes of Heath, the National Cancer In
stitute, etc. all exist to pretend to look for cures for cancer,
but it is also important that they pretend that curing cancer is
difficult (e.g. by claiming it is DNA damage that causes cancer)
and they also make alternative cancer treatments look weak and
ineffective (partly because they have no idea how to use alternative
cancer treatments).

Ditto for all large cancer charities and almost all small cancer
charit ies which claim they are "looking" for cures for cancer.
University-based researchers would lose the bulk of their funding
if they released a cure for cancer or even claimed that cancer
could be cured. Let us, for a moment, assume that DNA damage did
cause cancer (which it

Does that mean someone could not cure cancer by safely and gently 
targeting and killing the cancer cells. Laetrile is a natural
molecule in apple seeds and apricot seeds and some grains.
Laetrile safely and gently targets and kills cancer cells.
Laetrile, especially when used in clinics, has cured many cancer
patients. But it is an element of some of the best alternative
cancer treatments for home use.

  Your Solution For Disease FREE Health.

What the general public hears in the media is a well-orchestrated
fantasyland of bad science and the complete blacklisting of
people who know how to cure cancer. The fantasy is driven by
massive amounts of money.

The Savior of the world described what is going on in two words:
"whited sepulcher." (See Matthew 23:27) Those people outside of
the sepulcher (e.g. the general public) have no clue what is going
on inside the sepulcher because the media has "whitewashed" the
outside of the sepulcher by distracting their attention from what
is really going on inside the sepulcher.

Outside of the sepulcher is a fantasyland creat ed by the artistry
of the media. The inside of the sepulcher is the real world that
the average person knows nothing about and may become a victim of.
Many books have been written by people who have not been deceived.
These books discuss the corruption of the FD A, the pharmaceutical
industry, orthodox medicine, etc.

One of the best of these books is: "World Without Cancer -
The Story of Vitamin B17, by G. Edward Griffin. This book is
about laetrile (i.e. Vitamin B17) and starting with Chapter 13
it gets into the behind-the-scenes events that have led to our
current situation.

God Bless Everyone & God Bless The United States of America.

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